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News -
Apparently all quiet on the eastern front. 3 days now.
The Russian press going mad about Syria. Putin's new war. Ukraine - disappeared from the Putin press.
Various troubles in Belarus, home of dictator Luka. Apparently a march today against the building of a Russian airbase there.
Also some opposition activity. But don't expect anything serious. Anybody dangerous to the dictator will be arrested, just as in Russia.

Weather -
Nice day. Low 20s. Sunshine. For next 3 days. And then. Cold. 10. 0 at night.

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Now the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin focused on Syria, so he briefly lost interest in Ukraine. This was stated by a political scientist and PhD Alexander Reshmedilova, reports "TV news channel" 24 "

"After a visit to Paris, the reports vary widely. Putin told his audience that the deadlines were displaced, that is, the kind of results it will be possible in 2016, including those related to the electoral process, too. A Poroshenko announced loud statement that Minsk agreements will be implemented until 2015, "- says the analyst.

The results of the negotiations Ukrainian community was divided into two parts: those who shouted "Treason" and those who shout "Victory".

"Ukraine was going to Paris without a clear plan in terms of information, we understood that we accept the fact that we offer. The decision of the meeting declared Merkel and Hollande, Poroshenko only read those items that were specified in Minsk for a few days before. Who wants not so much to resolve the conflict, and freeze it. If you look at international practice, the frozen conflicts that last for decades, "- said in a statement.

Reshmedilova also noted that now the emphasis has shifted, there was a second front - Syria. At the time, Putin has lost interest in Ukraine. In Russian

Will he just sit on the current status of eastern Ukraine and just cause as much destruction as possible to spite for his failure. We all know he'll continue to cause destabilization to try to weaken its government and jump back in at its weakest. He'll try to cause an actual civil war, which seems was a hot issue, once Svoboda and the Right Sector started causing division recently. As I said, along with many others recently that they were playing into Putin's hands, that might still be his long-term plan.

Now what's more important overall for Putin? Syria or Ukraine. It would be cheaper for him to cause the above mentioned on Ukraine and put the majority of his resources into getting a long-term influence on Syria. The port is highly important to him and so is regional energy resources which he'll force himself into its management.

One big question is, with the sanctions squeezing him dry, how long can he last in Syria before it self destructs? And how far will the west allow him to roam freely, before they act aggressively? His own people recently protested in the streets against Putin getting involved in Syria and also in Ukraine, as polls also show. How much will they put up with, before they start a strong enough opposition to stop him, one way or another? These are all keys to changing the current Kremlin tide. Only time will tell.

The President does not doubt that the Parliament will adopt amendments to the electoral legislation in the Donbas. This is the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels, commenting on the ability of Parliament to adopt amendments to the electoral legislation, reports "Ukrinform".

"I do not feel any doubts. Elections in the Donbass have their own characteristics that must be taken into account in the election law. Which ones? It vnutrenneperemeschennye face. Now they can not return to the Donbass, but they need to create the possibility to vote, "- he said.

However, the President noted that today in Ukraine there are political forces interested in destabilizing, in the continuation of the internal conflict.

"I emphasize that it is Putin's plan, which was defeated in open armed confrontation, because we were able to create effective armed forces, and now the plan is transferred to destabilize the situation inside the country. I'll do it "- said the head of state. In Russian
President Barack Obama signed a decree on the transfer of Ukraine of new weapons. This was announced today in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, transfers "UNN".

"In the evening, after a meeting with US Vice President Joe Biden, where he told me that he signed an executive order on transfer of Ukraine of new weapons. This defensive weapon. This long-range counterbattery stations that allow us to improve the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian army, "- said Obama. In Russian
Russia's bombing of American allies in Syria underlines how much more powerful and provocative Putin is than he was before Obama took office.
Russian warplanes began bombing American-backed Syrian opposition strongholds on Wednesday, a move that can be viewed as the latest example of American humiliation abroad. As was the case when Russians invaded Ukraine, the Russians cloaked their activity in lies.
The Leader of the so-called "ДНР" Alexander Zakharchenko announced about intention to preserve "Independence" псевдореспубліки. He made this statement in the occupied in Donetsk Region after talks "нормандської four" in Paris, TSN news reports.
"We can not to betray their son or her daughter. You can not refuse from their motherland. Cannot be adopted the independence, paid by our children," urged Zakharchenko.

I think it is Pushilin - Putin yes man - behind him in the video. So clearly a line supported by Putin.
Presume Putin will say - " It is not me - it is Zakharchenko who wants to keep the war going. I can't stop him. " Or something like this. Here is Zakharchenko's rant:

Headline overdone. Not what it sounds like, sadly. Just some "sample" defensive weapons, I understand.
Maybe some winter socks.
Only 1000 protesters.
Lukashenko sure to get elected again. No opposition. Dictatorship. Putin style elections.
"The SMM unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) spotted, in violation of the respective withdrawal lines, two MBTs (type unknown) in "Donetsk People's Republic" ("DPR")-controlled Michurine (55km north-east of Mariupol), two MBTs in "DPR"-controlled Bezimenne (29km east of Mariupol), and 20 MBTs in "DPR"-controlled Sontseve (61m north-east of Mariupol)," the mission said on October 3 in its update, which is based on information received as of October 2, 2015.
Read more on UNIAN:

Zakharchenko said that he will defy Putin, in a speech yesterday.
Is this Putin's next play? He says withdraw, but Zakharchenko says attack? Another day, another deadly game from Putin?
on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:42 pmNelson
[Long long detailed article]
Table of contents

• Shipment of aircrafts and personnel
• Russian air force in Syrian skies
• Syrian air force
• The first Russian air strikes in Syria
• The Talbiseh air strike
• Who controls Talbiseh
• The Al-Latmenah air strike
• What bombs are used by the Russian air force?
• How long have Russian troops been operating in Syria?
• Afterword
• Our plans and support for our team

After our previous investigation on the Russian troops in Syria, the situation on the ground has changed significantly. The Kremlin's official position on our troops in Syria changed just as rapidly. When we published our investigation, one of the marines of the 810th brigade featured in our report, Yuriy Artamonov, was urgently shipped back to Crimea. A TV piece was shot with him telling no one had sent him anywhere and his wife's account had been hacked to plant information on him being sent to Syria. The piece was aired on Russian national TV channel "Russia 24".
A tank belonging to the Ukrainian military 54th Brigade exploded after catching fire during the early evening on October 3.
Read of 4 injured from another source.
Apparently engine caught fire. Tried to put out fire, ammo started exploding.
3 in hospital, but not life threatening.
on Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:48 amNelson
The reductio ad Hitlerum looms large in Putin’s rhetoric landscape, and in his blitzkrieg on any semblance of objectivity or truth. Not for nothing did he invoke the Allies’ united front against the Third Reich in his General Assembly speech, conveniently eliding the Soviet Union’s initial role in inaugurating the Second World War by carving up Romania, Poland and the Baltics — as an ally of Hitler. ...
The historian Timothy Snyder explains it well in a recent, Spinozan essay of logical propositions: “(1) President Putin’s popularity depends upon television. (2) Russian television news is devoted to events beyond Russia. (3) This means the president’s triumphs against American hegemony, etc. (4) In Ukraine, a weak Ukrainian army and limited EU sanctions hindered Russia. (5) Point #4 must not be noticed inside Russia. (6) Russian television just changed the subject from Ukraine to Syria.”...

Long long article. Just a couple of sentences above. Recommended.
The SMM visited a combat training ground near “LPR”-controlled Kruhlyk (32km south-west of Luhansk). During this pre-arranged visit the SMM was escorted by an “LPR” “police” vehicle*, and observed ten (T-72) and 21 (T-64) main battle tanks (MBTs). The SMM also conducted patrols to two Ukrainian Armed Forces military training areas near government-controlled Dmytrivka (41km north-west of Luhansk) and Trokhizbenka (32km north-west of Luhansk) where they noted no military presence.  
[in English; quite a long report]
Poroshenko went to Paris for the restoration of border control. Putin - the recognition of the separatist elections. Russian President imitated negotiations, putting obviously unacceptable conditions for the selection of Ukrainian legislation: exemption from criminal responsibility of the participants. Russia can not retreat, and that means elections militants held within the announced deadlines. Putin has done everything possible to shift the responsibility for it on the Ukrainian side. We say, offer options, but they do not want to compromise. He expects the EU to Ukraine fatigue. .

All debateable. Will Putin start the war up again in Ukraine?
Personally I don't think so. I think he is finished. And he knows it. His terrorists are leaving. Soon only the Russian army will be left in occupation.
And then what? The people elect drunkard nutcase Zacharchenko as "President" of the Donbass, in a Shaun Walker election? I don't even think Putin has thought things through this far.
High stakes. Big big risk for Ukraine.
Will Putin also pull back? Or occupy the empty ground?
When a Svoboda supporter, threw a grenade or three, killing Ukrainian soldiers and putting over 100 in hospitals - hospitals that are already severely stretched in resources due to Putin and chronic underfunding over the last two decades, Tiagnibok had the opportunity to say that this was wrong. And that his supporter was a murderer. A nutcase.
Instead he defended the action, and blamed others.
Tiagnbok himself has discredited his own party.
Chief editor of Nabi Abdullayev refused to comment. Earlier, he told RBC that discusses the various options for reforming the newspaper.
According to sources in the publication of the RBC, as one of the options being discussed that The Moscow Times will be published once a week, and its size will increase from 12 to 18 pages. Changes can come into force in mid-October.

Very sad... the beginning of the end, me thinks.
The Moscow Times - a beacon of honesty in the otherwise corrupt world that is the media in Russia.
Due to Putin's changes in who can own media outlets in Russia the paper had to be sold a few months ago.
And now we see the result.
I just looked at their website - nothing there about this as of yet, but I would expect an announcement soon.
Sad. But that is Putin. Destroying all outlets of free-speech in totalitarian Russia.
on Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:26 amNelson
Interesting observation from Euan Macdonald, good journalist in Kiev. Twitter.
Look at this photo, and the body language. Macdonald comments that it is instinctive to copy body behaviour when building a bond, understanding...
I got to Anthropology 402 in the US. Very very interesting subject.

on Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:17 amNelson
In several regions of Donetsk bombings and single shots
According to residents, explosions were heard in the Leninsky and Budionovsky areas, broadcast "News of Donbass". In addition, the explosion occurred in the area Krasnogvardejskiy Makeyevka.
According to residents, the sounds of explosions thundered several times. They started yesterday, October 3, around 22.00.
According to reports in the social networks people of Donetsk Twitter, in some areas you could hear the sounds of shrapnel that hit on roofs.
During the last days in the area ATO opponent completely adhered to the ceasefire.
Not registered cases of violation of the armistice and in the boundary line in the temporarily occupied territories.
And in general in the area of ​​counter-terrorist operations kept silence for more than three days.
However, according to current information, the temporarily occupied territories of frustrated people continue the policy of "Russian world". The rank and file militants so-called "L / DNR" directly resent the low level of funding and the conditions in which the serving. It is not rare to earn a little, mercenaries sold their own weapons and ammunition.
The authorities of the unrecognized "LNR", meaning that the region barely controlled many armed men, plans to consolidate its "law enforcement" curators of the Russian Federation.

Soon, it will be simply regular Russian troops - conscripts - occupying the Donbass.
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