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Location : United States

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News -
The last few days Admin has sent me to various locations, mostly around the capital, Kiev.
I observed the Gay Pride March on Saturday, before travelling around the city, and visiting some tourist spots.
The Botanical Gardens, near Rodina Mat, are super now, especially the rose garden. In full bloom.
Hard at times to believe that there is a war going on against Russia.
On Sunday I went to Mizhgoriya - Yanukovich's fantasy estate north of Kiev.
Frankly, it has to be seen to be believed. I took 160 photos, but... you simply have to walk around the estate, to get some idea of its scale - and immense cost.
I also went to the opera and the Philarmonia. Standards are still high at the opera. Superb orchestral playing there.
Monday night I took a walk at Gidropark. Frankly - awful. Full of drunks. I would say 30% of people drunk on Monday night.
Monday I also went to Maidan, spoke to some people.
They are very annoyed that Poroshenko and yatseniuk did not appear to report on things over the past year.
My friend told them that he did it to the Rada, on tv, and also to journalists, but they are not impressed.
They feel that the people who were responsible for the revolution are now being pushed aside.

Weather -
Hot - very hot. 32 yesterday. A little cooler today - nearer 28 perhaps.
The fields need water. But none is predicted during the next week. Not good for the crops.
Hopefully there will be a thunderstorm or two - but unlikely.
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In St. Petersburg, on the Champ de Mars activists "Spring", a monument of the unknown Russian soldiers killed in the Donbas. It is stated on page motion in the social network "Vkontakte".

Read More here:

"... On the Champ de Mars there is another grave. Near the graves of victims of the revolution and civil war, there was a tombstone in memory of the victims of a new fratricidal war - between Russia and Ukraine. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the new installed "spring" to remind about the hundreds and thousands of our compatriots, Putin sent to war with Ukraine. About them are lying, they are on vacation, which resigned, but more and more facts accurately say that the Russian soldiers are fighting in the Donbas. And they come back out with injuries or in coffins. Their graves are hidden, they are silent about, and relatives of the promise of compensation lies that soldiers died during exercises. But there is grave: one theater - the Champ de Mars; a lot of this - all over Russia, "- said in a statement.

The anti-war movement with the help of his action was against Putin's decree, according to which information about the military killed in special operations in peacetime, now classified as a state secret.

"Our campaign is dedicated to the recent decree of Putin's army in the scramble loss" peaceful "time. It is hypocritical and cowardly decision to continue the policy of the Russian authorities: befuddle soldiers propaganda, went to war, and then lie that they never existed. And instead of peacetime we have an undeclared war with the brotherly people. Vladimir Putin is often credited with the phrase "His not throw." But the correct version we recorded in our Memorial: "And these are not your own, and have been." He is easily the victims and their and other people's soldiers to achieve their political goals. Putin - a war criminal, whose place in the dock of the Hague Tribunal. There he would be, and certainly. If only it did not catch up before the fate of other dictators who fought with his people ", - the activists. In Russian
June 8 when the terrorists once again opened fire on the positions of the Ukrainian military to AGSov and mortars, received a fitting rebuff from "Azovtsev." This was Facebook's press office reported special battalion "Azov".

"Our soldiers opened fire. As it became known later, while the terrorists were trying to smuggle equipment to their positions with personnel and supplies BC. Direct hit "Azovtsev" destroy the enemy arsenal, "- said in a statement.

We also know that the enemy lost soldiers.

Earlier fighters "Azov" reported that in a few hours Shirokino battle continues, two soldiers were wounded. In Russian
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk and US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew discussed the issue of granting Ukraine additional loan guarantees of $ 1 billion. US dollars. It is reported by the press service of the CMU.

This was discussed during a meeting in Washington, where Yatsenyuk went on a working visit with the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko.

"During the meeting discussed support for the US side of the reform program, which embodies the Government of Ukraine", - said in a statement. In Russian
Tuesday, June 9, during a working visit to Washington, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with Deputy Secretary of State of the United States of America Anthony Blinkenom. It is reported by the press service of the CMU.

Anthony Blinken said that he highly appreciates and welcomes the extraordinary efforts of the Government of Ukraine, which, being in very difficult circumstances demonstrates a strong commitment to reform, and today has reached tangible results.

"During the conversation, they talked about international efforts in support of Ukraine. This position, according to Deputy Secretary of State, was clearly testified during the summit of the Group of Seven in Germany. Also discussed issues that relate to decentralization and changes in Ukraine ", - said in a statement.

Recall, June 9 Yatsenyuk received the Deputy Secretary-General Geoffrey Feltmanna, which discussed the urgent issues that relate to the process of peaceful settlement of the situation in the East of Ukraine. In Russian
In the past, "the chief doctor of the national" Luhansk regional hospital Vladimir Klimov did not have a job in Russia. According to the sealed source, Klimov tried to get obstetrician in a regional hospital in Belgorod, reports .

Recall that Klimov had become a "national chief doctor" in the Luhansk regional hospital in September 2014. Prior to that, he led the regional perinatal center.

Immediately after the "destination", "head doctor" with the threat caused to work hospital staff who have left the area during the summer ATO attacks.

In addition, Vladimir Klimov promised that he would personally supervise weaning apartments in the "guilty" of employees In Russian
Russia can no longer be regarded as a strategic partner of the European Union (EU). This is stated in the text of the resolution presented by the press service of the European Parliament, reports RBC-Ukraine .

"At the moment Russia for its actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, can no longer be considered or deemed a" strategic partner ", - the document says.

The text says that the strategic partnership as a kind of political relations "should be based on mutual trust and respect for international law, which is based on democracy, national sovereignty and freedom of choice of the internal constitutional order and foreign policy orientations, territorial integrity and respect for the rule of law, human rights and the principles of international diplomacy and trade. "

These principles, according to Evroprarlamenta not made Russia.

In addition, the resolution of the European Parliament draws attention to the need to respect Russia's territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and the full implementation of the agreements Minsk.

Also, the resolution requires the cessation of Russian "destabilizing actions at EU borders" and considers it necessary to develop a series of measures that would prohibit funding for the Russian radical parties within the EU.

Recall Yatsenyuk said that a statement on the results of the summit of the "Big Seven» (G7) said first that the support of Ukraine is confirmed, no one made a single step back, sanctions and pressure on Russia will continue. In Russian
Ukrainian security officials detained a resident of a frontline town Happiness Luhansk region on charges of aiding and abetting a terrorist organization. It is reported by the press service of the prosecutor's office in the Luhansk region.

According to the report, the Luhansk thermoelectric power station employee gave militants representative information on the locations of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and also corrected artillery fire fighters. A man threatens from 8 to 15 years in prison.

The prosecutor's office in charge of the area in the criminal proceedings on suspicion of a resident of Happiness Novoaydarsky region Lugansk region in the commission of an offense under Part. 1 tbsp. 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (assistance to a terrorist organization).

Sanction h. 1, Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of 8 to 15 years with confiscation of property or without it. In Russian
Poland and Canada are ready to help Ukraine not only money, but also the experience of reforms, according to RIA "Novosti".

This was stated by the Prime Minister of Poland, Ewa Kopacz during a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"We are ready to help Ukraine, not only financially, but also our experience of reforms, we can convey the Ukrainians. We also talked about the need to systematically send humanitarian aid to Kiev ", - said Kopacz.

Meanwhile, she also said that Poland and Canada are in favor of retaining the sanctions against Russia. In Russian
Tuesday, June 9, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew during a working visit to the United States. It is reported by the press service of the CMU.

The Ukrainian delegation was the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko.

During the meeting they discussed support for the US side of the reform program, which embodies the Government of Ukraine.

"The Minister of Finance assured the United States to support Ukraine in the implementation of the IMF program, including the restructuring of the commercial debt," - said in a statement. The parties also discussed the issue of granting Ukraine additional loan guarantees of $ 1 billion. US dollars.

Recall will also meet with Yatsenyuk Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinkenom. In Russian
More trouble in the pipeline? Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has insisted Kyiv should pay for supplies to militant-occupied areas of eastern Ukraine, despite the fact that they aren't under government-control.

The company's Deputy Head Alexander Medvedev made the demands at a press conference on Tuesday. Meanwhile, he added Gazprom would not continue to use Ukraine as a transit country for Russian gas beyond 2019.

Alexander Medvedev, Gazprom Deputy Chairman: "In the view of economic, commercial, technological, investment and political risks for the transit of gas, there will be no more transit through Ukraine, even if the sun swaps places with the moon."
Claims by representatives of Russian military concern Almaz-Antey that a Ukrainian missile shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in July last year are untrue, according to an analysis of experts from fact-checking project Bellingcat, news Web site Meduza has reported.

As stated in the report of Almaz-Antey, the plane was shot down by a Buk-M1 9M38M1 missile. The rocket homed in on the aircraft, crossing its course at an angle 72-78 degrees horizontal and 20-22 vertical; with the report claiming that the rocket was launched from the area of ​​Zaroschenske, which was controlled by Ukrainian military.

The report also noted that the production of missiles of this type in Russia was stopped in 1999 - three years before the establishment of the concern; whereas such complexes were still used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"There are these kinds of missiles in Russia. And there are lots of videos and photographs that confirm this. In fact, it is one of their main theses, and its unreliability discredits the whole report," said one of the Bellingcat project experts, Iggy Ostanin....................

Read further at link:
Analyst: “Not only is it unclear whether this will go anywhere, but such a move opens a Pandora’s box of which assets were ill-gotten, and which were lawfully acquired. A true renationalization campaign could be disastrous if not handled carefully, so we continue to view this threat as political show, for the time being.”

KYIV, June 9, 2015 (UBO) – There have been frequent calls from some quarters for the government to energize its activity in breaking the hold of certain oligarchs on whole swathes of Ukrainian industry. It now appears the deoligarchization program is picking up steam.

In an online advisory today Concorde Capital informed clients that Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has filed criminal charges against Dmytro Firtash, Ukraine’s former leading private natural gas trader. Firtash is alleged to have conspired with former executives of state natural gas production and transit firm Naftogaz, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced on June 8. The conspiracy involved the Naftogaz executives changing their position in late 2010 on 11 bcm of gas that was being contested by RosUkrEnergo, a natural gas intermediary in which Firtash was a key player, along with Gazprom. This change in position is alleged to have led to the surrender of 11 bcm (and a 1.1 bcm penalty) to RosUkrEnergo, which conspired with then-Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko and then-Naftogaz Chairman Yevhen Bakulin. Both Boyko and Bakulin were elected to parliament in October as members of the Opposition Bloc led by Boyko.

In response, Firtash said he will fight in court the criminal charges filed by the Ukrainian government, which he says views business as its enemy. The government’s actions have led to the loss of 600,000 jobs, higher utility rates and failure to resolve the military conflict, he said in a June 8 interview for the Inter television network that he controls. The government wanted to write off all its losses on the war, and when that failed, it shifted to the so-called war on the oligarchs, he said.

Concorde analyst Zenon Zawada added: “The gloves are off, as they say. It’s clear that the criminal charges were the last straw for the billionaire Firtash, who was hoping to find some compromise with the government. Now he’s joined billionaires Rinat Akhmetov and Igor Kolomoisky on the hit list.

“For the pro-Western forces, picking fights with the top oligarchs has numerous goals, among them giving voters a reason to support them in the October national elections. They will base their campaigns on not allowing oligarchs such as Firtash and Akhmetov, with their pro-Russian position, to retake power and undermine the progress made towards integrating with the West and away from Putin's crypto-fascism.

“The People’s Front party led by Yatsenyuk is targeting Firtash in particular after he admitted last month in an Austrian court that he had political agreements with the president. So it’s aiming to capitalize on the public anti-oligarch sentiment to sway support from the president’s party..................

Read further at link:
“The legislation also would authorize and fund lethal arms for the Ukrainians, who have been under attack by Russian-backed separatist forces, in a far more muscular program of American assistance than the current policy. During an interview in his tidy Senate hideaway, Mr. McCain, 78, called the administration’s more limited assistance for Ukraine ‘a shameful chapter in American history.’”

By Jennifer Steinhauer for the New York Times, June 8, 2015

WASHINGTON — John McCain has had many dreams.

But among his greatest — second only to residing in the White House as commander in chief — was to clutch the chairman’s gavel at the Senate Armed Services Committee, where he would be empowered to advance his national security and domestic fiscal policy agendas.

With the annual military policy bill, topping $600 billion in costs, now on the floor of the Senate, Mr. McCain is trying to do just that, while also trying to float above the partisan strife that has defined the modern Congress and at times engulfed his own tenure.

With the help of members of both parties, he drew up a bill that would rein in escalating personnel costs and expensive ships and airplanes. It would give new authority to the military services to manage some of their own programs and purchases, in exchange for spending accountability..............

Read further at link:
“For its members, ‘the stabilization of the situation’ in Ukraine ‘and the punishment of the aggressor’ is not only a manifestation of its core values but ‘a lesson for future members of the club’ about what is permissible.

By: Paul Goble for “Windows on Eurasia”:

This week’s meeting of the G-7 has been forced to focus not on the challenges posed by the Islamic State, Iran’s nuclear program, or Ebola but on the actions of a former member of the group, Russia, because Moscow by its aggression in Ukraine has betrayed the entire civilized world, according to Vitaly Portnikov.

Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin to this day does “not recognize all the consequences of his insane actions” or that Russia was taken into what was then the G8 not on the basis of economic power – in that case, China would have been included – but “based on the hope that the Russian leadership would accept the importance of the joint defense of democratic values”

The G7, as Portnikov points out, “is based precisely on these values – democracy, free markets, and respect for sovereignty, human rights, and human life.” The West invited Russia to join in the hopes that it would respect these values, but Putin’s actions show that the West “miscalculated” (rus.newsru.uacolumnists08Jun2015privivpredatelstvo.html).

If “by some miracle” Russia survives “on the political map of the world” and ultimately becomes “a normal country,” it is going to find what it views as its place in this grouping occupied by Brazil or India or even China “when [Beijing] shifts to democracy of a Japanese type,” the Ukrainian commentator argues....................

Read further at link:
on Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:54 pmAdmin
When shelling started in the separatist-controlled city of Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, some residents took shelter in their basements. What they thought was a short-term situation has now dragged on for a year. Petr Shelomovskiy of RFE/RL's Current Time TV program visited one shelter where 40 people -- nearly half of them children -- are struggling to get by in the cramped conditions of their temporary underground home.
The self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics proposed amendments to the Constitution where they have called the Republic of Crimea the part of Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports citing the document published by the terrorists' Donetsk news agency.
"Ukraine is comprised of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, separate territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions with the special status, Vinnytsia, Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Zakarpatska, Zaporizhia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Kirovohrad, Luhansk, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytsk, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, and Chernihiv regions, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol," the statement reads. Source:

[] In Russian[/url]
The number of victims of a fire at the tank farm has increased (UkrInform)
During the attempted liquidation of fires at the naftoshoviŝì in the Kiev region died another person.
It is reported by the press-service of the MIA in the Kiev region.
"As of 5 p.m. on June 9, there are two dead man. Twelve of the injuries are in hospital, including seven employees of DSNS, and two more are considered missing still.

18: 28
Against Ukraine fights a weak Russia and even weaker "Putin (World Press) (Radio Liberty)

18: 51
Found the bodies of three rescuers who were lost during the [attempted] liquidation of fires (24-channel)
"Unfortunately ... found the bodies of three dead comrades. The boys died, fearlessly fighting the fire. Honor and memory! "— wrote Avakov

In English, bbc
Ukraine crews battle blaze after 'huge' explosion outside Kiev
In English.
Forgive me if one or two of these have been posted before. I've been travelling a bit ! ))

My life as a pro-Putin propagandist in Russia’s secret 'troll factory'
(VIDEO at link)

Why are migrants fleeing Moscow?
[From Luhn, not Putin butt-kisser Shaun Walker of Russiaprofile. Some nice photos.]

Ukraine Fuel Depot Fire Kills 1, Several Injured Near Kiev
[apparently 3 storage containers still on fire. A lot of black smoke. Maybe Putin, hard to know. ]

[also in NY times - ]
Putin’s Warlords Slip Out of Control
KIEV — In waging a clandestine war in eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has made a bargain with the devil. He has farmed out much of the fighting to warlords, mercenaries and criminals, partly in an attempt to simulate a broad-based indigenous resistance to Ukrainian rule. But Mr. Putin’s strategy of using such proxies has resulted in the establishment of a warlord kleptocracy in eastern Ukraine that threatens even Moscow’s control of events.
Surrogate fighters were recruited from four sources: local criminal gangs; jobless males who live on the fringes of eastern Ukraine’s society; political extremists from Russia’s far right, including Cossacks; and itinerant Russian mercenaries who fought in Chechnya, North Ossetia, Transnistria and other regional conflicts in the post-Soviet Union. They have been trained and equipped with modern weapons, and are often supported by Russian regular and special troops.

[not a bad read]

Ukraine frontline troops dig down with pig named Putin

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back near the main entrance is the zoo - or "Zoo Park", as it is called.

Various animals, presumably close friends of the ex- president, both metaphorically speaking, and also genetically. ...

And finally, the last of a dozen photos - on leaving - after 4.5 hours - nearly 1300, having arrived early at 0830,
the exit, swarming with people on a warm Sunday afternoon. Cars as far as the eye can see....

As I said at the beginning, you have to see this place to believe it.
Extravagance to the extreme.
You can visit inside the house, but that costs 200 hryvnia. But there were plenty of people doing this when I left.

How many million Ukrainians live in poverty - no electricity, no running water, an outside toilet, no gas connection....
And here - their president -
the contrast is obcene. Absolutely obcene.
And how Putin could support this nutcase - only one explanation - Putin himself is a nutcase.

I'll post more photos on the new website when it is 100% up and running.

We're currently operating both sites, but will soon move to just one, when all is ok.
After completing an anti-clockwise walk around most of the estate, you arrive back at the main house, including a lake -

At the same lake, looking in the opposite direction. A little dacha for drinks one presumes, larger than most peoples' houses.
Note also the "Greek" theme. No wonder the Greeks support Putin and any old dictator, and don't want to pay the Germans 50 billion euros back because they are too lazy to work - like Yanukovich himself...

Obviously this is just a glimpse of the estate.
I'll post more photos - I took 160 - later on the new website, forummotion.

Walking west for another 20 minutes or so takes you to the car collection.
You have to pay an extra 30 uah to get in there.
Perhaps 30 cars and bikes of all sorts in it -
one photo -

A relatively short walk - perhaps 10 minutes from the "Putler Dom" - Putin's house - and 5 minutes from the garage, and you get to the golf course.
Almost completed...
I think 9 holes. this - in the photo - would be the closing hole by the lake. A dog-leg right, water hazard on the right, obviously, and also a bunker placed on the left side of the green.
Obviously somebody was employed with a brain to think about the design. No expense was spared.

the house with my back to the river.
I should add that there are numerous buildings, including a house for Putin to stay in.
A massive garage for the car collection, lots of buildings connected with the zoo, and so on.
But this was dictator-in-waiting, Yanukovich's main house -

A long long long walk, down the gardens, to the river-front, and then north - perhaps a 20 minute walk, takes you to other man-made lakes, and the "galleon"-
but it is not really a boat. It seems fixed to the ground. Fake. Really that word describes the estate itself. It is a sort of copy of things. A sort of Disneyland.

Best to go there as early as possible. Especially in the summer.
It gets hot. Also parking can be difficult. I went on Sunday, and it was very busy.

Fortunately, on showing my Ukraine-English-news ID, and Admin's Wallmart card, they let me in early, at 0830.
Gates for the public open at 0900.
That is why some of the early photos - there is nobody in the picture. The later photos - full of people.
Entrance fee and map -

When I arrived early there was nobody waiting. Lucky. And only one or two cars parked outside.
Advice - turn your car around. Then you can leave easily. When I left there were over 100 cars, plus several buses from places like Chernigiv.
Clearly people are running tours to Mizygoriya on a regular basis.
You can hire a bike there. 60 grivna. But I walked. That way you get a better idea of the massive size of the estate. And can see all in great detail.
You can also hire an electric car - golf buggy. Some people did this. Photos later on the new website.

To understand why Ukrainians are fighting this war for freedom from Russian domination, you have only to visit Mizygoriya; Yanukovich's lavish estate outside of Kiev.
I spent 4.5 hours walking around it.

The whole estate is sculptured in great detail - expensive bushes, trees, buildings... Like a sort of disney land.
A greek theme. Amusing that now it is the Greeks and italians who are mostly supporting Putin the dictator against Ukraine.

UEN Exclusive - Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych's Mezhyhirya estate

I will post more photos separately on the new forum when it becomes fully operational.
But here some photos to give you a little idea of the extravagance of the former President, whilst the old of Ukraine were struggling on a pension of 50 dollars a month...

At the borders of Ukraine in the Rostov region recorded train with military equipment (pulse)
Ukrainian political scientist said, where Putin strikes (' 97)
The new offensive will take a better negotiating position. In case of success, of course. Well, in case of failure reduced the number of fighters, which should contain. In this coordinate system, the blow to Marinka was quite expect.
Since the tactic of militants "DNI" is obvious, is left to deal with the strikes in the near future. For this it is better to start from Moscow's strategic objective of coercion of Ukraine to Russian conditions. That is, the return of occupied territories of Kiev, while preserving the outer Moscow control. It is therefore more logical to define the direction of impact from the military, but a political and economic point of view. The capture of another piece of territory or destroyed the village will not make Kiev more pliable.
Bellingcat Expert: Russia provides false evidence about the shooting down of the Boeing over Ukraine
The main points of the representatives of the Russian military concern "Almaz-Ante" that Malaysian "Boeing" in July, 2014, was shot down by Ukrainians, is deceitful... [i.e. lies]
In particular, in the report, the full version of which is published Russian news agency TASS, the Russians argue that the plane was shot down the missile 9M38M1 a part of the 9M314M1 complex "Buk-M1. They insist that in Russia this rocket discontinued in 1999, Ukraine applies her so far.
"However, this is not true. These missiles are in Russia. And there are plenty of videos and pictures that is confirmed. Actually this is one of their main theses, and invalidate discredits the entire presentation, "said newspaper CMP Iggy Ostanìn.
In particular, the Bellingcat has collected a large number of photos and videos that recorded the missile 9M38M1 in Russia in recent years, including military parades with the participation of Vladimir Putin, as well as during transport close to the Ukrainian border.

The area within a radius of 10 km from the epicenter of the fire at the gas base admitted dangerous (week. ua)
The State Commission on urban ecological security identified a dangerous zone of RADIUS 10 km from the epicenter of the fire at the tank farm near Kiev. This is stated on the website of the Vasylkivska City Council.
"In this area there is a great likelihood of air pollution products of combustion of fuel and lubricants, which are a threat to human health," stated in the text.
Residents urge without urgency do not leave home, keep the window closed, refrain from eating any fruits that do not fall under the rain.
In addition, the Council has urged to take out of the zone of danger to pregnant women and children.
"The ecological situation will improve once the rains will be that clean polluted atmosphere," he said in a statement.
Recall that in the Kiev region on the territory of the petroleum depot in the evening of June 8 fire occurred. Currently, the fire covered eight of the seventeen tanks with fuel.
The INTERIOR MINISTRY reported one dead and 14 injured.
The owners of fuel depots near believe that the cause of the fire is an attack.
The INTERIOR MINISTRY opened criminal proceedings on the fact of the fire at the tank farm.

[A terrorist attack?
A gas depot - how can they let terrorists into such a place?
An obvious target for Putin and Lavrov.
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