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News -
Good news; reading of only 6 attacks by Putin's forces yesterday. The lowest figure I can remember.
I think it was 9 yesterday. I hope there were no casualties.
Update - 0 deaths, 1 injured
Bad news - today, report of vehicle hittling mine. 2 dead civilians. 6 soldiers injured.

As one would expect, Tiagnibok on the tv last night, waxing lyrical. 112 kanal.
It seems to me he has a fixation on Avakov. Svoboda even produced a "close colleague" of the guy who threw the grenade, saying that he was in the process of signing papers to work with Avakov in the Secret Service. Do you believe that? Avakov gets him to sign papers, and tells him to throw grenades at the National Guard?
Svoboda also said the guy was not a member of Svoboda... yeah? A lot of dirty games... look at the guy on the right - familiar? See further below..

Weather -
Warm again today. Yesterday got to about 35 where I am. Say 33 today. We'll see. But nearer 40 further south.

Smoke -
Around Kiev for a hundred miles - quite a strong smell of burning, smoke. Peat fires, I assume.
So you can't open the windows, but the temperature is 30 odd in the apartment. Dilemna.

Rada games -
as expected, Liashko blew hot at the Rada this morning.
He announced that his party are leaving the coalition.
He also called for a referendum. The speaker said that, as there was no special status for Donbass in the constitutional changes, there would be no referendum.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, on the basis of their psycho, did not agree to leave the Donbass in exchange for easing of sanctions and pressure on him. At the same time, he sought contact with the US President Barack Obama, dreaming about the redistribution of spheres of influence in the world with the West.

This opinion was expressed Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky, reports "Apostrophe".

"Putin is on his psycho is not a man that external pressure will be humiliating for him to take the decision. Rather, it would be counterproductive to do the steps, but not those who humiliate him," - said the expert.

He also noted that Putin seeks to agree on the Ukrainian question in the first place with the United States.

"It is with them Putin is seeking agreement on this issue. It is most annoying that Barack Obama does not go with him to contact. It will try to establish the contact in New York (during a visit to New York for the UN General Assembly - Ed .) ... Putin is seeking to return to the Yalta-Potsdam world. That is, he dreams of the agreements with the United States and the European Union on the division of spheres of influence "- said Belkovsky.

"Naturally, it's impossible. But Putin thinks otherwise," - he added.

As reported by the "Observer", formerly known Russian musician and the leader of the group "Leningrad" Sergey Cords said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has radically changed the direction of the country, moving Russia into a deep abyss. In Russian
In Dnepropetrovsk, in a house on the Frunze bw tragic incident occurred: a fifth grader jumped out of the window on the 8th floor. Reported

One of the residents bw Frunze told about what pattern was observed on the way home from work, "On the pavement lay the child. I came closer, he tried to listen to the heartbeat or pulse. But it was too late: the boy was bloodied, and no signs of life. "

It also became known that the child came home from school in a very poor, depressed mood: before the incident he was an incident with the teacher, which closed it in the office and "proofread" for as yet unknown reason.

Fifth graders was at home with his grandmother, who is ill and can not always control it.

Upset child climbed out the window, and then an unknown way he was able to climb on the air conditioner from which he sprang. In Russian
Many companies have rebranded with more patriotic or European-style products and branding

The following article is a Ukraine Today translation of a story published by the Novoye Vremya magazine, written by Andriy Yukhimenko

Russian companies in Ukraine suffer billions of dollars in losses from consumer disapproval, forcing them to hide product origins behind plaques of international firms

Recently, a girl changed her dress right on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarket retailers. The girl was not real - it was an image drawn on labels of bottles of kvass Arsenyevsky (a rye bread drink). The girl used to wear a Russian traditional headdress and sarafan (a sundress). Now, she has donned a Ukrainian wreath, embroidered shirt and skirt. The Russian authorities, occupying part of Ukraine, prompted the Ukrainian company Ukrprodukt, which bought the brand developed in Russia, to perform such a restyling. The image of the aggressor country spoils the drink's taste.

Distancing from all that is Russian is today's trend in the Ukrainian market - from supermarket goods to gas stations and the banking sector. Even the Ukrainian ‘branches' of Russian companies have to follow this tendency, concealing the Russian origin of products.

"In the times of aggression, banks, networks and producers were faced with a threat of losing their main asset - reputational capital. They had to spend money on rebranding ", says Valentyn Korolko, head of the PR, psychology and the pedagogy department at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Some change labels and others have to sacrifice even more just to remain on the market.

Crouching VTB, hidden Lukoil...............

Recommend to read further go to this link:
A formal decision over a six-month extension of the sanctions approved on Wednesday by the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER), concerning the freezing of the bank accounts and EU travel bans for Russians and eastern Ukrainian representatives, will be made by the Council of the European Union by September 15, after the necessary documentation is prepared, a European diplomatic source told Interfax.

Currently, the list includes 150 individuals and 37 companies, he said.

At this stage it is not possible to confirm the final figures that will be revealed after the restrictive measures are extended, i.e. after the formal decision is made, the source said...................
Australia will do its utmost to assist Ukraine "to overcome Russian aggression."

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Australia to Ukraine Doug Trappett said this at a meeting with Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov, the press service of the National Security Council reports.
The Russian Prosecutor asks sentenced to eight years in prison alleged member of the banned organization in the Russian Federation "Right Sector" Alexander Razumov, accused of being mercenaries.

The prosecutor told the court that the defendant correction is possible only in isolation from society, and that the person involved should serve his sentence in a penal colony, reports "Interfax".

In turn, the defendant stated that in no way to blame.

The court retired to the deliberation room, the verdict will be pronounced on September 7.

August 26 Razumov jury found guilty of being mercenaries and inciting hatred and enmity. They concluded that the defendant was trained in "the right sector" in Ukraine, and on his return to Russia previously offered to him familiar to citizens of Russia, who were law enforcement officers, to join the ranks of the organization.

The jury also agreed that the defendant has posted on his page on the Internet thousands of images and recordings hate speech.

The defendant was charged under article 282 of the Criminal Code (incitement of hatred or enmity) and 359 of the Criminal Code (mercenary). In Russian
National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov met with the US delegation headed by Senator Jack Reed.

During the meeting, the sides discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine, as well as involvement of Russian troops in the conflict, Censor.NET reports citing the NSDC press service.

"It is important not to ease the pressure on the Russian Federation, and to continue it until its complete withdrawal from the occupied territory of the Donbas and Crimea," Turchynov said.

The NSDC secretary stated that after Russia had failed to break through Ukraine's defense lines in the East, "they focused on attempts to blow up the situation in Ukraine from the inside." "Russia provides both informational and other support to various radical organizations to destabilize the situation in Ukraine," he said, adding that the Ukrainian security services monitor social media in terms of information coming from Russian IP-addresses, disguised as representatives of radical forces and Ukrainian military calling to overthrow the government.

According to Oleksandr Turchynov, despite hard times faced by the country, reforms are in full swing now, "including security and defense sector."

The NSDC Secretary also thanked the United States for close cooperation in reforming Ukraine's defense and security: "The only problem is not solved - military-technical cooperation and lifting ban from lethal weapons supplies to Ukraine."

In his turn, Jack Reed said that he was impressed by qualification of Ukrainian military, which he could witness during the maritime exercise Sea Breeze-2015 underway in Odessa.

He claims that the United States are interested in further cooperation with Ukraine in order to help it defend its way and civilizational choice. In Russian
Moscow planned to start a major offensive in Donbas on Aug. 14-15 but scrapped the plan, Pavel Fengelgauer, a Russian military expert told Apostrof Sept. 2.

“The offensive may be suspended or scrapped at all,” the expert says.

“Rebel troops in Donbas republics are commanded by Russian officers. The troops will do what they are told to do from Moscow. It is premature to say what the Kremlyn is going to do in Donbas,” Felgengauer says.
Nooooooooo.. I hate that show. They should re-name it, the Yulia Tymoshenko Show.
He has Tymoshenko on almost every day. He is in love with Tymoshenko.
I used to watch some good films on 1+1. Well - no longer. Another channel I won't be watching.
Apparently on Friday at 20.10. mmmm.
European footie. Germany v Poland, 19.45 yeah... )
incidentally, Ukraine v Belarus on Saturday, 19.00. In Lviv.
More missiles, grenades, ammunition, or will Putin send some real humanitarian aid to Donbass? Don't hold your breathe.
Who is left in the Donbass? A few old babushkas pining for the return of Stalin, and the poor who simply can't afford to leave.
Plus, of course, Shaun Walker's beloved "DNR guys", known to the civilised world as terrorists.
good. I was thinking Greece, Cyprus, Austria perhaps might oppose this.
lots of Russian money and corruption in these countries.
Lots of ex-Yanukovich ministers- murderers in Austria, with big fat mansions.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko urges "the nations of the free world" to stand together against Russian aggression in Ukraine, according to the appeal of the President in connection with the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II, published on presidential website on Wednesday.

"Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II and honoring the memory of tens of millions of its victims, we appeal to all the peoples of the free world to strongly present a united front against the Russian aggressor, who started an undeclared "hybrid" war against sovereign Ukraine," the report says.

According to Poroshenko, the Russian Federation is now destroying the system of European and global security by cynically trampling international law, having annexed Crimea, and heating up an armed conflict in Donbas. Russian aggression is a threat not only for Ukraine but for the whole civilized world, its security and stability.

"The bloody lessons of the World War II should not be in vain. Only joint efforts can stop the aggressor, as it was 70 years ago," he said......................

To read further go to this link:
Two children in southwestern Ukraine have been paralyzed by polio, the first outbreak of the disease in Europe since 2010, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, in a setback for a global eradication campaign.
The outbreak occurred because only half of Ukrainian children are immunized against polio,

Again, surely the EU can help on this. A very very simply vaccination.
But the Ukraine health system is cash starved, and swamped by victims of the war with Russia.
Washington has introduced new sanctions against five companies from Russia. All of them are a part of the military-industrial complex.

The official US Federal Register reports.

The sanctions have hit Instrument Building Design Bureau JSC located in Tula, Katod company, NPO Machine Building corporation, Rosoboronexport JSC and MiG aircraft manufacturing corporation.

It is also expected that the Department of Commerce will publish a clarification today as to latest imposed sanctions against Russia, which were introduced last July.
The Petro Poroshenko Bloc Rada MPs condemn any fights, including those broadcast live on TV, but they believe that the Radical Party is currently seeking any information events to escape responsibility for the deadly events that occurred outside the Rada on Monday, 31 August.

First deputy BPP faction leader Ihor Kononenko has commented on the fight which took place live on the air at News One TV channel between the legislator from BPP faction Oleh Barna and Radical party's Yuri Chyzhmar last Tuesday, Ukrinform reports.
If it is real – and holds – a ceasefire could be valuable for both sides in the conflict

Responding to news reports suggesting that the ceasefire is finally taking hold, Nomura International’s top emerging market economist Timothy Ash offered the following comments at 09:34 today:

Good news for Ukraine, and likely Russia, in the short term at least, with the September 1, new school year ceasefire holding for the time being.

I think what we are seeing at the moment is Russia backing off from intervention in Ukraine, to see how the domestic political dust settles around this effort towards constitutional reform with respect to decentralization. As I noted yesterday, it will be difficult for Poroshenko to get a 300+ constitutional majority at this stage in the final reading of the bill, and this might see more substantive political changes on the domestic front – Putin, presumably hopes, to his favor, with inclusion of the Opposition Party in some form of grand coalition. I think in reality we are a long, long way from that, but what matters is how Moscow thinks this plays out and how it adjusts its intervention strategy in Ukraine in the short term. A ceasefire-sticking also likely plays better to Russia’s friends in Europe, allowing them to push for an easing of pressure on Russia on the sanctions front...............

To read further go to this link:

So - how long before some of these start appearing on slando - ebay for sale?
I remember with some computers the EU gave the military i saw some for sale in less than a week!!
Such is the level of corruption in Ukraine.
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said the United States are committed to supporting Ukraine and consider Russia's annexation of Crimea illegal.

As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, he announced this at a briefing in Odessa after launching the international maritime exercise Sea Breeze-2015.

According to Pyatt, Odessa is a cosmopolitan and global city, center of reforms and modernization of the Ukrainian state, as well as a temporary home of the Ukrainian Navy. "I want to underline Odessa is a temporary home of the Ukrainian Navy - because the United States does not, and will not, recognize Russia's invasion and illegal annexation of Crimea. We are deeply committed to standing by the Ukrainian people at this time of testing, " Pyatt said.

In this context he expressed appreciation to the United States Sixth Fleet commander James Foggo and all 300 sailors of the USS Donald Cook for coming to Odessa in order to build operational partnership with the Ukrainian Navy.

The ambassador noted that almost a year an a half ago he was on board the Ukrainian flagman Hetman Sahaidachnyi, where the current exercise was talked over. According to Pyatt, he is profoundly impressed by the steps that Ukraine made in that time to strengthen its capacity to defend its own sovereign territory. "It's an important message to the Ukrainian people that this exercise involves not just the United States and Ukraine, but eleven regional and NATO partners. Ukraine is not alone. We recognize that you are defending your own sovereign territory against a relentless aggressor. And we are confident that through your progress and reform and through the courage and tenacity of the Ukrainian people you will prevail," the ambassador said. In Russian
The modernization of Ukraine’s flagship, Hetman Sahajdachny, was discussed by Premier Yatseniuk, Defense Minister Poltorak and US 6th Fleet Commander Adm. James Foggo, DM website reports Sept. 1.

The United States will provide new technical equipment for the warship.

It will be the warship’s second modernization by the United States, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.
Word is that Odessite got the Yanks drunk on the local gorilka, and then the Ukrainians took over the boat...
yes - that is a joke Very Happy
on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:39 amAdmin
The project took two months to be completed, Mayak Co. technical director Valery Synitsyn says, Presa Ukrayiny reports Sept. 2.

The new mortar is based on the Soviet model, but it is lighter and its barrel is more durable.

The mortar, named Hammer, has been tested in the Chernihiv firing range and will replace the 50-year old Soviet mode. l

This year the manufacturer will supply 50 mortars, with 300-400 to follow in 2016. It's an all Ukrainian creation and there are no imported parts in it, Synitsyn says.
Consideration of the draft of amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization is tentatively scheduled to take place in December.
I thought, according to Minsk, they had to do this before the end of the year... I suppose December is before the end of the year.
But - if the vote is not passed?!
More negotiations I presume.
Two people have been killed and six wounded in an ambush on a Ukrainian army vehicle near the rebel-held city of Luhansk, officials in Kiev say.
It was the first major incident since a renewed truce between the army and pro-Russian rebels came into effect on Tuesday.
A spokesman said the vehicle had hit a mine and come under sniper fire.
Also 3 drones from Putin's forces.
Генштаб показав, як за рік зміцнились сили АТО
Thus, ATO forces personnel for the year increased from 32 to 73 thousand troops. Number brigades (regiments) involved in the ATO, has grown from 8 to 25, and battalions (divisions) from 50 to 150.
Significantly increased the amount of military equipment and forces ATU:
tanks - from 210 to 360;
armored vehicles - from 900 to 1400;
multiple launch rocket systems - from 80 to 230;
artillery and mortars of a caliber over 100 mm - from 450 to 800.

Reducing the price of alcohol in Donetsk, the locals explain the fact that, apparently, the family Zakharchenko to some extent controls the vodka business, as well as the high demand for the product. Well, when people have to drink, they are less interested in, to put it mildly, the policy ...

Not even remotely making an excuse for the guy who threw the grenade at servicemen. Svoboda and Radical party demo. Svoboda supporter, and batallion member.
The people who came along with Tiagnibok with sticks, spray cans, gas grenades, and deadly grenades - they knew what they were planning, and doing. Premeditated.

But there are hundreds and hundreds of soldiers returning from the front line who have seen things you and I would never want to see, and could never imagine seeing.
I have a neighbour who worked in the old KGB. Son in the SBU today. East. Horrible horrible stories of bodies blown apart. I won't go into details.. The initial reaction is to try and stick them back together again.. horrible stories...  And he said that there are people simply out of their minds, deranged by what they have seen and experienced.
This problem needs to be addressed. It is in part - there are places - sanatoriums - for these people. But maybe the EU and the US can help on this.
Story posted further up, but I love the headline.
"Самопоміч" залишається в коаліції, проте є "але"
"але" - if you listen to Ukrainian politicians ramble, they are always saying "але".... but.... but.... but....
I reported on this a couple of days' ago, but here it is in English. O'Reilly is a friend of Shaun Walker, but we shouldn't hold that against him.
Good of him to mention Sentsov.

Looks like the guy who threw the grenade to me. On the right. Igor Humeniuk.
But Svoboda have said that he is not a member of Svoboda.

"Don't betray Maidan. Don't betray the people".
Best translation I can offer - Kamynets-Podilsk - where the guy came from. Local poster.
Original here

Here he is in less salubrious surroundings

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Soldiers riot over the terms of a peace deal, and the post-Maidan government may crack apart...
Poroshenko insisted that the vote did not herald the end of the coalition.. Lutsenko, ... was less sanguine: "The coalition will live, the question is whether it will work." By Tuesday, ... Lyashko's populist Radical Party, ... announced its exit. ...
Local elections set for late October have precipitated a rise of radical populism. The three junior coalition members are seen as trying to distance themselves from Mr Poroshenko and ..Yatsenyuk, .. Yatsenyuk's party, which placed first ..last year.., now polls below the 5% threshold .... Ukrainian politicians have rarely acted responsibly in the past; .... But doing so while under attack from Russia puts the Ukrainian state at existential risk.

Worth reading the article. Not sure on the author. Looks good to me. Objective.

Last edited by Nelson on Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:55 am; edited 1 time in total
Will Liashko and Tiagnibok try to attend? I hope not, for the families' sake.
This could explain the mega-smoky smell this morning - again - in the air for maybe 100 miles around the capital.
But I think there are also peat fires, and maybe others also. Very dry, and very hot. The fire in the post above in the Ivankov area. I'd guess 50 km from Kiev.
The representatives of the terrorist organization "Luhansk People's Republic" declared their readiness to engage in dialogue with Kiev on the local elections.
This is the new problem. Will they be Shaun Walker-Putin style elections, or free elections?
The adoption of the preliminary decision is expected at the meeting of 2 September official representatives of the European Union, and in mid-September this decision be approved at ministerial level, informs Radio Liberty.

That must be a big reason why Putin has stopped the war on the front line.
Maybe the Russian economy is hurting more than he is making out.
Putin will want to split the EU. He wants to destroy everything. That is the nature of the man.
"After a long discussion fraction Samopomіch decided to work while in the composition of the parliamentary coalition. Working as a coalition has not exhausted its possibilities, to work, to not roll down to the usurpation of power. But there must be a review of relations between the members of the coalition with the aim to be real partners, "- said the People's Deputy Roman Semenuha on his page on Facebook, informs
"We must finally return to the implementation of the coalition agreement. Otherwise, the coalition does not make sense "- said Semenuha.

Samopomich have quite often failed to vote with the coalition, or been split.
I still don't see how the Minsk agreement can be implemented if there aren't 300 votes in the Rada in favor.
The leader of the "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnibok and other party leaders may be held accountable for complicity in the murder of members of the National Guard, if it is proved that they incited the protesters under the building of the Verkhovna Rada on August 31 to the use of grenades. This was on his Facebook page wrote deputy of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, reports RBC-Ukraine.
I watched - twice - an interview with the parents and granddad of the lad who threw the grenade. They said he was an excellent student. He went to Maidan. And even then, all was fine. But when he joined Sich he changed completely.
KYIV. 2 September. UNN. In the area of ​​ATO yesterday almost completely kept silence mode. This UNN reports referring to the press center ATO.
"With 18 hours and once at midnight militants opened fire on positions of chaotic Ukrainian troops. Thus, about 23 hours, our stronghold in Crimea near the village that in the Luhansk region, the criminals opened fire with small arms," ​​- said in a statement.
Overall, during the September 1, illegal armed groups is 5 times violated the truce.
Recall the OSCE denied the information on the observance of the truce in the Donbas 1 September.
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