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News -
Putin's terrorists attacked 16 times yesterday.
Update - 3 soldiers sadly killed - by a remote-controlled mine. Very deliberate.
After the terrorist attacks in Paris the stock markets are expected to fall somewhat this morning.
Perhaps oil also. We will see.

Weather -
SNOW! The first snow of the winter this morning. Actually, it is not settling much. Temperature is near zero, and should rise to 4 or 5 today. And the same tomorrow.
It was raining a lot overnight. The ground must be really really soggy now. Difficult if Putin decides to advance his tanks suddenly. They will have to stick to the roads.

Mayoral Elections -
I went to one of the election polling stations yesterday. Wow - probably about 12 people on duty, including an armed policeman.
But very very few people. I would say less than one person a minute. Well - in fact I saw 1 person arrive during the 5 minutes I stayed there.
Low turnout.
Klichko in in Kiev. Sadovy in Lviv, as expected. Looks like pro-Russian candidate lost in Dneprpetrovsk. Also good.

Footie -
Hungary qualified last night with a 2-1 win against Norway. 3-1 overall.
Ireland play today, and Ukraine tomorrow.

Carpathian mountain area yesterday

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In the area of ATO in Donbas significantly worsened the situation - gunmen opened fire on many fronts, which was not the last two months. Because of the fighting killed five Ukrainian soldiers, four - were injured. We also learned that a mine blew up civilians - father and son. This was at the briefing said the spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Colonel Andrey Lysenko. During yesterday attacks were not as intense as in the evening, when militants hatyly with various weapons, including the krupnokalibernoyi which had to withdraw from the boundary line in accordance with the Minsk agreements.


Yesterday was quite quiet. During the day, there have been three provocation on the part of insurgents using small arms. This happened in happiness and Bahmutskiy highway (near the village Novotoshkivske).


In Svetlodarsk arc yesterday was quiet. In Zaitsev and Mayorsku been several provocations. Instead, on the southwestern outskirts of Gorlovka and along the front lines to Yasinovataya yesterday was extremely restless. Near Verhnotoretskoho there was intense fighting forces ATU terrorists who attacked the Ukrainian fortified positions. Militants attacked the neighboring village of Krasny Partizan, located in a strategically important road Gorlovka, Donetsk. Also, militants fired Ukrainian position in neighboring villages - Novgorod and Novoselivtsi friend. In the evening, a series of terrorist provocation ride along the entire front line Avdiyivka - questionnaire - Sands - Krasnogorovka - Marinka. Mostly with militants located in nearby residential areas of Donetsk and used small arms and grenade launchers. At the same time, near Avdeevki terrorists held a half-hour bombardment of the 82-millimeter mortars. And Krasnohorivtsi recorded work BMP-2 fighters toward the position ATU forces. Also yesterday, two residents Marinka moving car in an area boundary line, ran into enemy mine. Father and son were killed on the spot. From the beginning of the year in the Donetsk region as a result of undermining at mine and stretching 94 injured man, 25 - were killed.

MARIUPOL AREA Here yesterday also not without shooting. In the evening, gunmen opened fire on positions near the villages of Ukrainian Lomakin and Shyrokyne located on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol. Heavy arms terrorists are not used. In Ukrainian
However, it is too optimistic to believe that additional punitive measures will work to push Mr Putin into more accommodating policies. To date, the sanctions and the collapse of oil revenues have indeed sent the Russian economy into a sharp decline. Consumer goods are scarce. Inflation has risen close to 11 per cent. Yet, Mr Putin enjoys the patriotic support of the people, with his approval rating having risen recently to 89 per cent..................

To read further go to this link:
Vladimir Putin left last year’s G20 meeting in Brisbane early in a huff, tired of being chided by world leaders over Ukraine. Twelve months on, an audience with the Russian president was one of the hottest tickets in town, as western leaders were forced to recognise the road to peace in Syria inevitably runs through Moscow.

Few at the annual summit of world leaders have seen such a transformation in their fortunes, or appeared to enjoy it as much, as Mr Putin moved from a scolded diplomatic outcast to a self-styled problem-solver the west cannot ignore...................

To read further go to this link:
on Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:09 pmAdmin
Russia has proposed a restructuring of the $3bn bond owed to it by Ukraine, an about-turn from Moscow’s earlier insistence of full repayment next month.

The move offers a glimmer of hope that Russia and Ukraine can avoid a legal clash over the debt — a threat raised after Russia refused to participate in the $18bn restructuring deal Kiev reached with other creditors a month ago. However, question marks hang over the Russian offer as President Vladimir Putin made clear that he expects the International Monetary Fund to guarantee the debt..............

To read further go to this link:
Pavel Durov, the brain behind Telegram as well as Russia's biggest social networking site VKontakte, also mocked the proposal.
“I propose banning words. There's evidence [to suggest] that they're being used by terrorists to communicate,” he said Monday on his personal VKontakte page.

The Russians would jump at any chance to further stifle freedom of information.
For example, by reason of "terrorism".
"The separatists have repeatedly stated that one of their main task - is to expand the boundaries" LNR "," DNR "to the administrative boundaries of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. One of their main tasks for today - is to push our troops from Donetsk," - added in Defence Defense Ministry.
The report states that in the margins of the G20 summit, US President Barack Obama met with British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi. The leaders of these countries expressed their willingness continuation of anti-Russian sanctions until the full implementation of Minsk agreements by Russia...
On Monday, November 16, from 6 to 18 pm, terrorists fired 21 times in the direction of position ATU forces in Donetsk and Artemovsk directions
Renzi - Italian, Fabius - French PM.
Privat Bank has been under quite an attack in the last week. Some journalists speculating that the economy is going to collapse, and that people should take money out of banks and buy apartments ))
Sounds to me like property people trying to get a price increase. And/ or Putin trying to destablize Ukraine's most popular, and nationalistic bank.
on Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:09 amNelson 1 minute ago

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 40.60 -0.14 -0.34% DEC 15 09:35:02
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 44.07 -0.40 -0.90% JAN 16 09:35:02
Crude Oil (Tokyo)
JPY/kl 34,060.00 -290.00 -0.84% APR 16 09:34:35
Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 2.37 +0.01 +0.21% DEC 15 09:34:09
Putin's old budget was based on an oil price of 110 dollars. And the revised budget on 50.
Now - Urals will be at about 42. Down another 16%. Which means a loss of about 8% more of Budget revenue.
Keeping the mad dictator in check.
Some veteran defense analysts argue that the modernization project was going to bankrupt Moscow even without the oil price plunge and sanctions.
Get them young, and brainwash them.
Shades of the "Hitler Youth". This from wiki -
The Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend or HJ in German) was the youth organisation of the Nazi Party in Germany. Its origins dated back to 1922. From 1933 until 1945, it was the sole official youth organisation in Germany and was partially a paramilitary organisation; it was constituted of the Hitlerjugend proper for male youth aged 14 to 18, the Deutsches Jungvolk (German Youth) for younger boys, and the League of German Girls.

It seems to me that Putin is recreating the Soviet Union, but with himself as supreme dictator, in the place of Stalin. Seamus Milne's beloved USSR.
Here the Putin-Hitler-Youth in a gathering in 1933

...In addition, the German Chancellor and President of the Russian Federation held a talk on the development of events in Ukraine, in particular on the state of implementation of the agreements Minsk....
I think Merkel has finally realised that Putin is a nasty piece of Stasi-KGB scum. Manipulative, and revolting.
Obama reportedly reiterated his support for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, including the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the removal of all foreign fighters, the release of hostages, and the return of the Ukrainian side of the international border to Government of Ukraine control.
Still looks quite divided to me.
stepped on enemy radio-controlled land mine.
Very nasty. Radio-controlled.
Putin trying out his new weapons. Pure evil.
"Levada Center" held a survey on the fact whether Moscow to influence the policy of Kiev, reports "Interfax".

As evidenced by the survey results, 36% of Russians believe that Russia should exert pressure on Ukraine in order to change the political course of the country's administration.

At the same time 28% of respondents consider it necessary "to help Ukraine get on their feet, to give it the technological and energy aid to make peace and to defuse the confrontation." Another 36% of respondents found it difficult to choose between these options.

50% of Russians agree that in the next few years, relations between Russia and Ukraine will be restored, but only 6% believe that it will happen quickly. In Russian
Well-known Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov said the current situation in the Donbass tragic for Russia. According to him, it smells of the defeat of the Russian Federation.

He expressed this opinion in an interview with an apostrophe.

"We're talking about full and unconditional defeat of the so-called" Russian Spring "and" Russian world "in Ukraine. It became clear that the end of this heroic epic is not the same as you would at the beginning. Everyone is aware that no matter how many people and technology in the thick of it would not have been thrown, the situation can not be overcome, "- he explained.

According Nevzorov, "all well aware that no one can decorate connection with 20 thousands of criminals who are now Donbass".

"The situation is tragic, it smells of defeat. Therefore, abandoning this toy called Donbass, Russian society has shifted to Syria ", - added the journalist. In Russian
Kiev (AFP) - President Petro Poroshenko on Sunday decried a sudden re-escalation in the conflict with pro-Russian separatists after a Ukrainian soldier was killed in clashes in the country's east.
Fighting has intensified in recent days with six soldiers killed over the weekend despite a September truce agreement.
On Saturday, Ukraine had reported the death of five soldiers, the highest military death toll since the beginning of the 10-week truce....

I couldn't find the casualties from yesterday's briefing. Sadly appears one more soldier died.
ATO headquarters not informed of the death on Nov. 7 15 military
November 7 this year as a result of attacks by militants settlements Sands, Avdeevka, Marinka, Stanitsa Luganskaya questionnaire and killed 15 Ukrainian soldiers.
This information was confirmed by the president of the 1st Volunteer mobile hospital named. Nikolai Pirogov Gennady Druzenko in the program "In the fresh head", the "Public Radio".
Since this information was not in the official reports from the area ATO, journalists contacted the chief of the current rotation of the 1st Volunteer mobile hospital. Alex Pooh confirmed the death of 15 security forces and said that they were killed in attacks by militants so-called "DNR".

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Order - Vinnitsa / Volinsk / Dnepr / Donetsk / Zhit / Zakarp / Zap / I-F / Kiev oblast / Kir / Lug / Lviv 39.84
Mik / Odes / Polt / Riv / Sum / Tern / Hark / Hers / Hmeln/ Cherk./ Cherniv / Chernig / Kiev 28.35
KIEV. 16 November. UNN. Starting from 18 hours yesterday evening and the morning, the Russian-terrorist mercenaries continued to point-blank fire and carry out sporadic attacks directly our position in the Donetsk, Lugansk and Mariupol directions. This UNN reports referring to the press center ATO.
"Yes, with grenades and small arms fire the terrorists were provocative towards Novgorod, Marinka, Opitnoe, Pisky and Avdeevki" - said in a statement.
At the same time, by Novotoshkivtsi Shyrokyno invaders and were aimed fire from mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.
In general, from evening to morning mercenaries opened fire 16 times, five of which - directly on our positions.
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