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News -
I am still puzzled by he lull in fighting on Saturday. Only 19 attacks by Putin's forces.
Today's figures just released - say 16 attacks.
Update - 0 dead, 5 injured - Lysenko briefing at 1230.
Putin has some plan. What is he doing now?
Has realisation of his stupidity finally set in? I doubt it. He has stoked up hate of Russia in Ukraine for generations to come.

Constitutional changes -
The Rada should vote on this today. Meeting scheduled for 11 am.
Update - Rada tribunal blocked currently - 11.30 - by Liashko and his gang. So expect nothing to happen.
Update at 1300 - passed. 265 votes - enough for a first reading.
But they will need 300 at a further reading for the changes to take effect.
Reports also of some violence outside the Rada. At least 10 injured.
Some reports now say 50 injured, other reports say 100. Reading now of at least one death.
Now say he was 24 year old - newly mobilized. Shrapnel from a grenade.
Svoboda look like the culprits from all I have seen this afternoon on tv. We will see. More below.

Now saying the murderer was a member of the SICH batallion - formed by Svoboda.
So NOT a provocation as some were trying to make out.

Weather -
Hot today. 16 at 0600. High predicted of 30-32. And 35 tomorrow.
Update at 14.00 - 31 where I am. 33 in Odesa. That's in the low 90s there. Toasty.
Real smell of burning in the air again this morning. Had it for the last few days. Peat fires, I am told.
It tends to disperse during the day - for whatever reason. More noticeable at night and early morning.

01 September -
Tomorrow, the first day of school for many young Ukrainians. Traditionally here school starts on the 1st of September.
Shopping malls were busy at the weekend. It will all quieten down shortly as people get back into their routines.
But they will not be used to the barmy weather. 35 predicted for the first day back.[/b]

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Note "local elections" in the occupied part of the Donetsk region. held on October 18 on the basis of "the Constitution of the DNR" and its "laws."
Putin's democracy in action.
They won't let the osce into over half of the Russian occupied areas, to observe weapons withdrawal - that never took place - but they can observe elections? What a joke. But a good election for Shaun Walker and the Moscow Putin butt-kissers to observe.
Together with members of the faction of the Radical Party and "samopomich" their votes for the presidential amendments to the Constitution will give members of the opposition bloc
I thought Liashko and Samopomich were against giving special status to anybody. .. we'll see.
Tymoshenko hasn't decided yet whether to support the changes or not.
Presume she is waiting to see which will give her most Popular support.
The RADA should open at 11.00.
Nothing on any tv channels currently. Now 11.10.
Ukraine has a massive alcohol problem. And I have seen it destroy so many lives - and families.
This is a move in the right direction - although it will be subject to much opposition, by alcoholics and businessmen.
Odesa patriotic activists seized Serhii Kivalov's house in Odesa, better known as 'Harry Potter's House', which officially belongs to the International Humanitarian University, but de-facto was the residence of the former Party of Regions MP. Source:
Lots of photos at the link. Two here -

Probably the university teachers were living in poverty, while the Yanuk bandit was stealing all the funds for this place.
"humanitarian university" - rather like Putin's "humanitarian convoy".

Found a video here


also very strange.
Putin changing plan? Now going for Russian "elections" i.e., Zacharchenko as President, with elections held at gunpoint, but he needs some lull in the fighting to get the fascist observers from France plus Shaun Walker and Stalin apologist Seamus Milne into the Donbass?
2217a 11.00 am. - likely nearer 12.00.
Eni announced the discovery of the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, one of the world's largest gas fields.
According to the company, Zohr deposit lies at a depth of about a kilometer and a half, according to preliminary estimates, contains 850 billion cubic meters of gas.
Eni CEO said the field, most likely one of the largest in the world and will provide Egypt with gas over the next decade.
Eli has full rights to develop fields in the region and is the largest energy company in Africa.

Not good news for Putin. Maybe some gas for Europe from there also.
on Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:02 amNelson
Klitchko's party is going to the elections with Poroshenko's block - BPP.
Will they merge for ever?
Klitchko and Lutsenko are both fairly popular in Kiev. Poroshenko and Yatseniuk less so - but then - they are trying to run a bankrupt country with a war against Russia. Not easy.

Think of all the weeks that Shaun Walker was in Donetsk - but he never once reported that his "DNR guys" were firing from houses, and hiding behind civilians. Not once...

Donetsk separatists have confirmed that, contrary to the Minsk agreements are going to hold their own "election" on 18 October.
As one of the leaders of the terrorist group "DNR" in the occupied Zakharchenko Donetsk, these "elections", they intend to carry out "of their own law."
The representative of the same groups at the meetings of the Tripartite Liaison Group Pushilin claimed that these elections will not be a violation of the agreements Minsk. According to him, his own "election law" Donetsk separatists "agree to agree with the Ukrainian side."
He also confirmed earlier reports that on Monday the "official invitation" to watch these "elections" will be sent to the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

Is this Putin's latest game?
They won't even allow osce observers in, so election observers? That's why he's cut down the fighting? They'll get plenty of observers from Greece, Austria, and the ultra right wing in France Germany. Same from the ultra- left-wing. Fascists and communists in the same bed.
Putin knows that the west love an "election". Shaun Walker and others reported on the "elections" in occupied Crimea. This will be no different for him, or the Stalin loving editor at the Guardian, Seaumus Milne.
Total for August 30 terrorists 16 times violated the ceasefire.
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