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Changes in posting Ukraine-English-News on Twitter

on Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:21 pm
Today, I finally got fed-up with those that call themselves Ukrainian patriots. At the same time they cause division, but bashing the current government. When Ukraine needs the support of all, they want to split it up. And they call themselves patriots? They spread propaganda with NO facts to back it and just as it happens in Russia many fall for it. They don't understand the damage they're causing by talking trash. IF Ukraine goes down by this division or it causes a civil war, I'll blame each and every one of them that caused the division. And Putin will be leaning back in his chair and laughing at all those that caused Ukraine going down. They played right into his hand. He gets all the credit and his supporters will then love the hell out of him. Why? Because some Ukrainians are idiots that don't know what they're doing. They'll help Putin to succeed, then they'll blame everyone else but themselves. They'll also blame the US while they're at it, as some very popular so-called patriots that I've blocked recently love to do.

I'll still be posting individual articles regarding SBU accomplishments so I can rub it in the noses of those dividers. I'll also continue to post non-Ukraine news. When there are enough Ukraine articles posted in this forum, I'll post an overall update tweet so those in Twitter can read all the latest articles posted. I'll no longer be commenting on Ukraine in Twitter. I don't want to waste my time with those ignorant narrow-minded dumb-ass dividers that want to ruin Ukraine instead of supporting it.

As some might know, there are Twitter accounts that are tweeting as pro-Ukrainians but they aren't. They've been setup to infiltrate the true pro-Ukrainian circles. That's how the propaganda starts going around. The weak and vulnerable fall for it, while they sit back and laugh. Putin's propaganda at work.

I also have a Facebook and Google+ that I'll continue to post individual news articles as I've been doing for quite some time and have never posted any personal comments. I just post articles. If I want to comment on any specific article, I'll do it within the posted article in the forum. I don't want to waste my time on reading replies from losers that many times comment or reply just for argument's sake. Basically they have no life.

The number of followers doesn't make my world go round. So I'm not concerned if someone follows me or unfollows me. Posting news for me is not a job, it's a hobby I've had for around a decade. I love Ukraine and its people. I probably have more confidence in them than many do. There's NOBODY in Ukraine that can give a guarantee that they can do better than the current president. What other person in Ukraine has the experience of fighting the Kremlin in MANY ways, trying to correct a destroyed economy that was handed to him, that has succeeded with corruption more than Poroshenko's been confronted by ALL at the same time and completely succeeded? Who can GUARANTEE it? If there's so much love for Ukraine and its people, then show it, speak it, support it. If you want to waste others that TRULY love Ukraine and support it, get the hell away. Your kind can end-up ruining the country. Then I'll laugh in your face and tell you it's your fault.

This is my opinion. I really don't expect all to agree with me. At the same time, it won't make my day if you do or don't. If you don't like what I've just said, then don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Don't waste our time. If you want to dispute my words, bring it on and knock yourself out. Then block me. I'll laugh about it which your deserve.

And those who continue to divide on my Twitter timeline, you'll be blocked. No matter who you are.

Have a wonderful day.

Слава Україні і героя слава
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