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News -
Sad. Read that 8 soldiers died yesterday.
7 killed together in a landmine blast. Putin and Russian's legacy to Ukraine.
Who will ever want to be close to Russia again? Nobody.
Russia has brought death, death and death to Ukraine.
Ronald Reagan once described Russia as "an evil empire". I see absolutely no reason to disagree with this judgement.
I read also that Obama came out with a nice statement about Putin seeking to revive the Soviet empire.
His rhetoric is becoming stronger. Which is to be welcomed. Arms would be of more use, of course.

Weather -
20C at the moment at 0900. 26 Predicted. A little cooler than of late. Blue sky and strong sunshine as usual.
Ukraine needs some rain, but none in the immediate forecast.

Observation -

Lots and lots of cars from Donetsk now in Kiev. Thousands upon thousands.
Why? They don't want to get killed by Putin, or have all that they have worked for stolen by Russian criminals sent in by Putin and his goons.
Most of the AH reg cars are quite expensive. This one was more moderate....  Also several BB reg. That's Lugansk.

[UEN Exclusive photos]

But not many of them rolled up for the Dynamo - Shakhtar game last week.
This was the Skakhtar sector. Not a lot of support really - perhaps too scared to show their faces. ...

By way of contrast, the roses are in bloom in the Botanical Gardens...

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Director of the Russian analytical "Levada Center" Lev Gudkov said that the anti-Ukrainian and anti-Western sentiment in Russia weakened under the influence of sanctions. He said this in an interview with "Commander in Chief" .

"You can talk about them slowly weakening under the influence of sanctions under the influence of the worsening economic situation, well, influenced by the realization that there is a price reduction in the standard of living", - said the sociologist.

He added that "as long as people harahoritsya, flaunt, but, in principle, the degree of aggressiveness decreases slightly, people are beginning to get tired of it."

"According to the latest measurements of anti-Western and anti-Ukrainian went down also starting to weaken," - said Gudkov. In Russian
The self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk "people's republic" withdraw its draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which mention the Crimea and Sevastopol. This is stated in a joint statement, representatives of the "DNR" and "LC" in the Contact Group and Denis Pushilin Vladislav Dana transmits the separatist website "Donetsk news agency."

"DNR" and "LC" will certainly consider Crimea as part of Russia. Moreover, our republic is also ideally would like to join the Russian Federation ", - said in a statement.

This Pushilin and Dana believe that the status of t. N. "DNR" and "LC" should be defined within the Minsk agreements. "We want to emphasize that these agreements are supported by our ally Russia. These agreements need to determine the status of Donbass is through amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. And in the Ukrainian Constitution has articles about the Crimea ", - stated in the text.

It is noted that the Crimea while mentioned only in the technical and legal sense. "There is no substantial load it bears no mention. For the simple reason that the Crimea is not, and can not be the subject of the Minsk talks ", - stated Pushilin and Dana.

"And in order to avoid further speculation on this subject we are withdrawing those of our suggested draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which mention the Crimea and Sevastopol," - noted in the text.

Projects of other amendments "DNR" and "LC" offer Ukraine to adopt "without delay," wrote RBC-Ukraine .

Recall that in the proposed breakaway militants "DNR" and "LC" amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine Crimea is listed as part of the Ukraine. In Russian

When this first came out, I knew they weren't going to get anywhere. I take it that's why they backed out on the demand. Seems they're slowly but surely realizing they have no push and the Kremlin's using them all the way. They probably believe that they're not going to have any say on running Dombass.
on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:37 pmAdmin
Germany has ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, reports the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrew Miller in his Twitter.

"Good news: Germany completed the ratification procedure of the Association Agreement and submit relevant letters to Brussels", - noted in the message.

March 26 German Bundestag ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. May 8 German Bundesrat (upper house of parliament) also ratified the Agreement. In Russian
The breakaway republic of Transnistria group of Russian troops will fulfill the destruction of equipment and manpower imaginary enemy rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. This was stated by head of the press service of the Western Military District Colonel Oleg Kochetkov TASS reports.

"The soldiers will work training and combat missions to destroy lightly armored vehicles, firepower and manpower imaginary enemy. The fire will be carried out mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" and heavy machine guns "cliff", - said Kochetkov.

In addition, training will be conducted for the purpose of exploration and tactical camouflage. In Russian
In the State Duma of the Russian Federation Investigative Committee urged Russia to initiate criminal proceedings against Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk after his application for the return of the Crimea.

It's about words Yatsenyuk delivered in Washington earlier this week.

"We are convinced that the return control of the Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea. And we will monitor our territory, "- said the Prime Minister.

"Firstly, the territory they had lost, he had never belonged. And what has been done with the Crimea, it was illegal, "- said the first deputy chairman of the faction" United Russia "in the Duma Franz Klintsevich.

He called on the UK to bring a case. Thus he Klintsevich said he did not intend to take any action. In Russian
Director of the Russian analytical "Levada Center" Lev Gudkov, in an interview with "Commander in Chief" explained why the majority of respondents expect even support the further escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. The lion's share of the Russian form "their point of view" on what is happening in Ukraine, especially on that broadcast on television.

"Propaganda continues, it is very aggressive, very demagogic. As of the "Golden Calf": "Shura did not know what the status quo, but was guided by the tone." So people are guided by the tone, how it changes, so it's about playing in public opinion, "- said Gudkov.

Director of the Russian "Levada Center" considers that these Russians adequate picture of reality is not there.

"Most people, despite their support for Putin's course, badly imagine what is happening in Ukraine. So here suggestion: suggestion plays a very important role, "- concluded Lev Gudkov. In Russian
on Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:19 pmAdmin
Pope Francis urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to make "great and sincere efforts to achieve peace" between the parties to the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the Vatican press office, during the meeting, which lasted about 50 minutes, the pontiff and the Russian president agreed that in order to stabilize the situation in the Donbas is necessary to restore the atmosphere of dialogue between the parties to the conflict.

In addition, Francis and Putin noted the importance of compliance with the peace agreements signed in Minsk by representatives of the authorities of Ukraine and the two self-proclaimed republics in the east.

During the meeting, the pope gave Putin a medallion with the image of an angel of peace.

"This angel wins all the wars and calls for the unity of all people in the world" - said the pontiff.

The initiator of the meeting with the Pope was the Russian president. He was late for an audience more than an hour. In Russian
"I looked into Mr. Putin's eyes," Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) joked after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin," and I saw three things: a ‘K' and a ‘G' and a ‘B.'"

McCain was referring to Putin's earlier career as a skilled operative in the Soviet Union's intelligence services, stationed in Dresden, East Germany. Despite McCain's quip, however, Putin seems to lack a key spy asset: an opaque poker face.

Others have attempted to read Putin's ever so expressive visage. President George W. Bush's first face-to-face meeting with Putin in 2001 was one much-cited example. After looking into the Russian leader's eyes, Bush declared, he now had "a sense of his [Putin's] soul." After the meeting, Bush said he had found the Russian leader to be "very straightforward and trustworthy."......................

Read further at link:
One of the mercenaries leader Denis Pushylin stated that so called Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics are not going to return to Ukrainian political field and said they are going to communicate with Kyiv in terms of international relations.

This was said during Pushylin’s interview to Russian TV channel. According to Pushylin DPR and LPR proposed amendments to Ukrainian constitution in order to continue negotiations and they do not want any special status of Donbas as a part of Ukraine. We remind that this is not the first statement of this kind by separatist leaders. Earlier they made similar and opposite statements for several times.
The Kyiv Court of Appeals has declined the appeal submitted by an attorney of captured Russian GRU serviceman Yevgeny Yerofeyev to annul the ruling of Kyiv district court to arrest Yerofeyev.
The case judge Mariya Prindyuk announced the latest ruling.
"The ruling of the investigation judge who has granted a request to keep Yerofeyev in custody until 19 July 2015 shall remain unchanged, the appeal submitted by the defense attorney Sokolovska shall be declined," the judge noted.
on Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:03 pmAdmin
At some point, Bush is going to have to decide if he really wants to counter Russian aggression or if he wants to keep temporizing as he seemed to be doing in Germany. As of today, Sen. Lindsay Graham’s campaign for the GOP nomination for president seems to be gaining ground with a lot of people who are tired of waffling on the U.S. response to Russian empire building.

From the Military Times

By Thomas Beaumont, the Associated Press, June 9, 2015

BERLIN — Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush is warning Russia that if he becomes president, the U.S. will step up its actions to counter Vladimir Putin's aggression, especially in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and seek to isolate his corrupt leadership from his people.

In his first foreign speech of the 2016 campaign, Bush criticized what he called dramatic declines in U.S. military spending, suggesting that has undercut credibility as Washington and its allies confront threats in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Putin, he said, must know in advance that there will be consequences to his actions, because he is a ruthless pragmatist who will push until someone pushes back.

Bush addressed a major economic conference in Berlin and took questions from the audience as part of a trip that precedes his planned announcement in Miami on Monday that he is running for the 2016 nomination. He's also visiting former Eastern bloc countries Poland and Estonia.

Without many specifics, Bush called for the deepening of economic and security ties with eastern European nations, vulnerable to Russian meddling. Russia must respect the sovereignty of all of its neighbors, Bush said. But as NATO confronts crisis, he said, it must do so in a way that does not push Russia away for another generation.
Observers of the Ukrainian side of the joint centre for control and coordination of the ceasefire and stabilization of the differentiation line continue to register barbaric shelling of residential areas by pro-Russian separatists.

"On June 9 the fighters were intensely firing in the night from heavy anti-tank rocket launches-9 and anti-aircraft installation 23/2 and burned down several houses in residential area of Stanytsya Luhanska. The photo shows explosion of active-reactive shot of anti-tank grenades 9B with cumulative grenade.

Besides, on June 9 observers of JCCC together with OSCE CMM registered destruction of Shchastya residential area that occurred on June 7 during shelling of the OSCE monitoring mission. In particular there were registered the results of 120 mm mortars shelling," the report says. In Russian
Russia insists on widening of the trilateral consultations format by including the terrorists' representatives from "DPR" and "LPR".

The second President of Ukraine, representative of Ukraine at the trilateral contact group on settlement of the conflict in the Dondas Leonid Kuchma said, Censor.NET informs citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"Do you know what Russia insists on? They want the format to be not trilateral as agreed by the leaders of the Normandy format. They want a Trilateral group to be extended by representatives of separate areas of the Donbas. We cannot agree with that," Kuchma told the journalists on Wednesday in Kyiv.

He stressed that representatives of the "DPR" and "LPR" should take part in the consultations "not as persons being entitled to vote but as consultants. We are carrying out wide negotiation process with them, but the decisions should be taken by the different people," Kuchma said.

According to him, this is going to be one of major issues at the forthcoming meeting of the "Normandy four" in Paris at the level of deputy foreign ministers. "We are going to hear today whether Russia will change its position. I am sure it will be one of the main problems there. It is difficult to predict what instructions has the representative of Russia been given," Kuchma added.

He also believes that the deterioration of the situation in the east of Ukraine was "to some extent" related to such Russia's position concerning the trilateral consultations. "It is connected not only to the situation in Minsk, it is also related to the G7 summit, it is associated with the fact that the EU summit, where the problems of sanctions to be discussed, should take place shortly," Kuchma said.
According to him, Russia is making a message: "We will behave the same way as before regardless of the sanctions." "We all clearly understand that all those sanctions will never change the position of Russia. Their reserves are still very large and they will get through. It is more difficult for Europe to get through than for Russia," he summed up. In Russian
Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov told the details of the shootout that took place in the city center. The detainees were transporting half a million hryvnia in their car.

Censor.NET reports citing Arsen Avakov's page on Facebook.

He wrote: "The shooting in the city center was aimed to make the tires of the vehicle, which was trying to escape, flat - a last resort measure which was necessary today. The swindlers, a criminal group delivery boys, were trying to make their lucky - escape being caught red-handed, struggled on arrest but were blocked and detained by the police special forces operatives in Kyiv's downtown. And yes, the weapons and force has been employed but there will be no different treatment for criminals who have got pretty brazen of late!

"Here are some details about the nature of the operation. We are talking about exposure of the gang suspected of fraud of funds in the amount of 169,800,000 hryvnia (about $8,086,000) from the "Prime Bank" as well as the organization of money laundering through bogus firms with a turnover of about 1,5 billion (!) hryvnia (about $71,430,000). The detention of the delivery men, who were delivering "laundered" money throughout Kyiv has taken place today.

"Weapons and 500,000 hryvnia (up to $24,000) were found in the car. The delivery boys have been apprehended. There are searches in the bank and another eight places of the gang members' activity. Much larger amounts of money are being seized and the participants of the criminal scheme are being detained. This joint operation of the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office will be covered later in more detail. I am informing you now so that you do not worry about the reasons of shooting and the detention. It was skillful and accurate detention. It will be a lesson for embezzlers and impudent thugs swimming near fixers with big money embezzled from the state. The money will be returned to the budget and the swindlers will go to jail!" the minister wrote. In Russian
on Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:04 pmAdmin
Only one company, CTR, took part in a tender to build a “Ryasne-2” industrial park, Lviv administration says.

CTR is a well-known European company with wide experience in the realization of such projects, head of Lviv city council department for foreign investments Olha Syvak said, ZIK reports June 10.

CTR has implemented similar projects in Holland and Eastern Europe, the official said.

Under the project, CTR is to build a complex of production areas to which it will invite EU companies.

The Ryasne-2 industrial park is to be built on 24 hectares of land. It will comprise 20-30 plants and will create several thousands of new jobs, the official said.

CTR will build the park for its own money. Lviv city authorities will provide water, electricity, sewage and other communications.
In Borispol airport travel advise early due to the blocking of Bazhana [ prospekt] (Lead)

[See also]
In Kiev, protesters blocked the prospect Bazhana (photo)
In Kiev, protesters blocked Bazhana Avenue. Сегодня.ua correspondent reported.
At the Metro station "Kharkovskaya" passed the dismantling of illegal stalls. In protest, the owners of the stalls and traders blocked Bazhana Prospekt at night near the Metro station "Kharkovskaya" in both directions.
As reported by Сегодня.ua in top metropolitan police, highway, connecting Kiev Boryspil airport blocked 50 people and at 9:0 am Bazhana Avenue remained blocked. Employees ДПС in place regulating movement. Motorists enjoy bypasses to ride up the neperekrytuû part of the Avenue. In particular, near the station "Poznyaky" traffic possible. Traffic was blocked at 4 a.m. on June 10.

[No word on what the protest is about. 30 to 50 people.
This is the main mega road through Kharkovska Massif - the highrise area on the left back - through to the fast road to Borispol - town and airport.
Must be mega-queues - traffic jam. No explanation of the protest.
if you want to know where Bazhana Prospect is, do a google search using
просп. Миколи Бажана, Київ

Ukrainian commanders waging war on alcoholism among those mobilized (Сегодня.ua)
[Mega mega problem. Also on the front line.
I heard from a guy who came back from Pisky. He said most of the soldiers there were drunk most of the time.
IKEA looking for a place for a shopping center near Kiev (Lead)
[currently they have nothing in Ukraine, as far as I know]

The situation in the zone of hostilities on June 10 in the Donets Basin (map) (Crimea. Realities)

Lisenko - 30 drones reported in the ATO area
[Putin looking for weak-points to attack, kill, invade.]
The IMF is ready to lend to Ukraine and without debt restructuring (Сегодня.ua)
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is willing to continue funding the Ukraine even without a treaty to restructure its external debt. This was stated by Deputy IMF Managing Director David Lipton.
Ukraine should abandon the "DNR/LNR and retain the format of a frozen conflict — Berezovets (Wave)
"Such a change in position of the terrorists, [saying yesterday they can be part of Ukraine] who recently welcomed the so-called" Crimean referendum and intend to join the RF, could introduce the uninitiated to mislead. Although the real cause of what is happening is that Russia tries to smooth out all the angles in the negotiations with Ukraine, only if [Ukraine] takes back the occupied parts of Donbass, Berezovets.
[I basically agree with this guy.
Putin is playing games.
He wants to control the Donbass, and then later all of Ukraine, but for Ukraine to pay for everything.
In English

'Overstretched' Russian air force suffers three crashes in five days
A Russian air force TU-95s "Bear" bomber has ignited while on a practice flight, in the third crash of a Russian jet in the last five days, prompting concern that the Kremlin might be overexerting the armed forces to display military might....
Russia's state news agency Itar-Tass reported that a MiG-29 "Fulcrum" multirole fighter jet had crashed near a practice ground in Astrahanskaya region, in northern Caucasus after a technical fault. ...
Later that same day an Su-34 "Fullback" fighter jet went down during a practice flight, sustaining "serious damage" after hitting the ground in Voronezhskaya region, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported. Public details on the crash are scarce, however the Ministry of Defence highlighted nobody had been hurt in the incident...

[Putin's planes are "smokin' " in more ways than one...]

Russian Soldiers' Deaths Raise Ukraine Questions
Anton Savelyev, Timur Mamayusupov and Ivan Kardapolov died on the same day - 5 May, 2015....
They found references to the elite 16th Brigade Spetsnaz, but when Sky News asked at the base they denied having heard of any of the men....
He was pictured on social media standing in front of the 16th Brigade memorial.
‎On his grave there was a wreath addressed: "To the Defender of the Fatherland, from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation."
Other flowers were marked: "From comrades" and "From the command of the unit".

[russia - lies, and lies, and lies, and more lies....
Not a bad report. You don't get this from Moscow Russiaprofile-Guardian "journalist" Shaun Walker, or Stalin lover Shameus Milne

Russia's Greatest Weapon May Be Its Hackers
In English

Russian Reversal on Ruble Fooling No One as Dollar Buying Paused
Six months after announcing a free-floating exchange rate, Russia halted this year’s biggest currency rally by buying dollars every day from May 13. As the ruble then depreciated to levels that risked accelerating inflation last week, analysts from Citigroup Inc., Rabobank and Renaissance Capital said the bank would halt its purchases. On Friday, it did just that.

[Fixing the Ruble at a level between 50 and 60 to a dollar.
The hryvnia I think now is also fixed at between 20 and 22 to a dollar.

U.S., G7 ready to impose more sanctions on Russia over Ukraine: Treasury [Secretary]
["if needed".... words again .. How about a few tanks or anti-tank missiles?]

Kyiv fuel depot fire ‘under control’
[video report from Euronews]
More than half of Ukrainians are not planning summer vacations-poll (case)
[Not surprising. Times are hard, because of the idiot Putin.
Who can really take a holiday when soldiers are being killed by Lavrov and Putin on the front line every day?
11: 16
Putin loses control of the war in the Donbass-The New York Times (

11: 20
ITo Khartsyzk discreetly went a column of armored vehicles from Russia (

Return "DNR/LNR in the Ukraine would be suicide, — Pušilin (Wave)
[Even Putin's terrorist leaders are in disagreement - or perhaps part of another game, to ensure there is no real political discussion.
Dictators like Putin do not deal with discussion - they dictate.

Samantha Power arrives in Ukraine (day)
[US envoy to the UN. Various meetings, including with Poro and the FM.]

Savchenko taken to a Moscow court
[Likely that Putin will decide to keep her as a hostage.
He seems to have a crazed desire to make the whole world hate Russia. Nutcase.
Separatists continue to export coal from Donbass in Russia- OSCE (No censor.)

The President of Finland, gave his assessment of what is happening in the Donbass (Сегодня.ua)
Very diplomatic - meeting the President of kazhakhstan - Putin butt kisser

"The Pravi sector" came under bombardment: there are wounded (' 97)
In the hospital, woman wounded in the shelling of Gorlovka died (Donbass)
[Another great success for Lavrov, Putin and Shaun Walker's "DNR guys". More death for the Moscow tribe to rejoice over.]
Last night the "DNR" again changed course towards independence (fourth power)
As we have informed, yesterday the "DNR" and the "LNR" proposed the idea of "autonomous States" and want the Constitution to enshrine legislatively Donbassa territory with special status as "an integral part of Ukraine."
[now saying that this would be suicide.
Just playing games. They do what Putin says - war - and death. Russia.
A couple of items in English to start with

Ukraine conflict: Separatists 'ready to stay in Ukraine' as violence continues
Eight Ukrainian servicemen were killed fighting with Russian-backed separatists in 24 hours on Tuesday, a military spokesman said.
Seven of the soldiers were killed when their vehicle was blown up by a landmine near the separatist stronghold of Donetsk, Andriy Lisenko said at a briefing in Kiev.

Putin's trip to Rome underscores Russia's special relationship with Italy
Vladimir Putin might not have been welcome at the G7 meeting of world leaders in Germany this week, but when he touches down in Milan on Wednesday, the Russian president is likely to receive a far warmer welcome than he would in any of the other large EU countries.
[The Italian scumballs have always had a strong fascist leaning - they supported Adolf Hitler in 1939.
And now, in 2015, they support the Russian dictator, Putin, who is killing thousands and thousands in Ukraine.
Such is Italy today - scumballs, just like the Greeks.
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