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News -
One attack yesterday by Putin's forces.
Update 13.00. 2 soldiers dead, 5 injured. Stepped on mine.
Mosiychuk - rather rounded deputy arrested rather publically yesterday - corruption charges.
See about 10 posts' down. Includes video of parliament proceedings. Not good PR for Liashko. Apparently he's appealing.
Liashko - more bad news for him - details of his criminal past released by Lutsenko - embezzling state property... not good for an MP.
Scumball Shaun Walker, having written his article on nazi Ukraine and antisemitism - now heading towards Debaltseve - Donetsk. On his way home.
Meeting up with his "DNR guys".

Weather -
Super. Blue sky, sunshine. Already 17 at 0700. Currently 30C.  
Slightly higher for more western areas.

Footie -
Dnepr 1 Lazio 1 . Ok result. Thought Dnepr might win.

An old cartoon, but some things never change -

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As rumors about the oncoming redeployment of Donbas rebels to Syria get spread, more and more separatists desert the army not to repeat the fate of their leader Motorola whose photo with Bashar al-Assad portrait, a Syrian flag and a fresh Syrian newspaper in his hands made headlines in Donbas, reports Sept. 18.

The rumors that the announced mobilization is aimed to find volunteers to go to Syria also contributed to the panic.

According to a well-informed source in the Donetsk republic staff, the rebel troops are hit by a massive flight of servicemen from its ranks, with the strength of units shrinking several times.

The rebels increasingly say they’ve been had by Russia.

Obvious signs that Putin's plans in eastern Ukraine aren't going well at all. Now they're Putin terrorists for hire to go to Syria. OR! They're no longer being supported by the Kremlin as before and they're going where the money is.

We all know their Kremlin support has been dwindling. Also reading reports that the terrorists are fighting against the Russian (Kremlin) terrorists. These aren't good signs for the little dwarf.

Now with the Kremlin jumping in head first in Syria, it'll stretch their funding even thinner. I just hope the west doesn't drop the ball and offer Russia in Syria any assistance as that'll save the Kremlin money and give the Kremlin a better chance at victory which we all know the dwarf badly needs back home. It'll also extend it's involvement within Ukraine.
I think I could do with a job at the SBU. Choose some journalists at random, make some charges against them, collect my salary, and go to the pub. Maybe they go to the bar before they start work...
This sanctions list, definitely a candidate for "joke of the week".
I just checked online -
Kiev 29, Lviv 28, Zhitomir 31, Odessa 24, Vinnitsa 30, Donetsk 26. Yalta 28, Hmelnitski 31. Ivano-Frankivski 31... can't find anywhere above 31... must be somewhere..
this at 15.00 hrs. Quite toasty in some places today. Same tomorrow.
N.B. 31 = 88F Wink

Berdichev 32C ! Also found Hmelnik (near Hmelnitski) also 32. Probably the high for Ukraine today. )
Seems the centre is warm, but the north and south extremes cooler - so Shostka - north - where my favourite cheese comes from, is 24, like Odessa, way south.
According to them, a military commander (VC) "DNI", which is located in the captured terrorists building a military prosecutor's office in Donetsk, with flagpoles gone all flags, including flags "DNI" Russia, as well as orange-black flag of the transition period between the "DNR" and "Novorussia".
Moreover, Donetsk residents have noticed that in early September from the territory of a military unit near the boxes located on the street. Bosse was gone all the old machinery. "There were the Urals, BMP killed tanks, tank trucks, a lot of different military equipment, which has been viewed through the fence. Yesterday disappeared. And there were no more ", - wrote the locals.

[and other observations follow)
MP from the "People's Front" Mykola Martynenko, which is one of the closest allies of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, accused involved in a multimillion-dollar schemes related to the large SOEs.
This is a comment "New Times" said the People's Deputy faction Sergei BPP Caplin.
According to him, for some time, the company Odessa Portside Plant (IPF) is in the range of interests Martynenko,

I have a feeling, after the Liashko deputy scandal yesterday, we are going to get a lot of these stories.
"Yesterday two of our men blew on explosive devices It happened near the railway station Mayorske, near Gorlovka and near the village Starohnativka Volnovakha Donetsk region. Due to disruptions of our two soldiers were killed and five were wounded," - said Lysenko
In the video, Mosiychuk tells an identified man behind the camera he needs a minimum of 100,000 Ukrainian hryvnia to get the license. That's about the equivalent of USD 4,600. He goes onto say the official payment is in addition, the price of which he can check on the internet"
"9 December 1994 the court found guilty of embezzling Lyashko state property, appropriation of power, forgery. He shone 10 years, but only got six. Later, the court commuted article on fraud", - the politician.

Arrest papers

Mug shot of the Ukrainian deputy

I have a feeling that Liashko is not going to be too happy about this. - embezzling state property!! Yanukovich Junior.
I bet he does! Him, the judge, and a briefcase with 20,000 dollars in it probably. Normal procedure in Ukrainian courts sadly.
Online translator is funny on this one -
MP from the Radical Party Mosiychuk Igor, who is suspected of corruption, is now in pre-trial detention of the Security Service of Ukraine. This was announced by the leader of the Republic of Poland, Oleg Lyashko.
[RP = Radical Party mistransl. as Repub. Poland ] Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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“No international humanitarian organization is allowed to provide humanitarian assistance in eastern Ukraine at the moment,” said Tomas Kocian, the country director of the Czech organization People in Need.
I think it's the same in North Korea.
on Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:51 amNelson
Photo of docment here

anti-ukrainiski charakter - of coverage. Same for the other journalists on the list.
What about Shaun Walker, or the nutcase in Donbass, Phillips?
on Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:39 amNelson
At link. Just one flash on it - above Debaltseve. Otherwise quiet. To view, click on link above.
At the invitation of President Poroshenko Ukraine September 21-22 visit by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
Which one do you think?

In case you forgot your glasses, a side on view...

Actually I just realised in the top photo - the guy in black... is that Liashko?!
In which case, it was a trick question!

mmm.. just one... wafer-thin mint.... ha ha...

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:36 am; edited 1 time in total
This decision [removal of immunity] was followed by...the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokina who submitted video evidence of involvement Mosiychuk to corruption. After that "radicals" staged a fight in the Rada. Himself Lyashko shouted Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Groisman, "Bastard, bastard!".
Some time later, law enforcement officers detained Mosiychuk he left the building of the Verkhovna Rada, accompanied by law enforcement officers. At the same time it is not handcuffed. The GPU reported that suspected Mosiychuk under five articles of the Criminal Code: it is accused of offering, promising or receiving undue benefits, or the threat of violence against official interference in the judicial process, or the threat of violence against judges.

Rather fat and round deputy arrested yesterday on corruption charges. Member of Liashko's "Radical" party.
Was item one on several news channels last night.

More here

Video shows the proceedings in parliament, and the two votes, resulting in his subsequent arrest

Frankly, he's a typical Ukrainian MP. Arrogant, corrupt, male.
I would say a good half of them are like this. Not good for Liashko though...
Here - taken away by the police -

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:23 am; edited 1 time in total
In addition, terrorists have blocked the dam on the river. Kalmius Starobeshevo in the area in order to lower the water level in the reservoir Pavlopolskom located on the boundary line settlement Novoselovka-Chermalyk-Pavlopol-Pishevik. Falling water bares all fords the river, which may allow the enemy to pass a pond on a specified section of the front.
"Yesterday, 17 September, at 23:50, the police under the" 102 ", it was reported that at the street Novoberegovaya, 94, an explosion occurred. Check out the scene investigation group of experts and explosive-service has been established, that was an explosive device ", - the report says.
Found grenade pin. Not sure what there is at this location. A sport complex?
107 for, and 29 against. Amazing. And the Czech Republic was occupied by the Soviets for so many years..
What short memories these people have. How can 29 vote against this? Dreams of the Soviet empire again?
Report here, if you can read Czech...
See our separate post at

And the map dividing Europe up, signed by Stalin for the Soviets, and Ribbentrop for the Nazis

on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:33 amNelson
This is the sort of abuse of power that would normally get Mr Corbyn quite cross. But he has a blind spot when it comes to Russia. The Kremlin stands up to the West. The West is evil. Therefore the Kremlin is good....
I recently asked Mr Corbyn, via Twitter, why his anti-imperialist sentiments did not stretch to understanding countries such as Ukraine....
As it might be expressed in George Orwell’s Newspeak, Ukrainians are unpeople, and Ukraine is an uncountry. Mine was an unquestion and Mr Corbyn has not yet answered it. ..
Also the sort of thing that Seamus Milne likes - he adores Putin, just like his favorite "journalist" Shaun Walker.
In Milne's case this is party based on his pathological hate for the USA.
Bizarre to me how the extreme left and the extreme right converge.
For more on Milne and Walker, see our sticky, Journalists reporting on Ukraine - the good, the bad, and the ugly
on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:17 amNelson
17.09.2015 | 21:59
Headline is all you need to know. Less demand, less reliance on Russian gas.
on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:14 amNelson
As Russia shifts its attention from Ukraine to Syria, it is worth assessing who has won and who has lost in the Ukraine conflict....
The hard truth remains that Putin’s strategic position now is weaker than it was five years ago. Now he has to deal with a weaker domestic economy, a hostile Ukrainian government that will create more Russian casualties, and a NATO that’s gearing up to more credibly defend Eastern Europe. Putin has responded in numerous ways, none of them terribly effective. Sure, he’s embraced the east — but China will be happy to exploit this opportunity for commercial gains and not much else....
This was reported by the head of the "information resistance" Dmitry Tymchuk.
Also recorded the arrival of infantry divisions militants (of up to companies) of the gangs acting in the direction of n.p.Krasnogorovka and Marinka.
From midnight to 06:00 terrorists did not fire on units of the Ukrainian forces. This was reported in the press center of the page in the ATO on Facebook.
"From midnight to 06:00 ATU forces shelling units were not. However, almost at 01:00, on positions of militants near Gorlovka, our observers recorded by enemy anti-aircraft installation work ", - stated in the text.
In addition, it is reported that in general the last day recorded only one attack of terrorists.
"One shelling our positions was recorded in Artemovsk direction about 10:00. With small arms gunmen opened fire randomly on Ukrainian strongholds in the area Lozovoy "- said in the text.
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