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"Sooner or later, ends the patience of Russians": Russian politician told Putin humiliates his people

on Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:15 pm
Deputy of the Legislative Council of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky said that Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian people are humiliated by poverty, censorship, undeclared war with Ukraine, and that sooner or later the patience of Russians end, as it happened in Ukraine during euromaidan.
This Wisniewski wrote in his blog on the radio " Echo of Moscow ".

"Shameful practice is the" law of scoundrels, "and the law on" foreign agents "and unfair elections, and censorship on TV, and impunity" orthodox "thugs, and the decree on the destruction of" sanctions "products and overt luxury, surrounded by many senior officials and managers of state-owned companies, and multibillion-dollar theft from the budget, and much much more. Including an undeclared war with Ukraine, which is now, according to incoming reports, it may reach a new "revolution." And more appropriate to speak about what is humiliating for Russian people have the power, which is all this "practice", and patiently endure it. Sooner or later, it's patience will end as a half years ago it ended in Ukraine ", - wrote Wisniewski.

He added that Putin's statement that Ukraine is humiliating for an invitation to the government of foreigners, are unfair, and Russia uses the services of more foreigners, especially in the field of sport.
"There is nothing shameful in the invitation to the government of the three foreigners, one of whom - ethnic Ukrainian (to granting citizenship, note), no. As there is nothing shameful in the invitation (on the same terms) Mikheil Saakashvili, the governor of the Odessa region. By the way, who would say:

naturalization of American and Korean outstanding athletes brought the Russian team is almost half of the "gold" at the Olympics in Sochi, Russian teams in many sports run by foreign coaches, and the limit on foreign players - the main topic of discussion in football management, "- wrote Wisniewski.

The politician added that the hypocritical statements by Putin that he wants Ukraine "a positive development" to implement as soon as he ceases to send the Russians to kill Ukrainians in Donbass and destroy the country.

"Difficulties in Ukraine is really there. The main one - the war against the bandits, whose sending in Russian power and arms, affectionately calling them" volunteers "or" holidaymakers ". As soon as it ceases to send them and arm - the situation will recover immediately. And not only in Ukraine, but in Russia - for which all the burden of an undeclared war. And whose citizens are gradually beginning to realize that paying for the insane dreams of expanding the "Russian world" not only for its much thinner wallet, not only to the destruction plans for the future, but lives their relatives and friends, secretly sent to the shameful war, "- said the politician. In Russian
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