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News -
30 attacks by Russian terrorists yesterday.
Elections take place again. I'll go to one of the polling stations. See how active they are.
Probably not very, I would expect. Runoffs for mayor mostly, I think.

Weather -
Cooler. 4, but no rain this morning. High only of about 6. Similar tomorrow.

Footie -
A good win for Ukraine yesterday, 2-0, against Slovenia.
But 2nd leg of playoffs to come in Slovenia. That will be harder.
Last night Sweden won at home, 2-1, against Denmark. In the balance.

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Donald Tusk, European Council President: "Here at the G20, we have a special responsibility. There is no better forum in which to address terrorist financing. Terror networks cannot plan or operate without the money that moves through the financial systems of many countries. Only if we fully cooperate on exchange of information about suspicious transactions will we be able to stop this threat effectively."

Watch also EU should not give in to base reactions after Paris attacks - Juncker

Tusk added cooperation between Russia and the United States was crucial in tackling the spread of the Islamic State:

Donald Tusk, European Council President: "For sure the cooperation between the U nited States and Russia is a crucial one, I have no doubts, but we need maybe also not only more coordination and cooperation but also more goodwill. And I mean that especially Russian actions on the ground in Syria must be focused more on ISIS, because in fact we can't accept any actions against moderate Syrian opposition."....
Oleksandr Kostenko, Ukrainian Maidan activist and Russian-held political prisoner has been taken to a prison in the Kirov oblast, in Russia and will not be present at an important court hearing in Simferopol on Friday Nov 13. The appeal against the refusal to investigate evidence of torture will almost certainly be rejected, but it is needed for the European Court of Human Rights where this case is undoubtedly headed.

Kostenko’s lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov explains that the Crimean military court is to hear his appeal against the rejection by military investigators of his application to investigate alleged injuries inflicted by a number of identified FSB [Russian Security Service] officers on Kostenko during his detention and first interrogation. At that time the only ‘lawyer’ present was one appointed by the investigators, and a ‘confession’ was obtained from Kostenko, together with a statement that he had been beaten on the street by unidentified individuals. Kostenko was supposed to have decided there and then, despite a broken arm and numerous injuries requiring medical treatment, to hurtle off to confess to the FSB investigators.

Despite the fact that Kostenko retracted the initial ‘confession’, saying it had been tortured out of him, and the records clearly showing that he had been detained by FSB officers, without a broken arm, bruising, etc, Judge Mozhelyansky from the Kiyevsky District Court in Simferopol decided to take only the original ‘confession’ and first interrogation into account and found Kostenko guilty.

Sotnikov writes that Kostenko’s relatives report that the investigators have put pressure on witnesses of Kostenko’s arrest on Feb 5. One of the key witnesses, Kostenko’s father Fyodor Kostenko disappeared on March 3 this year after visiting Kyiv in connection with his son’s arrest.

The court has summoned four senior officials from the Russian Investigative Committee who Sotnikov stresses were obliged by law to carry out a proper investigation and initiate criminal proceedings.

If the appeal is rejected, this will mean a new application to the European Court of Human Rights. It is an application that must win, Sotnikov writes, and he is doubtless correct. The rights to life, to freedom from torture, to a fair trial, etc. all include the right to a proper investigation of allegations that these rights have been violated.

Kostenko was taken into custody on Feb 5, although a criminal investigation was only initiated on Feb 6, He was convicted in May on surreal charges pertaining to an alleged and unprovable offence that Russian-occupied Crimea has no jurisdiction over.

Kostenko, the prosecution claimed, and the court accepted, had slightly injured a Crimean Berkut officer on Feb 18, 2014 during the EuroMaidan protests in Kyiv. This was deemed to fall under Article 115 § 2.b of the Russian Criminal Code (deliberately causing mild damage to health for motives of political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or enmity, or for the same motives in relation to a social group).

The investigators claimed that in Jan 2014 Kostenko joined the EuroMaidan protest in Kyiv “in order to show armed resistance to law enforcement officers”. On Feb 18, so the investigators’ version goes, “out of a feeling of ideological hatred and enmity to law enforcement officers” he deliberately aimed a cobble stone at V.V. Poliyenko, an officer of the Crimean Berkut special force unit. This supposedly resulted in Poliyenko receiving an injury “in the form of a large haematoma on the left shoulder”..................
Damaged pipelines in war-torn eastern Ukraine are threatening to cut off water, heating and electrical supplies at a time when temperatures are plunging, putting some 700,000 children at risk, UNICEF warned Friday.

Damaged pipelines in war-torn eastern Ukraine are threatening to cut off water, heating and electrical supplies at a time when temperatures are plunging, putting some 700,000 children at risk, UNICEF warned on Friday (Nov 13).

The UN children's agency pointed out that central heating systems and much of the electrical supply in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, under pro-Russian separatist control, rely on water, but that the water flow is being hampered by damaged pipelines and infrastructure, as well as debris from destroyed bridges.

"At the moment, about 700,000 children are at risk, because of the potential failure of the central heating systems in that area during the freezing winter months," said William Fellows, head of UNICEF's water and sanitation division in Ukraine.

Those children are among nearly five million people living in the Donetsk and Lugansk region who are "totally dependent on two centralised water systems, both of which actually cross the front line of the conflict, and both systems have been damaged heavily during the conflict," Fellows told reporters in Geneva via telephone link from Kiev.

Some parts of the network have been repaired, but other areas remain heavily mined and unaccessible, he said.

Fellows stressed the urgency of repairing the water network, pointing out that temperatures in the region routinely plunge to minus 20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit), and even as low as minus 30°C (-22°F).
"Unless these repairs are carried out before winter hits hard, we run the very real risk of the water supplies freezing and consequently the failure of the heating systems," he said.

But gaining access to all the areas where the network has been damaged has been difficult.

In a statement, UNICEF on Friday called for "safe humanitarian access to non-government-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine to provide life-saving supplies to children, remove UXO (unexploded ordnance) and urgently repair the infrastructure to keep the water supply, sewage and heating systems functioning."

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has also warned that eastern Ukraine could face severe shortages of water, and thus heat, this winter due to the destroyed pipelines.
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that the violation of the security guarantees of the state, which gave up its nuclear weapons, the annexation of Crimea, occupation of Donbas and threats of using force by the Kremlin promote global terrorism, that’s according to Yatsenyuk’s address published on a government’s website.

"It’s time where it can be no half-truth. Terror is the same in all forms: against human life, against the independence of other nations, and against the basic principles of civilized international coexistence," he said..... In Ukrainian

Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology and the Center for Social and Marketing Research "SOCIS" data released exit polls for the second round of local elections in Ukraine.


According to CVU in Kyiv mayoral election nicknamed 64.7% of voters voted for shore - 35.3%. Klitschko was a candidate for mayor of the party "Petro Poroshenko Bloc" Solidarity "and the bank - the Party of resolute citizens.

In turn KIIS published the following figures: in the second round of elections of Kyiv mayor current Mayor Vitali Klitschko (party "Petro Poroshenko Bloc" Solidarity ") won 64.7% of votes, Borislav Birch (Party resolute citizens) - 35.3%. In Kiev was interviewed 3,457 respondents in 60 polling stations.


According SOCIS, the election of Mayor Boris Filatov Dnepropetrovsk voted 62% of voters under Alexander Vilkul 38%. Filatov ran for mayor of Dnipropetrovsk political party "Ukrainian Union of Patriots - dill" Vilkul - from the party "opposition bloc".

Also, according to KIIS in the second round of elections for the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk Boris Filatov (party "dill") voted 62% of voters, according to Alexander Vilkul ("Opposition Bloc") - 38%. 5033 respondents were interviewed at 60 polling stations.

See also Poroshenko said the escalation of the situation in the east and increasing combat readiness


In Lviv in the second round mayoral election candidacy current Mayor Andriy Sadovy (union "union") was supported by 61.4% of voters, candidate and former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Koshulynskoho (in "Freedom") - 38 , 6%. These are the results of the exit poll KIIS.


In the second round of elections of the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk by Ruslan Martsinkiva (VO "Svoboda") voted 56.1% for Igor Nasalyk (MFP "Solidarity") - 43.9%. This is stated in the results of KIIS.


In the second round of elections Mayor Zaporozhye Vladimir Buriak (self-nominated, chief engineer of PJSC "Zaporizhstal") won 55.4% of votes, and Nikolay Frolov (MFP "Solidarity") - 44.6%. These results were published KIIS.

Exit poll conducted by Gorshenin Institute showed the following figures: Vladimir Buryak scored 57.5% of votes, and Nikolay Frolov - 42.5%.

Read more Ukrainians massively ignore the election, as of 16:00 worst turnout in Kherson, Zhitomir and Kiev


According to KIIS in Lutsk in the second round, the current mayor Mayor Mykola Romanyuk ("MFP" Solidarity ") received 56.6% of votes, while the candidate of the party" dill ", Chairman of the Board and former Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Ihor Sticks "New Luck" Alexander Tovstenyuk - 43.4%.


In Kherson the elections mayor candidate incumbent mayor Vladimir Mykolayenko supported by 71.05% of voters, Vladislav Manger - 25.3%. This is according to the exit poll conducted by the regional office of the NGO "Association of Professional assessment" in the Kherson region, which published the Kherson Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine.

Total during the survey interviewed 1,390 voters at 36 polling stations. Expected error - 4%.


According to KIIS in Pavlograd in the second round of elections Mayor Anatoly top ("Opposition block") received 55% of votes, Eugene Tyeryehov (party "dill") - 45%.


In Chernigov in the second round of elections Mayor candidate wins "our land", the current Mayor Alexander Sokolov. According to the analytical center "Sotsiomodus" Sokolov wins in the second round with 52.7% of the vote result, Vladislav Atroshenko ("Petro Poroshenko Bloc" Solidarity ") has 47.3% of the vote. To survey involved 7,642 voters at 42 polling stations.


In the winery, according to exit polls CVU in the second round wins the acting mayor of Vinnitsa Sergey Morgunov, who scored 66% of votes. Morgunova rival for mayor of Vinnitsa Vinnytsya branch of the party "Batkivshchyna" Lyudmila Shcherbakivsky gained 31% of votes.

Note that CEC Chairman Michael Okhendovsky stated in the second round of the observed assures ultra-low turnout of voters. According to him, it is likely that turnout will be around 30%.  In Ukrainian
President Petro Poroshenko took part in the ceremony of receiving U.S. radar stations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a ceremony held in the International Peacekeeping Center of Yavoriv training ground on Saturday.

Addressing the attendees, the Head of State said that the situation on the frontline remained tense and threatening. Withdrawal of heavy weaponry makes the issue of timely prevention of provocations against our troops increasingly topical. For this end, we need modern rocket-artillery defensive weaponry designated for the detection of the enemy's artillery. Its presence will be an effective additional factor deterring the aggressor. These stations will save lives of our servicemen and civilians, the President stressed.

ANTPQ-36 counterbattery radar stations were conveyed in the framework of the program of military-technical cooperation with the United States. Respective agreement on the supply of stations was achieved at the meeting between President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of the United States Barack Obama in New York in September 2015.

The Head of State expressed gratitude to the U.S. for providing military and security assistance in the amount of more than USD 265 million already. This allowed training of the National Guard, the Armed Forces and the Rapid Reaction Forces of the Ministry of the Interior. We also received secure communication means, night vision devices and Humvees, including their armored modifications, from the United States.

According to the President, the draft U.S. Defense Budget 2016 provides for the allocation of USD 300 million for the enhancement of defense capacity of Ukraine. Poroshenko discussed that issue with U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew, which amounts to over UAH 7 billion, a huge sum of money. Especially, if we evaluate it in terms of our spending for the defense-security complex, which in 2016 will amount to UAH 100 billion approximately, the President noted.

Poroshenko added that the given assistance was aimed to prevent the attempts of terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks against Ukrainian troops and civilians............
Slovakia's Interior Ministry said on November 14 the victims of the crash, which likely occurred on November 11, included a Ukrainian pilot and seven Afghans -- five men and two women.

"The Mi-2 helicopter..flew too low in very poor meteorological conditions as it wanted to evade the air-traffic control system," spokesman Ivan Netik said.

The Ukrainian border guard service earlier said the helicopter was "likely" being used by human traffickers to transport illegal migrants.

The helicopter crashed about 15 kilometers from the Slovak-Ukrainian border, which is an outer frontier of the European Union's passport-free Schengen area.

The crash site wasn't discovered until two days later because of thick fog in the area.......
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that there was information about the preparation of terrorist attacks and provocations with weapons and explosives in the country's major cities.

He wrote in his blog, Censor.NET reports.

"According to the operational services, we will have to survive several attempts of destructive anti-Ukrainian forces to destabilize the situation in the country in the next few days," he wrote.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SBU have information about imminent terrorist attacks and armed provocations in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, and other cities.

Read more: Ukraine to strengthen security measures at airports and in cities

"In view of the series of terrorist attacks in Europe, the activation of the occupation forces in the east of the country, I have decided to take into account the high risk of terrorist threat and introduce an enhanced mode for all law enforcement agencies," Avakov said.

He asked everybody to treat the increased security measures in public places, transport, and on country's roads, such as the demands to stop the vehicle for an ID-check, with understanding. "This is being done for security reasons," he concluded. In Russian
Terrorists in Ukraine might have Islamic accomplices, law enforcers say.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced today, Censor.NET reports citing Channel 5.

"We have new threats now. After the terrible attacks in Paris, we have received information about possible links of Islamic terrorists and those in Ukraine. Yesterday I gave an absolutely clear order to prevent the threats and cooperate with our foreign partners to protect peace and tranquility in Ukraine," he said.

The President added that enhanced security measures will be maintained for for at least two weeks in the cities. "According to the information received by the Ukrainian intelligence services and Ukrainian police, we will keep a mode of enhanced security in order to protect the peace, health and freedoms of our citizens for at least two weeks," he said. In Russian
Slightly more than 21% of voters took part in the second round of mayoral elections at 1,089 polling stations in Kyiv by 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Head of Staff of the Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Bondarenko said at a briefing, Censor.NET reports.

"Turnout reached 21% by 4 p.m.," he said. The commission predicts a turnout of around 30% in Kyiv.

24 cases of violation of the voting process have been reported so far.

There are, however, no reports about major offenses or bribing of voters. In Russian
on Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:34 pmAdmin
The Russian and ISIS worlds are identical in aspirations. Both position themselves as enemies of Western civilization, progress and humanism. Both are hotbeds of bigotry and archaism. The Paris bloodshed is their doing, blogger Yuri Rudenya writes in his article “Medieval Age on the Offensive,” reports Nov. 15.

The essence of terror is not to kill the people but frighten them to reduce them to the level of uncivilized societies as Russia and ISIS are.

This is the age when archaic countries and peoples are trying to find their place in the world not by developing but trying to impair the development of other nations.

Bigotry is what they believe is the best option for them. And they are willing to reduce the western civilization to their level. They cannot win in an open competition due to their weak economies and armies.

Their tactics is terror, blackmail, coercion and blatant brainwashing.

The age of Enlightenment changed the course of history. Meanwhile, the radical Moslem world and the so-called Russian one failed to cash in on this, becoming a major source of terrorism.
In this sense, the Russian and ISIS worlds are absolutely similar. The Paris bloodshed is their common doing,” Yury Rudenya writes.
If the situation escalates further, Ukrainian troops will be forced to return the artillery, withdrawn according to the Minsk agreements, to the frontline.

The Ukrainian side notified the representatives of the OSCE mission, speaker of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladyslav Selezniov said, Censor.NET reports.

"The situation in the ATO area remains tense. We (the Ukrainian side. - ed.) warned the representatives of the OSCE mission that if the situation escalates further, we will be ready to return the artillery, withdrawn according to the Minsk agreements, to the frontline," he said.

"So far the ATO forces are using the available weapons and means that are left on the line of collision," he stressed.

Selezniov added that the Ukrainian side expects a report from the OSCE SMM detailing if the other party of the conflict complied with its obligations on withdrawal of weapons with a caliber less than 100mm.

"Recent events in the ATO area indicate that not all the weapons which were supposed to be withdrawn by the militants are withdrawn," he stressed. In Russian
The OSCE report said that terrorists do not respect the ceasefire. Tensions remain in the Donetsk region, writes "UNIAN".
There have been many recorded cases of explosions of mines and ammunition .
In the Donetsk railway station monitoring mission heard 62 explosions uncertain. From the northwest in the area of ​​shooting and gunmen used small arms. In Staromyhaylivtsi, which was occupied by terrorists "DNR" also was recorded 23 explosions uncertain.
0800 to 2000.
From 18 pm Saturday until this morning the terrorists carried out 30 attacks our position in the Donetsk and Artemovsk, Lugansk and Mariupol directions.
As the press center of ATO, in Donetsk direction mercenaries fired from grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms in the direction of our positions in the region of Novgorod, Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Pisky, and Avdeevki Opitnoe.
In Artemovsk - towards Zaitsev, Luhansk, Popasna, Mayorska and Lozovoy.
In Mariupol and Lugansk areas invaders were aimed fire from small arms and villages for Stanitsa Lugansk.
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