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Is Putin's inner circle forcing him to die alone?

on Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:57 pm
For quite a few years, I've been following the Ukrainian hryvnia, as I've always wanted to know the exchange to transfer funds to Ukraine. One of my editor's still posts almost on a daily basis the USA=UAH exchange as we've kept up with it for years.

If many of you recall in Ukraine during the Yanukovich years, whenever the hryvnia took a dive, his oligarchs would prop it up by dumping a lot to get it back up in value. This was a very common practice. It's been around 21-22 for quite some time, during the Poroshenko years. I recall during the mid to late 2000's, it was on average $1-8 UAH. As you can see, it's depreciated quite a bit and leveled off without much assistance. A few of those old Yanukovich oligarchs are gone, so not many want or can't do much about it.

Now for Russia! They have many more oligarchs as compared to Ukraine. if some of you have kept an eye on the Rouble, you can see that it's been in the tank and getting deeper into it. At times I've seen it come slowly up, from some of Putin's cohorts dishing into it. For quite some time recently, that hasn't been the common practice. Not long ago, it was around $1 = 53 RUB. It's currently around 69.xx. I've seen the charts and haven't seen much action to make a correction on its value.

Look at the chart below and you can see when someone tried to increase the value of it, but it hasn't happened that much as it use to.

There have been a few news articles floating around that Putin's inner circle will do him in. Might this be the way they're going to do it? If the majority of the oligarchs that don't like what's been happening, this is a good way to let him die alone. It'll be a majority choice against a possible very few supporters. How much more do they want to lose for the acts of one greedy power hungry lunatic? This can be the start of infighting within the ranks. That will definitely destabilize his entire clan. In the end he'll be defeated, either by his own or by Russians that have had enough of the monetary suffering.
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