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Putin has already prepared for the escape boat (PHOTOS)

on Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:36 am
It is for this boat even prepared. During, keep your eyes peeled. This is the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" writes. And yet joined. I even have a special section on the blog, "Putin prepares to flee from Russia to escape," - then to beautifully express the public, "I said, I said."

Pops up somewhere in Argentina, of course, since so Hitler smacks of behavior. Attacked the Crimea, Ukraine races * erachivaet - purely Hitler. Oh, I just lope forecasts come true, if it is running on that same boat. But he is a fool, and it can float on this submarine in Omeriku in the UN. In Ovstraliyu same with ships traveling? Well, actually a fool. And then the smells and the boat trip there. Fool in the boat - right oil painting. Not counting the dogs. And who is this dog?

September 11 was built. Steep symbolic date for the review?

"August 11 derived from the dockside shops" Star "after renovation and modernization."

It will float on the boat whether in the United Nations, whether in Argentina flight, but eventually lost. He dyuzhe secret agent and spy. He escaped into the mystery as 2 finger otmanikyurit.

But most of all I delivered Losharik. "It is assumed that" Moscow "will be the carrier of nuclear deep-water station project" Halibut "and" Losharik. "Even he looks like a fake, well hz. There is a boat for real? Well, our hero is a blunt losharik.

Well very momentous event in the neighborhood of 25 September have Devyanostikova. Private, personal, everyone will notice. Maybe the truth to escape by boat, and Th. This is evidenced by the logic of Mercury in the 12th house, which is directly involved in the fateful event.

New sanctions have seen? Oleg Ponomarev wrote, I really did not see the evidence, but I believe. Localization of the effect of the sanctions in the area of ​​25 September 2015. Either their design in real life. Sanctions + flight. Yes! Oh, what a smell of escape, exile ... I have 70% of the judges astroklientov topic request !!! This is a clue. Yanukovych also escaped? And this escape. Due to similarity relations and kinship with the archetype of the flight. Devyanostikov can not afford the fate of his drugana Muammar Gaddafi. Such a fate, he stands out not perebdit. Due accented Libra. All weights passion however necessary aesthetics. Broken face a la Gaddafi - this is not aesthetically pleasing, it warps any representative of the sign of Libra. And there putlera azhno stellium. And putler knows exactly what it anyway chpoknut for sho he had done.

In any case, after the end of September you will be clearer, sho do with Russia. And I told you about the bulk, and I told you.

Historical parallels

Just as:
- 1914 was a jingoism and war dragged further (analogue krymnash 2014).
- In 1915 depletion (analogue-2015, inflation and the dollar).
- In 1916 an attempt to thin the issue of loans (analogue-2015 strangling small businesses high rent).
- In 1917, very wildness and stratification of society, revolutions, clashes (analogue-2017 struggle between the health authorities and the FSB mafia, "Navalny against crooks and thieves")
- In 1918, a civil war (the analog of the 2018 civil conflict of thieves and honest, lustration, 100-year-old rigidity expressed zschnachitelno more peacefully as peculiar 21st century).

And so on.

Russia falls at the feet of his ancestor Ukraine breathless and decapitated. One parent Russia - Ukraine. The other parent - Genghis Khan. Shoby dispute was not, Schaub was all clear. Parents swear, if you please her child (a bright future, garden) itself away. Archetypal story of parental dispute over the child. That's what I see. In Russian
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