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News -
19 attacks by Putin's forces yesterday. No word yet on casualties.
Update - I understand 0 deaths, 0 casualties

1 attack by Tiagnibok's forces - Sich -Svoboda yesterday.
Update - 2 soldiers killed by Svoboda. 141 still in hospital.
In the Rada Groisman said 3 now dead. Which will leave 140 injured now.

Update - on one source attacker at the Rada named as Igor Humenyuk - see clear photo about 10 posts' down.
The bbc were reporting 5 dead yesterday. But this morning they are saying one dead, with about 100 injured.
0800 tv news. I watched a couple of channels. They did not lead with the grenade incident. Strange. Almost trying to play it down.

Update at 1200. Sadly reading of a second death of an Ukrainian soldier as a result of the Svoboda attack yesterday.
Update - heard on tv of a third guardsman dead following yesterday's attack.

Coalition - reading that Liashko's gang have left the coalition - Radical party.
Liashko was seen as a strong patriot in the run-up to the last elections, but lost a lot of support in the last week of campaigning.
Now - seen by all I know - everybody I know in Ukraine - as a complete joke. I write that honestly.

Weather -
20C at 0600 this morning. High predicted of 36 where I am. Getting close to 100F today.
Blue sky, sunshine. 33 at 1400. 1530 - nearer 40 than 30 on my thermometer.

School -
Out of my window I can see children walking to school. Almost forgotten in the light of yesterday's events in Kiev.

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@Nelson wrote:14:40

Berioza asks for an end to political games - and what do we get from Tiagnibok??
Washing his hands of the blood.
He was inciting the violence, driving people on - his own Svoboda batallion. But - oh.....
it wasn't me.... the Ministry of the Interior are responsible for "Sich".
Tiagnibok is sick in the head.
And worst of all - he is a coward.

You can say that again about Tiahnybok - sick in the head.

Can you remember his early visit to the Rada forum? A million problems for Ukraine and the twat announces an end to Russian language in Ukrainian schools. Quite rightly, this pathetic attempt to change the laws of Ukraine and to provoke people did not see the light of day.
The representative of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Mariana Betz reported that in September, Ukraine will run 8 mission EU Ukraine's preparations for the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU. It is reported by "UNN"

"On August 31, our state is already running mission on border security. On the first of September - the mission to fight corruption. And the second of September - the mission on security documents. Total in Ukraine will work 8 groups of experts "- said Betz.

Other missions will earn in the next week:

- September 7 mission will work to combat organized crime;

- On September 21-25, will earn three groups of experts on human rights, the fight against trafficking in human beings and the mission on migration and asylum;

- Mission on combating legalization of proceeds will work on 28 September.

EU experts said M.Betsa, will hold meetings with representatives of central executive bodies and representatives of civil society in Kiev and regions.

"Experts will be able to comprehensively assess the state of readiness of our country for the introduction of visa-free travel of Ukrainian citizens to the EU", - said Betz.

EC on the results of the mission will report on Ukraine's preparations for the second phase of the action plan to introduce visa-free regime in Ukraine and the EU.

Betz hopes that a visa-free regime between Ukraine and EU will be possible in 2016. In Russian
At the end of September in the Ukraine will arrive 10 Texas Ranger, which will begin the selection and training of 25 employees of the Ministry of Interior special forces "Falcon". In the future, the group as special instructors will go into a special purpose unit of the National Police of Ukraine CORD.

This was agreed today by representatives of Special Operations Group Division Texas Rangers during a meeting with Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

US Law enforcers said that all their efforts and the efforts of many partners focused on the most effective for Ukraine to use its experience in the reform of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. In addition, representatives of the Division announced their intention to help the future of the special division of the National Police of Ukraine equipment.

Open there is a number of organizational issues, however, the parties expressed their willingness to resolve them before the start of training in Ukraine.

The head of a law enforcement agency stressed that Ukraine needs to reform very quickly, but if the rate will affect the quality, then it should choose the quality.

"When you are together with us to build this new system, please adhere to the principles that guided us: less is better! We will create a nucleus and have him step by step, we construct the whole system, "- said Arsen Avakov. In Russian
The European Union intends to extend sanctions against Russia before March 2016. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing diplomatic circles.

"The European Union has decided to extend until 15 March sanctions against 200 people and companies, including the Russians and the separatists to continue the pressure on Moscow to Minsk full implementation of the ceasefire until the end of the year", - the report says.

According to the newspaper, the decision will be formally adopted on Wednesday and must be signed by the ministers until mid-September. Current assets freeze and travel ban in the EU were to end 15 September. Currently there are sanctions against 151 people. In Russian
Responding to reports that Oleh Lyashko’s Radical Party has left the government’s majority coalition, Nomura International’s top emerging market economist Timothy Ash offered the following comments at 15:03 today:

To some extent expected after the weekend Verkhovna Rada vote over decentralization. Radical Party leader, Oleh Lyashko (a populist) was always something of a testy character within the coalition. I guess the question mark now will be whether Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna follows suit and departs the pro-EU coalition – ahead of looming local elections later this year.

The bad news is that this means the ruling coalition formally lacks a constitutional majority, but still has a substantive absolute majority for the time-being.

It raises the question over some more substantive cooperation between Poroshenko/Yatsenyuk and Boyko’s Opposition Party. The latter would be a red rag to many supporters of Maidan, hence “beyond the pale” or the Ukrainian equivalent for any post-Maidan government in Ukraine.

I guess all the above party politics should matter to bond investors, as the debt restructuring deal is due to be put before parliament for approval. I guess that still looks set to get sign off, given Poroshenko/Yats still have a majority, but in the past “opposition” supporters from either side have tended to block parliamentary business on occasion for long spells. That’s probably a risk this time around as this constitutional reform issue dominates the agenda still.
on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:23 pmAdmin
Russia's Foreign Ministry says Moscow has expelled a Ukrainian diplomat in retaliation for Kyiv's expulsion of a Russian diplomat.

Few other details were immediately available from the Russian news reports on September 1.
The changes in the Constitution passed in the first reading Aug. 31 amid battles in Rada and bloody violence outside include no mention of giving Donbas a special status. The Constitution has merely a reference to the temporary law on special procedure for ruling the rebel-held territories, political expert Viktor Ukolov told Radio Svoboda Sept. 1.

The law can be cancelled by a mere majority, if need be, he said.

In fact, Rada voted not for the controversial changes in the Constitution but for the continuations of EU sanctions against Russia since, under the Minsk agreements, the changes are hinged to the sanctions. No changes, no sanctions, the expert stressed.

Moscow was eager to disrupt the vote.In this case, Russia could blame Ukraine for not abiding by the Minsk agreements - and demand the lifting of sanctions, he said.

Following the Aug. 31 vote, protesters outside Rada tried to storm the legislature. A grenade and a bomb stuffed with nuts were thrown at the police, killing two and wounding a hundred of the law enforcers. The police have already arrested the person who threw the grenade, finding another one in his backpack and a firing pin from the grenade he had thrown.
Another National Guard serviceman wounded yesterday near the Verkhovna Rada building has died in Alexander hospital in Kyiv. This is the third soldier killed in the incident.

MP from Poroshenko Bloc faction, Adviser to the President of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs Olha Bohomolets wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

"Another serviceman, the third one wounded yesterday, died in the Alexander hospital. The guy from Kherson born in 1995 received fatal shrapnel injuries to the brain. We extend our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased soldier," she wrote.

This information was later confirmed by Adviser to Interior Minister, MP from the Narodnyi Front faction Anton Herashchenko.

"Sept. 1 has become the day of mourning! The third National Guard soldier Oleksandr Kostyna, a native of Kherson, deceased in the hospital named after Tsarevich Alexander from shrapnel wounds to the head. He was only 20 years old. He was just performing his duty! He was completely blameless..." Herashchenko wrote on Facebook. In Russian
Election time again?
Authorities say the grenade was thrown by a member of the nationalist Svoboda political alliance, identified as 27-year-old Ihor Gumenyuk, as the government forces clashed with demonstrators.
Svoboda and the nationalist Radical Party organized the protest to voice opposition to legislation that could clear the way for pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine to be granted more autonomy.

At the hospital, he died the third soldier National Guard under Alexander Kostyna wounded under the Rada (updated) Timed at 13.30

see also
11.30 Another soldier National Guard  Dmitry Slastikov died in hospital. Two men in critical condition - Ministry of Internal Affairs (Updated)
The current coalition will continue to work in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, first deputy chairman of the faction "Bloc Poroshenko" Igor Kononenko.
Kononenko said that the coalition consisted of 302 MPs and factions after the Radical Party were 282.


If Poroshenko called a general election, I wonder what the results would be? I'll love to see a current poll.

Currently - BPP 144 Nar Front 82 Samo 30 Radical 21 Tymo 18 Opp 42 Vidrod 22 Volya 19 Not affiliated 43 Vacant 29 (ukr wiki)
How does Poro get 300 for constitutional changes?!
BPP + NF = 226. He needs 75 votes from somewhere. If Opposition vote in favor, then he needs 33. I don't see Samo or Batkiv helping him out.
Apparently announced on tv.
right-wing? Liashko... very multi-media...

Sich Battalion
The Sich Battalion (Ukrainian: Батальйон "Сiч"), named after the Sich of the Zaporozhian Cossacks which challenged the Polish, Russian, and Turkish rule of Ukraine, is a special police battalion formed from volunteers in the Kiev area.[1] The unit was formed by the Svoboda party in June 2014[2]

Tyahnybok says goodbye to soldiers of the battalion "Sich" in Kiev [from last year. photos]
A volunteer member of Sich, the Svoboda-formed batallion. But he's not a "member" of Svoboda... right...
Tiagnibok has already said that Avakov was responsible for the attack.
Tomorrow he might say that my grandma did it - and she's been dead a long long time.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:07 am; edited 1 time in total
Radical party member. They've now left the coalition, I understand.
But I've neither seen nor heard a formal announcement - maybe Liashko was planning to make one at the Rada today?
Maybe tomorrow.
"The plenary session of the Parliament declare closed. Tomorrow we will continue our work at 10 o'clock," - said the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament today, September 1, after the commemoration of the victims natshvardiytsiv.
Various conflicting stories from officials in the past 24 hours.
The faction of the Radical Party leaves the coalition and in opposition to the current government. On Tuesday, September 1, the reporters on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada said the head of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, the correspondent of the MFN.
"On behalf of the faction I inform about our decision to withdraw from the coalition," - said Mr. Lyashko.


And end to political games? And end to popularism?
What was I saying....

Time for a general election. Get rid of Liashko, and Tymoshenko.

Berioza asks for an end to political games - and what do we get from Tiagnibok??
Washing his hands of the blood.
He was inciting the violence, driving people on - his own Svoboda batallion. But - oh.....
it wasn't me.... the Ministry of the Interior are responsible for "Sich".
Tiagnibok is sick in the head.
And worst of all - he is a coward.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:15 am; edited 1 time in total
"It is very difficult and not easy to say today. Yesterday, under the walls of the Ukrainian parliament killed three, three soldiers of the National Guard, who did their duty.
For eighteen months I buried many, but they were killed in the east of Ukraine. Why is my country boys dying for politicking? Why are they dying now defending democracy under the walls of Parliament? "- Said Berioza.

[yes - saying 3 now dead. ]
on Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:41 amNelson
Groissman was followed by Yuri Berioza, a career soldier, and now a deputy. Narodni Front.

He spoke emotionally about his colleagues, who gave their lives doing their duty in front of the Rada - and asked the Rada to stand again.
And he made them stand for a long time. Remembering those who have died in this mad war against Russia.

Groisman called for an end of popularism - but I am sure the Rada will be back to stupid games  - not in a few days  - but in a few minutes' time.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:17 am; edited 1 time in total
on Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:35 amNelson
He spoke well about the tragedy of yesterday.

And then asked for a moment's silence

photo from tv

it's idiocy and play into the hands of not only external but also internal enemies - he added.
Yarosh, of the Pravi Sector - distancing himself from the "idiocy" of the Svoboda position, who blamed Avakov and the "authorities".
According to her, the victim comes from Kherson, 1995 year of birth. He had shrapnel injuries of the brain.
i.e. 0 deaths, 0 injured.
on Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:04 amNelson
I just got off the telephone, talking to a member of the armed forces.
He said that many are now worried about Svoboda - who are well armed - provoking another 'Maidan".

My analysis -
Svoboda got under 5% in the last elections.
Following this attack killing Ukrainian national guardsmen doing their job - injuring over 100 - many of who are ATO veterans -
Svoboda are finished as a party. That is my opinion.
Yarosh of the Pravi Sector condemned the attack. Tiagnibok, on the other hand, blamed Avakov.
Now - you cannot blame Avakov for a member of Svoboda throwing a hand-grenade at unarmed Ukrainian guardsmen, and killing some, and injuring many.
Normal patriotic Ukrainians are beginning to see Svoboda as the enemy, as much as they see Putin as the enemy.
And yes - some are worried about a "third Maidan". But - frankly - I do not see this having the support of the country - unlike the first two Maidans.

As for the bill going through parliament, anything could happen.
The most important thing is that Ukrainians do not start killing each other. They are all needed to fight Putin.
Article I found on the Svoboda website.
All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" declares the entire responsibility for the attack outside the parliament, ..... lies with the current government. It is pro-Russian government in conjunction with the "opposition" ... capitulation to the Kremlin.

It was the police who first used force against the protesters, prompting numerous clashes. However, the police failed to take appropriate measures to neutralize the provocateurs. Obviously, the use of an explosive device that was thrown by an unknown at law enforcement officers was a pre-planned provocation aimed against Ukrainian patriots.

We demand the resignation of the Interior Minister ... Arsen Avakov, whose criminal inaction led to the tragedy. We call on the representatives of the parliamentary coalition with the requirement not to vote in the second reading on the proposed project constitutional changes.


So - the government is "pro-Russian". Svoboda accept absolutely no responsibility.
Still saying the attack was a pre-planned provocation.  - despite all the videos and evidence to the contrary.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:24 am; edited 1 time in total
At least seven plaques commemorating Russian citizens sent to gulag forced labor camps under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin have been placed on the Moscow buildings where they last resided before being apprehended by Soviet secret police, the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported Sunday.
Good article, not - I hasten to add -  from Putin butt-kisser Shaun Walker, or his Stalin-apologist boss, Seamus Milne, at the Guardian.
Milne famous for writing an article trying to make out that Stalin didn't kill the millions everybody knows he did.
Later his article mysteriously disappeared from The Guardian website. Say no more.
Walker, anyway, is too busy posting photos of Putin's latest gym workout. He idiolizes the guy. 15 years in Moscow...
[according to Lavrov]
От ран после вчерашнего взрыва гранаты умер в больнице еще один Нацгвардии в/ч 3027 Сластиков Дмитрий, призывник из Желтых вод.. Больно.
Zholti vod. A small town west of Dneprpetrovsk. Dmitri Slastikov.
As I understand it, Tiagnybok is still saying that it was all a provocation by the "authorities".
But he organised the demonstration, his people gave out the flags, his people brought the sticks and smoke bombs, and gas cans, and grenades...
So they were ready for a riot and bloodshed.
Dmitri Yarosh was wise to condemn the bloodshed and death of a soldier.
Tiagnibok is claiming the extreme right wing as his own by blaming everybody else - except himself.
And - in my opinion - sounding the death-knell for his party. I don't see them coming back from this.
Ukrainians were visibly shocked by this yesterday - I saw them phoning each other, discussing it.
Of course, all the talk initially was about a Putin provocation. But it was not Putin. It was Svoboda. Putin's 5th column. 140 Ukrainian servicemen injured.
The night temperature will not fall below 20,1 ° C, and thus exceeded by 1,4 ° C for pre-historical significance of this day in 1938, "- said in a statement.
CGO also noted that this is the fifth temperature record, which was broken in August.
"The enemy is already the third day adheres to the ceasefire. Aerial surveillance using UAVs is not made", - it said in a statement.
Igor is an activist of the "Svoboda" ..
About a year a member of the volunteer battalion of the Interior Ministry "Sich".
Humenyuk of Kamyantsya-Podilsk, .

Town is located close to the Moldovan border. About 80 km south of Xmelnitsky, 100 or so south-west from Vinnitsa.

See also other photo at


I haven't seen this guy's name mentioned in the main-stream press yet - or a clear photo in the press.
Anyway - this is what I have found.
And the photo - his clothes seem to match the guy in the video who threw the grenade.
Volunteer fighter for Sich - the Svoboda batallion - on holiday from the frontline.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:33 am; edited 1 time in total
Not a bad article on a difficult subject.
Many have questioned the timing of Svoboda’s intervention, noting that it plays into the hands of a Russian narrative that Ukrainian politics are excessively influenced by the far right.
Mr Yatsenyuk said the day’s events signalled the opening of a “second front” against Ukraine and called upon all political parties to denounce the protests.


Reports from Moscow correspondents in the Guardian and Telegraph.
The Independent is the only paper with an article from somebody actually in Kiev. And it seems by far the best written to me.

Article also includes comments from the Rada debate -
"We have to support the international 'anti-Putin' coalition," said Yury Lutsenko of the Poroshenko bloc, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
But opponents of the bill said it played into Russia's hands and would lead ultimately to Ukraine losing control over the Donbass — the name given to the industrialized east, swathes of which are controlled by separatists now.
"We believe that these anti-Ukrainian changes to the Constitution … are a road to realization of Putin's plan for destroying Ukraine," said Radical party leader Oleh Lyashko.
"This is not the road to peace but to decentralization. This is a diametrically opposed process which forces us to lose territory," said Tymoshenko.

Against - Liashko, Tymoshenko, Samopomich - and also Svoboda, Pravi Sector.

25 years od Debrin Igor was born in Kherson. This year in April, he was drafted into the ranks of the National Guard.
The first day of autumn will bring Ukrainians heat: in the capital to +36 degrees (MFN)
Киевской и Житомирской областях +35...+37 градусов...Kiev and Zhitomir oblast
Температура воздуха ночью +12...+19 градусов, днем +27...+32 градуса, в Винницкой и Черкасской областях +35...+37 градусов. Vinnitsa and Cherkasy oblast
Advisor to the President of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs, MP Olga Bogomolets said that as of 23:00 in hospitals is 131 injured after riots in the Parliament, seven of them will be diagnosed as serious.
This Bogomolets Olga wrote on his page in Facebook. "In the military hospital - 25 wounded, two heavy stable of penetrating fragmentation wounds to the lungs. The hospital MIA - 55 injured, one serious, unstable. The 17 hospitals - 44 injured, one of penetrating shrapnel wound to the heart killed. In the Alexander hospital - 7 wounded one of them with severe unstable penetrating shrapnel wound to the brain, "- said in a statement.
Mostly small arms. One grenade incident.
During a search of the detainee a 21 year old volunteer soldier battalion  "Sich", which on August 31 near the parliament threw a grenade at police officers in a backpack found another grenade

Sich - a special batallion formed by Svoboda.
In the video still the bag looks shiny. But if you play the video, it looks very similar to the one in the other video.
Also - the ring from a grenade.... It looks like they got the right guy. He's even still wearing very similar dark clothes.
A lot of circumstantial evidence. Overwhelming, I would say.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:08 am; edited 4 times in total
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