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Mostly quiet, although on ATO soldier was injured from a mine.

Ukraine's going to file a lawsuit against the Kremlin at the WTO. Would be quite interesting if the WTO either places sanctions of their own, or place restrictions against the Kremlin. It would hurt their economy more than it is now. Some heavy artillery was found in Seleznivka, Petrivske, and Sontseve. by Ukraine's intelligence unit. A few reports of both sides pulling back from the DMZ line, but it seems the terrorists as usual not adhering to stipulations of the Minsk Agreement. It's Putin's way of continuing his intimidation.

Still waiting to see if the immunity repeal bill will be put up for a vote. Won't hold my breath though.


+2c in Kyiv clouds. In the south, it's +11 with rains. Looks like a balmy day throughout Ukraine today.
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Ukraine is suffering no deficit of diesel fuel after the Russian Federation imposed a ban on exports of this type of oil to our country, Oleksiy Tamrazov, an expert on Ukraine’s oil market and ex-deputy chief of state-owned Ukrgazvydobuvannia, has told an UNIAN correspondent on Wednesday.

"Russia has imposed a ban on shipments to Ukraine of diesel fuel and liquefied natural gas. There is no shortage of diesel fuel. The "Russian" resource was replaced with tanker shipments," said Tamrazov.

At the same time, the expert says that the planned repair of a Mozyr Oil Refinery, which is a Belarusian supplier of oil products to Ukraine, led to temporary shortage of liquefied natural gas, which affected the price for the end consumer.

"Just three weeks ago, the price on the domestic market was lower than the import price by UAH 500,” said Tamrazov....................

To read further go to this link: In Ukrainian
The research was carried out by Transparency International Ukraine and the Internet publication ‘First Instance’ and based on an analysis of 100 court rulings passed over the last three months under Article 368 of the Criminal Code (gaining illegitimate gains). Of these 21 sentences involved imprisonment; 19 were suspended sentences; 48 were fined and 12 were acquitted. This number of acquittals, it should be noted, is much lower than the percentage for the country as a whole.

The analysts also found that the higher the bribes the officials took, the less likely were their chances of ending up behind bars. The article of the Criminal Code does have different parts, however all envisage the possibility of imprisonment.

The average bribe alleged to have been taken where the suspect was acquitted was 112 thousand UAH. The average bribe where a person got a suspended sentence was 79 thousand. Those who received a real term of imprisonment had, on average, paid 40 thousand UAH...................

To read further go to this link:
Around 300 young Russians recently took part in a camp training fighters in the Moscow region, with their instructors including two prominent neo-Nazis who until this summer were fighting on the side of the Kremlin-backed militants in Donbas. Alexei Milchakov is a St Petersburg neo-Nazi who moved from decapitating puppies and calling on fellow Neo-Nazis to kill down-and-outs back in Russia to torturing Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas as part of a formation called ‘Rusich’. The latter services appear to have made the Russian authorities waive criminal charges supposedly facing Milchakov in his native St. Petersburg. In March 2015 he and fellow neo-Nazi militant Jan Petrovsky (Veliki Slavian) were part of a militant ‘delegation’ to a forum in St. Petersburg of members of mainly European and Russian far-right and neo-Nazi parties. Now the two men are valued ‘instructors’ at a camp under the patronage of former ‘prime minister of the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’, Alexander Borodai.

The last training camp for fighters from ‘Rusich’ and an organization called the E.N.O.T Corporation were on Sept 26-27 on territory adjoining a monastery in the Moscow region village of Avdotino. The head of the monastery is probably the priest in the video here who comes and blesses all 300 participants in the camp on learning how to kill, escape, etc. A new invitation has just appeared on the ENOT site for those wishing to take part, totally free of charge, on Nov 21-22.

ENOT claims to be a volunteer outfit, but it clearly enjoys generous funding and its mercenaries regularly take part in ‘business trips’ otherwise known as fighting against the Ukrainian military in Donbas. Denis Kazansky, a prominent Donetsk journalist now in exile, reports that ENOT fighters carried out a purge in Spring this year of a Cossack formation which was competing for power with the current leader of the so-called ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ [LNR’]. The organization’s address is in the very centre of Moscow, and its website openly displays its training sessions in Russia. It is unclear, Kazansky writes, how any of this complies with Russian legislation. Unfortunately, however, nobody seems to be asking that question.

The training course involved seminars and practice in sniper fire; using a pistol or machine gun; martial arts; field medicine, etc. Kids who look 13 or 14 at most are taught to shoot, move and take aim without being observed, to move injured comrades, etc. with their trainers men from ‘Rusich’ who “fought successfully in Donbas”.................

To read further go to this link:
"I am proud that after my meeting with Barack Obama in mid-November special long-range counter-battery stations will arrive that will enable us to identify clearly, dozens of kilometers from the front, where enemy fire is coming from," Poroshenko told the alumni of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.
According to the agenda of a meeting of the State Aviation Service commission on issues regarding the authority to operate air routes, due to be held on October 29, 2015, Dniproavia (Dnipropetrovsk) requested permission to carry out flights on the Ivano-Frankivsk-Minsk, Dnipropetrovsk-Minsk, and Dnipropetrovsk-Chisinau routes.

In addition, PJSC Motor Sich appealed for the right to operate air flights on the Zaporizhia-Minsk and Kyiv-Minsk routes.

Yanair (Zhytomyr) intends to obtain permits for flights on the following routes: Kyiv-Gyumri, Kyiv-Minsk, Odesa-Tel Aviv, Odesa-Gyumri, Kyiv-Baku, Kyiv-Chisinau, Odesa-Yerevan, and Kyiv-Berlin Schoenefeld.

The company also asked for the frequency of flights on the Odesa-Chisinau route to be increased from four to seven per week.

In addition, Ukraine International Airlines intends to obtain permits for the Kharkiv-Kutaisi, Kyiv-Beirut, Kyiv-Amman, Kyiv-Aktau routes, and requested that the frequency of flights between Kyiv-Tehran are increased from three to seven flights, and Kyiv-Bangkok - from four to seven flights per week.................

The Ukrainian military keep withdrawing tanks in the Donbas expecting conclusions of the Tripartite Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in the east of Ukraine.

According to the ATO headquarters spokesperson Leonid Matiukhin, the withdrawal of large-caliber equipment is underway in the Donetsk region, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.
"We expect the Tripartite Contact Group to voice its conclusions after 10 a.m. because we are withdrawing our tanks having no clue on the pace of the withdrawal by the enemy. We just know that the OSCE access is denied to some areas," he said.

At the same time Matiukhin confirmed that the withdrawal of weapons at the Mariupol direction was scheduled for today.

He also told that it became easier to restore infrastructure in the region due to the armistice.

"The water and power supply has been restored in numerous locations. The military themselves are ready to provide assistance to civilians: the people address them with basic requests to help get some coal or glaze windows and the military always meet them halfway. The main problem is funding. Volunteers provide substantial assistance," he said. In Russian
The Ukrainian intelligence has recorded enemy heavy artillery systems in some areas of Donbas that had to be withdrawn under Minsk agreements.

Censor.NET reports citing the official website of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The statement reads: "The situation in the ATO area is relatively stable. The Russian occupation forces observe the cease-fire. No assaults have been recorded by the ATO forces.

"The Ukrainian side informed the OSCE that the enemy artillery systems with caliber exceeding 100-mm have been spotted in the vicinity of Seleznivka, Petrivske, and Sontseve villages. The presence of this equipment in the given areas is a violation of the Minsk agreements," the agency noted.
"Deterioration of discipline and morale of the enemy has been observed after the cease-fire was introduced. In particular, multiple cases of alcohol use by the troops of the 1st Army Corps of the Russian occupation forces have been recorded. There are killed and wounded as a result of skirmishes between the separatists, abuse of military equipment, and careless handling of weapons and ammunition," the agency added. In Russian
Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia to the WTO regarding restrictions on the export of railcars and turnouts.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Natalia Mykolska, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"Today, Ukraine has filed its first lawsuit against Russia to the WTO following the restrictions imposed on Ukrainian railcars and turnouts," she told reporters at a briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers in Kyiv on Wednesday.

According to her, Ukraine has repeatedly tried to tackle the issue at the level of relevant WTO committees but failed, and is consequently forced to resort to WTO's dispute settlement procedure.

Mykolska says Ukraine expects that this dispute be resolved at the stage of consultations within 30 days.

"Ukraine claims that since late 2013, the conformity assessment certificates for railway products imported from Ukraine into Russia have been suspended without any explanation and new applications have been rejected," the WTO said in their statement, as reported by Reuters.

Ukraine alleged that the restrictions broke several WTO rules and amounted to an effective ban on imports of the products into Russia, the WTO statement said. In Russian
After the local elections, Ukraine will see drastic reforms in different sectors, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko says.

"Immediately after the elections, I never happened to say this before and actually did not want to say it prior to the elections, but I'll say it to you: we will have four years without elections, without populism, when we will finally be able to make our decisive steps for the development of our country," the president said, visiting Ivano-Frankivsk Cement Plant on Wednesday, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

In particular, he said these steps would be intended to combat corruption, reform the judiciary, complete the reform of the prosecutor's office, etc.

The president also stressed that immediately after the fair and transparent local elections a serious work on restoring the economy and attracting investments will start.

Read more: Poroshenko orders Rada Speaker Hroisman to look into possibility to deprive MPs of mandate for three unreasonable absences. In Russian
Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (aka Strelkov) predicted catastrophic consequences for Russia due to its intervention in the armed conflict in Syria.

The infamous terrorist wrote it in his "Updates", Censor.NET informs.

"The gaps of Syrian campaign are obvious: 1) it is impossible to win it while the defeat is very likely; 2) taking into consideration this impossibility, the invested resources, both material and human, will be just wasted; 3) the moral effect after the defeat in this much-touted war will affect the situation in the country; 4) the most important thing about the Syrian campaign is the clumsy attempt to fog the cession of the Donbas and the beginning of the "negotiations" on Crimea (according to my information, the fuss around the status of Crimea has already begun).

See more: Pool of blood, scrapes, and bruises - detention of terrorist 'Minister' Liamin. PHOTO
"The cession of Crimea will be followed by cession of the Russian Federation with predictable (negative) results. It will be impossible to brake to a halt: having already started the process of surrender, our "beau monde" will bring it to the end. The consequences will be dire - the same as after the dissolution of the Soviet Union at best. But I think they will be worse since no "margin of safety" remains either in the country or economy or society.

"They will try to exchange Crimea for the [lifting of] sanctions with some "profit" (using their terminology). As a result, when even this does not work, they will return and refund everything and will keep paying until losing their shirt. And then there will be a palace coup under the guise of Moscow Maidan followed by nuclear disarmament and dissolution of the Russian Federation. At least that's the plan of Washington and London. Meanwhile, it is working out very well," Girkin wrote. In Russian
on Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:07 amAdmin
The General Prosecutor’s Office has completed its investigation and filed several charges against Oleksandr Yefremov, the head of Regions faction in Rada till 2014, Ukrainian News reports Oct. 20, citing its sources in law enforcement.
Yefremov is accused for his role in passing the so-called ‘dictatorial laws which gave exceptional powers to the then president Yanukovych on Jan. 16, 2014.

One of the charges relates to Yefremov’s public declarations fanning the national hatred which resulted in numerous murders of protesters during the Maidan revolution in the winter of 2014.

Yefremov was first detained on Feb. 16, 2015, Sentenced by a court to custody, he was released on a $168,000 bail paid by his colleague and Regions heavyweight Boris Kolesnykov.
The Court of Appeal of Chernihiv region affirmed the verdict of the Desnianskyi district court in Chernihiv, according to which a Russian citizen was convicted for nine years in prison for espionage.

Censor.NET reports citing the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine.

It is noted that the law enforcement officers arrested the perpetrator in March 2014 when he was trying to get classified information regarding a military-industrial complex. The spy used an NGO member ID as a disguise.

Firearms, ammunition, explosives, and eavesdropping equipment were seized during search in the premises of the Russian citizen.

The irrefutable evidence against the attacker has been acquired during the pre-trial investigation. The Russian spy was sentenced to nine years in prison. In Russian
All was quiet in the anti-terrorist operation zone in eastern Ukraine in the past 24 hours, yet one Ukrainian serviceman was injured in a demining operation, Ukrainian Presidential Administration spokesman for the army operation Andriy Lysenko has said.

"No provocations were observed along the contact line over the past day, and hostile drones were not seen flying either. One Ukrainian serviceman was injured in a grenade explosion. That happened near Maryinka when the serviceman was doing demining works," Lysenko said at a press briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday.
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