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News -
Reading that Putin attacked 12 times yesterday.
Update -- 0 dead, 2 soldiers injured yesterday.
Pushilin - the new Putin mouthpiece in the occupied Donbass has said that peace will come soon.
Looks like some new approach by Putin, or perhaps Putin is now under pressure in the Kremlin as the Russian economy - and state - collapses.
But it could all be a bluff. Putin - nutcase.

Svoboda -
Word is that Svoboda have called their fighters to Kiev. Tiagnibok is going to address them on Tuesday.
He is already called the government "pro-Russian". So I would expect him to call for a new revolution and for himself to be appointed supreme ruler.
With Tiagnibok's supporters ready and willing to throw handgrenades and kill Ukrainian fighters, this is a dangerous situation.

Sakashvilli v Yatseniuk
Don't understand what Sakashvilli is doing. Attacking Yats. The main government figures should stay united.
Article in The Times - but you have to pay to read.

Weather -
Cold. 9C this morning. Really cold. In one week, from 35 to 9. A serious drop.
And similar all week. Perhaps a high of 15. Low of 8 or 9 each day forecast

Footie -
Scotland-Germany this evening could be interesting.
Ukraine play tomorrow, away in Slovakia. Very difficult game.
Likely that Ukraine will finish 3rd in their group - a playoff spot. A lottery.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Ukraine predicts new revolution, while among Ukrainian ruler there skirmish.

This online "Apostrophe" says Russian opposition Konstantin Borovoy.

"Ukraine has begun very important, but at the same time, dangerous processes. Mikhail Saakashvili criticized the government. And Putin, of course, wants to use the situation of relative instability. As evidenced by his recent statements," - said Borovoy.

According to experts, the Russian leader did not miss the opportunity to oligarchs because somehow influence the situation. "All that is happening now in Ukraine is very similar to what happened in Georgia. And there is no doubt that Putin and his team also tries to promote" Georgian scenario "in Ukraine, when Ivanishvili dismissed Saakashvili and his team of power" , - he explained.

"Implementation of this scenario is quite acceptable and Putin will try to exploit the situation natural political struggle, incompleteness reforms in Ukraine Poroshenko unsteady position," - says the politician.

According to the Russian opposition, Poroshenko long a person does not need the structures of the Interior Ministry or the KGB, army, namely the analyst. "Problems arise are the same as were in Georgia. Saakashvili experience you want to copy, and as soon as possible," - he concluded. In Ukrainian

In Kerch poured black paint is one of the billboards with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Reported Center for Investigative Journalism.

According to local residents, the incident occurred on the Day of the city of Kerch.

Spoiled picture on the same day replace employees of public utilities.

As reported by the "Observer", in the center of Simferopol employees utilities painted over graffiti depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin. In Russian
The Russian side has published the alleged interrogation of the Ukrainian military, the FSB detained on charges of illegally crossing the border. The video posted on his interrogation channel DNI militants loyal promoter Graham Phillips, report "Details".

In the video, three men explain his action. According to them, they just crossed the border to communicate with the Russian side on the occupied territory.

Detainees do not call their names or ranks. However, according to the author of the video - it's Ukrainian paratroopers.

Recall paratroopers on the border with the Crimea was abducted while bathing.

Then, the FSB admitted kidnapping commandos.

Later, the Ukrainian side has said it would not agree with the detention of servicemen 79th separate airmobile brigade on charges of alleged illegal border crossing. In Russian
The ceasefire in the east of Ukraine has been generally observed that inspires optimism in Berlin. This was announced on the radio station Bayerischen Rundfunk Bayern 2 authorized by the government of Germany for cooperation with Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Partnership Gernot Erler, said "Ukrinform".

"We are very pleased that now, at the third attempt the ceasefire was established. Anyway, we are receiving reports of a very individual violations of the truce, which gives us great hope, "- said Erler.

At the same time, referring to the meeting of experts of the EU, Ukraine and Russia on Monday in Brussels, the German MP said it is unlikely that the current ceasefire will lead to the lifting of sanctions.

Erler reiterated that "sanctions are not an end in itself", but did not attribute the success of the current cease-fire with the effective action of restrictive measures.

"It is difficult to assess whether the EU sanctions have led to the current ceasefire in eastern Ukraine", - he said and reminded that the complete abolition of it will be possible only when all of the items will be performed in Minsk agreements. In Russian
Russia does not give Ukraine the possibility of contact with the detainees in Crimea paratroopers. This was the TV channel «» said the adviser to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy tandem.

"We hope that Russia will fulfill its promise to return us to our children. The circumstances of their disappearance quite thoroughly investigated. We hope that in the near future from the occupied Crimea be returned to the boys. We will do everything to come back. We do not provide any contact from the temporarily occupied Crimea (with the kids). We just fix applications that make them so-called border guards, from the territory of Crimea, in fact, Russian citizens ", - he said.

According Tandita, Russia also did not put forward any conditions for the return of the military.

"The guys were not carrying weapons. They have not committed crimes against the citizens of Russia, and they can not be accused of anything, "- he said.

Earlier, the FSB announced the arrest on the border with the Crimea three Ukrainian soldiers who disappeared on September 5 morning, going for a swim. They were accused of illegally crossing the border, but promised to return to Ukraine. In Russian
Security Service of Ukraine initiated the State Treasury Service of Ukraine the temporary suspension of the costs of budgetary institutions and organizations that are not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities on the territory.

As the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine, in particular, the costs blocked the national natural park "Meotida" (Novoazovsk of Donetsk region), the financing of which took place contrary to the requirements of the Budget Code of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers decree "Some issues of financing of budgetary institutions, the implementation of social payments to the population and the provision of financial support to individual businesses and organizations Donetsk and Lugansk regions. "

The SBU also reported that initiated pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings under Part. 5, Art. 191 (misappropriation, embezzlement of property or seizure of them by abusing official position) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine In Russian

Not only is Russia hurting financially, but so are the terrorists in Donetsk and Lughansk. They're being squeezed as time goes on and the government won't let-up on them. The Kremlin is also tired of funding them, as we've seen in recent past. Terrorists have complained that they've been abandoned.

So IMO, Ukraine's playing their cards right. I review SBU reports on a daily basis. There are always reports of busts made, regarding funding and corruption.

Even if the west wants Ukraine to give in to Kremlin demands, Ukraine itself is going to fight their own fight. They're not going to be defeated because they're not getting the assistance they can use. It all comes down to, how much does Putin want to lose and if it's worth it. The atmosphere now seems its soon going to be up to Russians themselves. More and more reports daily on the negative sentiment towards the Kremlin. So let's see who's really going to take Putin out in the end.
The chances that Russia will not enter the food embargo against Ukraine since 2016, is not very high.

This was stated by Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev, reports RIA "Novosti"

"Hope we have, even though the work is hard. But we still hope that we can work together to reach the result that we expect. The odds are there, but not very big "- said Ulyukayev journalists, answering the question, what is the likelihood that Russia will not impose duties prodembargo and Ukraine to January 1, 2016.

The Russian minister also said that if in respect of Ukraine will put food embargo, the list of goods that fall into it, will coincide with the EU on basic positions. In Russian
on Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:25 pmNelson  1 minute ago
Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 44.26 -1.79 -3.89% OCT 15 12:59:58
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 47.63 -1.98 -3.99% OCT 15 13:30:00
It's the only thing that keeps Putin's war machine in check.
As you would expect, ruble falling. This at 1 minute ago
Rubles for one dollar / one euro / one pound
Inverse: 69.0814 77.1752 105.583

Getting close to 70 to a dollar again.
Economy of Russia
As of 2012 the oil-and-gas sector accounted for 16% of the GDP, 52% of federal budget revenues
So a fall in price from 50 to 45 - 10% would cut another 5% off the Russian budget. Or another few billion from the rapidly running out reserve fund.
Revised Ru budget based on an oil price of 50. Russian oil priced between WT and Brent.
I can't find the current price on Urals, but here from Sept 1 at
Prices for Urals // Brent // and WTI
September 1, 2015 47.83 49.56 45.41
Right on queue
Russian ruble continues to depreciate (LIGABusinessInform)
This was on the news at 1830 here - tv.
Probably Russia will charge them with murder, or terrorism or something stupid. With the help of Kiselev.
And then there will be a joke trial. The verdict has already probably been written by Putin's goons.
Meanwhile Kiselev gets mega-expensive lawyers in free Europe.
Why don't his lawyers act for those oppressed in Russia?? $$$$ Lawyers don't care about justice. They just love $$$$.
Never trust online translations... the last sentence, using google, translates as follows...

The Russian Federal Security Service said: "At the moment Ukrainian paratroopers feel good, express a wish as soon as possible to screw in Ukraine."
В российском ФСБ отмечают: "В настоящее время украинские десантники чувствуют себя хорошо, выражают желание как можно скорее ввернуться в Украину".

It should translate as.... "soon return to Ukraine". скорее ввернуться в Украину - mistake in the russian - ввернуться = вернуться
Ukrainian soldiers - idiots basically - swimming across to "meet the russian soldiers"...
"September 8, 2015 in the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior will hold questioning of the leader of the" Svoboda "Oleg Tyagnibok as a witness on the events of 31 August. The beginning - at 11:00," - said in a statement.
Here you see Tiagnibok - according to his own words - being "attacked by the police" and having to defend himself against the provocations of the police.
And there are no Russian troops in Ukraine... Lies and lies and lies....

Understand three dead to date, and one military clinically dead in hospital afterTiagnibok's demonstration.
Not to mentions scores of military injured and in hospital - including ATO heroes.
No apology by Tiagnibok. Pravi Sector leader Dmitri Yarosh called the violence "idiotism".
Distancing himself from Tiagnibok.
on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:21 pmNelson
Long long long article.
Looks like the Russians are fighting in Syria as well as in Donbass.
See also
The Russian Deployment To Syria Is About To Make Things Much Worse
15:06 (GMT)
[you have to scroll down to view the specific posting. time given]
On August 22, the Bosphorus Naval News website showed the Alligator-class Russian ship Nikolai Filchenkov, part of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, two days earlier passing through Istanbul’s famed waterway en route to an unknown location in the Mediterranean (hint, hint).
But what was remarkable about the Filchenkov was that military equipment was visible on deck—namely, Kamaz trucks and, judging by the tarpaulin outlines, at least four BTR infantry fighting vehicles. (This doesn’t include any matériel that might have been stored in the ship’s below-deck cargo hold.)
"Among the interested parties are Polish-based Kulczyk Investments, four U.S. companies, and there are Chinese, Moroccans, and about four European companies. This is not taking into account our "regional elites." If I were to count there will be more than ten interested parties. Of these about five or six are really 'alive'," he said.

Bilous said if the Verkhovna Rada adopts bill No. 2319a on September 18 the tender to sell Odesa port-side plant will be held in February 2016.
re the above post, I understand that their group no longer exists. Possible that they were executed by the Russians - an on-going process to replace the terrorists with Russian regular troops - and then the site was booby trapped.
On Sunday, the soldiers of 128 Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine found five separatist subversives who blew up on mines near the Siverskyi Donets River, in the territory controlled by the terrorist organization "LPR" in Stanytsia Luhanska region.

It was reported by the press service of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration.

Judging by the state of the bodies, they were killed about two weeks ago during a failed attempt to break through. The deceased were in camouflage uniform with automatic weapons, ammunition, but without documents.

One of the dead had a sleeve patch with Russian flag and with and another one of the Rapid Response Group “Bat”. One of the assault rifles had “LPR” markings and a silhouette of a bat.

These sleeve patches are used by a terrorist group, whose leader by the nickname “Batman” was killed during the struggle for power in “LPR” at the beginning of the year.

“Unfortunately, as a result of inspection of the dead separatists, one of the soldiers of 128 Brigade stepped on the trip wire and was wounded. He was taken to hospital and is given all the necessary treatment, “- said the head of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration George Tuka.

“It should be noted, that while the number of attacks decrease, still the danger of such subversive groups remains. These terrorists use their brothers in arms simply as cannon fodder, sending their sabotage and reconnaissance groups through minefields to make way for the other groups to come “- said Tuka.

Action brought on 22 May 2015 — Kiselev v Council
(Case T-262/15)
(2015/C 294/85)
Language of the case: English
The applicant claims that the Court should:

annul Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/432 of 13 March 2015 amending Decision 2014/145/CFSP concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/427 of 13 March 2015 implementing Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine insofar as it applies to the applicant;

order the defendant to pay the applicant’s costs.


This really is disgusting.
Kisilev has blood on his hands with his propagation of Russian lies - outright lies - about Ukraine. And stirring up hatred.
Pure Putin propaganda mouthpiece.
He should be arrested and charged as an accomplice to genocide.

This really really disgusts me. These murderers - that's what they are - don't care less about the deaths of 10,000 Ukrainian citizens, but their own rights... oh - let's go to court. Sick individuals.
I can't find his solicitor anywhere - represented by: T. Otty and B. Kennelly, Barristers, and J. Linneker, Solicitor

Possibly John Linneker. Dentons - London
One Fleet Place. London EC4M 7WS?? But not really his field.

T Otty QC. British barrister
B. Kennelly
Very very very expensive barristers.

Last edited by Nelson on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:01 pm; edited 4 times in total
- Cынок, ты там поосторожней в этом Донецке...
- Мама, я уже в Дамаске !

- Son, you be careful out there in Donetsk ...
- Mom, I'm already in Damascus!
Very strange. Very very strange....
Russian opposition leader allowed on Russian tv channel. Very strange. What is going on?
Admittedly not on Prime time. By 0900 in the morning most people have left for work.
Will he be the next to be shot?

On second thoughts - probably Putin "playing" with democracy. The Russian opposition have not been allowed to stand in most areas - "irregularities" in the paperwork.
So - this is just a token joke brush with democracy by Putin's regime.

Apparently went through a no-entry sign. But as a worker at the Lavra in Kiev he is actually allowed to.
But he should not simply drive off. Arrogance. Apparently this scumball priest has several luxury cars.
Close to the Yanukovich regime that killed hundreds at Maidan.
Russian Orthodox Church - supporters of Russian terrorism.

I recently walked near the Lavra - a week ago - but I refused to go in. I am not paying money to these terrorists in black cloth.
Within the framework of his visit to Kyiv, the NATO Secretary General will participate in the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine for the first time.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin announced this following his meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels on Monday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"I've just had a very informative meeting with the NATO Secretary General. We discussed his upcoming visit to Ukraine. It will be a landmark visit as the chief of the Alliance and the President of Ukraine will participate in the official opening ceremony of the military exercise. In addition, for the first time in the NATO's and Ukraine's history, the Secretary General will participate in the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine at the invitation of the President of Ukraine," Klimkin said.

According to the Minister, a number of documents, including military doctrine and strategic defense bulletin, will be signed at the meeting.
A leaked report said a 28-year-old businessman, Ilan Shor, was the main co-ordinator and beneficiary - but in an exclusive BBC interview he proclaimed his innocence. Much of the money passed through UK companies.
Another Maidan in Europe? ...
avatar  1 minute ago

rude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 45.25 -0.80 -1.74% OCT 15 10:42:33
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 48.77 -0.84 -1.69% OCT 15 10:42:33
Crude Oil (Tokyo)
JPY/kl 37,770.00 -260.00 -0.68% FEB 16 10:42:01
Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 2.66 +0.01 +0.19% OCT 15 10:41:59
Actually WTI and Brent very close in price. Sometimes they have been 10 dollars apart.
Ruble down again
Rubles for one dollar, euro, pound
68.8709 76.8715 105.168
[Replacing the old with people] completely controlled by [Russian] presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

Not clear why. Suggestion of proposed Budget for 2016. ?
I hope Poro does not dictate. A coalition needs input from all sides, and then agreement.
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg plan to sign an agreement on opening a NATO 'embassy' in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.
Klimkin wrote on Twitter after meeting with Stoltenberg in Brussels on Monday, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"Together with the secretary general we plan to sign an agreement in Kyiv on a new level of representation of the Alliance. In fact, this will be the embassy of NATO in Ukraine," he wrote.

He also noted that several other documents would be signed by the NATO Secretary General during his visit to Ukraine in September including a road-map for the Ukraine-NATO defense-technical cooperation and the one in the field of strategic communications aimed at fighting the Russian propaganda, Ukrinform reports.

"We also discussed the establishment of new trust funds and projects, in particular, in the field of mine clearance, strategic communications. We paid special attention to the support of the Ukrainian Navy and special designation forces as well," the Foreign Minister stated. In Russian
on Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:41 amNelson

At the moment a pop-up obituary appears on the link. One more gone. One step nearer freedom from Putin's tyranny for Europe.

Влад Плахотин / Vlad Plachotin
Killed brother. Vlad Plakhotin. Callsign - scaffold. ...
Last time he wrote to me in the spring, wanted to serve in the battalion "Vikings". But the circumstances were such that he found himself in the "tag" of Abkhazia. Vlad was born and raised in Slavyansk. The militia came in the early days of Russian spring, right after graduating from school.

Video discussion about the current situation in the Donbass, following the arrest of Purgin, and his replacement with a Putin Yes-man.
Sinon Ostrovsky and Oliver Carrol[l] talking in English.
They’ve zeroed in on the exact launch location, the BUK’s exact journey into and out of Ukraine, and even the likely culprits behind the tragic misfire—Russian soldiers of the 53rd Air Defense Brigade from Kursk. ....
.Meanwhile, in Russia, media coverage of the MH17 tragedy has been somewhat . . . different. ....
Shortly after MH17 crashed, an anchor for Russia’s LifeNews channel appeared on TV to announce that the separatists had successfully downed yet another Ukrainian An-26. (One was shot down just three days prior, on July 14.) She described the incident in detail, including the fact that the plane was hit by a missile and that it crashed near Torez, which was under separatist control. Her report was accompanied by video footage of black smoke rising from the site of the crash.Of course, it wasn’t long before the sad truth became clear. There was no An-26; the plane that fell near Torez was none other than MH17. Once that news got out, a curious thing happened: The same anchor, wearing the same blue outfit and what must have been the best poker face in the industry, came back on to say that MH17 could not have possibly been downed by separatists because they didn’t have the right weapons for the job—

the same separatists that minutes earlier took credit for downing the nonexistent An-26. We got to see the Orwellian “Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia” switcheroo happen in real time.....

Quite a long read.
The key word in the Russian news video - "another Ukrainian military... aircraft". Some Russian propaganda have tried to say the story was old and they were talking about the first. Not so. The word "another" would not be needed. In fact it would be very confusing. ]
I wish I shared his confidence.
50-50 I'd say.
If Liashko, Tymoshenko and the like thing they can gain political support by opposing this, then they will do it.
But, last I heard, about 80% of the Ukrainian population were in favor of passing this bill.
And if so... the coalition need a unified position if possible - Samopomich and Tymoshenko.
They have 3 months in which to work something out.
French President Francois Hollande has said that following recent ceasefire progress in Ukraine he hopes to see the end of sanctions against Russia....
EU sanctions and a subsequent Russian embargo have hurt many French and European companies.

And what about occupied Crimea?
Oh - we are supposed to forget that.... so the French scumballs can make money with their business deals with Russia.
French ulta-right wing MPs have already visited the Crimea. - the French fascist-Le Pen party and others.
Business first, morals second, for the French. As always. Just like the Greek scumballs.
0 dead.
Simply deport them to Russia. Save the tax payers some money. Rather than giving millions to lawyers.
I thought they were going to buy some gas from Russia, but this is looking less likely.
And Ukraine was Russia's largest market. Was...
As long as Zakharchenko gets his daily supply of vodka, then I am sure all is ok in Donetsk.
Read also of a Border Guard found with 3000 dollars in his car. Peanuts.
Let through a truck full of meat. Sell it for twice the price in Donetsk. Make some real money that way.
Also, of course, a new game, changing hryvnia into rubles. Another money making racket for the Putin bandits.
One thing is for sure -
the babushkas aren't out on the street singing "Rasseeeya" anymore.
Although pay them 50 hryvnia and they will join any protest ))
Some record highs. Last on Thursday, by 2 degrees! That's a lot to beat a record by! Hit 35.4C.
But now... 20 degrees lower!
Looks like argument between youngish men. 20s.
What is amazing - the family are scared stiff of the Russian KGB.
Initially they threaten to set the dogs on the reporter.
"We must call the KGB". Putin's climate of fear, even for the families of the soldiers.
Thousands protested in May after $1bn – equivalent to one eighth of the country’s budget – disappeared from three banks through mysterious loans. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank stopped lending to Moldova after the incident, and the return of the $1bn remains a key demand of the current protests.
Another Maidan?
@Nelson wrote:9:09

What is 17000, when you can make 1000000. A two percent tax? Joke.

Yes, a joke since it is 1.7% bounce Question
Good that this problem is finally being addressed.
Donetsk area, allowing contraband through. Absolute joke.
There are Border Guard personnel taking home a million hryvnia for a six-month spell at the border taking bribes for allowing contraband through.
But nothing is done. One little fine.
What is 17000, when you can make 1000000. A two percent tax? Joke.
on Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:00 amNelson
Legarde yesterday in KIev, with Poro

All smiles.
Interesting - she said that to have a woman finance minister, and a woman head of the Central bank is unique in the world.
Ukrainian roads are incredibly dangerous. But sadly little is done to improve road safety.
The police simply take bribes, and the manic speeders, or drunks simply continue on their way.
Alcoholism is a massive problem anyway in Ukraine.
I know many in the armed forces who drink all day their military bases. Keep a bottle in their lockers. Drink at lunchtime also.
In the supermarket yesterday my eye was caught by a special offer.
Staropramen - a nice Czech beer (but probably made in Ukraine) - 4 cans for 35 hryvnia.
Even with the increase in the price of alcohol it is still incredibly cheap. One bottle of the same beer was under 8 hryvnia. 30 cents. 25p.
But - the article. Yes - I have heard of many problems of soldiers returning and being violent, and many other problems in the family following their return.
Part of Putin's legacy for Ukraine, I'm afraid.
on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:31 amNelson
In WSJ. But you have to pay to view.
The headline says it all; this story was on the tv news here in Ukraine last night.
I understand she said that Ukraine needs to stick with the policies agreed.
But the Rada - with the infighting - anything can happen in Ukrainian politics.
Populism rules. Today is all. Thinking about tomorrow is of little importance.
on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:23 amNelson
At the end of yesterday's day situation in the area remained relatively calm ATO....
In general, over the past day pro-gang 12 times violated the truce.
And on September 7, and from midnight to 6 am shelling positions of power ATO was not.
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