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It looks as if Ukraine held onto Maryinka. Quite a lot of dead, injured.
All Putin's doing. He controls everythiing, for sure. Whether you live, or whether you die in war.
His side-kick, Surkov visited Donetsk a couple of days ago. Surkov is a chechen, but changed his name.
obviously he conveyed Putin's order to start the war again.

Interesting article in the bbc today.
Russians - trying to leave Russia - emigrating, wherever.
They hate the situation there. Hate the politics, and hate the climate of hate.
Now why can't the "journalists" like Shaun Walker or Shameonus Milne write something like this?
Walker - 15 years now in Moscow, and still never a word critical of the dictatorship there.
The Telegraph - David Blair - idiot from Africa. Saying that Ukraine is being "heavy handed". Idiots, and Russian money.
And they produce the Kremlin propaganda.
Money before morals, one must presume.

11 AM. Annual address to the Rada by the President

Weather -
very humid. Quite warm. 26 already at 10.00 . Maybe a thunderstorm today. It would be welcome. The land needs the rain, to be honest
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The Ukrainian Navy along with Maritime Border Guard of Ukraine prevented provocations of Russian federation combat ship.

On June 3, Ukrainian Hetman Sahaidachnyi frigate (U130) detected RF Black Sea Fleet Ladnyfrigate which tried to conduct reconnaissance near territorial waters of Ukraine. Moreover, the ship was on the way of civil ships challenging the civil navigation.

Ukrainian Navy alert resources along with Pryluky cutter (U153) and Henichensk harbor minesweeper (U360), Mi-14helicopter, Mykolaiv cutter of Maritime Border Guard put to sea.

Ladny frigate was forced to refuse its plans and sailed back.

MoD of Ukraine In Russian
EC does not require the support of sanctions against Russia from the countries of the "Eastern Partnership"

The EU does not expect support for sanctions against Russia from the countries of the "Eastern Partnership", said EU Ambassador to the US, David O'Sullivan. He stated this in an interview with Sputnik.

"We are in any case not expect compliance with the foreign policy of the European Union, which is expected from the candidate countries for EU membership," - said O'Sullivan. Russian

So! Czech Republic or Belarus for example can continue to do business with Russia.

Or is this some kind of an out to weaken the overall sanctions against Russia and appease them somewhat.

This stinks bad.
Experts: if NATO and the EU will not be able to stop the aggression of the Russian Federation, they are threatened by collapse

Experts point out that the failure of Ukraine exacerbate instability in Eastern Europe will increase the risk of further adventures of the Kremlin and diminish prospects for potential beneficial changes in Russia.

In an article titled "Experts warn that if the NATO and the EU will not be able to stop the Russian aggression, they are threatened by collapse," published on the website of the newspaper The Independent (translation, Ian Johnston says that NATO and the European Union "could collapse "in the context of growing aggression from Russia, which only spurs the apparent reluctance of the EU to" defend their principles, "he warned an influential think tank.

A large study conducted by Chatham House, has shown that the conflict in Ukraine - in which Moscow supports separatists - is a "defining" moment for the future of Europe. They call on the West to increase the number of its conventional armed forces.

The center also warned that Russia was prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons in certain circumstances, and NATO must make clear that the so-called "limited war" is "impossible."

"The conflict in Ukraine - a determining factor for the future of European security," the report said. "The failure of Ukraine exacerbate instability in Eastern Europe will increase the risk of further adventures of the Kremlin and diminish prospects for potential beneficial changes in Russia."

Russia may have a greater interest in Ukraine. But the West is more interested in maintaining the climate after the end of the Cold War.

"If it is destroyed, it can be assumed that NATO and the EU may also fail."

The report, which is among the authors of two former ambassador in Moscow, Sir Roderic Lyne and Sir Andrew Wood, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was encouraged "weak and unconvincing answers" of the West to events such as the seizure of Russia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia 2008.

"The Kremlin understands that Europe does not lack the will to pay the price to defend their principles," he said.

"Russia's ambitions and intentions were clear for more than ten years, but the West at the time, it was easier to ignore them and to indulge the fantasy that Russia is moving toward a liberal-democratic model, with which the West felt comfortable."

"The war in Ukraine, in particular, is the result of interference of the West in Russia."

Chatham House also warned that if in Europe there will a wider conflict, Russia is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons. "NATO must maintain its credibility as a deterrent Russian aggression. In particular, the Alliance must show that a limited war was impossible, and that the response to the "mixed" or "hybrid" war will be tough. "

A hybrid strategy - a term that describes the deployment of Russian troops without insignia, and the use of local pro-Moscow forces in eastern Ukraine.

The growing threat from Moscow means that "ordinary deterrent must be restored urgently and convincingly transferred to Russia does not offer tempting target," warned analysts.

The Treasury Department reportedly asked the Ministry of Defense to reduce costs by 1 billion pounds this year.

David Lidington, Minister for Europe, said: "The UK is working closely with the EU and partners in the G7, in response to Russia's actions in Ukraine."

"The UK also plays a leading role in the NATO exercises in Eastern Europe and with partners in the Baltic countries in the framework of measures to ensure the collective defense in the region." In Russian
Ukraine has covered the militants staging post "Islamic state"

Security Service of Ukraine states that thwart the plans of the international terrorist organization "Islamic State" to create in Ukraine a staging base for the rebels.

This is stated in the message department.

"The special operation was conducted in the framework of the activities of Ukrainian and foreign intelligence services, aimed at ending the militants smuggle channels of the international terrorist organization" Islamic State "through Georgia and Turkey to the Syrian-Iraqi area, as well as from the region to Europe", - the report says .

In particular, June 3, SBU in conjunction with the Migration Service found "transit point", which is used for temporary shelter members of the "Islamic state." During his inspection revealed five foreigners: two citizens of Russia, and one each from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

It turned out that some of them were deported to Ukraine from Turkey in connection with involvement in terrorist activities and were on Ukrainian territory illegally. Other foreigners recently arrived in Ukraine from Europe.

In Ukraine, they expect production of fake passports to transport in the future through Turkey to Syria, according to the agency.

"As a result of the measures taken to three foreigners reduced length of stay in Ukraine, and for the two - the decision on forced return to the country of origin", - reported in the SBU. In Russian
United States allow the use of "additional funds" in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine

United States allow the use of "additional funds" in the event of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. It is reported by Tass.

Such a statement was made by Deputy Assistant Barack Obama's national security, Ben Rhodes.

"In our arsenal there are additional tools that can be used, if we see an escalation of [military] action by Russia and the separatists" - noted the official.

In addition, Rhodes has expressed confidence that the EU will not cancel imposed sanctions against Russia. In Russian
The NATO chief has called a truce in Ukraine "very fragile"

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine is very fragile. He also added that Russia should make every effort to prevent the further escalation of the conflict.

"What we have seen in the last 24 hours, indicating the fragility of the truce, the fact that violations occur, the fact that you need to support any attempt, any initiative aimed at the observance of the ceasefire regime," - he said.

Stoltenberg reiterated its call to all parties to the conflict to respect the agreement in Minsk, reports Rosbalt.

"Both sides should withdraw heavy weapons from the demarcation line and respect the ceasefire," - said the head of the alliance. In Russian
The opposition leader has criticized the investigation of murders of Kalashnikov and Elderberry

MP from the opposition bloc, Sergei Lyovochkin said he was willing to testify in the murder of journalist and former deputy Elderberry Kalashnikov, though they said the investigation "political farce".

"I'm not interested to participate in this production, which is directed by" the old scenario of a sample of 2005: called in for questioning by the media and fabricating the case against the opposition ", - said Sergei Lyovochkin.

According to the deputy, he hears the second week that the "Popular Front" trying "a fool" of his compromise, but the agenda in compliance with the CPC, he never received, says the press service of the opposition bloc

Lyovochkin also noted that today's announcement of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, that he wants to see the police chief Eka Zguladze - is "bad news for the" Popular Front ".

"If the investigation will lead politically unbiased persons, foreigners for example, the interrogations have to walk the gentlemen of the" Popular Front ", which for a long time will have to answer questions about the system and deliberate human rights violations, corruption, negligence, deliberately untrue reports about the crimes of falsification criminal cases, "- said the politician.

At the same time he urged the leadership of the Ministry of Interior Liovochkin switch to the "investigation into the deaths on Independence" and the disclosure of other high-profile crimes. In Russian
Tank Company of US forces pulled out of Latvia into Estonia

Tank Company of US forces on Friday, June 5 comes out from Latvia to Estonia. On it informs RIA "Novosti" with reference to the company commander Captain Jonathan Pune.

"This operation demonstrates our ability to quickly relocate our offices in the Baltic States, where necessary to respond quickly to a crisis or a possible threat to our allies," - said Pune.

It is noted that these actions are part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

Earlier reports said that Estonia has made available to the US government military installations. In Russian
ATO missing soldier with the call sign "Maestro" was found dead - MP

Military missing Ukrainian Sergei Kostakova callsign "Maestro" was found dead in chains. This was written in his Facebook lawmaker Ihor Mosiychuk.

"Today, found Sergei Kostakova" Maestro ". Found dead. Rather killed. The body of Sergei was shackled, "- he wrote.

Mosiychuk said that Sergei Kostakovym he met through Facebook.

"When I was in jail on trumped-up affair SBU so-called" Vasylkivska terrorists, "and he was in political exile in the Czech Republic. When me from behind bars released Revolution Benefits Sergey asked for help to return to Ukraine. And I helped. When our first real meeting, he said he wanted to go to the front to defend the country - and went, "- said Mosiychuk.

People's Deputy noted that Kostakov fought in the 72 th Brigade, was a great sniper and scout, and on military specialty - a paratrooper.

"That is why the written statement and asked to be transferred to the 70th landing brigade. When the order for his transfer was signed, he went from the location 72 Brigade and disappeared. He searched for more than six months: Friends and volunteers, even declared the operation "Save" Maestro! "" And now Sergei Kostakova found. Found meanly killed ", - said the MP.

Mosiychuk stressed that the effort to the investigation into the murder of a soldier was conducted impartially. In Russian
Obama to press EU on Russia sanctions, meet Abadi at G7

U.S. President Barack Obama will urge European Union leaders to maintain sanctions against Russia over its aggression in Ukraine at the upcoming G7 meeting, where he will also hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, U.S. officials said..............

Read further at link:
Steinmeier warns against 'military escalation' in eastern Ukraine

Germany's foreign minister has expressed "grave concern" over the escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine. A flare-up in fighting is threatening to dismantle an already fragile cease-fire brokered four months ago.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier warned Thursday that there had been "serious violations" of the truce deal, which could lead eastern Ukraine closer to full-scale war.
"I've always said the situation is not so stable that it couldn't veer out of control any day," Steinmeier told reporters in Berlin, following a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Pavlo Klimkin.
At least 26 people were killed after fresh clashes erupted Wednesday between government forces and pro-Russian separatists outside the rebel stronghold of Donetsk.
Steinmeier called on both sides to return to the basis of the February cease-fire brokered by France and Germany in Minsk, which requires heavy weapons to be pulled back from the front line to create a buffer zone.
"The truce is fragile, the violations can lead to us again falling back into a state of military escalation… We must prevent that," Steinmeier said.
According to Kyiv, Wednesday's fighting - the deadliest seen in months - was set off by a large-scale rebel assault on the government-held town of Marinka, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) west of Donetsk. The rebels, however, blamed Ukrainian forces for starting the attack.
Military sources said a relative calm had returned to Marinka by Thursday morning.

Breaking the truce....................

Read further at link:
Klimkin: Russia’s lies give the EU illusion of security. They have been using euphemisms in Europe for more than a year talking about events in Ukraine

Many people in Europe still do not want to see the truth about the events that are taking place in Ukraine and prefer to indulge themselves in illusions while our country needs their support, including by debunking the propaganda lies.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin stated, speaking Wednesday evening in Berlin in front of the guests of the German ZDF broadcaster during the Burns Dinner - a traditional dinner meeting of leading journalists with prominent politicians, cultural and public figures, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"The truth is bitter and the lie is sweet. It gives Europe a false feeling, the illusion of stability and security ... Many people in Europe have been talking about the events in Ukraine using euphemisms for more than a year, without calling them what they are," Klimkin said.

According to the minister, "we cannot overcome this hybrid propaganda", which Russia is spending billions on. Ukraine does not have sufficient funds for this. "I do not believe in counter-propaganda too," he said.

"What we really need," the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy stressed, "is assistance of the society, the media, above all in persuading people, providing them with real information. This can be achieved through the social networks, but this is not enough. We need a good Russian-speaking social media, for example, TV, target audience of which could be Russian-speaking residents of Germany, because there are more than 300,000 of them only in Berlin, and a considerable part of them are victims of the Russian propaganda."

"This is also a feature of this war - the greatest experiment with the human minds. The minds of the Russian population are meant first of all, then the ones of the residents of the eastern Ukraine and Europe," Pavlo Klimkin said.

The minister also believes that many people in Europe still have not understood that Ukraine holds "not cosmetic reforms." "I think that the progress that has been made over the last six-seven-eight months is greater than the one that have been achieved during the last six-seven-eight years. We are talking about brand new model," he said, adding that Ukraine needs support and understanding from the EU to implement reforms.

"Like any war, this one is a moment of truth. Ukraine sees how many mistakes it has made and how many chances it has missed. We will never repeat them again," Klimkin assured. "We no longer trust paper guarantees. And we want no more exchanges and bargains," he said.

"Kyiv agrees that we need a compromise but not in the issues that are vital for us. We will not accept the compromise on issues concerning the further Ukraine's path - it goes to the EU, the same applies to the issue of Crimea. We can talk and negotiate on other issues," the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said. In Russian
Putin still hot on his plan to capture Ukraine, expert

Putin’s earlier plan to subdue Ukraine is still on the table, Ambassador Borys Bazylevsky, an expert on security and geopolitics at the Center for Russian Research told journalists May 28, Glavnoe reports.

“Russia has not stopped its aggression in eastern Ukraine, and the threat of a full-scale war is still looming. Judging by the number of the Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, we can see that Moscow is ready for the worst-case scenario – invasion in Ukraine,” he said.

The Russians are concentrating weapons in Crimea, too.

“Russia wants to legitimize the breakaway Donetsk and Luhansk republics and make Ukraine accept their autonomous status. But Russia has not abandoned its original plan to capture Ukraine.

Putin will backtrack only after he sees that his military and economic losses will outweigh the benefits of his military victory,” the expert said.
Poroshenko: blockade of Donbas to be lifted after Ukraine regains control over its border with Russia

Ukraine will keep its economic blockade of the rebel-held territories in Donbas until it regains control over its border with Russia, Pres Poroshenko told lawmakers today in his first annual address after winning the highest office, UNIAN reports June 4.

“We would like to restore the economic ties with the rebel-held part of Donbas, and lift the barriers and restrictions on the flow of goods and people – on condition that the border with Russia is controlled by Ukraine,” Poroshenko said.

Presently, 400 km of Ukraine’s border with Russia is uncontrolled by Ukraine, and Moscow supplies huge amounts of weapons and mercenaries to Donbas separatists.
The G-7 countries will lift the sanctions only after a peaceful settlement of the situation in the East of Ukraine, Ambassador of Japan (No censor.)

Donetsk. Reporting from a parallel reality (new)
those who did not leave the city, can be seen immediately-they don't react to the queue. They had a bunch of shelling shattered Windows and injured relatives. They appreciate every second of life and not fussy.
But - very very very very long article!

Fìnal Ukraine Cup. "Dynamo"-"Shakhtar". Live ( [soccer]

Russian politician named four options for the war in Ukraine (97)
[Can you imagine the reaction if this title read something like "American politician... war in Mexico"?]
Batkivshina - "Fatherland" - is finished. In my opinion.
If Tymoshenko had gone, and left yatseniuk in charge they would have survived.
But - she wanted to stay as the gas princess. And yats formed his own group.
As a party organiser told me in person after the Rada elections, "they are finished".
He actually voted for Samopomich.


Under Mar′inka again battle clash (Ligabusinessinform)
[And all over....]
Širokino invaders shot rocket-propelled grenades and tank. ...
Artemivsk direction from 152 mm artillery and mortar shells fired at invaders Luhansk, Lozova and Rozsadkam.
.. Mariinka bandits. After that, the criminals started firing using anti-aircraft guns, mortars and artillery over 100 mm caliber. In addition tank and mortar invaders beaten on Avdeyevka
...Lugansk towards dinner. Then rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and anti-aircraft guns of Russo-terrorist ...

[Thought - is Putin simply trying to kill off the mercenaries now, so there are very few witnesses to what happened in his war?
And then he goes for another plan... Russian occupation, like Transdniestr? Rather than the criminals out of jail running a bandit republic?
Faction "Fatherland" has lost one deputy

MP from the "Fatherland" Dmitry Shlemko folded deputy powers. For a decision voted 227 MPs.

As previously reported, in a statement Shlemko to the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groisman said: "The Ukrainian society today a large request to the young and professionally trained staff to work in the highest legislative body in the new conditions. In this regard, and the approach of local elections as chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization "Fatherland" intends to focus on renewal of the party organization. In Russian
Poroshenko: We jumped off from the Russian gas needle

President Poroshenko said that Ukraine put an end to the monopoly "Gazprom". He said this during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada with a message to the deputies .

"We've eliminated the negative effects of the gas contract in 2009 rock" - said the President.

"Snow and frost were waiting as the end of the world. But we do not just wintered with the heat, we jumped for the first time in 23 years of independence from the Russian "gas needle" - said Poroshenko.

He noted that Ukraine has provided Reverse gas supplies from Europe and significantly reduce its dependence on Russia.

"Monopolies and blackmail of" Gazprom "to an end," - said Poroshenko. In Russian
"Russian world" brought to Donbass syphilis and other venereal "charms"

In the cities of the Donbas occupied by militants, there was an outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases.

In particular, over the past three months in hospitals and Yenakiyevo city Gorlovka of Donetsk region in pregnant women, for whom the survey necessarily identified at least 20 cases of primary syphilis. This is more than in the previous 10 years. He told in his microblog Alexander darker.

Many patients have confirmed that sexual intercourse with the militants, the Russians, who were based in those cities in December and January before capture Uglegorsk-Debaltseve. recalls that in a busy Cossacks Antratsit (Luhansk region) physicians ascertain surge skin and venereal diseases. "The amount applied increased dramatically. Come mostly men, "- said an employee of the local hospital, who wished to remain anonymous. In Russian
SBU detained a terrorist while trying to undermine the railway bridge (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) on the night of 3 June 4 detained saboteur who tried to blow up a railway bridge in Kupyansk district of Kharkiv region. This is stated in the press-service SBU.

"Saboteur, 38-year-old local man was acting on direct orders from the terrorists so-called" LC ". He had to blow up the train, which was carrying Ukrainian military equipment to the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation, "- said in a statement.

The attacker also admitted that selects and recruited people for the organization and acts of sabotage and terrorist acts on the territory of the Kharkiv region.

SBU detained a saboteur during mining of the railway bridge at the site of the movement "Kupyansk-Svyatogorsk." Law enforcement officers confiscated his anti-tank mine TM-62, which was to be powered remotely using a mobile phone.

Given the evidence, the investigators of the Office of the SBU in the Kharkiv region initiated criminal proceedings under Part. 2 tbsp. 15 Art. 113 (sabotage) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Recall, last night also saw the explosion on the railway in the Odessa region, which resulted in a derailed three cars of a freight train. In Russian
The UN Security Council at a special meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation in the Donbas

The UN Security Council will hold on Friday, June 5, an extraordinary meeting on the situation in the Donbass.

"At the request of the Lithuanian mission on Friday in the Security Council meeting will be held in Ukraine. With a special briefing will include representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine, as well as UN Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, "- said the representative of Lithuania.

The meeting was scheduled to take place in an open format. In Russian
Russia's Putin to meet Pope Francis in June

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Pope Francis on June 10 at the Vatican, with conflicts in Syria and Ukraine likely to top the Holy See's agenda.

Putin last called on Francis on Nov. 25, 2013.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Thursday the meeting would take place in the afternoon of June 10; Putin is expected to visit Russia's pavilion at the Expo world's fair in Milan, where June 10 has been slated as Russia's national day................
UK experts advise Western countries to ponder possible results of chaotic end to Putin system

Western countries should immediately increase the efficiency of their conventional weapons in order to be able to confront the aggressive policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Roderic Lyne and Andrew Wood in a Chatham House Report "The Russian Challenge," the BBC reported on Thursday.

"The war in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s bid to overturn the post-Cold War international settlement in Europe have forced many Western governments to reappraise their approach to Russia," the report reads.

"Until 2003, it was widely believed that a modernizing Russia might be accommodated into the international system as a constructive and benign actor. Variations on this view have given way to the realization that Russia, on its present course, cannot be a partner or ally, and that differences outweigh any common interests.

Russia faces mounting internal difficulties, including a weakening economy and a political culture that stifles enterprise and society. The combination of these forces imperils both security in Europe and stability in Russia. The Russian challenge, which this report sets out to examine, is therefore twofold: it is a challenge to the West, in terms of managing the increasing threats Russia poses to international order; and to Russia itself.

President Putin’s options are uncomfortably narrow. Russia’s longer-term interests would best be served by structural reforms at home and mutual accommodation with outside powers, small as well as great. But such policies would threaten the ability of Putin and his circle to hold on to power. While a reforming Russia would benefit from closer integration with the European Union, the Kremlin now opposes EU enlargement into its claimed ‘sphere of interest’ as adamantly as the enlargement of NATO. Putin has intensified the policies he adopted following his return to the titular presidency in May 2012: increased domestic repression; more centralized direction of the economy; the fomenting of anti-Western nationalism; increased defense expenditure; and the pursuit of hegemony over as much of the post-Soviet space as possible.............................

Read further at link:
Another explosion hits Odesa railway

Three empty wagons of a moving freight train were derailed by an explosion on the railway in Odesa region, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry press department at Odesa railways reported on Thursday.

The department’s front office received a phone message about the explosion on the 1,483 km section of the Dachne-Vygoda line at 0220 on Thursday morning, the press service said.

An investigation and operational group, along with the explosion and technical service were immediately dispatched to the scene, the press service reported.

"The explosion occurred under a moving freight train, resulting in three empty wagons being derailed. The explosion damaged two railway tracks," according to the report.

On each of the tracks suffered damage to two 90 cm long reinforced concrete sleepers, and to the rails along a length 50 cm. Two craters 150 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep were found in the area............... In Ukrainian
POSTED BY: 55North

The European Union warned on Thursday that a flare-up in fighting in eastern Ukraine could create a "new spiral" of violence and recalled that EU leaders have said they could tighten sanctions on Russia.

The warning came as Ukraine's ambassador to the EU, Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, urged the bloc to take immediate steps to ramp up sanctions on Moscow over the renewed fighting.
The Ukrainian army in the Donbas was able to stop the strongest army on the continent, - Poroshenko (Wave)
Yuriy Lutsenko announced an important condition for reformatting the Cabinet (
The Verkhovna Rada has lost another Deputy (Сегодня.ua)
[From tymoshenko's party, Batkivshina
He said that -
that seat in Parliament "must yield to the young".
A message to Tymoshenko herself?? Where was she today? Shopping in Paris again? Louis Vuitton handbags ? Not in the Rada. ]

Ukrainian troops destroyed [up to] 80 militants and wounded more than 100 terrorists under Mar′inka — AP (Wave)
At the same time in the neutral zone are still more dead body abandoned mercenaries, "he said.
[This seems massive, compared to Ukrainian losses.
But then attacking forces usually tend to lose a lot more troops than those defending. Who knows?
One thing is for sure - Putin does not care one little bit.
Frigate Hetman Sahaidachny "chased from the Ukrainian waters Russian ship-Scout (Wave)

During the last day in the ATO zone killed 5 and injured 38 fighters — AP (Wave)

Poroshenko wants to increase knowledge of the English language among the population (RBC-Ukraine)

Residents of Dnepropetrovsk turn out in numbers to give blood for the wounded under Mar′inka (
In English.
osce as near as possible saying that Putin's scumballs started the killing around Maryinka

Spot report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), 3 June 2015: Fighting around Marinka
Fighting erupted around the government-controlled town of Marinka (23km west-south-west of Donetsk city centre) in the morning of 3 June. The SMM observed the movement of a large amount of heavy weapons in “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled areas – generally in a westerly direction towards the contact line – close to Marinka, preceding and during the fighting.
[For once, a very good and detailed report from the osce.
100% Putin trying to kill more Ukrainians.

OSCE spots armed men with marked Russian uniforms near Donetsk
The observers of the OSCE special monitoring mission have observed near Donetsk a group of armed men wearing uniforms marked with the insignia of Russian army units, as well as military equipment with Russian license plates,

Surkov, Kremlin's 'Grey Cardinal' Reportedly Visited Donetsk to Rein in Separatists, Says Strelkov
[He may have given the order to launch more serious military action?
This report is part-way down the page on the link

Biriukov: Five soldiers killed in Donbas in last day
In English

Ukraine's Poroshenko warns of 'full-scale' Russia invasion
President Petro Poroshenko has told MPs the military must prepare to defend against a possible "full-scale invasion" from Russia, amid a surge of violence in eastern Ukraine.
Russia has denied that its military is involved in Ukraine, but Mr Poroshenko said 9,000 of its troops were deployed.
Clashes involving tanks took place in two areas west of Donetsk on Wednesday.
There was a "colossal threat" that large-scale fighting would resume, the president told parliament in Kiev.

How An Su-25 Can Shoot Down A Faster, Higher-Flying Aircraft
This would require some remarkable timing and a pilot immune to nose-bleeds, because the Su-25 can manage Mach 0.82 flat out, on a good day, and a 777 can do 0.89, and furthermore the Su-25 is unpressurized and has a normal service ceiling of 23,000 feet. No doubt coincidentally, on the day this claim was published, a Wikipedia editor with a Russian address was found trying to insert a 33,000-foot ceiling on the Su-25 page.....
A second theory is that two Ukrainian Su-27 fighters trailed the Boeing and somehow drew the missile on to it. Aside from the fact that the Buk-M1 is about as discriminating as a Rottweiler with ADHD, and that it could be activated at such a short range that the Su-27s would be inside its no-escape zone, the weakness of this story is its extreme similarity to the KGB-disseminated excuse for the shootdown of KAL 007, 31 years ago.


Some very strange reports in the Russian press about their being an emergency meeting of the RF Council.
For example - to declare war on ukraine.
Last time they met, apparently, they gave Putin the go ahead to deploy troops abroad....
But now they are saying the meeting is of a "technical" nature ....??

Возможный созыв внеочередного заседания СФ носит технический характер
The possibility of convening an extraordinary meeting of the RF Council is of a technical nature

This earlier -

Russia’s Senate speaker warns another emergency session could be imminent
Last year in March, ahead of the absorption of Crimea, it was at such an emergency session that lawmakers granted President Vladimir Putin permission to deploy Russian troops abroad.
In Širokino all night was fighting - war, wounded one warrior battalion- "Donbass" (News of Donbass)
The route of the Mariupol-Volnovakha closed (case)

No default in Ukraine and Minsk agreement work, "Steinmeier (No censor.)

Defense Minister confirmed that Kluyev tried to escape to Austria (RBC-Ukraine)

The ringleaders of the "DNR" fled from Donetsk? (Commander-in-chief)
He finished his address at 1230.
Talked about everything.
nearer the end, about Russian aggression.
Nato also.
And also - about the need to learn English. !!

Most of the usual characters were there, including Liashko, Klitchko, Pchonka, Yats, Groisman.
The one person missing from the coalition - as far as i could see - I did not see... Tymoshenko.
I presume she is planning her Presidential campaign.

A couple more photos:

Klitchko sat with the Cabinet


Deputies stand in silence, at the request of Poroshenko, to remember the victims of Russian aggression


Live on most tv channels.
Possibly live here on the internet

Обращение Порошенко к Раде. Онлайн-трансляция

Live on Rada tv, 112 kanal, pershi kanal, Kanal 5, ..
also on UBR, Inter, Kanal one, 24 kanal.

Some photos:
Ukraine June 6 to visit the Prime Minister of Canada (Interfax-Ukraine)
The insurgents continue to bombard the checkpoint in the village of Rodina-Moskal (Ligabusinessinform)

10: 46
Moskal said the OSCE observers as constantly "full of" whiskey and beer (
OSCE observers "do not want" to go to the territory of which the control of pro-Russian guerrillas. This was announced head of the Luhansk regional military-civil administration Gennady Moskal in an interview to "Radio Liberty".
"Dear OSCE would sit continuously at the restaurant of hotel" Mir ", from morning to night, beer and whiskey" žiganit′ " rather than go to this territory,-said the head of the Lugansk region. -I constantly see in hotels, where they live. Someone will come to us in the Administration, povezeš for lunch, and they all sit there. I'm already telling waiters: "it's an English club, or what?".

The DNR gang fled in panic from Donetsk (' 97)
According to the source, the Chairman of the people's Council of DNI "Andrei Purgin and his Deputy Denis Pušilin missing in Donetsk.
[I suppose that, if at some point, Putin gives in on his novoRosseeya project, then he has to eliminate the leaders.
There is always a risk of war crimes. And Putin wouldn't want anybody alive who could point a finger at him.
In English

FBI extends FIFA Scrutiny to Russia's 2018 World Cup Host Bid
The FBI's investigation of bribery and corruption at FIFA includes scrutiny of how soccer's governing body awarded World Cup hosting rights to Russia and Qatar, a U.S. law enforcement official said.
[I would think that nobody, except for people who received 10 million dollars in bribes, or David Blair, or Shaun Walker, or the North Korean president, would want the world cup in Russia. nobody.]

Ukraine Battle Tests Cease-Fire to Breaking Point

Factbox: Russian Warships Delayed by Ukraine Crisis
will take years longer to emerge from their yards onto the high seas.

[and now, the joke of the day!!! -Russian investigators - a contradiction in terms, me thinks.. ]

Russian Investigators Point Finger at Ukraine Over Downing of MH17
Russia's federal Investigative Committee, which reports directly to President Vladimir Putin, said a Ukrainian mechanic had testified that an SU-25 military jet took off for a combat mission on July 17 and returned with no munitions.
[Back to the airplane story?
Shaun Walker school of journalism hard at work. What super evidence.
An Ukrainian mechanic - yeah... and all the evidence points to a Russian Buk. unless your name is Shaun walker, or Lavrov or Putin the serial liar

At least make it good - like...

"Natalia Bukova, a babushka from Donetsk, certified blind in 1995, and who died in 2006, testified in court, in a written statement, that she personally saw an Ukrainian fighter at 60,000 feet fire a missile at the Malaysian airliner.
She further testified that she knew it was a Malaysian airliner because of the number written on the side, and the colour of the pilot's hat. She said that she was using binoculars.
When the prosecutor was challenged by the fact that Mrs Bukova had been dead for almost 10 years, he stated that she had given her evidence via the renowned Moscow medium, Madame Putina, who resides in the Kremlin. At which point the judge said that her evidence must be taken as fact. More powerful indeed than the word of God. "

That's more like it! Perhaps Shaun Walker will get me a job at RIA Novosti? LOL....
In English

Russians looking for the exit
"I've sent my family to live abroad," he tells me. "It's better that way. I've sold everything, and now I commute. The health service here is crumbling, and so are schools. Sanctions have started to bite, but it's not that - it's the political atmosphere. It's stifling and it's getting worse.....
"You hear it all the time on the news. Everything is interpreted as being aimed against Russia. It's absurd. Americans don't spend their lives scheming against us, but the authorities here think and talk as though they do. And many believe it. The rhetoric today is like something from another era - the Soviet era.

Latvia names outspoken critic of Russia as new president
The Latvian parliament has chosen Raimonds Vejonis as the country’s new president.
The current defence minister and member of the centre-right Green Party has been an outspoken critic of Russian actions over Ukraine and a supporter of a greater NATO presence in the Baltic.

At Least 19 Killed in Fighting in Eastern Ukraine
“Krasnohorivka and Maryinka are in flames,” Yevhen Deydey, a Ukrainian member of Parliament and former commander of the Kiev-1 volunteer battalion, posted on Facebook. “All along the line close combat is taking place. Fighters are trying to break through.”
Separatist leaders denied that they had attacked, and a rebel spokesman said the Ukrainian military had withdrawn from Maryinka on its own.

[That lie is so classic, it could have come from the mouth of Lavrov himself.
Prepared in advance, obviously, perhaps by the Shaun Walker school of journalists in Moscow.

[Schizophrenia in the Daily Telegraph.
The Cfiief Foreign correspondent - idiot David Blair - writes that Ukraine is heavy handed, but this from the "Defence correspondent" -

West 'must strengthen forces in face of Russia'
The West has been weak and unconvincing in the face of Russian aggression and now must urgently strengthen its conventional Armed Forces, a leading think tank has warned.
[Of course, David Blair would disagree with this. He loves Putin, one must assume, and/or Russian money. ]
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