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News -
Putin launched 109 attacks on Ukraine and its people yesterday. The number of attacks again is rising and rising.
UPDATE - no deaths. 5 soldiers injured in the Donetsk airport area.

Weather -
Comfortable. Blue sky again this morning. High near 30. Above average for this time of year. 23 would be normal.
Update - 31 at 1600.

Footie -
Zorya went out of the Uefa cup, as we expected, to Warsaw.
Dynamo Kiev in a group with Chelsea, Shakhtar with Real Madrid, in the Champions League.
Fixtures here -
20 Oct DK v Chelsea. 25 Nov SD v Real Madrid
Update -
understand Dnepr in a group with Lazio in the Uefa league.

I can hear shelling -
I have my office window open, and can hear the distinct deep booms of shelling.
Either Putin is closer than I thought, or the Ukrainian military are having a training session.

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Ukrainian citizen Vadim Bezkorovainy said he did not plead guilty in the preparation of an attack on the Russian embassy in London, said, "Air Force".

On Friday jailed Bezkorovainy appeared before the Central Criminal Court in London by video link. The judge asked him about the agreement or disagreement with the accusation.

Vadim Bezkorovainy English confirmed his name and said he did not consider himself guilty. On the screen he appeared in dress of blue and yellow.

33-year-old resident of the English city of Luton is accused of preparing terrorist acts in accordance with Article 5 of the British law on the fight against terrorism.

According to prosecutors, in the period from January 27 to March 15, 2014 Ukrainian was planning an attack on the Russian Embassy in London.

June 5 in a criminal court at the Old Bailey, the first meeting of the case.

Then Bezkorovainy, who participated via video, also appeared in the clothing colors of Ukrainian flag.

The Ukrainian Embassy in London Bi-bi-si said that Vadim Bezkorovainy did not apply for consular assistance.

Consideration of the merits of the case to begin on November 2 at the Central Criminal Court in London.

It is expected that the process will last for 3-4 weeks. In Russian
Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets made a statement at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Friday.

"Today the Ukrainian Donbas, including temporarily occupied city of Donetsk is able to watch Ukrainian TV channels such as 1 + 1, Espresso-TV, Channel 5, and that what I really appreciate is Public Television of Ukraine - First National Channel and, in addition, residents can listen to Radio 24," the official said.
on Fri Aug 28, 2015 6:19 pmAdmin
Klitschko, a former heavyweight boxing world champion, was elected to lead the merged party during a joint session of his party, UDAR, and the president's Solidarity party in Kyiv on August 28.

Addressing the meeting, Poroshenko called on the country's pro-European parties to unite, saying there were too many political forces in the country.

Local media reported that the new political force is expected to run in elections under the name of Solidarity.

Ukraine is due to hold local elections on October 25, but the polls will not be conducted in the areas held by Russian-backed separatists in the country’s east.
Russia has unilaterally terminated the agreement between the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine about the organization of the international direct railway ferry connection through ports Caucasus (Russia) and the Crimea (Ukraine).

As reported by Censor.NET, it is stated in Russia's government decree No. 1640 of Aug. 25.

The initiative was put forward by the Russian Ministry of Transport. It was also agreed with Russia's Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Justice. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev instructed the ministry to communicate the decision to Ukrainian side. In Russian
The details of a fierce fighting between the Ukrainian troops and the Russian-backed militants in the Mariupol "M" sector in the early hours of August 27 have been revealed today thanks to intelligence reports, press officer of the "M" sector Yaroslav Chepurniy said on Friday, according to Mariupol's city online news portal 0629.

"It has become known that six Ukrainian soldiers were killed that night, while another two were wounded. The Ukrainian side gave an adequate answer that night and destroyed an [enemy] ammunition depot in the village of Styla (about 80 tonnes), as well as four cars," Chepurniy said.

According to intelligence reports that have appeared this morning, 51 wounded militants were brought to the town of Novoazovsk, while eight of them were in a very serious condition. Five officers arrived in cash transit vans.

The death toll is unknown as the bodies were immediately sent onto the territory of the Russian Federation.

An ammunition depot was also blown up in the village of Petrivske. In addition, the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed military equipment, including 51 armored engineering vehicles and three cars, near the village of Telmanove.
The minister said that the scheme was not agreed to as representatives of banking institutions did not attend the meeting, the BBC has reported.

"We discussed several options, and taking into account the fact that banking institutions that provide cash and liquidity were not present at today's meeting, it was impossible to agree anything. We discussed several possible options where the European Commission would help us," Demchyshyn said after a meeting with Vice President of the European Commission for Energy Union Maros Sevcovic.

He said that Ukraine plans to accumulate 19 billion cubic meters of gas in its underground storage facilities by the beginning of the heating season.

Sevcovic expressed hope that the trilateral gas agreement between Russia, Ukraine and EU would be signed by late September...........
"There will be neither federalization nor any status. This is what we will be voting for at the parliament on Monday [August 31] and this is how we will expose these lies and will protect the unitary status of Ukraine," the president said at a congress of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Solidarity and UDAR parties in Kyiv on Friday.

The proposed constitutional reform cancels Article 92 of the Ukrainian constitution regarding the status of Kyiv as the Ukrainian capital city and a number of other cities, Poroshenko said.

"Some have tried to take advantage of this situation. The Zaporizhia Council decided yesterday that they also needed the status and wanted to act under Article 92 of the constitution," he said.

According to media, the Zaporizhia Region Council backed at its session on August 27, the draft Ukrainian law On a Special Regime of the Enforcement of Ukrainian Legal Norms in Socioeconomic, Budget and Other Fields for Territories with Aggravated Environmental Conditions (the draft was supported by 66 out of 69 deputies present at the session).

The main task of the law is to expand the administrative and budget powers of local councils and to provide social support to people in the Zaporizhia region. The socioeconomic situation may be improved through the redistribution of taxes, which will leave more money to local budgets. The money will be invested in medical, ecological and educational projects and social protection..........
Russia unilaterally break the agreement with Ukraine on November 12, 2004 on the live rail and ferry ports Caucasus and Crimea.
The corresponding decree was published on the government's official web portal right information, reports Capital with reference to the UNN.
"Russian Transport Ministry to inform the Ukrainian side about the adopted in accordance with the order of the decision", - the document says.

That's all there is in the article. Looks like Russia is isolating itself further and further.
The current Kremlin leader condemns the early Bolsheviks for including “significant territories” of Russia inside Ukraine, saying they didn’t take into account “the national composition of the residents.” But he doesn’t speak about the fact that the Bolsheviks “included in the RSFSR enormous territories of the North Caucasus and Turkestan which were predominantly non-Russian and had declared their independence.”

The Kremlin’s insistence that it has the right to take pieces of Ukraine because “Ukraine has no territorial integrity because it is not a real state” is the fifth myth of “Krymnashism,” one that has deep roots but that is even more absurd than the others, according to Moscow historian Arkady Popov.

As he has done with the first four of the eight “Krymnash” myths (For his earlier articles, see,, and, Popov demolishes this one in “Yezhednevny zhurnal” (

Everyone should have seen this myth coming, Popov says, because as early as 2008, Putin told US President George W. bush that “Ukraine is not even a state! What is Ukraine? Part of its territory is Eastern Europe and part, and a quite significant part, was given to it by us.” That view was then repeated by Russian politicians and diplomats to others.

In 2014, Putin expanded on the notion that Russia had given territory to Ukraine by saying that the Bolsheviks had given Ukraine “significant territories of the historic south of Russia” and that in 1954, Khrushchev had given Ukraine Crimea. Moreover, Moscow had cut off territory from Poland and Hungary and given it to Ukraine as well.

It is “unfortunate,” the Moscow historian continues, that the Kremlin leader didn’t talk about Kaliningrad or Vyborg or Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk or Tuva or even Karelia. Had he, he might have been forced to conclude that according to his own arguments, the Russian Federation is “not a state” either.

Popov points out that “it is impossible to find any principled differences in the means of forming the present-day Russian Federation and present-day Ukraine: Both countries were created by means of the sovereignization of union republics, the RSFSR and the UkSSR which after the 1917 revolution were formed from the remnants of the Russian empire.”

The current Kremlin leader condemns the early Bolsheviks for including “significant territories” of Russia inside Ukraine, saying they didn’t take into account “the national composition of the residents.” But he doesn’t speak about the fact that the Bolsheviks “included in the RSFSR enormous territories of the North Caucasus and Turkestan which were predominantly non-Russian and had declared their independence.”..................

To read further go to this link:
Yes - dollars. Also read elsewhere that the police found lots of pro-Russian things in his office. Traitor.
Lots of dodgy characters in Odessa. Send this one to Yanukovich.

Some photos here
Anatoly Matios: in the office of the arrested chief of the Odessa Police found pennants Russian Interior Ministry

No wonder the Odessa police were colluding with the Yanukovich bandits during Maidan.
Send all the old ones to Russia, or North Korea. Cleanse Ukraine of the muck.
Price should now be below 250. Unless your name is Tymoshenko, and you want to make another billion bucks.
Elsewhere I've seen 35 here suggested for Tuesday. The start of autumn.
31 where I am right now. Quite muggy really.
The last day in the area of anti-terrorist operation passed without loss.
This at a traditional briefing on Friday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration Andriy Lysenko.
"For the past day as a result of active hostilities and armed provocation no dead among our military there, five were wounded in the area of Donetsk airport" - he said.
В центре Москвы лимоновцы вербуют на войну против Украины.

Интервью Джонни О'Райлли и Олега Долина с
Interview with Johnny O'Reilly with Lifenews - O'reilly started out as a... journalist in Moscow. Lived there now 12 years.
His sin - he mentioned Sentsov in his interview, and that he was in jail for "political" reasons.
15 minute interview cut down to just one question. !
note the abrupt end. The lady interviewer looks a bit shocked at first.
Clearly instructions from above to stop the interview.
Russia today.
Video - can't find on youtube yet... but here - and yes, he studied Russian at uni in Dublin.
A growing economic crisis in Russia and a growth slowdown in China that has rattled world markets mean about $113 billion worth of joint projects ranging from gas pipelines to power grids have been stalled or delayed.
Russia's food safety watchdog has burned 1.5 tonnes of food imported for a BMW car racing team taking part in an event in Moscow, TASS news agency reported on Thursday.
The destruction was part of Moscow's program of burning and bulldozing Western food, banned from Russia in retaliation for sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin - round the bend.
On Friday, the Orthodox celebrate the Dormition. On this day, people in the old days did not work, and celebrated the end of the harvest.
Assumption also coincides with the end of two weeks of strict fasting. Therefore, the peasants organized themselves a real feast: boiled with beer and mead, sacrificed sheep and baked pies.
On Assumption people go to church to sanctify and seeds and stalks of different breads. Thus it marked the end of the harvest of grain.
On the eve of the last sheaf gathered from the fields is stored in the house and even put on a sundress. "Obzhinok" so called the sheaf had to be stored in the house under the icons and bring good luck.

Suggest see also
[injured, I understand]
That makes sense. It is good that almost all the young in Ukraine know now how to handle weapons, in case Putin decides to occupy further areas of Europe. Like Hitler did in '38.
"In general, over the past day - August 27 illegal armed formations 109 times violated the ceasefire. 15 times the invaders used guns, 34 - mortars, 1 - multiple rocket launchers BM-21" Grad "- added to the staff.
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