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News -
Read this morning that Ukrainian forces were shelled 40 times yesterday by Putin.
The day before this number was 30. Putin seems to be almost provoking the west to create more sanctions.
Personally I think he wants to get the US military more involved, and then he can say it is an "international - world" conflict,
not just Russia attacking Ukraine.
Update - Reading that 5 more soldiers died yesterday. On Thursday 8 died. Reaction from the west? Nothing.

Weather -
It's going to be hot today. I'm going out early, do some shopping.
Then I hope later to post some photos and a little report from Maidan, Kiev.
30C predicted, and sunshine. Blue sky now, strong sun already.

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Soldiers of the Regiment "Azov" showed a video where you can see how the projectile Shirokino terrorists flew straight to their house.

After a powerful explosion fighters immediately roll made to find out whether victims.

According to the military, terrorists fired "only according to our five-story building, and more than once did not come ..."

[url=]: In Russian[/url]
Political expert, MP III-VI convocations Chornovol Taras told about possible plans regarding Russia Ukraine.

He said this in an interview to "24".

According to him, Moscow wants to get rid of the "DNR" and "LC".

"They want us to recognize these republics Ukraine, but left the current leadership. And the local people should have the right to veto, so Russia will gain control of Ukraine", - he said. In Russian
The thread of the anti-Ukrainian provocation in the United States related to the amendment passed by Congress banning the government to provide instructors for training soldiers allegedly "neo-Nazi" regiment "Azov", are in Kiev.

About this on his page on Facebook I wrote a member of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko Igor Mosiychuk.

"The largest pool of foreign, particularly American lobbyists of the Ukrainian politicians have ex-Regions, and now one of the leaders of" Thieves bloc "in parliament Serhiy Lyovochkin" - he wrote.

"After a thorough investigation of the anti-Ukrainian provocation found that the negative decision of lobbying Congress on" Azov "MANPADS and engaged political strategist Paul Mannafort closely connected with Sergei Lyovochkin. He edited together with Congressman John Conyers anti-Ukrainian amendment passed by Congress. Rehearsing Kremlin pieces of silver, Lyovochkin and his criminal gang working against Ukraine and Ukrainians, and for that they should be correspondingly punished, "- added Mosiychuk. In Russian

I'd like to see the passed amendment, as I spend on average 17 hours daily looking at and reading news reports. Also! I don't see who's the author of this report. Might just be Sputnik or Russia Today. Believe me! I would know about this amendment.

Americans know how important Ukraine is. They're not going to fall for ex-POR scumbags. So those believing it, you better get your facts straight and show proof, as I have yet to see any. The majority of American politicians aren't that narrow-minded. Maybe perhaps those that despise Obama and will believe anything they're told, to continue attempting to stain his name.
Tower with a remote control, the latest defense system and computerized control with which the crew members of the video game feel - all these are the main characteristics of the newly modernized Russian tank "Armata".

According to Yahoo News , referring to the publication of Associated Press, is expensive President Vladimir Putin could lead to serious economic problems, as the program with funding of 22 trillion rubles ($ 400 billion), which provides for the purchase of 2,300 new tanks, hundreds of aircraft and missiles and dozens of ships for the Navy, was conceived at a time when the treasury was full of Russian petrodollars. Now Russia rejected Europe and the price of oil is far from being the same, the newspaper writes.

But the media is constantly Putin promises to modernize the military will continue as planned, as the military budget increased this year by 33 percent, that is, about 3.3 trillion rubles (60 billion dollars). Some observers predict that the Kremlin will inevitably have to curtail their plans against the backdrop of recession.

Deputy Defense Minister of Russia said that at the beginning of this year, the Air Force is likely to have to reduce its order for the T-50, a costly colossus developed over the past two decades to resist US "Raptor".

Another problem prevents the modernization of machines: the sanctions include a ban on the sale of military equipment to Russia. Nick de Larrinaga, European editor of IHS Jane's Defence Weekly, predicted that Russia will be very difficult to outdo the western military know-how.

"Tanks do not need a visa!" - Fearless Rogozin said, referring to the restrictions on foreign travel and economic sanctions against Russia.

Until that time, the Russians have not yet laid down their price "Armata", but some observers believe that the new tank could cost as expensive as a fighter.

The chief designer of the tank, 52-year-old Andrew Terlikov, said that the price of the new tank will decrease as soon as it is released into production. He also stressed that "Armata" uses only part of domestic production. "From the very beginning, we set out to rely on its own resources", - he added.

De Larrinaga agreed that the creation of this type of tank is technological progress in Russia. "The crew has a much better chance of surviving if the tank is destroyed," - said the editor. In Russian

Instead of using the money to build-up the industries they've squandered, they use it to steal other countries, to make-up the shortcomings they've caused for decades.
Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki said that Greece, Cyprus and Austria formally against the ratification of the Association Agreement in Ukraine and the EU, however, delayed the process.This he said in an interview with "Ukrinform".

"I have a feeling that these countries spend something like "Italian strike", that is, there is no formal protest, but people do not work" - he said.

According to him, in Poland about the officials, who do not want to do something, say "transfer the case to a turtle."

"That is the work of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine, these countries have given a turtle" - he stressed.

"We can create a coalition in the European Parliament, who will try to" encourage ", saying the diplomatic language of the country that hinder the ratification process, to Austria, Greece or Cyprus did not press on the brake," - he added. In Russian

Regarding Austria, we know there are quite a few criminals that hide their money and live in Austria, such as Azarov and others. We already know the leaders in Greece are in bed with Putalin. And the world knows that Cyprus holds a lot of dirty money from east European criminals.

That seems to be the ace card Putalin's holding so Ukraine doesn't get to finalize the Association Agreement. But! the Kremlin's lost big, with the FTA demands being denied in Brussels. Pretty soon, the only card the Kremlin will have remaining will be the joker.
Over the past few days the activity of the pro-Russian illegal armed formations (IAF) in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine is the highest in the last month.

This was reported by the press center of the ATO.

"So, for today in the area of ​​the ATO militants Russian terrorist gangs fired at 65 times the position of Ukrainian troops," - said in a statement.

The most difficult situation is near Donetsk.

"In the morning the militants continued to fire sands, water, Marinka, Krasnogorovka, experienced", - the report says.

Terrorists have used almost all of their weapons, including illegal 120mm mortars and 122mm howitzers.

"Five times of tanks, weapons, combat vehicles and artillery systems of 122mm bandits struck home in the village of Pilot also caused damage to residential areas and the Water" - said in a statement.
After a brief lull, again it was hot in the area of ​​Mariupol.

"Eight times the positions of our soldiers in Shirokino were fired by militants from mortars and howitzers, 100 mm caliber, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, small arms," ​​- told in the headquarters.

In Lugansk region enemy was mortar fire from 120mm Fortunately, the Crimean and the Swamp.

"In turn, the division forces ATU actively increasing their combat abilities to reflect the possible attempts to break through the defensive line and capture Ukrainian territory," - said in a statement. In Russian

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier assured that Germany should maintain dialogue with Russia, despite the conflict in Ukraine.

He expressed this opinion at the Berlin Congress of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, on Saturday, June 13, reports "Deutsche Welle".

The Foreign Minister stressed that Germany at least through its geographical proximity has little choice. Therefore, the aim of the dialogue with the Russian Federation should be to restore political relations with Moscow, he said.

Steinmeier stressed that a military solution to the conflict in the Ukrainian Donbass excluded. In Russian
The brigade commander terrorists "East", "Security Council Secretary DNI" Alexander Khodakovsky said that they do not perceive Ukraine as an enemy and fight with the nationalist ideology.

He said this in an interview with "BBC".

"We are well aware of the fact that Ukraine - not a fascist state. But we are seeing the emergence of trends that could be harmful for the Ukrainian society," - he said.

In addition, he said, their main enemy - the nationalist ideology.

"We do not perceive Ukraine as our enemy who will fight to the bitter, it is absolutely not true, clichéd approach. Our main enemy - a nationalist ideology," - he concluded. In Russian

So Ukrainians shouldn't run THEIR country the way they wanted it? Who's to tell Ukraine that approves of Russia being run by Communists and also has Russian Neo-Nazi's that behead immigrants. Is that how they want Ukraine to become? Does jealousy run through his veins because Ukraine FINALLY has a chance to be a free society and wants to shed the USSR skin that always emphasized Russians should live in slavery/serfdom?

So Ukrainians aren't fascist, but the majority of them, including the Kremlin consider them to be fascists. Nationalists want to live like Ukrainians, not like the Kremlin wants. Get the hell out of Ukraine, if you don't consider them enemies. Why in the hell then are you in Ukraine, because your slave-master tells you so?
on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:56 pmNelson
New July 17th Satellite Imagery Confirms Russia Produced Fake MH17 Evidence [Bellingcat, again. In English]
This clearly demonstrates that the imagery presented by the Russian Ministry of Defense is from before July 2014, confirming they produced false satellite imagery at their 21 July 2014 press conference on the downing of Flight MH17.
[And why would Russia do that ??
Because they shot down MH17 themselves. ]
on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:50 pmNelson
Defying Obama, Many in Congress Press to Arm Ukraine [in English]
But in the latest sign of the reluctance by the White House, Samantha Power, the United States ambassador to the United Nations.... did not mention sending offensive weapons as a possibility.
.... warning only vaguely of a tougher stance by the United States.

on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:38 pmNelson
Exclusive Access to the Russian Forpost Drone Shot Down in Ukraine [from Bellingcat; in English]
Russia’s repeated attempts to convince the international community and its own citizens that there are no Russian troops, or weapons in Ukraine have grown tiresome and farcical, especially when compared against the meticulously researched mountain of evidence to the contrary.
Shortly after Ukrainian troops captured two Russian Spetsnaz soldiers, a Ukrainian special forces unit of the Dnipro-1 Battalion shot down a $6 million Russian Forpost drone near Avdeevka in Eastern Ukraine. The Russian government was quick to distance itself from the soldiers, and even went so far as to parade their families in front of the media to deny their active status. However, the drone that was shot down that day is not something the Russian government can deny owning and operating. Drones, advanced as they might be, do not as of yet have the power of free will, so this particular one could not get lost and fly into Ukraine, or leave its unit to volunteer for service in Ukraine....
The European Commission considers "unacceptable" Moscow prepared a draft tripartite agreement on trade between the EU, Russia and Ukraine.

Reported edition DW co reference to the German weekly Der Spiegel.

According to the German weekly Der Spiegel, Brussels has rejected another attempt by the Kremlin to prevent the creation of a free trade area of ​​the EU and Ukraine. The European Commission rejected a draft tripartite agreement that the Russian government has sent the EU on June 3 announced Friday evening, June 12, the German edition on its website. Full article published in the paper version of the weekly on 15 June.

According to the journalists' Der Spiegel, a draft document prepared by the Moscow assumed a strict export and import controls, and import quotas in Russia 52 product categories - from hydraulic turbines and ships to beef and ice cream.

"Russia proposed text is unacceptable", - quotes the edition of an EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom trade chairman of the profile committee of the European Parliament Bernd Lange (Bernd Lange) on June 9. Such an agreement "imposed on Ukraine and EU unilateral commitments," - say in Brussels. In Russian

This is AWESOME news. As I've been repeating that the Kremlin shouldn't call the shots on whether Ukraine does business and how it does business with other countries.

They want to recuperate their own industries they've squandered, by controlling Ukraine's industries and prosperity which Ukraine has an abundance of. It'll force the Kremlin to start investing in its own infrastructure, instead of investing wholly on energy sources and its military. They want to rule Europe and will try to bring down any country that gets in its way.

This news speaks massively. I'm glad Europe/EU Council finally had the guts to defend itself, instead of bowing to authoritarians. It's about time they grew a pair.
on Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:27 pmNelson
In Donbass military vehicle hit: there are victims (apostrophe)
In the west of the city of Donetsk on June 12 around 19:00 in the anti-tank mine blew up an armored personnel carrier, killing three of the Ukrainian military, five wounded.
[June 12, so this was yesterday evening. ]
on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:12 amNelson
Ministry of Foreign Affairs published new photos [showing the] mayhem at the consulate in Rostov (apostrophe)
[Attacked by Putin thugs. Probably the russian police also. ]
Russia has put forward new requirements for deep and comprehensive free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU, the implementation of which is to begin January 1, 2016.

Relevant proposals were spelled out in the document, which the Russian side handed over the European Commission on June 3 dts Nachrichtenagentur agency reported with reference to Spiegel.

In particular, as noted by the source in the European Commission, the document suggests unilateral commitments by Ukraine and the EU.

However, according to sources, the European Commission rejected the proposal of the Russian Federation.

Thus, according to representatives of the EC, a tripartite agreement designed to bury the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, reports "Ukrainian Truth" citing "RIA Novosti" .

In particular, the documentation for the project, according to the German newspaper, has been listed 30 registered in Crimea Russian enterprises.

"If the EU has taken it, it would be the first step towards recognition of the annexation of the peninsula" - the newspaper writes.

As noted, the European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström in a letter to the chairman of the European Parliament Committee for International Trade said that the new requirements of the Russian Federation are "unacceptable". In Russian
The damage caused to the building of the Ukrainian Consulate General in Rostov-on-Don last night could result in a suspension of consular services to Ukrainian citizens, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has told Interfax.

The attack was carried out last night by a group of people who damaged the facade and the interior of the building: the Consulate's opening hours sign was removed from the facade, the building, courtyards and cars were pelted with green dye, eggs and rubbish, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Olena Vaschenko said.

According to the diplomatic mission, 90% of the windows of the first and second floors were smashed. Computers and other office equipment have also been damaged.

The staff were not hurt because there was no one at the building during the overnight attack........

"We regard such actions as a deliberate provocation against Ukraine and its diplomatic representatives and a flagrant violation of the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by Russia. We demand that the Russian authorities launch immediate comprehensive investigation, prosecute those responsible and compensate for material damage," the press office of the Foreign notes.

This night about a hundred young men threw eggs at the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow. In Ukrainian
Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) declared in a letter, addressed to Members of the Financial Community on June 12.

Censor.NET reports citing RBK-Ukraina.

"The Ukrainian authorities have embarked on an ambitious economic program for 2015-18 aiming at deep-reaching macroeconomic adjustment and structural reforms. It includes a substantial fiscal consolidation and energy sector reforms, the rehabilitation of the banking system, the build-up of the National Bank of Ukraine's (NBU) international reserves to prudent levels, and the improvement of the business environment to enhance the productive potential of the economy. The economic program is being supported by exceptional financing from the IMF under the recently approved extended arrangement (EFF) as well as by financial assistance from the EU, U.S., other International Financial Institutions, and bilateral partners," Lagarde wrote.

"The IMF, in general, encourages voluntary pre-emptive agreements in debt restructurings, but in the event that a negotiated settlement with private creditors is not reached and the country determines that it cannot service its debt, the Fund can lend to Ukraine consistent with its Lending-into-Arrears Policy.

"The Ukrainian authorities are fully cognizant of the large challenges ahead-including substantial macroeconomic risks stemming from the unresolved conflict in the East--and have reaffirmed their steadfast determination to tackle economic imbalances that held Ukraine back in the past, and deepen structural reforms in order to achieve robust and sustainable growth. I believe that their program warrants the support of the international community, including the private sector, which is indispensable for the success of this program," Lagarde concluded. In Russian
Rada lawmaker and investigative journalists Mustafa Nayem puts the blame for Serhy Kliuyev’s fleeing from Ukraine on the prosecution, Nayem writes in Facebook June 13.

“The prosecution is to be held accountable for Kliuyev’s breaking loose after the charges of corruption were handed in,” the lawmaker says.

Rada stripped Kliuyev of immunity against prosecution at noon on June 3. The same day, Kliuyev tried to fly to Austria by a charter plane at 13.30 from Kyiv. The flight was cancelled by the authorities, the journalist says.

The following day, Kliuyev failed to come for questioning by the prosecutors.

“These two facts, the attempt to escape and failure to report for questioning, were sufficient for the prosecution to demand that Rada give consent to arrest Kliuev immediately, something the prosecution didn’t do,” Nayem writes.

“Prosecutors already know about Kliuyev’s the escape route – either via Kharkiv to Geneva or across the border to the Donetsk rebel republic,” Mustafa Nayem says.
According to the Information resistance NGO, 40 tanks, 50 armored personnel carrier and many other weapons have been delivered to Donbas rebels, Dmytro Tymchuk writes in Facebook June 12.

Russian patrons have also sent 15 Grad missile systems, 15 large-caliber artillery pieces, 130 trucks with ammunition and equipment, the expert says.

In doing so, Russia is hypocritically violating the Minsk agreements on the ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy artillery from the war area.
on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:03 amNelson
08: 51
In Rostove-na-Donu attacked the Consulate of Ukraine (Hartiâ ' 97)

08: 40
During [separatist] attacks the previous day killed 5 Ukrainian military-media (under the gun)
Most militants were operating in the West from Donetsk, where fixed up 73 attacks with tanks, via C3, mortars, artillery and AGS-17. Here at their positions killed three Ukrainian military and 10 injured. To the West of Debaltsevo, in some areas of the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts militants 17 times opened fire on positions held by forces of the ATO, failing to result in the death of 2 of the Ukrainian soldier and injure another 3.
[The day before there were 7 dead. The west needs to react. This is no cease fire]

The fire at the depot near Kiev extinguished (Commander-in-chief)
Krasnoarmijsk detained 18-year-old terrorist who "worked" for food (pulse of Kiev)
on Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:59 amNelson
United States will boycott an economic forum in St. Petersburg because of the Ukraine (fourth power)
[Now can all the western countries follow suit?
I expect the fascist learning places - Greece, North Korea, Italy, China to attend. But if the civilised countries stay away that will send a good sign.

The terrorists are firing on our soldiers with prohibited weapons [re-] agreement, Minsk-press ATO (No censor.)
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