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News -
I read that Putin only attacked 19 times yesterday. I need to check that from a second source. Very strange, if true. Confirmed at UP.
Update - No dead, one soldier injured yesterday. (sniper fire to head)
What is Putin doing now? Used to be 150 attacks, and now 19. Some new plan. But what? The guy is a complete nutcase.

Weather -
Pleasantly warm today. High expected of about 27C. But next week I saw 36 preducted for one day. 90s.
Very strange for early September.
Peat fires around Kiev - probably due to the heat. And it leaves a smell in the air, over the city.
If you drive outside the city it looks like a mist.

Petrol prices finally falling at the pumps -
After months of falling oil prices today I noticed that the price of gas at the pumps had finally fallen a little - from 24 to 22 hrvnia .. 10% down, near enough.
That should help the inflation figure also.

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The militants of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) terrorist organization are planning to attack schools on September 1 and call for the introduction of Russian "peacekeeping troops," presidential administration spokesman for the Anti-Terrorist Operation Colonel Andriy Lysenko said at a briefing in Kyiv on Sunday, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

"The Kremlin-backed mercenaries are planning to use this provocation as a pretext for request to Russia to officially introduce the so-called "peacekeeping forces." We call on everyone to be vigilant, especially the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine," Lysenko said.
Speaking to Dozhd TV on condition of anonymity, a wife of a Russian paratrooper said her husband has been dispatched to Donbas.

In all, about 1,000 paratroopers have been sent from a division in Pskov, she said.

The wives and mothers of Pskov servicemen have problems connecting with their husbands and sons over the phone, she admitted.

The families have been warned about the secrecy of their members' assignment in Donbas. The servicemen are to be dismissed if the secret leaks out, she said.
A 36-year-old serviceman, Oleksandr Sarabun, has joined 'Donbas-Ukrayina' battalion in Donbas, TCH reports Aug. thirty.

He lost his foot a year ago in the Ilovajsk battle.

After one year of rehabilitation he feels he can fight again for his country. His comrades in the unit are not even aware he has a prosthetic foot, he says.

O. Sarabun is now a member of the newly formed 'Donbas-Ukrayina' battalion.
The main lead item on most news channels last night.
A memorial has been set up in Kiev. 1000 Ukrainian soldiers massacred by the Russians, a year ago, yesterday.
Russia wants to stop the return of the terrorists to Russia. It needs to control the border - a real problem.

English version:
Strange. Very strange.
[Lisenko briefing]
KYIV. 30 August. UNN. As a result of sniper fire on Saturday in the Luhansk region were wounded Armed Forces of Ukraine. Told the spokesman ATO sector "A" Ruslan Tkachuk, reports UNN.
"To the city hospital. Happiness is delivered Armed Forces soldier, born in 1991, resident of Mariupol diagnosed with gunshot gunshot wound to the head.
on Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:24 amNelson
When bombarded from enemy positions, government units regularly have to seek permission for a counterstrike from superiors removed from the action. But they complain of an inefficient chain of command and say the fight is lost in a bureaucratic bottleneck. Heavy weapons are ready to use, but often high command must first give the green light. “That comes too late,” one officer told The Independent on Sunday.
In general, over the past day, gang 19 times violated the ceasefire without using weapons, caliber exceeding 100 mm: 1 time militants used mortar, 10 - grenade launchers.
The press center ATO.

Very very strange.
What is Putin doing? One week he shells Ukrainians 150 times a day. And yesterday only 19 attacks, with no major artillery.
I don't remember the figure for the number of attacks by the Russian forces being that low.
But it has to be orders from Putin, or whoever is in control in the Kremlin. One suspects that Putin is rapidly losing popularity in the Kremlin.
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