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News -
30 attacks by Russian terrorists yesterday evening and night.
Update - 0 dead, 1 soldier injured, according to AP. 
Another Putin gumconvoy goes into the Donbass. More weapons, no doubt, and other "essential supplies" for the Russian forces.

Weather -
Damp looking, but warm overnight. 7C. Will warm up to around 10 again today. Next week predicted to be cooler.

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The former defense minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic and FSB officer Igor Girkin points to complete demoralization in the rebel army, Strana portal says Nov. 19.

There is no discipline in the rebel army which includes many hobos and ex-criminals and where drug and alcohol addiction is widespread, Girkin says.

The strength of many units is blown twice by the so-called ‘dead souls’ – lovers, wives and children of COs which figure on unit payrolls and receive salaries, Girkin says.

A man izbivshemu MP from the "opposition bloc" Mikhail Dobkin at the trial of the former head of the Ministry of Justice Elena Lukash - volunteer Alexander Kravchuk, a year ago disguised "berkutovtsy" face smashed by the Court of Appeal of Kiev.

This was on his Facebook page told journalist Bogdan Kutepov.

Prizoshel incident during the hearing of the case the commander of "Berkut" Dmitry Gardener.

"A year ago, in October, just under the Court of Appeal of Kiev, by security cameras, unknown berkutovtsy civil a bloody face activist who attended the trials of the commander of" Berkut "gardener. Though it was possible to specifically identify who was beaten, it not calculate steel . A year has passed. And berkutovets gardener even in those days took the bracelet and disappeared, "- says Kutepov.

As proof of his words the journalist attached video of the events of a year ago.

As reported by the "Observer", users of social networks have regretted that the conflict with maydanovtsem cost Dobkin virtually no health effects. In Russian
On Saturday, 14 November, the Russians had failed salvo launch of ballistic missiles R-30 "Bulava" with missile submarine strategic K-551 "Vladimir Monomakh".

It is reported "to", citing sources close to the military.

One of the two rockets launched P-30 does not hit the set targets on the Kamchatka Kura test site.

"The launch took place normally, warheads second missile successfully hit the target, the first rocket was not able to fully implement the flight mission. She also came to the region of Kamchatka, but missed. The reasons are clear and removable. Sam missile and its launch pad fully completed the task, affirming readiness" - said the source.

He added that the technical reliability of the system is gradually increasing.

"The percentage of failures seems high because today we know about the tests. 30 years ago, we simply would not have reported failures. And the ratio of successful and unsuccessful runs at the" Bulava "is not the worst" - he stressed.

"Vladimir Monomakh" to Start from the White Sea. In Russian
MEP from Lithuania Petras Austrevicius advised the president of Russia, who pozitsiniruet himself as an ardent fighter against terrorism, to take on insurgents in the Donbas.

He said this in an interview with "112 Ukraine".

"... Putin has become our partner in the fight against terrorism, Russia wants to present himself as a cruel enemy of terrorism and so on. I have a suggestion. Let Russia begins to fight against terrorism in the Donbas. This is a great opportunity to show himself as a fighter against terrorism. And then we shall see how they face it, how convincing these things in real life. I do not think we need to flirt with it. Syria was part of Russia was created as a platform for new negotiations to change the situation. Of course, this is a serious situation, and I'm for that critical cooperation with Russia on Syria held here is inevitable. But we have two situations: Syria and Ukraine, Crimea and Donbass ", - he stressed.

According to him, "Ukraine should not be a chip in the game that we change with an eye to the third situation, and other issues."

"... I propose to draw conclusions on the issue of cooperation on the Ukrainian situation. Donbass and Crimea. Here the Russians can show its true face. As far as they are true, as partners in Europe," - he said.

Recall that the majority of readers of "Explorer" believe that the terrorist attacks in Paris, is Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose purpose - to distract attention from the events in Ukraine. In Russian
on Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:03 amNelson
Ex-interior minister Zakharchenko organized 'Titushky' during Maidan under Yanukovych's orders

Kyiv Berkut unit killed 39 unarmed protesters on Instytutska Street on Feb 20, 2014 - PGO

Russia supplied grenades and tear gas to disperse Maidan protests in 2014 [Engl]
The grenades and tear gas was sent free of charge by Russia disguised as a humanitarian aid, the official said.

Previous Ukrainian govt provoked confrontation outside Rada on Feb 18, 2014 to justify anti-terror operation planned since Jan – PGO
...Hryvnia quotes against the euro have settled at UAH 25.5260/25.6120, ...
Frankly Ukraine's business interests are now mostly with Europe. So the value against the euro is what matters now.
This has been stable for much of the year. But the dollar has been strong against the euro, hence the drop from 22 to 24 recently.
Re the dollar, I saw 24.1 / 24.6 at the exchange bureau at the weekend.
....He defended the Russian invasion of Ukraine by saying the West had provoked the Kremlin. His spin-doctor, Seumas Milne of the Guardian, the nearest thing you can find to a Stalinist in the 21st century, joined the leaders of Europe’s far-right parties at Putin’s propaganda summits. ...

Seumas Milne of the Guardian, the nearest thing you can find to a Stalinist in the 21st century lol!
Ponomariov: Donbass Russia is no longer needed (Columnist)
Russian Deputy Ilya Ponomarev said that the Kremlin used the Donbass only to negotiate with the West. Now, instead of Donbass Vladimir Putin is using Syria and the east of Ukraine was no longer necessary.
This Ponomarev said "Apostrophe".
"Donbass - nobody in Russia needs it. It was a previous attempt by the Kremlin to bargain over the Crimea. According to the principle of" buy a goat - sell the goat. "But this attempt did not work. Now, Syria performs exactly the same role. Syria - replacement of the Donbas. 
The last day in the area of anti-terrorist operation passed without loss.
This at a traditional briefing on Thursday, spokesman for the presidential administration Alexander Motuzyanyk ATO.
"For the past day killed as a result of fighting among the Ukrainian military is not, however, one soldier suffered injuries," - he said.
....But the Ukraine sanctions still hang in the backdrop. The Obama administration insists its decision on whether to ease them will have nothing to do with Russian military actions in the Middle East.....
“So far, Russia’s intervention in Syria has only had bad consequences for France and Europe,” he said, adding that the common interest on Islamic State terrorism between the two does not change the reality that France stands with the U.S. against Mr. Assad while Russia backs the Syrian leader.
In Donetsk region, the SMM recorded significantly fewer explosions than the previous day. In Luhansk a small number of training-related firing incidents was recorded.
....At the border crossing point between Ukraine and the Russian Federation in “LPR”-controlled Dolzhanskyi (84km south-east of Luhansk), the SMM observed approximately 50 civilian trucks (mostly Ukrainian licence plates), 30 of which carried coal (the remainder were covered) and 30 civilian vehicles (mostly Ukrainian licence plates) queuing to cross to the Russian Federation....

[i.e., Russia stealing Ukrainian coal. ]

Please scroll up or down to view other news items added during the course of the day
"If in the previous 10 years the region of South-East of Ukraine in different elections, usually in unison preferred pro-Russian candidates, but now a number of regions were won by representatives of democratic parties who focused on European integration of Ukraine. In three regional centers of the South East: Kherson, Nikolayev and Dnepropetrovsk - representatives of the former Party of Regions failed. And in one of the largest cities in Ukraine - Krivoy Rog - voters were divided almost equally ", - he explains....
... for the Communists almost universal failure and end of the political monopoly of the Party of Regions and its subsidiary - Opposition bloc.
"So it turned out that the blue and white South East, Russian propaganda that passes for" Novorossia "hostile to Ukraine, in fact it is common hoax, which can not exist without the administrative resources and vote rigging.
"New Russia"...the first relatively transparent elections utterly smashed the myth of its existence, "- said the journalist.
"Noted the emergence in some areas in the front line fighters of Russian ground reconnaissance systems PSNR-8" Credo-M1 "(1L120)," - wrote Timchuk.
According to him, such complexes recorded south of Donetsk (Granite District) and near Sahanky.
"Complex serving military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces," masked as " local terrorists" -
Basically - without a war, there is nothing to occupy the minds of the Russian peasants except economic failure.
Putin's typical supporters are old babuskas, poor people living in rural communities, the retired military.
...Diplomats said the updated Russian draft still called on states involved in military efforts against the Islamic State group and other militants to coordinate with the countries where they were operating. In the case of Syria, this would mean coordinating military activities with President Bashar al-Assad's government....
Putin, as ever, supporting dictators.

Please scroll up or down to view other news items added during the course of the day

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The first export of U.S. gas to Europe will be delivered to Lithuania's new LNG terminal in February, threatening to end the Russian Gazprom's monopoly.
EU regulators see LNG as the solution to rising Russian market dominance as they challenge the legality of Russia's Gazprom's pipeline strategy aimed to boost European sales, Ukraine Today reported citing Reuters.

With massive stocks of Norwegian gas, one wonders why some doesn't go to Lithuania. Nearby.

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:33 am; edited 1 time in total
Misleading headine. I'm not sure what the read rate of unemployment is.
Ukraine saw the official unemployment rate falling in the past 10 months, with a 1.5% decline in October against a 2% drop in September, according to the State Statistics Service.
"A train of eight cars with ammunition and four tanks with fuel arrived in Ilovaisk on Nov. 16," Lysenko said.
All young men. Economic migrants heading to the west, from Sri-Lanka, India. Photo at link.
on Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:47 amNelson
Amazing letter. Just like Corbyn and Milne, driving the hatred towards America.
Clearly such basic stupid propaganda is designed purely for one market here - the Russian people.
Milne's Guardian propaganda and Corbyn's articles - associating Ukraine with fascism or the nazis - as with Shaun Walker's articles - aimed at the UK audience.
With Milne and Corbyn - private school educated twats - it is blind ignorance and a desire not to examine the real truth, for fear of their surreal view of the world being torn apart. With Walker it is purely malicious.

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:57 am; edited 1 time in total
Russia's daily newspaper Izvestia has published a fake letter, supposedly sent by Special Envoy of the U.S. State Department for the human rights of LGBTI persons Randy Berry to founder of the Moscow gay rights movement Nikolay Alekseyev.

As reported by Censor.NET citing, the U.S. Embassy in Russia has published in its official Twitter a scanned letter, allegedly sent by Special Envoy of the U.S. State Department for the human rights of LGBTI persons Randy Berry to founder of the Moscow gay rights movement Nikolay Alekseyev, which was mentioned by Izvestia in its article about discrediting Russian politicians by LGBTI activists. The embassy's version of the letter contains the corrections of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

"Dear Izvestia, send us all your next fake letters - we will be pleased to help correct errors. Sincerely, Department of State," the embassy staff wrote.

The letter, in particular, did not specify recipient's address, contained mistakes in the name of sending authority and a number of gross errors in the text. In Russian
It is the US drive to expand eastwards which lies at the root of the crisis in the former Soviet republic, argues JEREMY CORBYN - and it's time we talked to Russia

...The far-right is now sitting in government in Ukraine. The origins of the Ukrainian far-right go back to those who welcomed the nazi invasion in 1941 and acted as allies of the invaders.

Article from last year.
As I said, blind obedience to the "Soviet Union dream". - now dictator Putin's Russian Empire.
Such obedience driven purely by a pathological hatred for the USA.

Please scroll up or down to view other news items added during the course of the day

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:02 am; edited 2 times in total
...There is an issue that goes back to the early 1990s, when there was an agreement that Ukraine would become independent and non-aligned—it would not join NATO. In return, Russia would respect its neutrality and divest itself of nuclear weapons. That was a very good statement and very good progress. Does he not think that there would be a better chance of reaching some kind of agreement with Russia if there was a clearer statement that NATO does not intend to expand into Ukraine, and that in return Russia should withdraw from its border regions, so that we do not build up to two huge armed forces meeting in central Europe yet again?
Unbelievably pro-Russian. "there was an agreement"....
"Russia should withdraw from its border regions..."....
So Corbyn, the Labour Party leader believes that Ukraine is Russia's "border regions".... Talk about justifying an occuption.
Likely he and his obnoxious side kick Milne, of the Guardian, would have said the same about Hitler's occupation of the Sudetanland, or Poland...
Conclusion - Corbyn doesn't care about freedom in Ukraine. He simply hates America and Nato, just like Milne, the Stalin apologist.

N.B. on Corbyn's own website. No date, but must be late 2015.

Here is Milne's view of Maidan, when Russian snipers shot dead over 100 civilians in cold blood -
In Ukraine, fascists, oligarchs and western expansion are at the heart of the crisis

Milne is chief advisor to the Labour party leader - Corbyn! Say no more.
More than 100 trucks. Food and weapons for the terrorists.
on Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:24 amNelson
The agency said that despite the stabilization of real output, "the economy will shrink at an annual rate of 11.6% in 2015". Fitch also expects a slow economic recovery Ukraine - by 1% in 2016 and 2.3% - in 2017.
Default to CCC.
Another night in the area ATO passed uneasily. Ukrainian military positions and settlements were fired by militants.
The press center of Staff ATO
From evening till morning the enemy fired 30 times at our fighters. Half of these attacks - the Donetsk area. During the attack the militants have used BMP, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.
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