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Putin is ready to deal with the West in order to avoid shame

on Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:50 am
Russian President Vladimir Putin has stepped up his public activity, in particular by arranging a photo shoot with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and talked with students. Why is the Russian leader, and how these actions are related to his attempt to improve relations with the West - an opinion Andrei Piontkovsky for "apostrophe".

Putin intends to remain president for life. Go anywhere he just does not want to. But it is likely that he will try to use as a Medvedev card in the game with the West. Such a deliberate demonstration of friendship and intimacy can be addressed only to the Western audience. It's not all sorted out, who is Mr. Medvedev, and even consider it a such a pro-Western liberals.

Putin is now frantically looking for a new way of peaceful coexistence with the West. Having, in fact, a serious setback for all the plans - the idea of the "Russian world", "New Russia" nuclear blackmail - he hopes to sign some kind of a new deal with the West on the most favorable terms, that all his actions did not look like a shameful defeat, Putin is vital to save face - save performance "Krymnash" and hold any position in the Donbass.

The Russian president understands that his latest idea - push "Lugandoniyu" (the occupied areas of Donbass - "apostrophe") into Ukraine, all these MotorYly and Givi sitting in parliament and Ukraine contains the area - also failed. So he traded with the West are desperately trying to use all his remaining cards.

Activation of friendship with Medvedev - is not the only one of its card. All agents in the West, Putin is now aggressively pushing the argument - we need Putin, he can help us in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, do not drive it into a corner, let's help him save face.

Just the other day there were sensational details of Israeli and other Middle East media that Putin is preparing a transfer of thousands of troops to support Assad (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a leading war - "apostrophe"), creates a base near Damascus, and the West is selling his participation in the joint fight against LIH. These messages are not yet officially confirmed, but such a turn is possible.

Two years ago, he has managed the trick with "chemical disarmament" hold Obama as a simpleton, and save Assad. Now he can try to sell Obama his military support Assad as Moscow's participation in the coalition against LIH. Let's see how events will develop further.

Activity Putin is now impossible not to notice, not only in the Russian piarnaya space, but also in the international arena. Now, for example, he went to China to celebrate the victory over Japan in World War II. But it's fair to say that the Japanese Communist Party of China and its army did not fight. They fought with the Kuomintang, the Chinese Government, which was the whole burden of the struggle against Japan. Actually, none of the world's major leaders on the Chinese ceremony and will not attend.

Loud statement is expected at the UN General Assembly, where Putin will travel (in September - "apostrophe") with its new plan of peaceful coexistence with the West. If the remaining time he will be able to foist Washington its military support to Assad's Kremlin as a major contribution to the common cause of combating terrorism, then this plan will gain some flesh and content.

The program maximum for Putin - to support Assad, and for it to make the West to abandon support for Ukraine. If he seriously count on it, then it really lives in a different reality as kantslerin Merkel said, or, as Boris Nemtsov, he just f *** smiling.

I think Putin's waiting for another serious failure of yet another disappointment. We learn about this in the next few days when new information comes from the Middle East. In Russian
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