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News -
Putin's terrorists attack 10 times in the evening, Mostly Adeevka, Marinka.
Update - no dead or injured in fighting, but 5 soldiers injured by an explosive device.

Weather -
Cold again. -4. Probably around zero again. Similar predicted in the Lviv area. Odessa a little warmer. 6 or 7 maybe. No snow.
Good chance of getting through November now with no snow - other than one light flurry for a couple of hours - on the ground.

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During the last day in the zone of ATO due to fighting no Ukrainian soldier was killed and none injured.
This at a briefing in Kyiv on Saturday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Colonel Andrei Lysenko, UKRINFORM correspondent reports.
"Because of the fighting, no Ukrainian died and was not injured. However, five soldiers were injured due to explosive devices" - said Lysenko.

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on Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:43 amNelson
The legacies of czarism and Stalin have led to a culture of dishonesty and zero accountability in Russian politics
“How do you know when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving.” ...
What’s truly special about the lies of Russian officials, what sets them apart from the rest, is both their audacity and the lack of criticism they inspire at home.
There have been some outrageous examples in recent years, but my two favourites are officials’ denials about Russia’s involvement in an armed conflict in east Ukraine and the way in which Russia is dealing with a current sports doping scandal....

Quite a long article. I need to read it all first, to comment fully, but looks good. By Natalia Antonova.
Don't know her. Born in Kiev, family mostly ethnic Russian, but brought up in North Carolina, went to Duke. Went abroad in 2007. So 30ish. Lives in Moscow, now married to a Russian, with family. Playwright and journalist.

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Fun quiz. Can you tell the real "Sputnik"- Russian propaganda network - from the fake one?
I scored 6/13. I guess that means, I can't tell them apart!
Elections tomorrow

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Photo and video at link - end of video.

In the village of Red (Krasnoarmeyskiy district, Donetsk region), locals while drinking killed 53-year-old soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who voluntarily left the eve of the brigade. On Friday, November 27, the press service of the prosecutor's office in Donetsk region.

"53-year-old soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on November 19 this year, willfully left the location of his brigade, which is deployed in the village of Red Krasnoarmeyskiy district, Donetsk region", - noted in the department, according to the MFN.
The same day, the military met with residents of the village and went to his house, where he lived for several days.

"While drinking between men quarrel arose as a result of which a soldier was strangled and his body thrown into the well at an abandoned home ownership," - said the police. At the moment, these facts opened criminal proceedings under Part. 1 tbsp. 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Also, law enforcement officers set of persons involved in the murder of the military, and possible witnesses to the crime.
After 1800 hrs. 10 times shooting by terrorists. 82 mm mortars.
Other shooting in Zaitsev area, Lugansk.
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