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News -
News from various sources of Putin sending in yet more arms into the Donbass - convoys, and also on trains.
A lot of discussion on tv about Poroshenko's one year in power, and what has been achieved, or not.
But being a President of a bankrupt country at war with Russia - I think people are far too critical.
He has had to do certain things - due to the IMF - needing money, loans for the country. Such as increasing the pension age, putting gas and electricity to more realistic prices, and basically reducing subsidies. Little choice, frankly. Tymoshenko was on tv last night. For about an hour on 112 channel.
To be honest, she looks ill. Her face is fat and bloated. She still talks the same. I can't stand her.
When she talks about corruption - it's like Hitler sending chocolates to Auchwitz. The woman is incredibly rich, and this can only have happened through dodgy gas deals - like not paying tax.

Weather -
some thunderstorms last night, but very little rain.
It was 20 at 0730, but now, at 0900 it is 19... getting cooler?! Expect anywhere from 25 to 30.
Rain predicted for tomorrow, and cooler.

Footie -
The big game tonight - Dnipro v Sevilla. Europa league final.
I think it is late. 2045 local time perhaps... 2200 hours here, near enough.
I'll watch a replay.
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"New Russia" dies: Putin why the project failed to seize the Donbass

Initiated by the Putin project "New Russia" could not force Western countries to negotiations about the fate of the world.

About this in his blog on the website " New Era "says Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky:

"New Russia" dies, because the project of Vladimir Putin to seize the south-east of Ukraine failed. It was not necessary in itself, but as an instrument of coercion to love the West.

So, first the husband beats the dishes in the kitchen, then to his wife cooked cheesecakes and took his rage attack. Putin has been doing over the last year. However, he did not understand why his wife is in the collective face of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel did not remove his rage, but, on the contrary, it shies away from it.

He crossed a certain line that could not be crossed. This had been warned by many, including myself, a year ago. It's about capturing the Crimea and Russia orchestrated the war in the Donbass.

As for me, the project "New Russia" never opened. The task of the Kremlin is not to create the state "New Russia" and to establish a mechanism for forcing the West to the negotiations on the fate of the world. That did not work, and Putin decided to spit on the "New Russia". But forcing the negotiations on the fate of the world, he will continue to further the extent of their modest forces.

The only thing he could see in the past 15 months - is that his strategy is not working. But being very stubborn man, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Not ready to admit their mistakes. Therefore, he will continue to somehow maneuver on this issue. And the sheer futility of this maneuvering is obvious to everyone except himself and a small group of courtiers, who do not care, as long as Putin continues to love them.

It should be noted that any idiologema realized personalities. Thus, the October Revolution, Vladimir Lenin did and Leon Trotsky, who was very charismatic and appealing leaders, who knew several languages. However, States face carpentry and Zakharchenko can not be, except that somewhere deep in the Sudan or in Central Africa, where there is voodoo and cannibalism.
In Europe, a country with such persons can not persuade anyone to his side.

Why did US Secretary of State John Kerry immediately after VE Day went to Sochi for talks with Putin in his closing speech on the results of the meeting was never referred to the Crimea? Not exchanged the US and Russia "New Russia" on a de facto recognition of the annexation of the Crimea?

I do not support this opinion. After the 9th of May in connection with the enchanting Victory Parade in Moscow, which was attended by all except those who had to take part, where there were the leaders of the victorious powers, and as participants lacked only bog frights, it was expected that Putin, like a man techy may send troops to Ukraine, and to arrange a new provocation.

Enchanting by banality and meaninglessness of the show, which was called the Victory Parade, demonstrated only one thing - Vladimir Putin has lost its credibility. In order to prevent the negative effects of the parade, Kerry went to Sochi. Since Putin has long been treated as a client of psychiatric clinics, unpleasant questions to him at the meetings just do not pick up - so he started throwing utensils in the conversation.

Therefore, the value of the resolution on the results of this meeting and the absence of the mention of the Crimea greatly exaggerated.

Obviously, the return of the Crimea in the Ukraine in the near future is impossible. And it does not even depend on whether the authorities in Russia under Putin. It is impossible for the reason that the majority of the population of Crimea and Ukraine do not want to. There is no such political mechanism to return the Crimea to Ukraine today."

As reported by the "Observer", political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin previously suggested that Vladimir Putin after the failure of "New Russia" Russians can shift attention to a new "virtual" project . He noted that the cost of "New Russia" and the benefits derived from the project turned out to Russia incommensurable. "Money is not even enough to feed Donbass", - said the analyst. In Russian
Deputies have prepared a new draft law "On National Referendum"

The new draft law "On all-Ukrainian referendum" will be registered as soon as next week. This was reported by People's Deputy of the Party of "Block Poroshenko" Svetlana Zalischuk.

"Work on the new draft law lasted more than a year. It was not designed in the Presidential Administration, has not been developed by any one political force. The law was born in the working groups, round tables, discussions in the best lawyers. A customer of its civil society advocates. That is all that and gives him every chance of becoming a tool for democracy ", - said the MP.

"In order to find political support in parliament, it has set up an expert group on the basis of the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice, which invited representatives of all political forces of the coalition and the opposition, led by the group People's Deputy of the Party of" Block Poroshenko "Alexander Chernenko.

Also, the MP stressed that the law must define the legal framework, organization and procedure of the All-Ukrainian referendum.

"The main feature - the establishment of equal opportunities for government initiatives and national initiatives. The bill was discharged so that it can not become a tool for manipulation making certain political force in their own interests ", - added the MP.

"Based on international legislation the bill, in particular, two documents of the Venice Commission -" On the Code of good practice on referendums "and" On the principles of the Code of referendums, "- said Svetlana Zalischuk. In Russian
In the Donetsk region closed a major supply channel terrorists: PHOTO

The prosecutor's office of Donetsk region in charge of the criminal proceedings on the facts of tax evasion in especially large sizes, and the financing of terrorist organizations, "DNR".

This sooyuschaet press-service agency.

"It is established that officials of one of the famous meat-packing plants in the territory of Donetsk region during the anti-terrorist operation was carried out supply and sale of unregistered products in the uncontrolled territories in violation of the law of Ukraine" On the fight against terrorism. "At the same time in Ukraine, the company implement a low-quality products" - said in a statement.

As noted in the GPU, these actions committed by slaughterhouse for financial and material support of a terrorist organization "DNR."

During the search, they found and confiscated the actual evidence of criminal activity, unaccounted cash for 700 thousand. UAH and 250 tons of meat products, which are intended to supply the representatives of terrorists.

In addition, during the investigation of the enterprise representatives threatened shutdown of refrigeration equipment in stock to spoil seized meat products.

"Despite the opposition, members of the tax police units GFS Ukraine" Phantom "in conjunction with the Investigation Department of Financial Investigations STI in Kramatorsk ensured the preservation of seized property under appropriate conditions and his close protection," - said in a statement.

According to this criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.258-5 (financing of terrorism), Part 3 of Article 212 (tax evasion) and Art. 227 (intentional introduction into circulation on the Ukrainian market of dangerous products) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Criminals face up to ten years of imprisonment with confiscation of property and the liquidation of the company. In Russian
Yatseniuk admitted that Tymoshenko - a criminal

Late last week, the press service of "Naftogaz Ukraine" has published information on filing by April 30, 2015 in the Stockholm arbitration claim concerning the compensation of losses and changes in the gas transit contract with Russian monopoly "Gazprom".

The next day this information confirmed the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk , said on his page to Facebook, now the total amount claimed "Naftogaz Ukraine" to "Gazprom" has already exceeded $ 16 billion.

This Arseny Petrovich meant claims relating to the two contracts signed by the heads of "Naftogaz" and "Gazprom" on the results of the negotiations of Yulia Tymoshenko and Vladimir Putin, back in January 2009.

One - for the purchase of natural gas, and it is for this contract claim is $ 6 billion (lawsuit was filed on him in Stockholm as early as June 2014). Second - it is a contract for the transit of Russian natural gas through Ukraine. According to it, the claim is about $ 10 billion. That is, if you add two contracts will just $ 16 billion.

But the main thing here is not articulated in the amount of losses ...

Talk about the fact that because of the bondage "of gas contracts Tymoshenko" Ukraine is losing billions of dollars appeared at regular intervals over the past six years, in fact since the signing of these contracts. The previous government tried to attract even Yuri Vladimirovna criminally responsible for a crime against the country and the Ukrainian people.

Yes, but all the charges in the direction of the leader of the faction "Motherland" is usually heard by political opponents, in fact - of the other opposing camps. But supporters, supporters, party members "Lady Yu" (ie, all those who were on the other side), at least a delicately kept silent, guided, obviously, the principle of "we do not time, just do not tell the whole truth".

And now this same truth began to articulate "their". Tymoshenko spoke former colleague and now head of the Ukrainian government Yatsenyuk, which is de facto still in with Yulia Tymoshenko in a sandbox called "coalition".

"Within six months after the first treatment to arbitration on the transit contract leading international experts and lawyers have carried out significant work to clearly prove that the transit contract is unfair to Ukraine," - Arseny Petrovich wrote on his page to Facebook. "Injustice", ie illegal, criminal.

Almost immediately reacted to the words Yatsenyuk former head of Entrepreneurship Michael Brodsky : "That Yatseniuk podtverdzhaet crime Tymoshenko contract. This it has deprived us of the Crimea and the Donbass. It is to blame almost all of our economic troubles."

By the way, this recognition did Yatsenyuk for the second time. For the first time about the "criminal contracts Tymoshenko," the head of the Cabinet of Ministers mentioned in the government's report on the 100 days of its work.

Does this mean that people finally began to tell the truth, regardless of who is "wrong" - domineering team or the opposition? I want to believe ...

In fact, just now we need to sit down and calmly understand what corruption is and whether it is with us. Talking about "us", I mean just the current government. It happened traditionally that those in power are always loud and with a special fervor talked about corruption schemes uncovered his opponents - the opposition, while carefully concealing his own. "In a strange eye stubble see in your - logs ignore"...

It is time to recognize that corruption is never a stranger. In Russian
Sanctions with Russia withdraw after returning Crimea to Ukraine - State Department

International sanctions against Russia because of its occupation of the Crimean peninsula will remain even with full implementation by Russia of all obligations under the Minsk Agreement.

It said at a briefing on Wednesday in Washington, State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke US, reports Ukrinform.

Answering a question, Will the implementation of the agreements Minsk Moscow to sanctions imposed by the US due to the annexation of the Crimea, Rathke said: "It is true, will not be affected."

He once again recalled "the occupation of Crimea by the Russian side is illegal, as the US State Department have repeatedly declared."

As reported by the "Observer", previously Vice President Joe Biden called for the preservation of the entered his country and the EU sanctions against Russia until it fully implements the Minsk Agreement.

He also reminded that Minsk agreements have time limits, and must be implemented before the end of this year. In Russian
Putin responded to the mobile crematorium for Russian troops in Donbass

The Kremlin commented on Western media reports about the use of the Russian military in the Donbas mobile crematoria.

This was announced by press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said RIA Novosti.

"I, frankly, I doubt the veracity of these statements. Such statements, of course, raise doubts as to the adequacy of those who published them, I'm not talking about those who could potentially do," - said Peskov.

As reported by the "Observer", on the eve of Bloomberg reporter Josh Rogin wrote in his article that the Russian Federation, at all costs trying to hide the presence of its troops in Ukraine, using mobile crematorium to destroy their corpses.

He notes that the use of such devices Russia - strictly speaking, is not news. Back in January, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko stated that seven of these crematoria moved to Ukraine for several days. In Russian
Putin disown invasion of Georgia, translating the arrows on the Ministry of Defense

The Kremlin believes inappropriate formulation of the question about the possibility of a military invasion of Russia in Ukraine, holding back the annexation of the Crimea in March 2014 and the armed conflict with the direct participation of Russian troops in the Donbas.

This was stated by the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, writes RIA Novosti .

"As for the movement of military units on the territory of the Russian Federation, the question must be specified in the Ministry of Defence (Russia. - Ed.)" - Said Peskov, responding to a question journalists about the possibility of invasion due to the regrouping of troops in the Rostov region.

"A statement of the question, the wording: Is the invasion - we feel out of place as such the statement of the problem," - he added.

As reported by the "Observer", previously Assistant Secretary General of NATO Trasivulos Stamatopulos said that Russia and it supports terrorists the means to escalate the conflict in the Donbas .
According to him, the Alliance expressed concern about the presence of Russian armed forces on both sides of the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Recall, May 16 in the area of the ATO in the Donbas detained two Russian soldiers.

Commenting on this information, the Sands as "arrows transferred" to the Russian Defense Ministry, insisting that the Russian military in the Donbas was not there . In Russian

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During the persecution maydanovtsev police arrested 3 and the prosecutor

General Prosecutor's Office sent to the court an indictment against three investigating Solomenskiy police department in Kiev and district attorney. It is reported by "Channel 5".

"During the pre-trial investigation found that those in the last year during January and February of illegally prosecuted activists Revolution Advantages - maydanovtsam charged with participation in mass riots," - said in a statement.

In the GPU said: investigators and prosecutors arrested. Court they chose preventive measure - detention. In Russian
Devotees Ukraine ex-MP Kolesnichenko made a confession on Red Square (PHOTO)

Former People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko, who was born in central Ukraine, has called Russia their homeland. About this he wrote in the social network Facebook.

"I am in the capital of our Motherland - Moscow", - wrote Kolesnichenko, upload your photos to the Red Square.

Recall that during the political crisis in Ukraine Vadym Kolesnichenko was one of the main opponents euromaidan, whose members called "geyropeytsami", while accusing the EU and the US in the information, financial, political and organizational assistance. After the victory of the supporters of the Maidan Vadim Kolesnichenko fled to Sevastopol, which is represented in the Verkhovna Rada.

After the occupation of the Crimea Russia Vadim Kolesnichenko suspended his membership in the Party of Regions and refused the deputy mandate in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and also acknowledged that received Russian citizenship.

In April 2014 the politician, who betrayed his country, joined the Russian political party "Motherland". In the elections of September 14, 2014 the Supreme Council of Crimea headed the party list, but by a vote of "Homeland" has not overcome the entrance barrier is 5%.

January 16, 2015 announced the SBU wanted Vadim Kolesnichenko, incriminated him committing a crime under part 3 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code "Intentional acts committed for the purpose of changing the borders or territory of the state border of Ukraine in violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine." In Russian
The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the meeting "Norman format" is not imposed

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia declare that the information that the meeting "format Norman" was disrupted due to the fault of the Russian side does not match reality. This is stated in the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, released on Wednesday.

The Russian authorities claim that "an agreement on a meeting in Paris this week was not, and was only an initiative to consider doing so."

"Moreover, in a recent telephone conversation between Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Ukraine Lavrov Klimkin was otfiksirovano mutual understanding on the issue that is currently holding meetings at the level of deputy foreign ministers of" Norman format "seems premature ..." - said in a statement.

Russian Foreign Ministry said that meetings were held too early, "since you should wait for the outbreak of the thematic working groups established in the framework of the Minsk agreements that should rally in Minsk June 2, 2015".

Recall, "Interfax-Ukraine", citing a source in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Russia disrupted this week in a meeting "format Norman" at the level of deputy foreign ministers on the implementation of the "Minsk accords." In Russian
Putin’s assistants directly manage, sponsor and coordinate pro-Russian terrorists in Ukraine – SBU

On May 27, 2015, during the International Conference “The defense of democratic values and respect for human rights in the activities of the security services” the chairman of Ukraine’s SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) Valentyn Nalyvaichenko stated that the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aides personally oversee Russia-backed separatists and terrorists in Ukraine:

“Instructions, support and finance are organized by assistants to the President of the Russian Federation… One is dealing with and managing the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics militant organizations, and another one is controlling other separatist organizations, directly transmitting instructions to Odesa and Kharkiv regions,” said Nalyvaichenko.

The chairman of Ukraine’s SBU said that in Ukraine were sent the Russian special services’ trained agents to commit terrorist acts, sabotage and crimes against humanity:...................

Read further at link: [][/url]
The Kremlin’s top 5 “Propaganda Myths, Fakes and Stupidities of the Week”

Among the other various propaganda ploys, the Kremlin appears to have discovered a rich vein of writers who are quite happy to attach mystical powers and identities to Vladimir Putin. The claims include that in another time Putin was either Prince Vladimir who baptized Kievan Rus or the Apostle Paul.

By Paul Goble* for “Windows on Eurasia”:

Dmitry Bukovsky of Kyiv’s “Delovaya stolitsa” continues his series, “The Top 5 Propaganda Myths, Fakes and Stupidities of the Kremlin for the Week.” And this week, Russia has really outdone itself with the very top item being a claim that Vladimir Putin was either Prince Vladimir who baptized Kievan Rus or the Apostle Paul in a past life.

The five Bukovsky has selected out of the Kremlin’s news feed this week include the following (dsnews.uapoliticstop-5-propagandistskih-mifov-feykov-i-glupostey-kremlya-25052015090000):

How Many Past Lives has Putin Had? Russians have a long history of portraying their current leaders as wonder-working icons. In recent months, some have portrayed Stalin as a saint in this way. But now, a certain Mother Fotinya, the head of a sectarian group in Nizhny Novgorod, has taken the next step. She says that in “one of his past lives, Putin was Prince Vladimir and baptized Russia” and that he has returned to “baptize anew our pagan land.” Earlier she declared that Putin in another past life had been the Apostle Paul (regnum.runewscultura1490540.html).

Soviet Pioneer Movement Reborn in Occupied Territories. On May 19, the occupation authorities in Makeyevka solemnly revived the Pioneers, the Soviet youth movement, with Soviet, Russian and Donetsk Peoples Republic flags flying, a monument to Putin standing by, and with speakers proclaiming that these children “unlike in Ukraine are not fighting their own history” (antimaydan.info201505vozrozhdenie_pionerii_v_novorossii_307083.html).

Not a Week without a Crucifixion. Devotees of Moscow propaganda would undoubtedly be disappointed if their media sources did not report on yet more horrific killings by “Ukrainian punitive detachments.” This week for their delectation, Moscow offered a picture of the supposed killing of a militant and his “’pregnant wife.’” But even Russian commentators recognized that the whole thing had been staged and had never occurred (voicesevas.runewsyugo-vostok13921-akciya-ustrasheniya-foto-video-18.html).

Everyone Can Speak with Russian POWs in Ukraine -- Except Of Course Moscow. The same day Moscow complained Ukrainian officials had failed to give Russian diplomats access to Russian soldiers held by Kyiv (tvzvezda.runewsvstrane_i_mirecontent201505221540-n1i0.htm), one of these soldiers, Yevgeny Yerofeyev told Russian journalists that everyone has come to see him representatives of the UN, the Red Cross, and the OSCE. “All have asked whether I am alive and well and whether I’m being given treatment. All have come,” he said, “except the embassy of Russia” (novayagazeta.rupolitics68506.html).

There Must Be American Soldiers in Ukraine. Although Moscow continues to deny that there are any Russian soldiers in Ukraine, its media have gone out of their way to point to what they say is evidence of an American military presence there. This week, Vladimir Putin’s favorite news source,, reported that a group of more than 40 Americans from a private security firm had arrived in Ukraine as the first wave of a veritable invasion. There was no truth to the story but that didn’t prevent Moscow from putting it out with imaginary details or from using this report to muddy the waters (lifenews.runews154229). In Russian
Kiev bar pokes fun at Russian propaganda

The title of the menu, "Long live Junta", and its Hitler-like caricatures of Vladimir Putin are some of the more benign gags at a new bar in Kiev packed nightly with crowds.

Opened this month, the Karatel bar, whose name translates as "The Punisher", offers a tongue-in-cheek gastronomical take on all the main clichés of Russian propaganda about Ukraine's conflict with pro-Moscow separatists in the east.

The owners, some of them Ukrainian army veterans, offer a discount to active soldiers.

They say their black humour is harmless, and that it helps people affected by the conflict feel at ease.

But serving novelties such as the salmon "grilled separatist" and poultry-based "Berkut-grill" - a reference to riot police accused of brutally dispersing pro-Western Maidan protesters last year - the bar brazenly pushes the boundaries of political correctness.

As they enter Karatel, guests are asked to leave their handcuffed "slaves" at the door, in a nod to a claim in a Russian television report that Kiev gives two slaves to every soldier who fights against pro-Moscow rebels.

"All these funny things in the restaurant are inspired by fake stories used by Russia's misinformation campaign," cafe manager Igor Pylyavets said.

Pylyavets said he and his friends couldn't help but chuckle at Russia's designation of Ukrainian soldiers as "punishers" who aim to eviscerate east Ukraine's population.

"We laughed and that's how we decided to name the bar as such," he said.

Former nightclub director Pylyavets, 29, was drafted into Kiev's forces and was heavily injured last summer in Ilovaysk.

It was one of the most devastating battles for the Ukrainian army, and left a heavy psychological toll on the young man.

"I went on a drinking binge. It was so hard to forget everything I'd seen," he told AFP.

So he decided to set up a "place where people that went through war are comfortable".

'Always full' ....................

Read further at link:
Trains delivered new convoy of Russian tanks to Ukrainian border. PHOTOS

A convoy of Russian tanks arrived by rail at border with Ukraine days after military trucks and rocket launchers were spotted nearby.

A freight train pictured carrying a convoy tanks towards the Ukrainian border looks to escalate tensions between the two sides even further. The nine tanks arrived in the southern town of Matveev Kurgan on Monday, before being driven along the streets on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports citing The Daily Mail.
The picture, taken on a mobile phone, comes just days after a huge convoy, including rocket launchers, military trucks without licence plates and armoured personnel carriers, was photographed driving along a road near the town.

The arrival of the convoys will no doubt be seen as more aggression from the Russians towards their neighbours, who have been arming Ukraine's separatist rebels for months.
Matveev Kurgan is just 17 miles from the border, and just 72 miles from Donetsk, where some of the heaviest fighting of the 15-month conflict has taken place.
It holds a checkpoint between the two countries, but had to be evacuated temporarily in August last year when fighting got too near to the border, according to Russian news agency TASS.
See also: Russia sent large convoy of military equipment to Ukrainian border. PHOTOS
Elsewhere in Russia, it seems Putin is just as keen to show off his military might.
A massive 'surprise' military drill featuring 12,000 soldiers and 250 aircraft was launched in response to two weeks of Nato exercises in the Arctic.
The Russian manoeuvres - which began in the Ural mountains and western Siberia yesterday - are intended to help the military prepare for an even larger drill in September, called Tsentr-2015.

This week's drills began on the same day as Nato launched its own long-planned military exercises in the Arctic, where 100 aircraft and 4,000 servicemen from Germany, Britain, France, Netherlands and the U.S., are taking part in a Norway-led aviation exercise described as the 'largest of its kind'.

Non-Nato allies Finland, Sweden and Switzerland have also joined the so-called 'Arctic Challenge'. In Russian
NATO is Ukraine’s best ticket against loose cannon neighbor Russia – lawmaker

Because of the war in Donbas Ukraine is farther from joining NATO than in 2008. However, the country is closer to NATO than in 2013, influential Rada lawmaker Iryna Herashchenko says in Facebook May 27.

“Thanks to Moscow, more and more Ukrainians have become proponents of joining NATO becoming aware that a joint security space with democratic countries is the best defense against the loose cannon neighbor,” she stressed.

“Russia is mad about the fact that there is an independent Ukraine, that Ukrainians are willing to integrate in Europe, not the post-Soviet space,” she said.

“We have to fight for our choice and overcome all impediments on the way to integration in NATO. Then, the prospect of EU membership will also become closer,” she said.
In English

Putin's dream of reuniting the Russian empire is falling apart
[Not particularly impressive writing, in my opinion - naive]

One Ukrainian serviceman killed in eastern Ukraine - Kiev military

Russia Won’t Admit Its Soldiers Are in Ukraine, Even the Captured Ones
But his hopes to keep that preferable status had been dashed when the television channel Russia-24 aired a show in which Alexandrov’s wife even went so far as to say he’d been kicked out of the military last year.
Alexandrov was stunned. “Tell me, why is this happening? I just obeyed orders. I am not a terrorist…. There was an order! I gave an oath to my motherland. I simply went,” Alexandrov said on camera. He could not believe his wife, who served in the same Tolyatti brigade, had given up on him. Alexandrov covered his face with a white towel, trying to fight back his tears.
11: 18
Because of bad weather in Ukraine without light stayed 167 settlements (

The opposition "LNR" Commandant in Sverdlovsk, Gajdej "quietly" has left to go to Russia "out of harm's way" (Island)
Earlier, the Gajdeâ and the important differences arose regarding Plotnitsky's distribution of humanitarian aid and the areas of their impact and control flows of contraband.
[Also worried, I am sure, following the assassination of Mozgorov a few days ago.
Looks like there's a turf war going on for control of the drug and crime proceeds.]

11: 26
In the Kiev to Kaniv reservoir have reinvigorated research industrial stocks of fish (Native country)
Further research scientists are doing already in the laboratories of the Institute. However, already previously they noticed an increase in the population of such industrial fish like bream and pikeperch. Experts predict next year's increase in the quota for industrial fishing.
[This is a lovely drive - or boat ride - down the river, Kiev to Kaniv, where there is a memorial to Schevchenko, the poet.
The river gets very wide in some places. ]
Between Krimski and Sokolniki, fierce fighting: fighters using mortars and anti-tank guided missiles, "Moskal (No censor.)
Между Крымским и Сокольниками
Since yesterday evening and this morning between Crimski (controlled by Ukraine) and Sokol′nikmi (occupied by separatists) were firing all night, which developed into fierce fighting.
[Situation not known, due to poor communications in that area. ]

For us there is no alternative to integration into NATO, "Turchynov (No censor.)

10: 40
The Media have found the Russian money in the election campaign of Tymoshenko (
2010 Russian State WEB financed operation acquisition of Ukrainian metallurgical holding "Industrial Union of Donbass on $ 1 billion, of which $ 300 million spent on the presidential campaign of Yulia Tymoshenko.
Forbes cites a source close to the leadership of one of the Russian deržbankìv. He says that in the fall of 2009, Vladimir Putin and Tymoshenko met in Yalta; probably in this period and had reached agreement on the sale of controlling in the ISD.
"The meeting of Premiers held in the run-up to the presidential elections in Ukraine, Putin supported Tymoshenko. Part of this support were the agreements on gas and receiving WEB control in the ISD, writes Forbes.

If Putin preferred Tymoshenko to Yanukovich, he must have realised that Yanuk was unstable regarding the future of Ukraine.
Tymoshenko gave Ukraine a feeling of independence, whilst really being under the ultimate control of Putin. Maintaining the status quo, as under Kuchma et al.
And, of course, Tymo gave Putin a super gas deal - 400 dollars - probably the highest price in the world. Good business for Putin. ]
In Lviv heavy rain floods homes and stopped the transport (announcement) (Commander-in-chief)
[45 places without electricity. Read elsewhere of over 100 due to storms last night]

10: 45
In Popasnìj through shelling, the separatists killed a woman (
In English

Russian Consul Visits Suspected Soldiers Detained In Ukraine
[I wonder if he told them to start lying? ]

Ukrainian Weapons – What Local Factories are Producing for the Army
In March 20, 2015, mass production of anti-tank systems “Stugna-P” was begun.
[anti-tank guided missile; these are needed more than anything, in my opinion.]

Russia-Ukraine Debt Dispute Threatens IMF (Op-Ed)
Official debts are defined as those owed to international organizations, governments and governmental agencies, and Ukraine's $17 billion IMF bailout would be effectively frozen if the country is found to have defaulted on any official debt.
A Ukrainian default on the bond would immediately put the IMF in an extremely difficult position.
In English

Putin is going to extreme lengths to hide Russian soldiers who are dying while fighting in Ukraine
“The Russians are trying to hide their casualties by taking mobile crematoriums with them,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry told Rogin. “They are trying to hide not only from the world but from the Russian people their involvement.”

UPDATE 1-Ukraine sees early debt restructuring after Ukreximbank deal
Near-bankrupt Ukraine is holding talks to restructure sovereign and state-guaranteed debt to plug a $15.3 billion funding gap required under an International Monetary Fund-backed $40 billion bailout programme.

Now convoy of Russian tanks arrive by rail at border with Ukraine days after military trucks and rocket launchers were spotted rolling through town
Nine tanks arrived in southern Russian town of Matveev Kurgan on Monday
Mobile phone snaps show them arriving on the back of a freight train
Town is just 17 miles from Ukrainian border, where battles continue

[Photos at link - Reuters]

Ukraine's stubborn frontline civilians defy bombardment
And then it started. I heard shouts of "Go, go, go" in English and Ukrainian.
There were loud cracks and flashes in the fields nearby, then the surge of adrenalin; the fear - impossible to convey - of being caught in the open by artillery.

[Fergal Keane. Irish, I assume. BBC.
Never - never - in his report - does he mention that the shelling and bombardment comes from the Russian terrorists.
Head in the clouds. BBC.
Keane's video report, from Pisky is here
A shortened version here below - a little different]

[Also a radio report from Keane here -
From last Saturday's bbc Radio 4 programme, From our own correspondent.
Keane's bit is at the start. Lasts about 5 minutes. ok. ]
08: 54
United States confirm: in Donbas in mobile crematoria burn the Russian military (Depot. ua)

08: 54
In Donetsk Wednesday morning started without fighting (UNN)

Obama spokesman: United States is not ready to fight for the sake of Ukraine (facts and comments)
[1939; second sitting]
In the Donetsk region at midnight happened combat collision-Press-Center ATO (UNN)
Kiev. on 27 May. UNN. May 26, around midnight in the District of Leninsko and Nelepovki took place combat clash. It is reported in the press-center of the ATO.
Information about the loss yet reported.
Note that in Lugansk in terrorists with tanks, rocket launchers and mortars pummeled Chastye. Not stopped the fire of invaders at Stanitsa Lugansk, Krimski, Sokìl′nikam, ...
"Donetsk – with mortars pummeled Pisky, ... At Artemìvs′k – with antitank missiles, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire of the bandits were Kiriv, Leninsko, Zolotoi, Boguslav, Lozovomu. Popasnu nearly an hour pummeled self-propelled artillery units, "he said in a statement.

Dnipro will play in the final of the Europa League in Warsaw (Radio Liberty)
New Polish President cancels meeting with Poroshenko (
[Not as bad as it sounds. Some media reported a meeting today. Not correct.
A different meeting in Brussels.]
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