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Harvest of Despair - The 1933 Ukrainian Holodomor Famine Genocide

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on Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:09 pmAdmin
After watching this for about the third time, I don't think I'll ever see in my lifetime a population of people with such strong hearts and such strong desire to live free lives as Ukrainians showed, in the film above.  
All in the west should learn a lesson of what it takes to go to battle against such imperialistic governments like there was in Ukraine back then.

All these young and old warriors had to fight with were rocks and sticks, against as you saw, rifles and grenades. Snipers picking them off. BUT! They stood strong and won an impossible battle. This is what I call true patriotism. Take heed! As the way things have been going lately, it can come to you. God Almighty is the power behind right against wrong, and these brave Ukrainian warriors proved it. Even priests brought the power with them among the warriors.  

I visited recently this area where this occurred. I hope this never happens again. All Ukrainians wanted was to rid the rule that Putin wanted for them that he's been practicing for years in Russia. And NOBODY was going to deny them.

If you haven't seen this film located above, please watch it. I recommend in full screen on a computer/laptop. You'll NEVER forget what the people went through for the love of their country and for the love of each other. IMO, Ukrainians are one of a kind, and they proved it in this film. Pray for them.

Glory Ukraine, Glory Hero's.
Слава Україні героя Слава
on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:19 amAdmin
Watch it on full screen

Eternal Memory: The Great Terror in Ukraine, narrated by Meryl Streep

Documentary: Ukraine's Holodomor suffering under Soviet ‘death by hunger' policy

Other vitally important videos above, on this page. Some very graphic as a warning.
Montefiore rightly emphasises that “technical advances intensified the challenges for a medieval autocracy”. Russia’s split personality dominates the story, threatening to tear the country apart: moderniser versus traditionalist, Slavophile versus westerniser, Asiatic versus European, Enlightenment rationalism versus mysticism and Germanic order versus Russian chaos. During the cold war, the British Ministry of Defence’s Soviet Studies Group even came up with an Esau-Jacob theory of Kremlin leadership. The smooth bald leaders were modernisers, while the hairy ones tended to be Slavophile reactionaries.

Inconsistency was the greatest weakness in a Russian ruler. “An effective tsar could be harsh, provided he was consistently harsh,” Montefiore writes. The credulous belief outside royal circles was that the “Little Father” was good. It was the evil nobles and courtiers who prevented him finding out about injustices. This notion was revived under communism. During the purges, Gulag prisoners were convinced that Stalin would release them as soon as he knew the truth about their arrest...................

To read further go to this link:

You can get a subscription to WSJ that will cost you $1 for one month trial, so you can get to this article above.

I do have a video in this section above, that will give you everything you want to know about Russian Tsars:

A HISTORY OF RUSSIA (TSARS AND REVOLUTIONS) You'll freak on how ruthless and brutal they were. Frome killing their own family members for power, to worse things. Highly recommend to watch it.

It'll show you what Putin wants and what he's repeated so far, from those years back.

on Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:52 pmAdmin
Above this post, you'll see the video regarding A HISTORY OF RUSSIA (TSARS AND REVOLUTIONS). A group of us in Twitter just emphasized Putin's childish ways. It is a fact that one of the czars did play like a child, stuck tongue out like a child, and other childish acts were shown in this video above.

You'll find this video an amazing example of how Putin's trying to repeat history. It's a 2:46 video, so put the time aside (without interruptions) and you'll see exactly what I've mentioned today. You won't want to interrupt viewing it, because you'll find it quite interesting how often the Kremlin tried to rule the world and constantly failed.

You'll find some very interesting info you didn't know.
on Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:35 pmAdmin
Very informative piece, to familiarize yourself with Russia from back in Kyivan times.

Make sure to schedule the time (2:46) to view it, without any interruptions, as every bit of info it reviews is very important to take in its entirety. If you need to step away, put it on pause. You'll want to see it again.

All you want to know about the Romanov's. You'll also see who killed Nicholas.

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on Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:23 pmAdmin
Stalin: Inside the Terror

A very good documentary on the life of Stalin.

on Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:04 pmAdmin
Every time I view this video above, I discover new facts and information I didn't know. Very important to focus on every word of this most excellent documentary about the old and current, IMO revitalized soviet union.

Before this video was created, I was in the middle of a research project regarding Ukrainian history. There was a group about five of us that would share each others gathered information and posted it in my original forum which has been closed. I did save the database and plan of hopefully inserting into this still being tested) forum.

I had a chance to sit with my now mother-in-law (passed away last year) and my wife to ask her some questions about Holodomor, as she was a survivor. She did lose some of her relatives from what Stalin did to Ukrainians. She would answer my questions in tears. There were things she told me of what people did to survive which is too disturbing to repeat in words. She was from the city of Cherkasy originally, then settle in Belgorod-Dnistrovsky. She told me of people dieing right on the streets. She also told me that, as time went on she saw less and less animals in the streets, like dogs and cats. There's much more she told me which would take some time, but according to this video, I think we all know and from what many know from their family members who lived in Ukraine during the period.

As this documentary states the west basically ignored what was going on, due to they were getting grain from Russia. So of course, for them to continue to get it, they'd keep their mouth shut. Even after Rossevelt, Churchill and Stalin were pictured meeting, Churchill never brought up to Stalin about the millions that have been killed in Ukraine and we all know why. Same with the US. Thanks to the propaganda by the likes of Walter Duranty.

As the video states near the end, a war crimes act was created by the UK to make these war crimes not a crime. So as it states, if any of the "known" war criminals that might still be alive, they can go to the UK and never be prosecuted. Wonder why?

During the video, we see MANY similarities on what Putin's currently doing. One I picked up was, many soviet soldiers had their ID removed so they wouldn't be known as soviet soldiers. It's the same thing they've been practicing currently in eastern Ukraine. Either burying them in unmarked graves or cremating them.

As grain was stolen from Ukraine so has factory machinery stolen from Ukraine during this current conflict and shipped back to Russia. Remember, Russia imported many products from eastern Ukraine. If they can't take it outright, they're going to steal it.

So there's no difference in my opinion from what Stalin did and what Putin's trying to duplicate now.

There's much more I can write on this subject, but I'll end it here. My best advise is, watch this video so you can spread what millions don't know and for the world to know what the Kremlin's all about. Not watching it and educating yourself is a big disservice to yourself. This video's not just about Ukraine, Russia and Germany. It is also about the west. Know more about the backgrounds of our country and how they also wrote history.

There's another video that includes mainly information on Stalin himself that I'll be posting soon. Perhaps it'll make it clearer on the similarities between him a Putin (the little many that's TRYING to be as big and dirty as Stalin).

Слава Україні
героя Слава
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