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News -
Putin's forces opened fire 11 times at Ukrainian people last night.
Update - no Ukrainian military dead or injured yesterday. But resident of Volnavacha died - struck a mine.
Apparently quite a bust up between Avarkov and Sakeshvili at a meeting yesterday.

Weather -
Colder today. But luckily no snow overnight. Sky fairly light.
Forecast is for cold tomorrow also, but then warmer after that.
-3 currently. May get up to near zero.
Update - +1. Roads clear. No snow at all. A little blue sky. Good.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko made ​​for the application of sanctions only with the consent of the UN Security Council. This is referred to in the joint statement of the Presidents of the two countries after the talks, said "UNIAN".

Putin and Lukashenko, in particular, are going to "take action in order to end the practice of unilateral coercive economic measures that are not sanctioned by the UN Security Council and is incompatible with the principles of international law."

They also assured that they are ready to take part in the "consolidation of peace and stability including the prevention and peaceful settlement of international conflicts, post-conflict peacebuilding and countering such threats and challenges as international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, transnational organized crime, illicit trafficking narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, trafficking in human beings. "

Russia and Belarus have announced their intention to increase cooperation in the field of international information security and promote the idea of ​​"harmonization of integration processes in the west and east of Eurasia (the concept of" integration of integration ") within the framework of international organizations and multilateral forums, as well as major trading partners on the Eurasian continent, including the European Union, in order to implement the strategic objective of creating a common economic space from the Atlantic to the Pacific. " In Russian

This is so hilarious! Seeming the Kremlin STILL has veto power, any sanctions brought up at the UN will be vetoed by them. This is crazy to even consider it by the UN. Of course, it won't happen, as many democratic countries will veto the consideration.
Russia has sent a patrol ship "Amethyst" to protect drilling platforms "Tauris" and other rigs in the Black Sea to Ukraine, writes "TASS" with reference to the FSB Border Service.

December 15 to "Tauris," which Russia sent in place before the evacuees' towers Boyko "swam ship the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"The commander spoke by radio with a jack-up rig" Tavrida "with the requirement to provide information on the composition of the crew and to the presence of Russian drilling rig in the area. Captain jack-up understanding that the Ukrainian side has no authority to request this kind of information is not provided, "- said the Russian Border Service.

Then the Ukrainian ship went to Golitsyn gas condensate field, which carried photographic and video objects "Chornomornaftohaz."

In this regard, the area was sent a patrol ship that found next to the jack-up two warships of the Ukrainian Navy. In Russian
Tuesday, December 15 in Minsk hosted a meeting of the Tripartite Liaison Group to discuss the conflict in the occupied Donbass region and ways of its resolution. According to his Facebook page a spokesman for the former president of Ukraine and the Ukrainian representative at the talks in Minsk Daria Olifer Leonid Kuchma, at the moment, you can call the seven main outcomes of the meeting.

"The main task that now confronts humanitarian subgroup - a release of prisoners in the first place - those who are sick and injured. December 22 at a meeting of the Tripartite Liaison Group will hear a special report by the humanitarian subgroup on this subject. Ukraine hopes that at this meeting on the issue will be significant progress ", - she said.

In addition, 12 sites have been agreed for clearance. At the same time, the political sub-group failed to reach agreement on the holding of elections in the occupied territories of Donbass.

"A key component of a possible consensus is a complete cessation of hostilities. This requirement is necessary to complete the work and subgroups on economic and humanitarian issues. This condition is mandatory for mine clearance ", - underlined Olifer.

"International humanitarian organizations still do not have access to the uncontrolled Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Ukraine insists that this access has been granted. The International Committee of the Red Cross must gain access to the Ukrainian hostages, who are in the territory of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, "- she added.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross is also ready to take part in the search for missing persons in the Donbas. In the near future will generate a list of people who are searching for their relatives.

According Olifer Ukrainian side also drew attention to the ecological situation in Donbass. For monitoring of this issue may be invited experts of the international mission.

Seventh achievement, according to press secretary Kuchma, is that the next meeting of the Tripartite Liaison Group will take place with the participation of officers from the Joint Center for Monitoring and Coordination of the parties.

[url=%0A] In Russian[/url]
The sooner the Minsk agreement will be executed in Ukraine, the faster lift sanctions against Russia, reports "RIA Novosti" the statement US Secretary of State John Kerry, made ​​after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I also want to stress that steps should be taken regarding the implementation of the agreements of Minsk (in Ukraine), and to continue efforts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. We agreed that we need to continue bilateral estimates, which agreed. What will be implemented sooner the Minsk Agreement, the sooner may be canceled US sanctions and the EU ", - he said. In Russian
In the Kiev region police arrested 19-year resident of Lviv, which is on the school shooting at children. This is stated in the message Press Service of the National Police in the area.

"The duty of the Irpin City Police Department received a report from an employee of one of the local schools that institution in the territory of the unknown device, similar to a gun fired shots toward the children and disappeared. After working for the surrounding area, law enforcement officers detained the attacker shortly. They found 19-year-old resident of Lviv region ", - said in a statement.

The man found equipment air pistol, the origin of which he could not explain. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part. 4 Art. 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In Russian
Ukraine is holding a constant dialogue with the Russian authorities regarding a $3 billion debt due this month, Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko told reporters.

At this, the minister noted the talks are held through German "mediators."

"We are in contact with them [the Russian side] through German partners every day. As you know, I met them in Peru under the mediation of the German Finance Minister. And they [the German side] are helping us as mediators," Jaresko said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Ukrainian Finance Ministry and the Russian Government did not reach an agreement on the terms of restructuring a $3 billion eurobond, which matures in December 2015.................
Russia had violated rules of international law of the sea. This is stated in the declaration of the State Border Service of Ukraine published on the official website of the Ministry.

The statement said that the GPS on the night of December 15 has monitored surface situation in the territorial sea and the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine.

"As a result of the activities identified and documented that the two jack-up rig (jack-up)" Peter Godovanets "and" Ukraine ", which in 2014 had been illegally seized by the Russian Federation at the time of the annexation of the Crimea, displaced from the area of ​​the Odessa gas field close to the peninsula of Crimea (location to be confirmed). In turn, in the place where previously housed these jack-up, the Russian Federation establishes the move from ARC oil platform "Tavrida" which illegally was captured last year, "- said in a statement.

Near the lift jack-up rig is "Centaur" (illegally seized auxiliary ship of "Chernomorneftegaz"), which carries out the installation work.

State Border Service recorded the fact of gross violation of the norms of international maritime law and the Law of Ukraine "On the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine." Now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is preparing a position which will be officially communicated to the Russian side.

Earlier, the "Commander in Chief" reported that the invaders are taken from the Crimea rigs because of the possible arrest of the claim "Naftogaz Ukraine"

Platforms were purchased in 2011 for money "Naftogaz", which provided a loan "Chernomorneftegaz" - at the time of its subsidiary. Legal proceedings for the return of funds began even before the annexation of the Crimea by Russia. Now, "Naftogaz" is preparing to file a lawsuit in the Commercial Arbitration in Stockholm or London. In Russian
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its strong protest over the decision of the Russian authorities to condemn to 11 years imprisonment sentence in the colony of citizen of Ukraine Valentin Vygovsky, who in September 2014 was illegally detained in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on fabricated charges espionage.

The corresponding statement was made by the press service of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

"This is the 6th unreasonable verdict so-called" Russian justice "against Ukrainian political prisoners, built on the basis of fictitious materials.

Within 15 months the competent authorities of the Russian Federation carried out a citizen of Ukraine Valentin Vygovsky psychological pressure, trying to get him the necessary investigation testimony and confession of his guilt, "- said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry also said that the consular officials of Ukraine almost 8 months since his arrest did not have access to the prisoner compatriot hearings in his case were held behind closed doors, which is evidence of bias and prejudice consideration of the case.

"Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said the alleged crimes Valentin Vyhovsky groundless, the decision of the Moscow Regional Court politicized, and insists on the immediate release of our compatriot and his return to Ukraine", - said the Foreign Ministry. In Russian
Registration for "Ukrainians".
Well - there you go. A form of ethnic cleansing, for sure. Putin's policies remind me so much of Hitler -
which is probably why the French ultra-right - Le Pen - and the English ultra-left - Milne and Corbyn - like him so much.
Him - I mean Putin, but they probably like Hitler as well.
Quite a long article.
(Civil.Ge) — The release of reports on implementation of visa liberalization action plans by Georgia and Ukraine, which the European Commission was initially planning for December 15, has been postponed with no new date set as of yet.
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said without elaborating details that “the work is still going on” in the European Commission and the reports will be out “this month, in the coming days.”

No clear reason why. Suggestions Ukraine needs to do more to fight corruption.
on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:13 amNelson
Doba zone ATO passed without loss - Staff
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 12:40
"During the last day of hostilities, no Ukrainian military did not die and was not injured," - said the colonel....
... However Volnovakha area away from the occupied territories killed resident of Donetsk, on a mine.
Various points, most seem legitimate to me - offshore companies pocketing money out of the country, also
Kuzhel added that even in the new budget provides for no longer pay for single mothers and single adoptive parents 30% of the minimum subsistence level.
Looks like passing the budget will be a real battle.
...According to him, until the end of the year have much time left, so MPs should immediately begin to consider next year's budget and consideration of changes in the tax code.
"December 17 the budget and the tax package to be presented at the plenary session. Then we will have the opportunity to submit comments and suggestions....
Russia is a significant economic partner for Italy. The Italian energy industry has close ties to Gazprom, the Russian state-run natural gas exporter, and important Italian industries like farming and fashion have lost business because of retaliatory measures imposed by Moscow.
It will be interesting to see if Putin simply ignores the protests, backs down, or arrests those involved.
on Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:03 amNelson
A Twitter user claiming to be head of the state-run news agency Rossia Segodnya Dmitry Kiselyov deleted an online poll Sunday that named a “liar of the year,” after the majority of respondents voted for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
That's what you call an "own goal". Very Happy
The militants launched rockets at night toward the forces ATU - Staff
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 7:01
On the night of December 15 gunmen opened fire 11 times in the area of ​​ATU, indicating that the relative reduction in the intensity of armed provocation by terrorists.
The press center informs Staff ATO page on Facebook.
It is noted that the militants were unsighted shelling the positions of Ukrainian military small arms and grenade launchers at Pisky, and Avdiyivka and Opitnoe.
Near Gorlovki using small arms, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns, terrorists unsighted beaten on Luhansk. Also, the Ukrainian side position near the village of militants launched two anti-tank guided missiles.
In the headquarters stressed that the ATU forces returned fire did not open.
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