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Report from Nelson.
I spent 4.5 hours yesterday walking around Mizhygoriya - Yanukovich's mad house near Kiev.
You have to see it to believe it. No photos could prepare me for this size of the estate, and the money spent on every aspect of it.
I'll try and post some photos in a day or two. I took 160 of them.
Today I'm planning to visit Maidan, see what is going on there. And then tomorrow I'll head back to my place outside Kiev. And then can write more.
Best wishes to all.
Militants released from captivity Ukrainian military Roman Marchenko, whom they captured during fighting near Marinka. Reported headquarters APU.

"From the captured militants were freed soldier Roman Marchenko, who was captured during the battle for Marinka June 4," - said in a statement.

At the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the official investigation is conducted, according to the circumstances that prompted the seizure of a military prisoner.

"Under the threat of being shot soldier he gave a press conference on the Russian channels of heavy battles for Marinka and" significant losses "our forces," - noted in the headquarters. In Russian
Interpol has refused to deal with the affairs of fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich and former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov in 2014 due to the unprofessional prepared hcp materials.
This was on the "Details of the week," said the former head of Interpol Kirill Kulikov.
"The plot any case, it sounds like this:" In a certain year Yanukovych came to power, created a criminal group that the country has implemented such and such, such and such actions. "Interpol is immediately regarded as an action associated with political causes and, therefore, refuse, "- he stressed.
The EU extended the freezing of assets Klyuyev, Tabachnik and Lukas
According to him, Yanukovych can be declared only in the search for criminal or economic offense.
"INTERPOL has no right to interfere in the affairs relating to politics, wanted criminals to commit criminal offenses. Anything: robbed, killed, does not pay child support. Anything other than that is related to politics," - he said. In Russian
Attempting to assault insurgents DNI and Russian mercenaries Marinka Donetsk region is a complete failure. This was stated to run with Donbass Russian terrorist Igor Girkin.

"I offer my apologies to the virtual. For this failure, he apparently was not involved. Gradually (based on what I have been told from the floor) a picture emerges of a failed attack on Marinka "- quoted Girkin one of the sites of the separatists.

According to him, yet for a full analysis of the situation it has insufficient data.

"But even for a complete layman it is clear that if the attack ended with the departure to their original positions with large losses of their own, and, on the other hand, no distracting nature she did not wear (ie, on another sector of the front was dealt a major blow), then this attack failed,"- said a suicide.

Girkin thus specified that the attack was carried out units so-called "Republican Guard". NVF East did not participate in it.

"My assessment of the attack as" failed ", it caused only a tactical result. By the way, with deep regret, but have to say that this did not surprised. "Military Construction" in the armed forces "New Russia" (at least, according to what I have reported from the field) to anything else could lead. On paper, there is a "army". Actually, what the hell ... ", - he said. In Russian
The Ministry of Defence of Germany rejected the possibility of aggression against the Russian Federation, NATO member countries. This was stated by head of the ministry, Ursula von der Lyayen in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

"Since we (NATO) are well prepared, that such aggression will not. At the same time - a paradox repellent ", - she said in answer to a question about the readiness of the Alliance for military aggression. "NATO - a powerful defense alliance with a strong political wing, because we are convinced that it is necessary to settle disputes at the negotiating table," - said Ursula von der Lyayen.

She noted that the security situation in Europe remains "tense" because of the events in the east of Ukraine.

"However, we are at the level of the European Union do everything in order to respond adequately to the political and economic means. We are in Europe so strongly dependent on each other, which can not be so easy to violate international law by military intervention, "- she said.

According to the Defense Minister of Germany, show the member countries of NATO, that "alliance partners are to each other" is intended, in particular, patrolling Baltic airspace. In Russian
Before opening the G7 summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama discussed the issue of sanctions against Russia and called for the preservation of the restrictive measures before the Minsk Agreement. This publication wrote on Twitter AFP.

"The leaders discussed the current situation in Ukraine and agreed that the duration of the sanctions must be directly related to the full implementation of the agreement in Minsk Russian conditions," - said in a statement.

Recall, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk said that the change in the sanctions regime against Russia can be only in the direction of strengthening the restrictive measures. In Russian
From early June to some employees Avdeevka coke plant came "agenda" of the so-called "recruiting office", "DNR". According to the network, the factory workers bring the militants in the "stock".

A similar situation is observed in the occupied Yenakiyevo, where terrorists ordered taxi services workers "to register in the military of the Republic." Also formed schedule "on duty", in which taxi drivers have their cars deliver military command "DNR."

Recall from February this year, "DNR" a wave of "voluntary" mobilization. Militants planned to call about 85 thousand people. In Russian
The Interior Ministry called the cause of the explosion boundary boats

The cause of the explosion boundary boats Mariupol coast guard detachment could be a bomb, most likely - naval mine. It is reported Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Donetsk region.

"At 16:00 we know that the explosion occurred near the Azov Shipyard (Primorsky district, pr.Lunina, 1). On board the boat were 7 soldiers, 6 of which are delivered to medical facilities Mariupol. Another person is considered missing. It was established that the commander is Coast Guard cutter. Currently, his whereabouts are established ", - the report says. In Russian
Russia sent Donbass echelon military equipment (VIDEO)

On Saturday, June 6, near the Ukrainian border has been seen a new echelon of military equipment of the Russian Federation.

Published video that train in Rostov-on-Don transports platforms manpower and artillery. The military convoy followed 18 ACS "Acacia", 1 wagon of ammunition, 4 car with personnel, 5 APCs 1 "UAZ", command and staff vehicles "Ural" and "Kamaz" with the trailer of "kung" and Various RSL and other complexes on the basis of tracked and wheeled. In Russian
On the Independence protesters came with tents (PHOTOS)

At the Independence Square in Kiev, about a hundred protesters demand that President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko public report on its work for the year.

According Gromadska , people came to the square with tents already, saying that they "can not hear", so they will wait for a meeting with the president right in the center of the capital. At the same time the report of the President to the Verkhovna Rada and the present press conference heard.

"All" titushki "should be punished, all these regionals have to sit for a long time. They have done so much harm to the people - you can not measure anything, and he - does nothing, "- said one of the requirements of the participants.

At the same time, activists do not require a change of the current government, however, want the president to "change."

The protesters have arrived representatives "Kiїvskoї varti" with a request to remove the tent. Now they are gone, but the presence of fear that the tent will come to remove the utility. In Russian
Putin advised to take seriously the statement "DNR" and "LC", that they are willing to be a part of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the statements of the militants, "DNR" and "LC" on readiness to "consider themselves as part of the Ukrainian state" should be taken seriously. He stated this in an interview with the Italian newspaper II Corriere della Sera, reports the Kremlin's website.

"The leaders of the breakaway republics have publicly stated that under certain conditions, meaning the execution of these agreements in Minsk, they are ready to consider themselves as part of the Ukrainian state ... I think that's the position should be taken as seriously as a good precondition for the start of serious negotiations ", - Putin said.

At the same time, he noted that Minsk considers the most correct understanding and to date the only right way to solve this problem. "And we never would have agreed to it if it had not considered it correct, fair and feasible", - Putin said.

In turn, the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the large-scale violation of the ceasefire in the Donbass "leaves less hope for the realization of the Minsk agreement." In Russian
The leaders of "LC" allowed to issue pensions and salaries in dollars

The leaders of the self-proclaimed "LC" in the face of so-called "Council of Ministers" were allowed to pay public sector wages, pensions and other social payments with the use of not only the Russian ruble and the US dollar at a fixed exchange rate of the hryvnia 1:25. It is reported by the separatist website LuganskInformTsentr.

"Council of Ministers" has made changes in its decision dated 19 March 2015, allowing the use of the US dollar in social payments and salaries of public sector employees.

Recall that in the "LC" implemented "Republican" exchange rate: 1 US dollar - 25 hryvnia. In Russian
Russia sends another Donbass "gumkonvoy"

Russia is preparing to send another truck convoys with so-called "humanitarian aid" to residents of Donbass. This is stated in the press service of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry.

"Today at 6 am from Noginsk rescue center EMERCOM of Russia in the Rostov region went trucks, which will deliver the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of humanitarian aid. The next column with humanitarian aid will be formed in the Rostov region in the Don rescue center EMERCOM of Russia, where trucks from Noginsk join machines from other regions of Russia ", - said in a statement.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations claim that a large part of the cargo - is food, medicines and other essentials.

Recall previous "gumkonvoy" Russian arrived in Ukraine on 25 May. In Russian
The militants smashed school Krasnogorovka (PHOTOS)

In early June, gunmen repeatedly fired on the outskirts of Donetsk, which are under the control of the ATO. In particular, the Maryinsky district of Donetsk region mortars, cannon and artillery and MLRS "Grad" the fire was the city Krasnogorovka.

As a result of shelling heavily damaged school №3. The network published photos of the devastation. In Russian
Summit G7: Cameron will try to convince partners to extend sanctions against Russia

British Prime Minister David Cameron at the summit opening today "Big Seven» (G7) in Germany will try to persuade partners to continue to present a united front against Russia. This was reported by the British media.

According to them, Cameron wants to convince partners in "seven" in the inadmissibility of easing economic pressure on Moscow after the expiry of the anti-Russian EU sanctions. The British prime minister is going to get from "Seven", "clear message" about the readiness to continue the economic pressure on the Russian Federation to the full implementation of the agreements Minsk.

"Cameron will try to present Russia as one of the most serious challenges to security and prosperity in the modern world," - says the agency Press Association. It recalls that for the extension of the sanctions regime, the consent of all 28 members of the EU, which will hold a summit in Brussels at the end of June.

Press Association in this regard the prospect of "possible surprises" from the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The agency does not rule out that Athens could "disrupt order" and to block the extension of the sanctions regime in defiance of the leadership of the leading countries of Europe, including the UK.

Validity of EU economic sanctions against key enterprise banking, oil and defense sectors, Russia expires in July. Before that time, EU member states can not agree on their extension, the sanctions regime will cease to operate automatically. In Russian

"TRY"? Should be a no-brainer for all to unite against this scourge.

If not more pressure is applied to the Kremlin, they'll extend the destruction of eastern Ukraine and who knows how further into the country, while the west just sits back and watches, hoping the dirty money they got from initially going to bed with the little punk doesn't deplete any further.
Rada propose to arrange the occupied Crimea A full blockade

Verkhovna Rada introduced a bill amending the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime of the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine", the result of which will be performed complete blockade of goods and toughened the uncontrollable movement of people and areas of Ukraine, Donetsk and settlements Lugansk regions, as well as in the annexed Crimea.

The initiator of the bill is Igor Lapin. The co-authors - another 13 people's deputies of the three factions of the coalition - the "People's Front", "Petro Poroshenko Block" and the Radical Party Lyashko.

The project is in its name implies "greater control over the movement of persons and goods (goods) through the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine." "In fact, we are talking about a complete cessation of the supply of goods (goods) to the occupied territories and from there, with the exception of humanitarian aid only under the supervision of specially delegated representatives of the OSCE and with the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies", - the author notes in ZN.UA .

Entry to the occupied territories and leaving them with the citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons will be "allowed only by special permission through the control points of entry and exit in the manner determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine."

In connection with the proposed changes in the law, some experts have given ZN.UA on this account their recommendations and observations. Olga SKRYPNIK, co-chairman of the Crimean Human Rights Commission considers that a clear plus in the project is only in the part of the cancellation of the law on SEZ, which in addition to corruption and discrimination has spawned as Ukrainian citizens on a territorial basis - Crimeans become non-residents, and the introduction of special permits only further break ties with the peninsula. Also, a human rights activist sees no mechanism for implementing rules on the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the Crimea under the auspices of international organizations.

Lawyer Sergei Zayats, an expert GO "Regional Centre for Human Rights", he said that the legal equalization of Crimea and Donbas looks justified, and fears that as a result of the capacity of Ukraine finally lose control of the situation in the Crimea, and its citizens will be deprived of even a weak one protection which still remains possible.

However, Yuri Smelyanskiy, expert of "Independence of Foreign Affairs" does not agree with the linearity requirements of the application to comply with all the rights with respect to the inhabitants of the occupied Crimea and Donbas. "The introduction of access control and blockade of supplies of goods - is not twisting the lid on the jar and landing on her tap - the mechanism of regulation of entry and exit. Including resources in exchange for respect for human rights in the occupied territories. And before talking about possible restrictions of rights, we have to honestly answer the question: What comes first - the territorial integrity of the state, its security and the ability to repel an armed aggression or the rights of certain groups of people, caught up in the occupation? Bearing in mind that the real levers of influence on the occupier in terms of human rights protection lacking, "- said the expert.

It is worth noting that there is no disagreement among experts regarding the need to abolish the law on FEZ "Crimea", are merely different options for conservation of useful rules that it still contains. In particular, those relating to the withdrawal of the business and the evacuation of citizens from the occupied territories, the release of mortgage payments, taxes, etc. Just cancel the current law and to set the time for the Cabinet to prepare a new (as well as schemes for lobbyists) experts do not advise - it is better to rules governing economic relations with the Crimea and Donbas uncontrolled, to amend the law on the occupied territories, or package to take appropriate special law. In Russian
Captured Russian terrorists chanting "Putin #huilo!". VIDEO

Authors of a video, recently published on Youtube, claim that it was shot in Marinka and is presumably depict Russian militants chanting "Putin #huilo!". In Russian
Rebels wanted to repeat Marjinka scenario in Artemivsk

The enemy, the separatists led by their Russian patrons, started the attack deep into the night of June 6, TCH reported.

The attack was preceded by intense shoot-out among the rebel groups in Horlivka. Apparently, the Russian commanders tried to bring the quarreling rebel groups into line.

Then the heavy shelling of Ukraine army positions started. The enemy used especially deadly artillery – 152 self-propelled guns and Grad missile systems.

That the attack had been planned in advance, is proven by earlier reports that the rebels ordered local hospitals to cut the number of patients and be ready for a big influx of the wounded on June 6 and 7.

The enemy was confronted in this area by the 17th battalion troops.

The actions of its servicemen were very effective. No support from Ukraine army heavy artillery was needed, and the attack was repulsed using large-caliber machine guns, grenade throwers and anti-tank missiles, the army spokesman said.
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