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News -
ATO report does not state the number of attacks by Russian forces yesterday.
But says quiet between midnight at 0600.
Update - sadly one soldier killed, one injured when their vehicle hit an anti-tank mine.
Nato report says that the number of Russian troops situated near the border has decreased significantly.

Weather -
Quite heavy snow falling all morning. Temperature at zero.
But snow is beginning to accumulate.
Forecast is for more of the same this week, but a little warmer at the weekend.
Hopefully the snow will melt. Ukraine needs the roads clear for a variety of reasons, mostly economic.

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The European Union will lift sanctions against fugitive ex-president, Viktor Yanukovich, as the Ukrainian side had enough time to investigate his crimes.

In an interview with "Today" Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy Kasko.

According to him, the Swiss impose sanctions in order to prevent the officials to escape with a stolen and that the new government time to investigate the situation.

"They (sanctions - Ed.) Are administrative in nature and are intended to provide law enforcement agencies respite and an opportunity to find out. Our law enforcement agencies have given time to the head. The year in principle, it would be nice. But given the two. If they are two years did not bother to go on the evidence of the crime of these assets - sorry guys, you made it possible. If you own criminal proceedings you are not arrested (accounts and property - Ed.) in the time that you were given, the EU will not be responsible to continue to keep these money and other assets. That is, if our investigators in our criminal proceedings do not do so until March, all smashed, "- said Kasko. In Russian
Russian political analyst Lilia Shevtsova believes that Crimea became Russian power this trap.
According to her, out of this situation, the Kremlin has not yet, reports "New time".

"Crimea - it's a trap. Yes, Crimea gave a fantastic increase in the popularity of Putin. It was 60%, was 80%. Which leader is now such a rating? The Kremlin used the Crimea in order to convert Russia from one model to another in a very short time. From simulation model of liberal institutions, partnership with the West and Europe, Russia has moved into the paradigm of the war. But the catch is that the paradigm of war is very easy to jump into, and from there - very difficult jump. Therefore, Russia, and perhaps the Kremlin will require more and more injections. When you become an addict to be in shape, you need the injection. Therefore, after Ukraine will need new injections. Now - Syria "- said Shevtsova.

As reported by the "Observer", formerly the Russian satirist Viktor Shenderovich expressed the view that further retraction of the Kremlin's war in Syria and the conflict with Turkey because of the downed bomber will result in a catastrophe for Russia. In Russian
US Secretary of State John Kerry plans to hold meetings with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of the OSCE meeting to be held in Belgrade on December 3-4. He told reporters Tuesday during a teleconference senior official of the US State Department.

"He (Kerry. - Ed.) Will be held separate bilateral meetings with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov," - said the representative of the US State Department.

"I think the US Secretary of State personally wishes to inform the Minister Lavrov talks he held with the partners in the Gulf during a recent trip, and plans to work with the Syrian opposition within the next week or two," - he said. In Russian
State of emergency in the Crimea will operate at least until the New Year. This was stated by a protege of the Kremlin, the so-called "head" of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

"The main task for power engineers now - optimized power supply circuit in the house so as to have enough for everyone. Plus, you must correctly identify the maximum load and save mode when freed additional capacity. But the state of emergency will operate at least until the New Year, as long as all the processes will not be included in the normal direction, "- he said.

Aksenov said that the first stage of the energy bridge from the Kuban to the Crimea will give at least 260 MW. "It is a complete understanding of how the distribution will be produced electricity. In the first place, extra feeding will receive housing, further industry: it is very important for them to work and pay taxes, "- he stressed.

Recall, November 22 due to the undermining elektroopor in the Kherson region in Russia annexed the Crimea stopped flow of electricity from the mainland Ukraine. On the peninsula declared a state of emergency. Crimea is provided with electricity produced by sources of Crimean generation and diesel generators imported from Russia, but this capacity is not enough.

Participants of the civil blockade of the Crimea, which was launched on admingranitse the peninsula on September 20 prevented the repair of power transmission lines, demanding the release of political prisoners, free entry to international observers in the Crimea, the end to repression of the Crimean Tatars on the peninsula. In Russian
During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, Pres Poroshenko agreed on military cooperation with UAE to supply weapons and military equipment to Ukraine, interior minister’s adviser Anton Herashchenko writes in Facebook Feb. 24.

“The items and amounts of supplies cannot be disclosed,” he said.

Unlike Americans and Europeans, Arabs do not fear Putin’s threats about the nuclear war if weapons are provided for Ukraine, he said.

They may also have a grudge against Putin for cutting in half the price of oil and creating general instability which affects the development of the UAE, Herashchenko believes.
on Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:25 pmAdmin
From August through November, about 100 Donbas rebels have voluntarily surrendered to SBU, its representative Ihor Kutepov told journalists, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Dec. 1.

SBU launched its “You are waited at home” program in August, with 100 rebels giving up their service in self-proclaimed Donbas armies to return home, he said.

Another 100 batch is in the pipeline, awaiting screening.

If no evidence is obtained about their involvement in combat and crimes, Ukraine prosecutors will appeal to courts for their release, the official said.
on Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:08 amNelson
from the link at the posting above, rbc

"Over the past day as a result of the incident one Ukrainian soldier was killed, another was wounded. It happened at the Mariupol direction near the village of Granitne. There's a truck was blown up in an anti-terrorist operation by an enemy anti-tank mine," - said Lysenko.

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Far from targeting Isis, Russia’s air force is trying to drive the Turkmen minority from north-west Syria in order to carve out safe territory for its ally Bashar al-Assad, the ethnic group’s leader tells Laura Pitel in Istanbul .
What we all know - unless you listen to the Putin loving BBC reporter Rainsford, or scumball long long time Moscow resident and Guardian Putin butt-kisser, Walker.
...He alleges that they suspended him from a tree and connected an electric current to his arms and legs; fired shots next to his ear; and slashed his thigh with a knife, as well as hitting him in the chest, stomach and around the head. Under such torture, he was willing to ‘confess’ to however many rapes and killings they demanded. ...
Shaun Walker's "DNR guys" doing what they do best.
Never - ever - go to Russia. A wasteland; probably the most uncivilised place on the entire planet, universe maybe!
Truckers have also expressed anger that the company running the system is linked to Igor Rotenburg, the son of Mr Putin’s friend and judo partner Arkady Rotenburg.
Putin, short of money, taxing who ever he can. Police blocked the trucks from approaching Moscow.
The United States has delivered more than $260 million in non-lethal military equipment to help the government of Ukraine in its fight against a Russian-backed insurgency, but some of the U.S.-supplied gear meant to protect and transport Ukrainian military forces is little more than junk.

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on Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:41 amNelson
on Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:39 amNelson
From Dec 13. 97 euros lowest price.
Not sure how many days it takes. Long journey, I am sure. Changing gauge also.
Simpler to fly. And similar price. But train is nice if you want to see the countryside - tourist.
...This was stated by US Ambassador to NATO, Douglas Lute, reports TSN.
"The number of Russian armed forces in Russia that are close to the Ukrainian border, probably for the invasion - has declined significantly. Now it's only one or two battalions, which is significantly less than a year ago. But this does not mean that Russia's influence in the separatist group weakened, "- said Lute.
[also] The Kremlin is doing everything to prevent "holiday-makers" leaving the Donbass - Ponomarev...

If true, good news. I don't think Putin has any idea what he wants to do, other than keep the minds of the Russian peasants occupied on anything except their own situation.
About 90 percent of all lemons sold in Russia come from Turkey, as well as significant amounts of tomatoes, grapes and apricots. About 1,250 Turkish trucks are now stacked up along Russia’s southern border, Interfax reported.

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Ukrainian soldier Andriy Hrechanov (codename Rahman), one of the so-called “Cyborgs” – defenders of the Donetsk airport – was released from “DPR” militant captivity today, as a result of a swap, according to volunteer Oleksiy Mochanov’s Facebook page.
...He paid tribute to the "courage and unbroken spirit" of the French in the wake of this month's attack by the Islamic State group that left 130 dead in Paris.
But he said this was "a daily reality for Ukraine for almost 21 months".
"We have been suffering from the terrorism sponsored and promoted by the Russian Federation," he said.
Poroshenko accused pro-Russian forces in the eastern Donbas region of having "flooded many mines", leading to the poisoning of drinking water and the soil...

You won't hear this story from Rainsford in the BBC garbage, or from Shaun Walker. He won't be critical of his beloved "DNR guys".

Rather different photo from the one of Putin and Obama.
Apparently Poro met with Erdogan for more than an hour. I understand Putin did not meet with Erdogan, even though the latter requested a meeting.
Putin playing stupid games. Games he can ill afford now, as Russia begins to sink into the abyss.

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on Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:09 amNelson
This photo doing the rounds on twitter.
Doesn't look like a show of unity to me.
I think Putin's war in Syria, supporting dictator Assad, is now seen for what it is.
Hollande was naive and stupid flying to Moscow. It just gives Putin more PR.

on Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:00 amNelson
“We’ve now been given another enemy that’s surrounding us,” said Andrei Kolesnikov,....“The besieged fortress will only become stronger as a result, try to defend itself more vigorously, rally around its leader more actively and hate all of the rest of the world even more.
Russian state television has become particularly adept at branding the Kremlin’s enemies with emotive labels ... It has portrayed Ukrainians as fascists, Europeans as liberal, gay-accepting heathens and Americans as the world’s malicious puppetmasters, pulling strings around the globe to undermine and destroy Russian interests.
The new line of attack against Turkey: The country is a nation of traitorous terrorism supporters.

Again - stirring up hatred in people, and sadly many in Russia are too lacking in intelligence to realise what is being done through the media, purely to support Putin.
The two leaders confirmed the irreversibility of the start of the free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU on Jan. 1, 2016.

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Last edited by Nelson on Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:48 am; edited 1 time in total
Putin just naturally breeds hate between nations. It is perhaps what he is best at. That, and killing civilians.
According to the announcement, on December 1 in Ukraine except northern regions, are expected in some places wind gusts of 15-20 m / s, and in the Carpathians - 25 m / s.
The entire area, except for the southern part, wet snow is forecast, and on the roads - sleet.
Terrorists fired at five settlements.
Yesterday evening, militants continued attacks sighting position ATU forces in two directions....
As noted, with 18.00 terrorists struck the Donetsk area.
"With the grenade and small arms fire they were on the sand, Mar'yintsi, Krasnohorivtsi and Avdiyivka. About 18 hours Artemovsk direction once fired from small arms Mayorsk "- said in a statement.
According to the text, after 23.40 to 6.00 am in the zone of the night passed quietly ATO.
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