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News -
Attacks by Putin's forces down by almost half. 86 in the past day. Less heavy artillery also.
Update - sadly another soldier killed yesterday. Also one injured.
Putin did indeed go to Crimea.
You can guarantee that he will tell people what to do, and will not listen to the peoples' problems. That is Putin.

Weather -
12C at 0600. High expected of 21C. 70F. ok. Blue sky and sunshine again, as usual.

My calculations -
With oil price below 50, and Putin using up his reserve fund quicker than ever, he will run out of money in the middle of next year.
See about 15 posts' below.
That might explain why he is now desperately trying to force the war. And why he wants to move elections in Russia forward.

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In Donetsk, militants staged firing points directly under the windows of people. This is reported by eyewitnesses in social networks.

In particular, the report that the terrorists placed under the windows of the people self-propelled artillery.

Quote: Donetsk, the executive committee of the Petrovka hear directly under the windows are and beating (ACS) 23.01 In Russian
At the Pentagon believe that the White House spends too indecisive policy towards Russia, not wanting to admit its "main threat".

It is reported by The Daily Beast .

"All in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, starting with the newly elected chairman of the committee, sounding the alarm about Russia, which updates its nuclear arsenal, runs extremely complex cyber attacks and - of course, this should not be forgotten - undermines situation Eastern Europe, "- says the publication.
According to the media, these conversations are not perceived in the White House.

"Ukrainian and American partners in NATO as soon as possible in the Baltic Sea should see that we act ... But the administration approach is to avoid involvement in any conflict. It is even too hesitant" - quoted the words of one edition of the representatives of the defense office.

According to him, although no one wants confrontation with Russia, but we need to take certain steps, including to provide Ukraine lethal weapons.

"Of course, no one wants a wider war with the Russians, it's a recipe for Armageddon. But providing lethal weapons Ukrainian really lead to this? Do not forget, the Russians also do not want to fight with us" - the newspaper says, citing the words of officials. In Ukrainian
American radars broad range ready for departure, but the administration of President Barack Obama does not approve a decision, thereby giving Putin the opportunity to expand their aggression.
Про це пише The Wall Street Journal.

"Russian proteges in the occupied eastern Ukraine Ukrainian shelled positions over the weekend and Monday ... This is one of the largest eskalatsiy conflict with the entry into force of the ceasefire agreement this winter. Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to delay granting radar, which will allow Ukrainian forces to protect themselves from attack, "- writes The Wall Street Journal.
At the same time, journalists edition, citing sources in the military the US reported that the necessary radar ready for shipment, but it lacks the relevant decision of the White House.

"The system is ready for sending to Ukraine ... US military also willing to train - writes The Wall Street Journal, referring to the comments of a senior US military official. - But the Pentagon, a month after announcing that done hype in the press, still need a political decision in Washington. Not surprisingly, Vladimir Putin believes that the agreement could violate with impunity."

According to the journalist's publication, the Obama administration refuses to provide lethal weapons and Kyiv even earlier agreed non-lethal assistance comes not always. In Ukrainian
US is concerned about the increasing intensity of firing by Russian-backed rebels in the east of Ukraine.
Spokesman of the US State Department John Kirby said this at a briefing, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.

"We are very concerned about the constant attacks by Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine, the number of which has increased sharply recently," he said.

He expressed confidence that Russia bears responsibility for the escalation of the conflict. "Of course, the separatists and Russia bear responsibility for the attacks, which led to the escalation of the conflict in August of last year," the spokesman of the State Department said.
In Donetsk region militants continue provocations and attempts to spread false information.

This was stated by representatives of Ukraine in the Joint Centre for Сeasefire Control and Coordination.

Today, 18 August, from 11.30 to 11.50 in Artemivsk direction pro-Russian militants were shelling positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the outskirts of the village Zaitseve. The fire was conducted with 82mm mortars mounted on a converted for this purpose garbage truck. In addition in the positions of illegal armed formations Ukrainian observers noticed a person with a video camera, who was filming the situation. Ukrainian servicemen did open fire in response.

Convinced that fire in response was not going to happen, the militants open fire on the village Zaitseve (on the part which is controlled by the militants). The building of the local school was incinerated by the shells. Once the need for an informational provocation was satisfied, pro-Russian mercenaries and their “garbage truck” disappeared in the direction of terrorists-controlled Horlivka. After a short period of time some individual with photo and video cameras, and several white cars similar to the vehicles used by international organizations came to the site of shelling.

Ukrainian party of the JCCC immediately informed on the provocation both the Russian side of the JCCC and the representatives of the OSCE SMM................
The address of members of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE received threats Panteleymonovke in Donetsk region, which is under the control of insurgents "DNR." This is stated in the daily report of the observers. The mission arrived in Panteleymonovku in connection with the information received about the alleged shelling of the village. In the village of OSCE representatives met with about 50 aggressive people - of all ages and gender, shouting and accusing the representatives of the mission.

"Three of them, two men and one woman threatened to harm the observers, while others filmed a confrontation," - said in a statement.

Three of the four representatives of the armed insurgents, "DNR" that accompanied the mission, leaving the scene of the incident. After 30 minutes, people have allowed the mission to analyze the two craters. The observers found that they were caused by a 122 mm artillery shells.

Some of those present informed the OSCE representatives that during the shelling killed a civilian. In Russian
Concerns are mounting that the simmering conflict in Ukraine may again be about to boil over after an upsurge in violence in the restive east of the country.

A barrage of heavy shelling and gunfire from Moscow-backed rebels since late July has begun to take a heavy toll on civilians and Ukraine’s weary military alike. While the bombardment is not seen as being part of a concerted military push, many on the ground are nervous of what it presages.

“The separatists are hammering us with high-calibre mortars, artillery, tanks and everything they have, all in violation of the Minsk agreements,” says Leon, a deputy commander of Kiev’s 17th battalion based north of the city of Horlivka. “Separatist forces are building up their might . . . they are clearly preparing for an offensive and will attack soon.”.................

To read further go to this link:
Renewed violence in the east risks the collapse of the Minsk ceasefire.

The body count is rising again in eastern Ukraine. Heavy weapons are being used; civilians are being shelled. Over the past week, violence has reached its worst levels since February’s Minsk ceasefire was signed. Concerns are mounting in western capitals that this accord, which reduced but did not stop the fighting, could collapse.

The upsurge, provoked by Russian-backed rebels, may not presage a significant new offensive — even if Russia undoubtedly maintains a menacing military presence inside the rebel-held regions and along their borders. Moscow seems to have trimmed its ambitions to carve a new area of Russian-controlled territory, dubbed Novorossiya, out of Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin might be seeking distractions from Russia’s worsening economic plight. But to mount a large-scale attack now, risking further tightening of western economic sanctions even while Russia suffers its first recession since 2009, would be folly.................

To read further go to this link:

We've all seen who's actually assisting Ukraine, and it's not Europe, other than the countries on the Ukrainian border. I hope that to God that Ukraine never becomes a member of such a selfish organization. They'll juice Ukraine for all it has to offer and run it down as they have other EU members. As I've said MANY times, let Ukraine call the shots, mainly for their benefit and force the EU to work for what they want from Ukraine. They know how valuable Ukraine is and has totally disregarded it.

Europe's (EU along with it) a total failure. Don't let it take Ukraine with it.

Belgorod-Dniester deputies of the City Council supported the decision of the Russian Federation on the recognition of the aggressor country. It is reported by the "Duma" .

"At the meeting in the city council came about ten activists of the patriotic organizations, in particular," Oberig "and" Self-defense ", which demanded that the deputies began the session with a question about Russia," - said in a statement.

They were informed that the executive committee charged with developing a draft decision with the necessary justification, and it will be considered at the next sessii.Aktivisty did not agree with this state of affairs, since the question has been postponed for the fifth consecutive session. The hall began the noise and the deputies went to the 25-minute break, prolonged for an hour.

It is noted that the activists were trying to prevent the deputies to leave the room, and then a long time looking for those who are still left. "Self-defense" has continued to insist on the registration of the draft decision today, and eventually one of the deputies. In Russian
Polish economist and former finance minister of Poland, the father of "shock therapy" Leszek Balcerowicz believes that Europe should devote more time to the Ukraine, not Greece.

He said this in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt, sends "Gordon."

"The West should pay much more attention to Ukraine than in Greece. It is four times more common border with Russia and is a challenge for the EU and NATO, since President Putin took the Crimea and informally invaded eastern Ukraine," - said Balcerowicz.

He said that Ukraine does not help advice, but watching everything that's going on here.
"This year I've been there three times and met with President Poroshenko, parliamentarians and journalists, many interesting," - said the politician.

As reported by the "Observer", formerly the American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros said that Europe's leaders are Ukraine as another country with financial difficulties, but the Ukrainian question has a completely different specificity. In Russian
US formally handed over to the Government of Ukraine's military field hospital Expeditionary worth 7.6 million dollars. To improve the country's ability to treat soldiers wounded in operations to protect the sovereign territory of the Ukrainian Association of Russian aggression against separatist forces in the east of Ukraine.

This is stated in a message on the Facebook-page of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

It is reported that the colonel Carol Northrup, military attache of the US Embassy in Ukraine, presented the hospital on behalf of the US government at a ceremony in Zhitomir. We took it on behalf of the Government of Ukraine Director of the Military Medical Department of the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Andrei Verba and deputy chairman of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration Yaroslav Laguta.

"Known in the United States under the name EMEDS (Expeditionary Medical Support System), the military-field hospital is a lightweight, compact intensive care building, which could be made in the area of ​​combat operations for a wide range of emergency medical care. It can be used to treat the wounded, stabilizing patients and preparing the victims for medical evacuation to the institutions involved in the treatment at a higher level. Also provided primary health care, dental services, and general health protection of military personnel ", - the report says.

The hospital is designed to work there 30 doctors and auxiliary health workers. It can provide medical care to three thousand soldiers. It consists of four tents deployed within 24 hours and can operate autonomously without the delivery of up to 10 days. In Russian
Russian academician and diplomat Yuri Ryzhov in an interview with "Commander in Chief" told what will Russia burning food, ban opposition and people in the arts.

"There are two options. It will be a dead end, and the collapse of the country, or is the light at the end of the tunnel. But it is not known what in this light. It can be (may come to power), the nationalists, the worst of them - the punks, who seized power. So the big question, what is better, collapse, or a "light"? ", - Said the academician.

According to him, the majority of supporters of Vladimir Putin does not feel the new sanctions imposed by the US, and will not stop Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

"Sanctions give only one result - they worsen social circumstances in the country. But while the 88% (of those who support Putin) did not feel. Although the sanctions have clearly affected. The cost of utilities has increased, taxes have increased, introduced tax on capital repairs of apartment buildings in Moscow... That is the power of people to rob the direct and indirect sense. But when it will lead to social protest is difficult to say. Perhaps, when it will become very sick of these problems may be, grandmothers and take to the streets. While the grandmother did not go into the streets, here, nothing will change, "- said Ryzhkov.

Earlier, the Russian Academy of Sciences Yury Ryzhov, urged Russians to leave the country. In Russian
RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Russian media.

It is reported that the "International Trading Partners AG" is controlled by a German citizen Anatoly Schaefer.

Note "Southwest Transnefteprodukt" owned subsidiary "Prikarpatzapadtrans", which operates the pipeline on the territory of Ukraine. It is responsible for sections of oil pipelines Samara-West direction and the Grozny-Armavir-Work in Ukraine length of 1 thousand. 433 km. In Russian
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and President of Petro Poroshenko will meet in Berlin on Monday in a meeting to discuss the worsening situation in the east of Ukraine. This was announced on August 18, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, reports Reuters.

"I hope that the meeting on Monday will allow us to move forward on both counts (removal of weapons and the cease-fire - Ed.). We hope that a solution will be found in December as a deadline, "- said Fabius.

Recall, August 10, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin held telephone talks with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, which drew attention to the significant deterioration of the situation in the Donbass. Partners have expressed readiness in the near future to initiate consultations with the Russian Federation. In Russian
Malyshev Plant SE subordinate to Ukroboronprom (defense industry state concern - ed.) reinforced Ukrainian military with a new batch of modernized military vehicles "Bulat".

This was announced by the head of the enterprise Viktor Kozonak, Censor.NET reports citing the Ukroboronprom press service.

The tanks were taken to the plant directly from the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area in the east of the country with various damage. According to military, their active armor saved the lives of several crews.

The plant's technicians repaired chassis and reinforced upgraded engines, set up new barrels instead of those out of service. All Bulats received a modernized defense, commander and crew being even more protected from now on. All tanks have undergone a full cycle testing and have already been taken over by military.

SE "Zavod im. Malyshev" specializes in the production and upgrading of heavy and light armored vehicles. Now the plant is continuing intensive preparation for the signing of new contracts, which will load capacity of the company to the maximum. See also: APU until the end of the year will receive more than 40 thousand. vehicles and 300 armored vehicles. In Russian
The call by Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier for direct talks between Kyiv and rebel leaders comes from the mouthpiece of the Russian lobby, says political expert Volodymyr Tsybulko, ZIK reports Aug. 18.
"Shteinmeier is one of the leaders of the pro-Russian lobby, and his call borders on cynicism. If he is so smart, let him try to strike any deal with the separatists, "the expert writes.

"Such declarations only promote Russia's interests, something that is clear to all. While Steinmeier bends to Russia, the United States has taken a tough stand, accusing Russia of escalating the war in Ukraine, "the expert says.

Until Gerhard Schroeder is on Gazprom's; payroll and until part of Germany's businessmen believe that loyalty to Moscow will give them the ticket to Russia's mineral deposits, Ukraine will have such problems, Tsybulko says.

The expert is convinced that the West will push for the implementation by Russia of the Minsk agreements. Until Russia seals its borders with Ukraine and stops supporting the separatists, the sanctions will continue.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses outrage at the significant aggravation of the situation in Donbas as a result of deliberate provocations of Russia-backed illegal armed formations.

Over the last week, the militants, using Russian weapons, have significantly increased shelling of Ukrainian military positions, civilian locations and infrastructure facilities. During this period, the number of shelling recorded has

exceeded 850. In particular, on August 14, the militants shelled the Ukrainian side 175 times. This is a record number over last six months. Heavy weapons, which must have been withdrawn according to the Minsk agreements, are being used.

Moreover, multiple rocket launch systems are used openly and in fact on a daily basis. This escalation leads to daily losses among Ukrainian servicemen and casualties among civilians.

Against this backdrop, illegal armed formations further concentrate forces alongthe contact line, while their ringleaders have intensified belligerent rhetoric claiming their intentions to launch an offensive and seize control of more territories.

The Ukrainian side urges the Russian Federation to undertake immediate measures in order to stop the escalation of the situation in Donbas and strictly implement the provisions of the Minsk agreements of September 5 and 19, 2014, as well as of February 12, 2015, in particular as regards the ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons. Ukraine will apply all necessary efforts to draw attention of the international community to the dangerous aggravation of the situation in Donbas and ensure consideration of this issue within relevant international fora.
It’s all in a day’s work for a pro-Kremlin “troll”, a growth industry in an economy sliding towards recession, offering hundreds of young people up to £600 a month, with bonuses on top, and a two-days on, two-days off work schedule...
On a recent Monday morning, the Guardian counted 294 young people entering the premises between 7.30am and 10.45am, ...
the bosses told employees not to go outside when there was a media presence and instructed them to say they worked selling office supplies if approached by a reporter, Savchuk said....
[the people telling lies, are themselves told to lie.. ]
Quite a good article. Worth a read. Not by Shaun Walker, but Luhn. He's more objective, less of a Putin butt-kisser than Walker.
[A few intercepted comments from facebook - disorganisation etc]
"Samopomich" will not support the amendments to the Constitution in the President's edition - Vice-Speaker of Parliament (Hvilya)
because they threaten the local government and threaten Ukrainian state," - said Syroid.
Separate battalion of special purpose "Donbass-Ukraine" (MAT) received four Mi-24 and two Su-25 and went to the zone of the antiterrorist operation in eastern Ukraine. According to the press service of the battalion.
The Prosecutor General's Office seeking bombers completely disappeared during Yanukovych eera.
General Prosecutor's Office finds out what happened to the two strategic bombers Tu-95 MS, capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Somebody sold them to ? ...

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According to him, the statistics for the last night is this: in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk was eliminated seven tanks and three self-propelled self-propelled guns and nine cannon settlement of the Russian-terrorist groups. It also reported the destruction of the morgue with the separatists, ..The main aim was to destroy guerrilla techniques at the site.
In the village Aleksandrovka terrorists have lost a "Grad", two self-propelled self-propelled guns. .. near Marinka terrorists lost three APCs. Munitions depot, which is in the area, was not injured.
[contraband. Two different sides to the story. ]
A moving report. Putin and Shaun Walker's 'DNR guys" with one goal - dead Ukrainians.
[author - US Iraq veteran turned journalist]
The deputy of the faction "will of the people," the former member of the "Party of Regions" scandalous businessman Alexander Onishchenko injured while riding on a horse.
This TabloID Onishchenko told the publication.
MP, known for his love of equestrian sport, admitted that broke his knee on Sunday 16 August.


Status symbols in Ukraine (my opinion) -
Stage 1; the trendy mobile.. touch screen - flash it around, people think you are cool.
Stage 2; the planchet - tablet. Displays more wealth. Popular among young women - girls.
Stage 3; the car. Young girls on social networks - the first question they will ask is if the guy has a car.
If you have a car, you are rich by Ukraine standards. And therefore desirable.
Cars are very very expensive in Ukraine. Perhaps the most expensive in the world. Very very high taxes, even for old BMW's from the west.
And cars are far more important than a nice apartment, or a house. Ukrainians who are able will spent 30 or 40000 dollars on a nice car, but live in a run-down one room apartment.
Bizarre to westerners, but that is the way the status game goes here.
Stage 4; fancy watches, jewellry. The latter very popular for people of gipsy origin.
Very expensive watches more for MPs, Russian orthodox priests, gangster-mafia types.
Stage 5; your own horse, or preferably several. Horse riding is very popular and elitist among the jet-set Ukrainian aspiring oligarch types.
Especially for men. Horse riding is seen as macho. Cossack tradition, I would think. A lot of MPs have horses. I know this because I know a guy who looks after horses for several MPs.... Very expensive to keep.

My advice - avoid all of the above Very Happy
[in occupied Donbas. He didn't announce his visit. No press. ]
In the Netherlands, the first stage of applying for a referendum on ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.
Netherlands Electoral Council announced that in accordance with current legislation, activists gathered 10 thousand. Signatures required for submitting preliminary applications for a referendum.
Now, in order to government organized a referendum within six weeks (from 18 August to 28 September) to the Electoral Board must be submitted another 300 thousand. Signatures from citizens.
The report of the Electoral Council said that the general signature turnout of 14,441, of which 13,480 have recognized valid.

[No problem.
1. No way they can get 300,000 in 6 weeks. And
2. It does not have any legal force. Government can actually ignore it. ]
[Elections in 80 days' time]
on Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:38 amNelson
Putin has overplayed his hand. In addition to its exposure to liability for damage caused during the conflict in Ukraine, Russia faces legal penalties totaling roughly 4% of its GDP – roughly what it spends on education. Putin may have been able to bring his country’s legal system under his control, but he remains vulnerable to international rulings. With Russia too enmeshed in the international legal and financial system to cut ties and become a rogue state, its president is increasingly likely to face the consequences of his actions.
Looks like Putin is putting more and more pressure on the OSCE to leave occupied Donbas.
Last week burning vehicles, and now playing with live shells.
Putin is running out of time and money, and wants to force the war back into full gear.
And for this he needs the OSCE to clear out totally.
Good article I missed yesterday in the Moscow Times. Quite long.
Seems logical thinking to me...

an exchange rate at 65, or worse, against the dollar will start to ring inflation and confidence alarm bells....
The optimistic view is that, at best, both the ruble and oil will hold near current levels into the autumn. There really is no basis for assuming a meaningful rally in either over the medium term. The greater likelihood is that the price of Brent crude will drift further down in the coming weeks and that would then push the ruble into the high 60's against the dollar.

And Putin more and more popular in Russia, as reserves dwindle to zero, and inflation rises? Already well above the revised budget predictions.
Some welfare payments went up 5%. But inflation is now at 15%.
This 1 minute ago - all the figures in the red - all prices falling currently.

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 41.77 -0.10 -0.24% SEP 15 02:00:34
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 48.62 -0.12 -0.25% OCT 15 01:59:22
Crude Oil (Tokyo)
JPY/kl 39,210.00 -40.00 -0.10% JAN 16 02:00:17
Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 2.72 0.00 -0.15% SEP 15 02:00:09

I did a little research yesterday. Russian Ural oil is priced midway between WTI and Brent.
So 42 - 49, gives Russian oil a price of about 45.50.

Ruble today 1 minute ago
dollar   euro    pound
65.6627 72.6780 102.263
Now - from the Moscow Times a few months' ago -
New Russian Budget Based on $50 Oil
The amended budget would see spending from the oil-revenue-funded Reserve Fund hit 3.1 trillion rubles ($53 billion), leaving only 2.6 trillion rubles ($45 billion) at the year's end.

45 billion usd left by the end of the year. And Russian oil price is already at 45 - 10% lower than the budget.
Putin will run out of money sooner than planned. In about one year's time.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:17 am; edited 2 times in total
The Petrogradsky district court on Tuesday set the damages at just one ruble as the plaintiff requested, but didn't close the facility. Savchuk said she was happy with the ruling because she thought her mission had been accomplished.
"We have managed to prove that the trolls exist, which was the main goal," she said outside the courtroom.
on Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:24 amNelson
The currency has been hit hard by the collapse in oil prices. That's because around half of Russia's government revenue comes from the oil industry....
Moscow's retaliatory embargo on Western food has helped drive inflation higher. It reached 16% in July.

[That's what we call an "own goal". ]
The ruble's decline has pushed up Russian carmakers' costs as - unlike rivals in other leading carmaking nations - they heavily depend on imported parts, which they pay for in dollars and euros.
[Large craft fair in Poltava oblast]
[one of the 12 great feast days of the Byzantine rite.]
The self-proclaimed head of the so-called "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko signed amendments to the "Law on Local Elections." The most notable of which states that "the right to be elected in the local elections have a capable citizens" DNI ", reached on the day of the election 18 years, residing in the" People's Republic of Donetsk, "the last 10 years," reports today.
Thus, if we consider that today the so-called "DNR" has existed for about a year, the elected (Now leave aside the very legitimacy of the process) can not do nothing.
In addition, Zakharchenko banned Ukrainian media from covering "the electoral process."
Recall that the elections in the so-called "DNR" scheduled for October 18.
According to the operative data of Ukrainian intelligence in illegal armed formations have serious staffing problems. To join the ranks of the criminal "army" DNR / LNR "militants attracted to the service personnel of the so-called" people's militia "and the prison service.
It is reported by the press center of the ATO.
"Do not shun the invaders and criminals. Soon about 100 convicts Slavyanoserbsk penal colony №60 in the Luhansk region will fight for the self-proclaimed republic," - said in a statement.

Rapists, thieves, murderers - just what is needed on the streets of Lugansk and Donetsk - as if enough hadn't arrived from Russia!
More of Shaun Walker's "DNR guys".
on Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:05 amNelson
[Conflicts, inner rivalry...]
[Registered in Estonia, in order to make it look "better". ]
[Debatable. Seeing some soldiers coming back from the front, many have become quite rich. How?
Some certainly trading with the separatists. Sending food and other goods across the "border" illegally, for a kickback. ]
KYIV. 18 August. UNN. During the last days, illegal armed groups 86 times violated the ceasefire. 12 times mercenaries used artillery, 27 - mortars, 52 - small arms and grenade launchers, reports UNN, citing the press center ATO.

A big reduction. Much less big artillery, and fewer Grad missiles.
What is Putin doing?
His Russian military machine is probably testing the reaction of the Ukrainian forces in case of a significant escalation in the war.
This could be a prelude to a larger attack in a few weeks' time when all the analysis has been done by Putin's generals.
Then they will also attack the reaction forces of Ukraine. And sweep towards Crimea, Putin would hope.
[currently link will not open. Luts was on tv last night - UBR channel, I think.
I agree. Yats and company are in a no win situation. War against Putin, and no money. Difficult, to put it mildly. ]
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