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G-7 countries will take further sanctions against Russia in the event of failure of the Minsk Agreement, - Klimkin
In the event of failure of the Minsk Agreement the international community will take action to further cuts in cooperation with Russia.

Of course, we all know the Minsk Agreement was a joke

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk expects the G7 summit after international pressure on Russia to comply with its Minsk agreements will be strengthened.

Militants are increasingly using heavy weapons in the area ATO - Speaker AP
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A couple of items from Ukrainska Pravda

Лисенко: За добу в зоні АТО загинув 1 боєць, 10 - поранені
Lisenko - in the past day 1 killed, 10 injured in the ATO zone

На Донбас з РФ готуються відправити 520 найманців з посиленою підготовкою
RF [Russia] preparing to send another 520 trained terrorists into the Donbass
[from a Russian source]
Russia to share its specified proposals on Ukraine-EU free trade by mid-June

Russia should provide its specified proposals regarding the implementation of the agreement on the establishment of a deep and comprehensive free trade area between Ukraine and the European Union by the middle of June 2015, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry's press service told UNIAN.

This was announced after tripartite expert consultations of the EU, Ukraine and Russia in Brussels on June 4-5, which were aimed at hammering out practical solutions to remove Russia's concerns in connection with the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

"The consultations have confirmed readiness to further work [to remove] technical obstacles to trade and customs cooperation with regard to Russia's specified proposals, which should be provided to Ukraine and the EU by the end of next week," the ministry said in a statement......................

Read further at link:

They'll only be looking out for their own special interest and to curtail ANY ability for Ukraine to prosper more than they can. They can't seem to get their own economy in order and would rather take steal Ukraine's abilities.

They shouldn't even be involved in negotiations with the EU. But as we know, the EU will receive intimidation from the Kremlin. Either do it our way or you'll suffer. Almost guaranteed the EU will as usual bow to the Kremlin's desires. Once a weakling always a weakling.
US Defence Minister: Sanctions are ineffective, we need stronger political and military measures

US Defence Minister Ashton Carter think that economic sanctions, imposed on Russia since March 2014, are ineffective. He believes new political and military countermeasures are necessary.

Carter underlined that the West has to change policy towards Russia, since economic sanctions have not stopped Russia and it continues to support terrorists in eatern Ukrainian region. He agreed that sanctions made some impact on Putin, but doubts whether economic measures will stop him from his plans..........

Read further at link:
bbc on the Gay Pride gathering in Kiev. Again, only praise for the work of the police.
In English


Ukraine police hurt at Kiev gay pride rally
Ukrainian lawmaker and journalist Serhiy Leshchenko wrote on Twitter that 25-30 "radicals" were arrested.
He also praised police for preventing "direct clashes" between gay activists and the radicals.
US Defense Secretary Carter: New Steps Needed To Counter Russian Aggression In Ukraine

The United States needs to take new steps to respond to the Ukraine conflict because economic sanctions and other Western actions have failed to get Russian President Vladimir Putin to reverse course, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said June 5.

Carter, speaking after conferring with U.S. diplomats and military officers in Stuttgart, Germany, said the Pentagon was concerned about "further things happening" after the worst upsurge in fighting in months broke out this week in eastern Ukraine.

Carter's warning comes after NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg accused Moscow of sending sophisticated new weapons to Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine, including artillery and anti-aircraft systems.

"What's clear is that sanctions are working on the Russian economy," causing considerable hardship for ordinary Russians and a deep recession this year, Carter told reporters on his plane back to Washington.

"What is not apparent is that that effect on his economy is deterring Putin from following the course that was evidenced in Crimea last year," when Moscow annexed the Ukrainian territory, he said.

"It's a sign of how heedless the Russian government seems to be about the long-term welfare of its own people that [the sanctions have] not yet resulted in a change, in a reversal...of course, which is what we want out of Russia," he said.

But it means NATO needs to rethink its strategy, Carter said.

"There are other things we need to be doing in recognition of the fact that...Putin does not seem to be reversing course."...............

Read further at link:
Canada to Train Ukrainian Police as Russia Conflict Worsens

(Updates with Harper comments in second paragraph.)

Canada will never accept the Russian occupation of Crimea or parts of eastern Ukraine, Harper said after meeting Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday in Kiev. Work continues between the countries on trade talks and visa restrictions.

“I’m proud to be here with you again to demonstrate our continued resolve in the face of the enormous challenge you and all Ukrainians are confronted with,” Harper said after earlier announcing the funding to help train Ukrainian police.

The conflict with Russia is “very high on Canada’s agenda” heading into the G7 summit in Germany, which begins Sunday, Harper said. He called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw all troops, equipment and support for separatists in Ukraine.

“Canada will not, and the world must not, turn a blind eye to the near-daily attacks that are killing and wounding Ukrainians here on their own soil, soldiers and civilians alike,” Harper said.

Poroshenko thanked Canada, and said he spoke Saturday with the leaders of the U.S., Japan and Germany.

“The support by Canada in this very difficult and decisive time is very important for every Ukrainian,” Poroshenko said. “The relentless violation of international norms will not stand without punishment.”

Trade Agreement

Poroshenko called on Canada to issue more visas to Ukrainians, and simplify the application process. Canadian officials who reject visa applications do so for “good reason” and talks between the countries’ officials on the issue would continue, Harper said. Talks between the countries on a free trade pact continue, and Harper said he hoped it would be completed “in the near future” with Canadian negotiators due to return to Ukraine on June 15...............

Read further at link:
Russia may be banned to vote in Security Council, Ukraine ambassador says

June 5, UN Security Council held its emergency session, following the demand by Ukraine in the wake of massive rebels attack on Marjinka and Avdijibka as well as blatant violation of the Minsk ceasefire agreements, TCH reported June 5.

The SC session was attended by the head of the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine. He told the members about what is going on in Donbas.

Against this background, the hopes of a peaceful settlement of the conflict have been seriously reduced, UN deputy secretary Geoffrey Feltman told SC members.

The highlight of the session came when Ukraine representative Yury Serheyev provided evidence of Russian army’s involvement in the war in Ukraine.

Serheyev accused Russia of being a party to the conflict. As such, Russia must be banned to vote in the SC.

On numerous occasions, Russia has used its vote to ban important SC resolutions. In Russian
Ukraine army captured Russian officer near Marjinka

Speaking in a live political talk show on ICTV late June 5, lawmaker and servicemen Boryslav Bereza praised the operation of Ukraine army near Marjinka.

“Thanks to our sources among the rebels we know that the enemy losses were 62 killed and 90 wounded, with 22 still missing,” Bereza said.

A Russian officer was captured during the enemy attack by 95th brigade servicemen. However, he was killed by a shell, Bereza said.

Following the mopping-up operation in Marjinka after the attack, Ukrainian army captured 12 separatists, its spokesman said. In Russian
20: 06 Donetsk vandals began to destroy the signs in Ukrainian (
[Putin's hate machine in overdrive.
Just like the nazis burning books. ]

20:23 ЛНР [LNR] separatists have arrested the ataman ' cossacks ' and have disarmed their gang (ЛIГАБiзнесIнформ)
Russia crosses line, Ukraine amb to UN charges

The massive June 3 attack on Marjinka that involved 1,000 rebels and 10 tanks has clearly shown that Moscow crossed the line drawn for it by the world community, Ukraine ambassador to the United Nations Yury Serheyev said addressing the Security Council emergency session June 5.

“The attack on Marjinka was the second major violation of the Minsk agreements since Debaltseve,” he said.

The attack had been carefully planned by Russia. “If the Russian/rebel troops had captured Marjinka it would have enabled them to impose an economic blockade of Mariupol, the diplomat said.

He reminded that the international community had earlier imposed a red line for Russia, warning of an immediate reaction if Moscow did so. “This is what happened near Marjinka. This is when Russia crossed the line,” the diplomat said.
АТО: Occupiers [Russians] with Grad missiles have fired at three settlements (ЛIГАБiзнесIнформ)

19: 48 Uk Representative at the UN accused Russia in a situation under Mar'ïnka (
The main enemy violates the Minsk Agreement, the situation in the zone of intense ATO - Press Centre (UNN)

Harper will speak about weapons for Ukraine at the summit of G7 (Ukrinform)
Canada is ready to impose new sanctions against Russia (Ukrinform)
[You are not going to get Greece saying the same thing!
The scumball Greeks are kissing Putin's butt, trying to avoid repaying the Germans 50 billion euros. Scum, and thieves.

19:11 Russia moving troops and equipment to the border with Ukraine; whole train fulls - Media (
I found this video on youtube

The police doing a good job

Here is a tv report in English, with photos.
Says 5 police injured.

The police presence was massive -

All police, but in different uniforms.
They didn't seem to mind me taking their photos, but one babushka got annoyed with me,
so I replied to her in English , and smiled... It always works )

In English

Anti-gay extremists violently break up gay pride march in Kyiv; several injured, many arrests

Frankly, in my opinion, the police did an excellent job.
I think the Pravi sector attacked the police. Stupid. Very stupid and primitive.

Two more photos. You see the massive police presence. Notice in the first photo the police under the trees by the river also.
Army type uniform. Riot gear.

You can see here how small the "parade" is... looks less than 100 people to me.
And surrounded by the police. The police, I repeat, did an excellent job of protecting the people taking part.

UEN Exclusive.
Admin told me to get up early today and go to the Gay Pride march in Kiev.
Frankly, I couldn't get near it.
And the location wasn't known until 0900. The march was scheduled to start at 11.00, but never really started.
It took place in Obolon. By the river side. Nice location. Expensive properties there.
Apparently some Pravi Sector thugs -- I can only describe them as such - arrived at Geroi Stalingrada street in Obolon, but when I headed away there were bus loads of police vans parked along there.
Apparently 200 people were in the parade, but it is hard to see. The first photo shows a few.
The police - out in .. I would say over 1000. In riot gear.

There was some provocation - as is to be expected. And a friend told me about some "Russian fascists" on the metro heading to it to cause trouble.
A few photos below.
But very little action to be honest. I saw the police rush to stop a group trying to disrupt things.
But the area was pretty much closed off.
According to the Kyiv post report below, there were some police injuries. One policeman seriously injured in the neck, somebody told me later by phone.
The Russian tv of course made a lot of it.

Three photos below.

Putin called himself happy and honest man

Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted he nothing regrets and considers himself a happy man. He said this in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera. "It would be absolutely frank with you, I can not play anything now. Perhaps the Lord built my life so that I am not sorry about that", - assured Putin.

The "Lord"? More likely to be the devil Lucifer!

Japan has promised to simplify the visa regime for Ukrainian - says Poroshenko

In the near future Ukraine and Japan will discuss in detail the issue of simplification of visa regime for Ukrainian citizens.

Good news for those with deep pockets! ???

Lots of reports provided by Radio Svoboda, some with videos:
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