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UAV special monitoring mission of the OSCE fixed concentration of 40 military trucks on the outskirts of Donetsk.

This is stated in the report of the organization for June 7.

"UAV Ad Hoc Monitoring Mission noted a concentration of 40 military trucks at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk (controlled by" DNI ", located 20 kilometers south-west of the center of Donetsk)," - the report says.

Petrovsky district located near the controlled Marinka Ukraine. In addition, the UAV mission at the weekend saw a burning building in the center of Donetsk.

As previously reported, a special OSCE monitoring mission over the weekend has recorded 111 bombings in the region of Donetsk airport. In Russian
In Donetsk, the detained former governor of Donetsk People Pavel Gubarev. Reported LifeNews.

It is noted that the unknown opened fire from an empty building.

As a result, 15 people were detained, including Gubarev.

According to the militants fired several unidentified, presumably sniper rifles. However, there was found a pistol. In Russian
What do you call a person who shows up in a neighboring nation wearing camouflage and fighting an undeclared war?

Why – on vacation. That’s the excuse the Russian government has used several times when its soldiers were caught in the bitter conflict in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin claims that some of its soldiers have gone to Ukraine as volunteers, on leave from their regiments.

So an international group of artists has decided to stage a vacation intervention of their own at the Venice Biennale, the international art exhibition that opened last month and runs until November. The artists have been roaming Biennale’s halls, handing out camouflage parkas that say #onvacation on their back. Visitors are urged to wear the parkas and take a selfie in national pavilions of countries that are occupying other countries.

Participants can upload their pictures to Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a trip to Balaklava, a naval city on the Black Sea coast of Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine last year. The drawing will take place Tuesday....................

Read further at link:
In Donbass militants fighting on the side of the Czech-Slovak unit. Slovak edition Aktuality interviewed representatives of divisions.

As noted, the Slovak and Czech volunteers fighting as part of the International Brigade, known as the "tag."

"There are already so many of ours, which is enough to create a unit for 10 people with its own stripe," - said one of the volunteers.

According to him, wishing the new war on the side of the separatists arrive at Donbass through Rostov-on-Don, since it has an airport and is located near the border.

In this companion publications declined to say whether the Russian side is engaged in the collection and coordination of people.

It is alleged that the unit is now in eight volunteers - four Czech and four Slovak. The publication in popular photo retouch faces mercenaries, so they can not learn.

The highest rank of the participants units - the Slovaks with the call sign "Jay" - a senior lieutenant. Basically, the Czechs and Slovaks are either ordinary or an advisory role.

"We want to build my unit, based on the tradition of the Czechoslovak Legions. We perceive the EU as a dictatorship and NATO as an aggressive bloc. This is our form of struggle with them "- said one of the volunteers.

Representatives of the Czech and the Slovak authorities have not yet commented on the participation of its citizens in the fighting on the territory of another country. In Russian
Battle of Marinka (Donetsk region) finished at about 12:00. This is reported by Ukrainian military.

"Concerted action of our units in Marinka allowed to rebuff the enemy. DRGs were destroyed enemy. Hit the enemy tank. Having a fitting rebuff to the enemy retreated, "- said in a statement.

This states that the still ongoing sporadic shelling. Information on losses turns out, writes In Russian
Russian "United Shipbuilding Corporation" announced its intention to sue Ukraine for non-turbine engines for frigates. This was reported in the press service of the corporation.

"The political leadership of Ukraine to unilaterally terminate any relationship in the field of military-technical cooperation, and stopped shipping products to the Russian companies. In the shipyards "United Shipbuilding Corporation" such unscrupulous actions of neighboring states caused temporary difficulties associated with the equipment built frigates of Project 11356 and 22350 gas turbine engines (GTE). USC is going to require the performance of the Ukrainian side has already paid contracts for the supply of goods declaration in court, "- said in a statement.

It is noted that the first three patrol boats, etc.. 11356, and the first two ships so on. 22350 is already equipped with a turbine engine of Ukrainian origin. Subsequent frigates of both projects will be equipped with Russian-made power plants with characteristics superior Ukrainian counterparts, said USC.

"The work of this task is deployed Rybinsk" Saturn ", which is in cooperation with a number of Russian industrial enterprises have already begun to develop the existing projects of Russian gas turbines. Production of the first Russian engine of this type is scheduled for late 2017 - early 2018. There are also specific solutions for the production of gearboxes for the propulsion plant with GTE at the facilities of the St. Petersburg plant "Zvezda", - said in a statement.

Recall, in response to Russian aggression, May 20 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to terminate the agreement on military-technical cooperation with Russia on 26 May 1993.

Verkhovna Rada May 21 broke five agreements between the governments of Ukraine and Russia concerning the military cooperation between the countries. In Russian
The volumes imported by Ukraine from Europe gas almost twice the volume of gas from Russia. About this RBC-Ukraine said the head of the press service of PJSC "Ukrtransgaz" Maxim Bielawski.

According to operational information "Ukrtransgaz", as of this morning for the needs of Ukraine's natural gas is imported into the mode: in Slovakia - 27.8 million cubic meters. m / day, from Russia - 18.1 million cubic meters. m / day, via Hungary - 2.9 million cubic meters. m / day.

The underground storage is pumped every day about 74.6 million cubic meters. meters of gas.

Recall, according to the Association of European operators of underground gas storage facilities at 7 June, the amount of gas in underground storage facilities in Ukraine is 10.682 billion cubic meters. m. In Russian
Group "Information Resistance" fixed escalating militant groups deployed to the south of Donetsk. This was on his Facebook page said the People's Deputy, coordinator of the group Dmitry Tymchuk.

According to him, from the Amvrosievka from the Russian Federation arrived task force (company) Russian mercenaries.

"Northern Starobeshevo fixed transfer 4 tanks, 11 armored combat vehicles (including 3 units. BTR-82A). Also recorded the arrival in the area 3 units. MLRS BM-21 "Grad" - said Tymchuk.

"There rotation as part of the full-scale in the northern part of Gorlovka militias (up to a reinforced battalion). Throughout the day fixed transfer of 6 tanks, derived from the formation of four tanks and four infantry fighting vehicles. In the southwestern part of the "garrison Gorlovka" recorded up to 10 tanks and several integrated units, with 12 armored combat vehicles (between Panteleymonovkoy and Yasinovataya), "- he also informed.

In addition, according to Tymchuk through Lugansk the southern direction (Lutuginsky "boot camps") transferred armored group of 3 BTR-80, BMP-1, 2 and 3 tanks T-72.

To the east of Lugansk (from gravelly to Nikolaevka) recorded the movement of the two Russian BMP-97 "shot" in a convoy with the BTR-80. In Russian
In the criminal case against a group of companies Dmitry Firtash - OSTCHEM - the arrest of the 46 real estate group. This was on his Facebook page Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

"Interior Ministry has already informed about the investigation proceedings against the Group companies Dmitry Firtash - OSTCHEM. Charged - the application of state losses of UAH 5.742 billion. Including debt of state-owned 3.343 billion USD. Plus the revenues amounting to 2.399 billion UAH ", - he wrote.

The minister recalled that in the framework of interests of the state have arrested 499.121 thousand. Cubic meters of natural gas in storage, "Ukrtransgaz" and belonging to the enterprise group OSTCHEM.

"In the interests of continued state the result set information about real estate and land plots owned enterprises Group OSTCHEM. At the moment, the purpose of the seizure of properties in the court, we have sent 110 petitions. By Friday (June 5th. - Ed.), To secure claims of the state - the arrest was effected already at 46 sites, "- said Avakov. In Russian
In the capital today, a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Council Ukraine - NATO. It is reported by the press service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

"At the beginning of the event - the opening address of the first deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, co-chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Council Ukraine - NATO co-chair Andrew Parubiya and the Inter-Parliamentary Council Ukraine - NATO on the NATO PA Reinel Andreychuk," - said in a statement.

The event will take place at the address. Grushevskogo, 5, conference room. Journalists will be able to operate throughout the event.

Recall December 23, 2014 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the presidential bill on the refusal of the non-aligned status of Ukraine. In Russian
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond had not seen in past battles in the east of Ukraine signs of imminent attack Russian or pro-Russian forces in the free territories, but added that Putin leaves all the possible options, and does not rule out a military option.

"There were some disturbing signs of increasing activity both Russian forces and separatist forces controlled by Russia. From our point of view, there is no clear evidence that all this portends imminent Russian attack. But it tells us that Putin retains all the possible options for action and does not rule out the military option, "- said Hammond.

However, Hammond said that the leaders of the "Big Seven", "Russian will send a very clear signal" that they will not tolerate "any violations of their obligations under the Minsk Agreement."

Answering the question of the relation to the US proposal to return to Europe medium-range missiles - the subject of heated diplomatic standoff in the early 1980s - Hammond caveat that a detailed study of this idea has not yet seen.

The minister also noted that the Russian develop the so-called doctrine of asymmetric warfare, putting pressure on other countries through their puppets, as they do in eastern Ukraine, and place their missiles on the borders of NATO, which strongly destabilize the Eastern European countries of the Alliance. In Russian
A group of unidentified Balaklava demolished the tents on Independence Square and the area around the stele surrounded by police. This social networking write witnesses of the incident.

During cordon security forces were not allowed to pass under the pretext that the investigation carried out on the territory of the event.

It is also reported that the organizers of the protest Rustam Tashbaev detained by people in civilian clothes, after which he was taken.

Recall the activists remained on the Maidan for the night.

It is worth noting that the collision occurred in the past. First, between the activists and self-defense, and later with the locals.

The people who gathered on the Maidan demanding the investigation of crimes against Maidana, indexation of social payments and cancellations of existing tariffs for housing and communal services. In Russian
White House spokesman Josh Ernest said the United States at the summit of G7, the US side is ready to cooperate with Moscow, despite the disagreements between countries concerning the Ukrainian conflict. On it informs RIA "Novosti".

"We can cooperate on a number of issues that are important to the national security of both our countries. This is true in regard to the removal of Syria declared chemical weapons stockpiles. This is true in regard to the negotiations with Iran to prevent that he got a nuclear weapon "- said Ernest.

According to him, these issues Moscow is making an important contribution to the negotiations.

Previously, Ernest said the United States does not intend to supply offensive weapons Ukraine. In Russian
According to White House spokesman Josh Ernest, the United States does not intend to engage in the supply of offensive weapons of the Ukrainian army, as this will damage the peaceful resolution of the conflict, according to RIA "Novosti".

"Supply of additional weapons, according to the president, would only lead to further escalation of the situation, which must be resolved by diplomatic means," - said Ernest summit G7.

Earlier it was reported that a large part of the meeting, US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the Ukraine. In Russian
n the intensive care unit died one of the victims of the fire at the tank farm near Kiev. This is with reference to the physicians who are on duty at the scene of a fire, the TV channel "" .

"This duty of care group, according to their information among the four victims who were in intensive care, one died," - said the journalist.

Recall that at the moment it was aware of the four victims on fire. They were taken to the intensive care unit.

Earlier it was reported that in Vasylkivska district of Kiev region is burning tank farm. In Russian
The leaders of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic sent a new contact group's proposals for changes to the constitution of Ukraine. Reported Donetsk separatist news agency.

"Public organizations DNR and LC discussed the draft amendments to the Constitution and made suggestions to the document," - said in a statement the leaders of the militants, "DNR" and "LC" Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Dane.

It is noted that the project is handed over to the interim coordinator of the working group on political issues of the OSCE Pierre Morel.

"Relevant additions we sent to the working group on political issues of the Contact Group for discussion at the next meeting", - said in a statement. In Russian

They can't and have no leverage to change the constitution. They MUST follow the current Ukrainian Constitution. Poroshenko and the Rada aren't going to accommodate a ruthless terrorist organization to change the country for their benefit.

So good try, but no go.
Ukrainian Defense Ministry urged NATO to "more favorable" to consider requests regarding the supply of weapons. This was during a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Council Ukraine - NATO Deputy Secretary of Defense for European integration, Igor Dolgov.

"Separately, I would like to appeal to members of the national parliaments with a request for possible help to ensure that the government of NATO member countries more favorably considered a request of Ukraine on arms to equip the Armed Forces of Ukraine and potentially lethal weapons," - said Dolgov.

According to the Defense Ministry, without the cooperation of NATO member countries in the appropriate direction to reform the defense sector APU will be very difficult.

In turn, NATO requires the Cabinet reform and the fight against corruption in Ukraine.

"We are convinced that the Euro-Atlantic community should provide support to the Ukraine in order to enable it to carry out economic, social and military reforms. And we believe this is the best and most effective way to stop the military aggression, "- said co-chair of the inter-parliamentary Council Ukraine-NATO Canada Reinel Senator Andreychuk.

She added that NATO will be the most demand from the Ukrainian government's reform and anti-corruption.

"We join maksmumu and will insist that the Ukrainian government has carried out reforms and fight against corruption", - said the co-chairman of the inter-parliamentary Council of the Ukraine-NATO.

Andreychuk also added that NATO believes in the recovery of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. In Russian
The head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Leonid Slutsky, commenting on statements by the leaders of G7, noted that the G7 does not isolate Russia, and themselves from Russia.

"Countries G7 not isolate Russia, and themselves from Russia. We had a great deal with our partners around the world. If the G7 does not want dialogue, it's her problem, "- wrote Slutsky Twitter.

Recall, US President Barack Obama called the holding of the second meeting of the "Big Seven" without evidence of RF isolation.

"Big Seven" for the second time occurs without Russia. This testifies to the isolation of Russia, "- said Obama.

The US president said that all countries agreed to continue their sanctions against Russia.

"The Russian economy has been severely weakened, foreign investment fell, inflation rose ... Russia on the path of economic recession," - said Obama.

Earlier, Obama declared his readiness G7 to new sanctions against Russia.

Recall, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the "Group of Seven" has no plans to expand, meeting participants feel comfortable in this format, in the current.

"On the one hand we have the format of the G20 and there are some other important economies (of the world). But in general we are satisfied with the atmosphere that prevails here (in the format of G7 - Ed.) "- Said Merkel.

According to her, the format of the seven "paid off." In Russian

Say whatever you have to say to your citizens, as that's on main problem you fear the most. Your people can take you out and you know it.

Recall when the people drove you out, just before Lenin came back to Russia? That's your biggest fear.

on Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:33 pmAdmin
In Vasylkivska district of Kiev region is burning tank farm. Reported GosChS in the Kiev region.

"June 8 at 17:29 in the operational and dispatchers Vasilkovskaja district received a report of a fire at the tank farm area, which is located in the village of Kryachko. Upon arrival it was found by rescuers that burns 3 tank with gasoline. At the scene found four injured workers tank farm. At the site of the fire is GSCHS VI Head of General of Ukraine in the Kiev region Pyotr Kiselev, "- said in a statement.

It is reported that units GSCHS is working to extinguish the fire by cooling and water supply impulsive jet, which is directed based tanks. By extinguishing the fire involved 21 units of fire-rescue vehicles and about 90 personnel.

"Over the tank farms of smoke, something strongly lit, the air felt a peculiar smell. Base staff trying to extinguish the flames on their own. The column rises to a height of 10 meters above the ground, "- reported by eyewitnesses.

According to some media, this database is a network of "Youth Union, Nafta." At the moment the oil depot may be about 15 thousand. Tonnes of petroleum products and high-fuel components. In addition, the same complex as the oil depot is STS (filling station) with tanks for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). His fire is fraught with a strong explosion. In Russian

In case of fire at the tank farm near Kiev suffered four

In case of fire at the tank farm in the village of Kryachko Kiev region affected four people. This was reported on the website GSCHS the Kiev region.

"At the scene found four tank farms affected employee" - said in a statement.

At the site of the fire is GSCHS VI Head of General of Ukraine in the Kiev region Pyotr Kiselev

Earlier it was reported that in Vasylkivska district of Kiev region is burning tank farm. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine signed the Law № 389-VIII «On legal regime of martial law." This was reported on the website of the Parliament

"I returned with the signature of the President (08.06.2015)," - said in the status of the passage of the document.

This law is aimed at the legislative regulation of the legal regime of martial law in the circumstances arising from external aggression and conduct anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine.

According to the explanatory memorandum to the bill, it is envisaged to increase the range and detail the content of the measures of martial law, to introduce guarantees of the activities of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, more clearly regulate the procedure for the imposition and lifting of the legal regime of martial law, rationing and procedures of the authority of the military command, the public authorities in conditions of martial law, the military administration - temporary government bodies established by the President of Ukraine in the areas for which was declared martial law in order to ensure application of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, to ensure, together with the military command of the introduction and implementation of the legal regime of the military state, defense, public order and safety, protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens.

According to the draft law in Ukraine or in its particular areas where martial law, the military command with the military government (in the case of education) can independently or with the assistance of the executive power, the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local authorities to introduce and implement legal measures the martial law regime, but only within the time limits of the constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen, as well as the rights and legitimate interests of legal persons provided for by the decree of the President of Ukraine on the introduction of martial law.

Measures the legal regime of martial law on the bill, in particular, are:

1) establishment of enhanced protection of important objects of the national economy and objects that provide vital functions of the population, and the introduction of a special regime of their work (the list of objects and objects of the national economy, providing the support of the population to be enhanced protection under martial law, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine);

2) the introduction of compulsory labor service for able-bodied persons (and for employees engaged to perform community service, on-time performance of such work retained a former place of work (position) order to attract able-bodied persons in conditions of martial law to community service and social issues of their protection to meet the requirements of the law determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine);

3) expropriation of property located in a private or municipal property, seizure of property of state enterprises, state economic associations for the needs of the state in terms of the legal regime of martial law in the manner prescribed by law;

4) prohibition of peaceful assemblies, rallies, marches and demonstrations and other public events;

5) violation of the procedure established by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, the question of the prohibition of political parties, public associations, if it is aimed at the elimination of Ukraine's independence, change the constitutional order by force, violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State, undermining its security, illegal hobby State power, propaganda for war, violence, incitement to ethnic, racial or religious hatred, attacks on human rights and freedoms, public health;

6) regulation of telecommunications companies, printing companies, publishing houses, radio and television, teleradiotsentrov, theaters and other enterprises, institutions, organizations and institutions of culture and the media, as well as the use of local radio stations, TV centers and printers for military purposes and advocacy work among the troops and the population; prohibition of work receiving and transmitting stations of personal and collective use and transmission of information via computer networks;

7) the establishment of a special regime in the production and distribution of medicinal products that are composed of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, and other potent substances, the list of which is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

Cool carrying out the evacuation of the population if there is a threat to his life or health, as well as material and cultural values, if there is a risk of damage or destruction, in connection with the list approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

9) dismissal of all the heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations for the improper performance of their duties, appoint acting heads of these enterprises, institutions and organizations;

10) the adoption of additional measures to strengthen the protection of state secrets;

11) internment (forced resettlement) of citizens of a foreign state which threatens attack and carries out aggression against Ukraine.

In the areas where the fighting is, the introduction and implementation of the legal regime of martial law imposed directly on the military command and military administration (in the case of education).

"It is expected that the introduction and implementation of the legal regime of martial law shall be in accordance with the approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine blueprint for implementation and enforcement activities of the legal regime of the military status in Ukraine or in its particular areas," - said in an explanatory note.

According to the explanatory memorandum to the bill, its passage will contribute to:

- Improve the efficiency of management of the President of Ukraine in conditions of martial law, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations and law enforcement agencies, as well as the introduction and implementation of the military administration of measures of the legal regime of martial law;

- Effective coordination of the Cabinet of Ministers of the executive authorities to ensure full respect of implementation in Ukraine or in its particular areas of martial law, the transfer of the economy and the functioning of the financial system in terms of the condition;

- Create conditions for normalization of the situation and to ensure the continuity of the implementation of public authority in the territory where martial law, and as a consequence, to provide services to the population of respective administrative-territorial units, stop the development of crisis tendencies in the economic sector and the social and political situation.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the bill on second reading and the whole 12 May 2015 For the corresponding presidential bill number 2541 voted 258 MPs out of 226 minimum required. In Russian
First Secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Igor Khmelnitsky Korniychuk called vandalism dismantling of five-pointed star with hammer and sickle with the Memorial died during the Second World War soldiers in Starokonstantinov.

"This vandalism! And we will certainly evaluate such actions. After all, the history of forgetting or turning, never to democracy will not come, "- he said in an interview with Square Gromadska portal .

In addition, Korniychuk considers unfair to dismantle the Soviet honorary awards on the boards.

"In the lobby of the Khmelnytsky pasta factory (Korniychuk is the director of the company. - Ed.) Placed a board on which the company presented the veterans who have worked at different times. Next to their pictures hanging deserved awards: the medal "For Courage", the title of "Hero of the Soviet Union," etc. Now I am forced to dismantle the memory of former heroes and honorable factory worker! Is this democracy? "- Said a Communist.

Recall that at the beginning of May 2015 the city authorities Starokonstantinov updated Memorial to those killed in World War II soldiers who liberated in 1944 by the Nazi occupiers Starokonstantinov. In particular, the updated memorial steles Remove Soviet symbols, which are placed in a five-pointed star with hammer and sickle. In Russian
The Instagram German Chancellor Angela Merkel will delete comments Cyrillic. This is with reference to the press-secretary of the German Federal Government reports Deutsche Welle

According to the data page Merkel Instagram started June 3rd. After starting in a few hours it had gathered several hundred comments Cyrillic font.

First, a group of editors and moderators Chancellor page checked the content of these comments. Most of them were filled with hatred for Merkel and Ukraine. The influx of "flood" was so powerful that it was decided to no longer allow any Russian-language comments.

In spite of this page and then appear comments in Russian, full of abusive and insulting words and expressions, marks the Deutsche Welle.

As is known, the Russian "factory trolls" - "Internet Research Agency" - in St. Petersburg is located in a four-storey building. Employees of "factory" work 12 hours a day. In Russian
The legendary Polish actress, heroine of the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath" Barbara Brylska said that monitoring the situation in the Donbass, and because of the aggression of Russia virtually stopped going to Russia. This actress said in an interview , "Social Life"

"We offer the money, for which I never do not agree - says the actress. - I said: "Sorry, but I'm old, so go for the money." - I say, "But we are poor now '! - "Putin, please! It's not my fault that you're poor. " I loved him very much - Putin - very. He broke my heart just. What he does ... It is not right, I know it. "

Brylska also admitted that refused to take part in a concert in Sevastopol after the annexation of the Crimea.

"But I refused to participate in the festival in Sevastopol after the annexation of the Crimea. Film Festival "Golden Knight". I promise mountains of gold, everything as I wanted, needed only to come - continues the actress. - I said, "Never!" - "You know you're wrong. Because we're right, that you promote. " I say: "We have - our propaganda, and you have - your propaganda. And I have family, friends and I have to reckon with them "- said the actress. In Russian
The leaders of the "Big Seven» (G7) in the declaration of the results of the two-day summit, which was held on June 7-8 in Germany, called on the Russian Federation (RF) affect the separatists in the Donbass. Final Declaration of the leaders of the G7 made ​​public on the website of the federal government.

"We reiterate our full support for the efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in the east of Ukraine, in particular in the framework of trilateral format and Norman contact group. We welcome the OSCE's key role in the search for a peaceful solution, "- said in a declaration.

Also, the "Big Seven" called on all parties to comply fully with the Minsk Agreement, signed February 12, 2015 in Minsk.

"We are concerned about the recent increase in the intensity of the fighting on the demarcation line; We reiterate our call on all parties to fully respect and implement the cease-fire and withdraw heavy weapons "- the document says.

G7 countries were reminded of the possibility of tougher sanctions against Russia if the situation will get worse in the Donbas and in this regard called on the Russian influence on the militants east of Ukraine.

"We expect Russia to stop cross-border support for separatist forces and use its considerable influence with the separatists to implement its obligations under the Minsk Agreement in full," - the document says.

In addition, the country's "Big Seven" noted its support for Ukraine's energy issues.

"We reaffirm our support for Ukraine and other countries in their efforts to reform and liberalize their energy systems and confirm that energy should not be used as a means of political coercion or threats to security", - stressed in the G7. In Russian
The Russians believe that the most hostile to Russia countries are the United States, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

These are the results of a survey by the Levada Center.

Thus, the United States considers hostile 73% of Russians, Ukraine - 37%, Lithuania and Latvia - 25%, Poland - 22%. Next come the United Kingdom (21%), Estonia and Germany (19%).

At the same time a close state, an ally of Ukraine believes only 1% of Russians.

In general, a negative attitude toward the United States is dominated by 73% of Russians. Ukraine and the European Union, Russians are treated equally negatively - by 59%.

The survey was conducted May 22-25 among 1,600 people in 134 settlements of Russia. In Russian
Security officers detained in Sumy local resident, who was planning to carry out terrorist acts in the gas infrastructure and public places.

On Monday reported the press center of the SBU.

According to the SBU received operative information, a native of Kursk region of the Russian Federation was going to carry out a terrorist attack on a gas transmission line, and then in one of the public places of the regional center. According to his criminal intent, an explosive device was triggered when mass patriotic action residents.

Employees of security services detained a terrorist in his own car near Sumy linear production department of main gas pipelines "Ukrtransgaz".

Through this facility, which is a list of places with an increased terrorist threat, the transit of Russian gas to EU countries, noted the SBU.

During a search of the vehicle, law enforcement officers seized an improvised explosive device, which is currently being studied by experts.

Investigators SBU opened criminal proceedings under Part. 1 tbsp. 14, h. 1, Art. And 258 h. 1, Art. 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Continue pressing operational and investigative measures to identify possible accomplices of the arrested terrorists. In Russian
The Ukrainian Security Service said that 60% of the fighters on the uncontrolled territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are former or current military personnel in Russia. This was at the Inter-Parliamentary Council Ukraine - NATO said the deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Viktor Yagun.

"About 60% of members of illegal paramilitary groups - it's actually former or current servicemen of the Russian Federation", - he said.

In addition, he stressed that in fact the entire leadership of illegal formations are Russian military personnel, but they carefully hide their titles and affiliations.

Recall, the Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak stated that uncontrolled territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are about 42.5 thousand. militants and members of the Armed Forces of Russia. In Russian
In Lugansk region militants fired mortars and artillery Crimean village.

On Monday reported on its website the head of Lugansk regional military-civilian administration Gennady Moskal.

According to him, June 8, in the afternoon on the outskirts of the Crimean tough fight broke out between separatists from Sokolniki and Ukrainian military.

"First, our positions were fired artillery shells and mortars, and then began clash with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. Crimean residents who live on the streets near the tuberculosis sanatorium (extreme point in the village, which is controlled by Ukrainian military) have long been forced to hide in cellars "- said Moskal.

"As of 17-fight ended five hours. According to preliminary data, none of the civilians got hurt, no significant destruction of infrastructure. Information about the victims of war turns out, "- noted in the administration. In Russian
British television channel Sky News output moved scene of the death of Russian special forces in Ukraine because of the earlier izdannnogo decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who took information about the losses of the Russian army during a special operation to the state secret.

Report Sky News about the death of three soldiers of the 16th separate brigade of special forces stationed in Tambov, was scheduled to air on Thursday, 4 June, but after the publication of the decree of May 28 Putin to classify the data had to postpone the publication of the investigation, told RBC two sources on TV .

It is known that Sky News journalists visited Tatarstan, Tambov and Chelyabinsk regions, where talk with relatives, colleagues, and fellow villagers who died in the Donbass commandos - Timur Mamayusupova, Anton Savelyev and Ivan Kardapolova. British journalists managed to do an interview with the mother of one of the military, which confirmed that her son had been acting military contractors. Because of her military office issued a document stating that her son was killed during the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus.

Meanwhile, relatives of other military flatly refused to talk or even showed aggression towards reporters. But the soldiers told the villagers that they were killed on the territory of Ukraine...................... In Russian
The Canadian government is providing Ukraine with $5 million to implement development programs for law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk said after his meeting with his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper, who was on a working visit to Ukraine..................

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"The project is a long-term one. It aims to share the knowledge and experience of Israeli colleagues, ranging from the business plan development to the technology usage to reach the maximum harvest yield. Ukrainian farmers have the opportunity to become a worthy producer of European quality standard, and take its rightful place among the record breaking farmers," the agriculture official Yaroslav Krasnopolsky was quoted as saying.

He said that a number of conferences would be organized in four regions, which will study the process of greenhouse farming, and the growing of of vegetables................

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"The fundamental changes occurred in the Ukrainian society over the last year. Today, the majority of Ukrainians support accession to NATO. Our task is to do everything possible to comply with all the requirements to achieve this goal as soon as possible," Parubiy said.
He also noted that Ukraine alone holds back one of the largest world armies, and defends not only itself, but the entire civilized world.
"We look forward to the positive results of our work, which will be reflected in the outcome documents. Our goal is NATO membership," Parubiy said..................

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Lavrov told a news conference in Moscow on June 8, “It is a kind of a joker card in the hands of the Ukrainian authorities -- We, Ukrainians, will disrupt the implementation of the Minsk agreements, but it will be Russia who will suffer because no one will lift sanctions against Russia."

On the first day of the G7 summit in Germany on June 7, the U.S. and German leaders said sanctions on Russia must stay until it implements the deal to end fighting in Ukraine's east.

"By adopting a stance where sanctions against Russia are linked to the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Russia only," Lavrov said, "our Western partners have become hostages of the current Ukrainian government."............

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"They have 558 tanks, combat vehicles, artillery systems, and other weapons,” Poltorak told a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council in Kyiv on June 8.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said last week that more than 9,000 Russian servicemen are operating on Ukrainian territory.

Kyiv and the West accuse Russia of backing the rebels, a charge Moscow denies.

According to Poltorak, more than 100 Ukrainian personnel and more than 50 civilians have been killed since a cease-fire agreement was signed in Minsk in February..................

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Many among Russia’s high-fliers believe the idea to split Ukraine and create a breakaway republic, ’Novorossiya’, comprising 12 eastern and southern oblasts of Ukraine was Pres Putin’s major mistake, Russian political expert and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky told Espreso TV June 8.

“In my opinion, Putin has painted himself into the corner,” the expert said.

Many in the Kremlin are aware that it is Putin’s big political defeat, he said.

“Knowing this, Moscow decided to put up a brave face and turn Donbas into a frozen conflict – on favorable terms for itself. It was this proposal that Putin made to the West,” A. Piontkovsky said.
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June 8, Donbas rebels have launched another attack on Marjinka, following their abortive offensive June 3, ‘Kyiv-1’ volunteer battalion CO Yevhen Deidei writes in Facebook today.

“The rebels are point-blank firing from tanks and heavy mortars. We are engaged in close combat. We will stand firm and repulse the attack. Glory to Ukraine!” he writes.

Marjinka was the scene of fierce 10-hour long fighting last week. Ukraine army reported 30 wounded. Four civilians were killed.

The enemy attack was repulsed when Ukraine army used heavy artillery against rebel tanks and Grad missile systems, killing up to 60 and wounding about 90 rebels.
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