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Good news that the DNR and LNR agreed to postpone the elections till next year, but at the same time, that'll extend the pressure from both, the terrorists and the Kremlin till then. This was a really big blow to the Kremlin. Probably one of their main objectives was to repeat a Crimea scenario.

Syria's taking most of the headlines, regarding the Kremlin. The west is still trying to figure out what they're up to in Syria.

Lukashenko denied that a Russia base was going to find its way into Belarus. I take it, now Belarus will start getting pressure from the Kremlin, as it has the pipeline that brings in income to Belarus over their head to get that base in Belarus. Some more good news yesterday about Ukraine's economy getting better. An increase in the GDP during the 3rd quarter of 1%. Recall they were days away from declaring default, but the west knew the Kremlin wanted to weaken Ukraine, so many western countries assisted Ukraine monetarily to keep its head above water. This is another failure for the Kremlin.

So far, the Kremlin's failed miserably. Now trying to get some kind of victory to take back home. But wait and see what sentiment towards the Kremlin will be, when body bags start coming back by the hundreds. There's talk that the Kremlin's preparing to send troops to Syria. Many don't want to go as they know what's done to a captive by ISIS. They went to bed with these terrorists, as the arms used probably originated from Russia.

The US said there was a big mistake made by bombing the hospital. This will be a very big problem for the US. We'll to wait and see how the US is going to make amends.


In the Odessa region, the real feel temperature will be around 11c and 18c during today.

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A day after US President Barack Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States announced that it will ship long-range counter-battery radars to Ukraine. Obama authorized $20 million to provide the country with radars, bringing US security assistance to Ukraine up to $265 million. Obama's message is clear: the United States will not sacrifice Ukraine in exchange for Russian cooperation against Islamic State in Syria.

The announcement also shows that the United States views the current ceasefire in eastern Ukraine—in place since September 1—as an opportunity to help Ukraine upgrade its deterrent military capability. While Ukraine's request for 1,240 Javelin anti-tank missiles has gone unmet, Washington's willingness to move forward with radars sends a clear signal that the US may consider sending lethal weapons should the Minsk II process fail.

In short, the Obama administration now accepts that deterrence is the best way to maintain the stalemate in eastern Ukraine. A year ago, the United States was reluctant to use military transports to ship medical and humanitarian equipment to the then-embattled country. At a Joint Meeting of Congress on September 18, 2014, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko annoyed the White House by pleading directly for defensive aid. But over time, a rising chorus of voices within the US foreign policy establishment urged the administration to arm Ukraine. Many voices within the administration have supported sending weapons to Ukraine, and Obama is belatedly moving in their direction.
Up-to-day weaponry supplied to Donbas terrorists by Russia has been once again recorded in the Donbas occupied by Russian-separatist forces.
As reported by Censor.NET, InformNapalm investigators have found evidence of using Russian all-weather tactical anti-aircraft missile system "Tor" in Donetsk.

Oct. 5, at around 8:35 p.m., residents of the occupied Donetsk were startled by an explosion causing car alarms go off. According to locals, overall of three powerful explosions were recorded.

Militants' reports note that Russian occupation forces allegedly shot down a Ukrainian drone using their air-defense systems.

At that, no photo proofs of the hit drone have been presented, but the pictures of missiles' parts that, according to a source, were detected in the Kuibyshevskyi district of the city, have been released.

Other pictures of missile parts found in the territory of the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant also appeared on the Internet. In Russian
Use of volunteers recalls Russia's 'stealth tactic' in seizing Crimea from Ukraine

Russia isn't conducting operations in Syria involving its own ground troops and won't do so, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, the head of the lower house of parliament's defence committee, says, amid confusion over whether "volunteers" may be getting involved.

Komoyedov, who on Monday had said it was likely that Russian volunteers would travel to Syria to fight, was also quoted as saying that Russia was blocking any attempts by its citizens to fight on either side in the Syrian conflict.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Russian "volunteers" would join the fight in Syria and that a Russian ground force "could fundamentally alter the conflict.".................

To read further go to this link:
@Odessite wrote:
At night under the building Belgorod-Dniester military office in Odessa region unknown detonated an explosive device

Belgorod-Dniester explosion

In English

At night under the building Belgorod-Dniester military office in Odessa region unknown detonated an explosive device

It is reported by the press service of the regional department of the Interior Ministry.

The explosion occurred at about 3.00 am. According to preliminary data, it was made to undermine bezobolochnogo explosive power of about 200 grams of TNT.

Injured in an explosion there. At the site works investigative team.

Local residents reported to the social networks that the military office building with broken window frame, and there is damage to the facade.

Recall that in June in Odessa the unknown attempted to blow up the draft board.

On the night of September 27, a powerful explosion shook the center of Odessa: explosive device detonated near the building of the regional department of the Security Service of Ukraine. The police qualified the bombing as a terrorist act.

When I saw this, it scared the hell out of me, as that's my wife's town she's currently in, taking care of her elderly father. His house is probably not even 10 minute walk from where this occurred. Haven't talked to her yet, as i just woke-up, but she's a little further out in the small town. They're all very loving people in that town.

I do know from what my step-son has told me that there are still pro-Russians in Odessa proper, as Belgorod-Dnistrovsky is in southern Odessa oblast (country). Of course, this has to be funded and initialized by the Kremlin.

This is a key town, when it comes to Moldova and Transnistria. There's a bay area which I've gone to in the past, due to there's a beautiful centuries old fortress. On the west side of the bay area there are two rivers that take anyone via boat or ship to either Moldova or directly into Transnistria. So it's a route that can be used to head towards Odessa oblast or to travel to those above locations for the Kremlin.

There have been a few explosions in enlistment offices in Odessa proper. This is the first for Belgorod-Dnistrovsky. It seems the intimidation has spread out and not just in southern Ukraine.

To Ukrainians that might be involved in these atrocious acts: Just look at what you're doing TO YOUR OWN PEOPLE! You have allowed a phucking asshole that doesn't care about you to kill your own people for his greed. Wait till another similar group you don't know of their plans kills your family, then you'll see how weak and stupid you are and have been taken as a дурак / дурень.
on Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:08 amOdessite

At night under the building Belgorod-Dniester military office in Odessa region unknown detonated an explosive device

Belgorod-Dniester explosion

Experts of the Kiev factory "Mayak" presented its latest development - mortar "The Hammer." Its rate - 12 rounds per minute, the range of defeat enemy targets - more than 7 km.

It is reported by the press service of the Civil "Ukroboronprom."

"Hammer" is a smoothbore rigid system, the loading which comes from the barrel. Mortar equipped with a modern eye MUM 706 M, and established a special fuse Dulova part of double charging. Weight in firing position of 210 kg ", - told the" Ukroboronprom. "

It is noted that the new mortar has collected a lot of positive feedback from the military and technical experts.

"To continue its state tests. According to their results," Hammer "is to go into service of the Ukrainian army. The plant" Mayak "is ready to produce it in the required amount," - said the press service.

PJSC "Plant" Mayak "specializes in the development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons and military equipment, conduct and implementation of research and design and experimental work on the development and introduction of new products. It is developed special combat units to import armored "Humvees" and "Saxons". In Russian
At the airport Latakia / Hmeymim in Syria Russian military deployed 26 aircraft, 23 helicopters, 4 tanks, 16 armored combat vehicles and 260 units of motor vehicles.

It is reported by the press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

"According to some data, as of October 4, at the airport Latakia / Hmeymim was centered six Su-34, 10 Su-24, 10 Su-25, two IL-76, one IL-20, AN-124, An-26/30, Yak-40 and Tu-134, 14 Mi-24 helicopters, nine Mi-8 (without blades), four tanks, 16 armored combat vehicles, 260 units of automotive engineering (including construction, tractors) 12 tents, "- said in a statement.

It is noted that on the airfield settling infrastructure: tent city constructed modular and open areas for parking equipment, as well as the group expanded parking for aircraft and prepared shelters for military equipment.

As reported by the "Observer", the Russian Defense Ministry has published photos of the Russian air base in "Hmeymim" where the planes are based videoconferencing Russian air group, striking in Syria. In Russian
Russian President Vladimir Putin during talks with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko never demanded the return to Russia of Russians detained in Ukraine.

This was the TV channel "112 Ukraine", said advisor to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy tandem.

He stressed that otherwise behaves Poroshenko, demanding to return to their homeland held in the Russian Ukrainians.

It should be noted that the tandem did not mention the exact number of Russian citizens detained in Ukraine in connection with the illegal activities.

"It's not one or two but dozens of people and detentions occur every day," - summed up adviser to the head of the SBU.

As reported by the "Observer", in late September Poroshenko handed a letter in which asked to assist the exchange of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia for Russian prisoners. In Russian
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