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News -
Putin's forces attacked Ukrainian people 10 times yesterday.
Reporting 2 people dead - civilians - and 6 soldiers injured. Car hit mine in ambush. Reported here yesterday.
No further casualties yesterday I understand.

Weather -
A little light rain, on and off, but not enough to clear the air. But the forecast is for it to be cooler today - 27 perhaps. Better than the 35 of yesterday.

Smoke -
The strongest ever this morning. You simply can't open the windows.
Apparently a new forest fire in the Brovary area. About 20 km north of Kiev.
See more below.

Rada protest -
Understand police have closed off the main road outside the Rada due to a protest.

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President of Petro Poroshenko, opening a discussion of tax reform at the National Council of Reform, said that the introduction of tax innovations, it is important to prevent the reduction of social benefits, particularly pensions.

This was reported in the press service of the Head of State.

"Tax reform should not be done at the expense of pensioners and socially disadvantaged groups", - said Poroshenko.

The President noted that tax policy should stimulate economic growth. The result of the reform should be a tax system that is understandable to the taxpayer, easy to administer and is adapted to the requirements of the European Union. At the same time, the President noted that the payment of taxes should be an inevitable duty payer. In Russian
The measure that passed on September 3 says no one involved in the broadcast business can be from a country regarded by Ukraine as an aggressor. Earlier this year, the Ukrainian parliament declared Russia to be an aggressor state.

Ukraine has already banned Russian television channels from its cable systems.

The measure also calls for broadcast outlets to publish full information about their ownership structure on their websites and to provide this information to the national broadcasting council.......

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is outraged by the statements of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation.

Censor.NET reports citing comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the statement by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation of September 3, 2015.

Read more: Russia's Investigative Committee set to extend its "universal jurisdiction" to southeast of Ukr
The statement reads: "We are outraged by the statements of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation - they have nothing to do either with international law, reality or common sense. There is absolutely no basis for the exercise of jurisdiction by the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine, except prosecuting the crime of aggression committed by Russia against our country, and bringing the officials responsible for this crime to account.

"The only suspects in this investigation should be the highest political and military leadership of the Russian Federation who are responsible for deploying the Russian military to Ukraine, financing of terrorism, supplying arms and mercenaries - all of which has led to numerous victims among civilians, destruction and suffering of millions of Ukrainians." In Russian

They sound SO foolish, when they talk spew ignorant garbage like this. The Kremlin maggots continue to think that they can make calls for Ukraine. Well! They screwed the pooch, when they tried to enslave all Ukrainians and Ukrainians told them to take a hike.

I give credit to this administration for standing up to this group of criminals. Now Ukraine has to bend over backwards to clean the mess the Kremlin left behind. Kremlin should finally realized they lost Ukraine by treating it the way it did. The majority of Ukrainians don't want to have anything to do with them.

Get a life Kremlin and fix the major mess in your country, if your own people don't get rid of you first.
on Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:15 pmAdmin
Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Lubomyr Sabadosh said this during his visit to the United States, Voice of America reports.

According to him, the talks with the representatives of the American business allow to say that Ukraine and the US can work together to design a launch carrier, which will take people to the space station.
"There is an example of that, participation of the Ukrainian companies in design of the Antares launch rocket, which will deliver the necessary cargos to the space station, and then, perhaps, will delivery the crew," Sabadosh said.

In addition, the rocket could be designed without cooperation with Russia.
Russia's Foreign Ministry described the U.S. moves on September 2 as the latest in a series of "hostile actions" that entail "serious costs for international stability and, without a doubt, will strike back at U.S. interests like a boomerang."

"This reckless course is of growing concern even among U.S. allies," the ministry said. "Retaliatory measures, while not necessarily reciprocal, will follow from our side."

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also promised a response.

The United States added 29 people to its sanctions list in what is described as an effort to tighten restrictions previously imposed on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine.............
on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:09 amNelson
Selidovo. Not too far from Donetsk! west north west. 15 miles?

on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:20 amNelson
Found this photo on the internet.

Some info here about pollution levels.

Includes the following piece of advice - "Do not consume alcohol. Do not smoke."
I think that is impossible for 99% of Ukrainians.

Found this news report on youtube - pretty misty...

Saw other reports from Cherkasy, Bila Tserkva, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khelmnitski...
This smoke is covering an area - perhaps greater than England...
Or for Americans, Pennyslvania or Alabama. Canada - Newfoundland is about 110 sq km 

England 130k sq km. Alabama 135.
Kiev, Zhitomir, Vinnitsa oblasts about 30k each. Cherkassy, Khelnitsky each about 20... = 130...

Interesting on two counts.
1. Tass have managed to get a photo of Zacharchenko when he is sober, and
2. They write "Ukraine's Donetsk republic".
A slip of the tongue... or is Putin preparing to offload the wasteland called the Donbas on Ukraine?

Zakharchenko on a normal day -

Reportedly, the suspects were detained near the reception center volunteer assistance to fighters ATO, which is located on the ground floor of a multistory apartment house on the street Mayorov in the capital of Ukraine.
The press center of the SBU reported that during his detention, which was also attended by the Alpha special unit, resisted the attackers and managed to use a grenade RGD-5. In response, security forces used a service weapon, whereupon one of the men was wounded in the leg...
According to the agency, the organizer of the group - a native of the Sakhalin Region (Russian Federation) - together with accomplices, residents of Kiev and the region, planned to commit a terrorist attack in the capital.

Headline overdone? Blow up office on ATO volunteers.
Does this mark a new approach by Putin. Move the war to Kiev itself? Terrorism on the streets every day.
@Nelson wrote:13:48
It covers a fair chunk of Ukraine. Fires also in the Khemnitsky area. Borders Vinnitsa oblast.
I love this online translation -  Changes in weather conditions, the west wind, and high blood pressure significantly affect the environment Very Happy

Don't you just L-U-R-V-E google's brave attempts to translate! lol!
It covers a fair chunk of Ukraine. Fires also in the Khemnitsky area. Borders Vinnitsa oblast.
I love this online translation -  Changes in weather conditions, the west wind, and high blood pressure significantly affect the environment Very Happy
Kiev broke an all-time record for Sept. 1 when the temperatures reached 35.5 degrees Celsius (95.9 Fahrenheit). Rainfall in August was just 4 percent of the average, according to the local weather forecasters.
Health Ministry spokesman Svyatoslav Protas said air pollution in the Ukrainian capital on Thursday was twice to 18 times higher than the normal levels, depending on the neighborhood.

Not a very clever headline. The schools will be closed due to the pollution, not the heat - much cooler today. Maybe 27.
Note - this says "people". Refers to incident where a car hit a mine - ambush. Then shot at. Reported yesterday also.
No other wounded reported.
And add to that the record heat - and you get fires.
I would like to know if August was the hottest ever in Ukraine. But statistics are hard to come by.

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:44 am; edited 1 time in total
The document says about the last at the end of October 2014 meeting in Donetsk with participation Zakharchenko and Akhmetov. .. alleges they reached an agreement on the appointment of key ministerial posts and replacing people oligarch "deputies" so-called "People's Council", as well as the transfer of the coal industry of Donbass..
Blocked from Arsenalna metro right down the hill to Europaiska Plocha I would think.
What protest - it does not say. Maybe Svoboda and Liashko again marching to the Rada? I don't know.
Looked on tv. Found nothing. But the Rada is in session. But not doing much currently that I could tell.
Also saw a report on the fires. Some pine forests are black. They seem to be trying to contain the fires when they reach a road.
on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:49 amNelson

In Kiev, the excess air pollutants has predicted up to two weeks (Commander)

I hope it doesn't go on for 2 weeks. It is really bad now. And for hundreds of miles around.
Cherkassy to Vinnitsa is a long way!
“Putin is looking to reintegrate the occupied territories, but to have the leaders, or some representatives, enter into Ukraine’s Parliament, or at a minimum hold positions in local government,” Mr. Lozowy said. That way the Russian leader can make a case to Western governments to lift their damaging economic sanctions, he added.
The closely watched U.S. inventories data, which showed crude stockpiles rising by an unexpectedly large amount, quashed attempts by the oil price and ruble to recover.
After the data, international oil benchmark Brent fell 2.5 percent on the day to $48.3 per barrel.
"Oil is back on the downtrend, that's the main story for the ruble," said Tatiana Orlova, EM strategist at RBS in London.

America is by far the largest consumer of oil in the world.
But people in the industry suggest the damage to Ukraine’s gas hopes was partially self-inflicted. In July last year, struggling for budget revenues, the new government cranked up the subsoil use tax, or royalty, on gas production to a crippling 55 per cent for wells up to 5km deep, and 28 per cent for those that are deeper. Royalty rates internationally are typically in the teens.
Industry insiders say the increase was at best ill-conceived — and at worst a sign of the influence of vested interests and oligarchs attempting to position themselves for a redistribution of assets after political change. People close to the government say that, faced with conflict and economic slump, it had little choice.

Odessite!! Please... don't encourage him..
@Admin wrote:There was a big pot bust recently. Maybe they're trying to burn it up. Take a peak out the window and take a big woof of the smoke and tell me if you saw God.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Laughing Laughing Laughing  Nope. I just stood on the balcony - opened the window. Steady light rain for 10 minutes or so, but still very very smoky. I was hoping it would clean the air. Windows closed again. It's brigntening up. Not good. We need rain.
There was a big pot bust recently. Maybe they're trying to burn it up. Take a peak out the window and take a big woof of the smoke and tell me if you saw God.
Among the country's leadership, there is a political consensus that early elections to the Verkhovna Rada will be held in June 2016, but because of its inefficiencies current Rada may be dissolved before, said the radio station Voice of the Capital analyst Nikolai Spiridonov.
Who knows...
New elections have to be a card in Poroshenko's bag. But I will think he will wait and see what happens in the local elections.
KYIV. September 3. UNN. The city authorities recommended that schools suspend the educational process because of abnormal heat and smoke in the city. This UNN reported the press service of the KSCA.
"In connection with distribution in the territory of Kyiv products of burning fires that occurred in the 30-kilometer zone in the Kiev region, and because of the high air temperature commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies at the KSCA was decided to recommend to suspend training Process schools in the capital, "- said in a statement.
As reported in the KSCA, today, 3 September, schools will be shortened school day. Tomorrow, September 4, the learning process will be suspended altogether.
Currently, the city government is taking steps to reduce the content of harmful substances in the air.

Now - I've never seen that before. But the smoke is bad. And for people with respiratory problems it is serious.
Where I am it is actually quite dark now - it might rain. That would be super.
I just heard a big roll of thunder. ..
"There is only one goal, which is worthy of attention. And it is the cradle of Russian spirituality and a central element of the myth of the "Russian world" on the banks of the Dnieper - the city of Kiev with its churches. Sanctions, the collapse of the ruble and the economic collapse is nothing compared with the desire to capture the city, "-
"Without Ukraine, Russia will always remain only a fragment of the empire. With Ukraine again she will feel powerful, "- says the article.

Interesting writing from the German paper, Die Welt.
Saying that Putin doesn't need the Donbass industries, he doesn't need Sevastopol - he already had a long lease.
All part of his "empire" mythology.
As of 7 hours. September 3 rescuers are fighting the fire in the "Ivankiv forest" and "Klavdiyivskoho forest". This UNN reports referring to the press service DSNS.
I read elsewhere in the Brovary area also.

Kyiv again clouded with poisonous smoke (UNIAN)

Because of the smoke Kiev residents are advised to close windows and limit children walking on the street
Probable cause smoke in the capital could be a fire in the woods near Brovary. It burns 5 hectares of forest. Also in the Kiev region are burning peat. However, official information from DSNS not yet reported.
Generally, during yesterday's day terrorists 10 times violated the regime of silence.
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