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News -
39 attacks on Ukraine by Russian forces yesterday.  
Update - 2 soldiers injured.
Update - major violation of Minsk. DNR enter Buffer zone with military vehicles near Mariupol. See about 16 posts' down.

Weather -
Unreal. So strange, waking up, looking at the thermometer in later December, and seeing +4.
Cloudy. High maybe of +7. Update - +7, but quite windy. Maybe expect some electricity lines down in places.

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Moscow considers irrational and hostile US intentions to expand sanctions against Russia and intends to prepare a response, said a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov.

"This is a continuation of the line, which has a devastating impact on bilateral relations", - said Peskov.

According to the press secretary, Washington chose a course of conduct, "contrasts strongly with the needs of the time."

Earlier, US Department of Justice published an expanded list of Russian companies on which sanctions are imposed in connection with the conflict in the east of Ukraine. In Russian
U.S. oil and natural gas producer ConocoPhillips has sold its 50% stake in a joint venture with Russian state oil company Rosneft, a ConocoPhillips spokesman said, according to Reuters.

The exit from Russia comes about five years after ConocoPhillips sold its biggest sole asset in Russia, a stake in Lukoil, for $9.5 billion, Reuters wrote.

ConocoPhillips was left with the Polar Lights JV in Russia after it sold a 30% interest in another joint venture to partner Lukoil in 2012.

ConocoPhillips spokesman Kris Sava said the company sold its stake to Trisonnery Asset Ltd.

Rosneft also sold its stake in the Polar Lights joint venture last week, in a deal that valued the business at about $150 million-$200 million, the FT reported citing a person with knowledge of the matter......................
The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on Tuesday designated and identified dozens of individuals and entities under four executive orders (E.O.s) related to Russia and Ukraine, which once again demonstrated "the United States' unwavering resolve to pressure Russia to respect the security and sovereignty of Ukraine."

"By more closely matching our designations with those of our international partners and thwarting attempts to evade sanctions¸ we are once again demonstrating the United States' unwavering resolve to pressure Russia to respect the security and sovereignty of Ukraine," the U.S. Department of the Treasury quoted Acting OFAC Director John E. Smith in its statement on Tuesday as saying.

"It is critical that Russia takes the steps necessary to comply with its obligations under the Minsk Agreements and to ensure a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine," he added.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury says that the current action is "part of OFAC's continued effort to counter attempts to circumvent these sanctions, to further align U.S. measures with those of its international allies, and to provide additional information to assist the private sector with sanctions compliance."

In today's action, OFAC named 34 individuals and entities under Ukraine-related sanctions authorities. This includes 14 individuals and entities linked to those that have engaged in serious and sustained evasion of existing sanctions or are 50% or more owned by a designated entity; six separatists designated for threatening the security or stability of Ukraine; two former Ukrainian government officials for being complicit in the misappropriation of public assets and/or threatening the security or stability of Ukraine; and 12 entities for operating in the Crimea region of Ukraine.

OFAC also identified a number of subsidiaries that are owned 50% or more by the previously-designated VTB Bank, Sberbank, and Rostec.

"Today's steps support the U.S. commitment to seek a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine by maintaining our sanctions on Russia. Those sanctions will not begin to be rolled back until Russia fully implements its commitments under the Minsk Agreements, including the return to Ukraine of control of its side of the international border with Russia. These steps also demonstrate our sustained commitment to a policy of non-recognition with respect to Russia's purported annexation of Crimea, and our intent to maintain Crimea-related sanctions until Russia ends its occupation of the peninsula. A number of the individuals and entities designated today have also been previously designated by the European Union (EU), underscoring continued trans-Atlantic unity in responding to Russia's actions in Ukraine," the statement reads.......................

To read further go to this link:
The Russian parliament voted on Tuesday to suspend its free-trade zone with Ukraine from January in a further deterioration in relations.

Economic ties between the neighbours had been significant until political relations soured after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

Bilateral trade has fallen from $50.6bn in 2011 to just $12.5bn in the first 10 months of this year, according to Russian government statistics...................

To read further go to this link:
BRUSSELS, Dec 22 Investors are wary of pouring money into a planned doubling of Gazprom's Nord Stream gas link to Germany, analysts said, amid doubts about regulatory approvals and deep political divisions.
Since taps opened five years ago on the first pipeline from Russia's Baltic coast to Germany, bypassing Ukraine, the gulf has widened between EU countries angered by Russia's military actions there and those worried about security of gas supply.
At an emotional summit last week, national leaders said Nord Stream-2 undercut EU unity against Russia. Only Germany and the Netherlands backed the project, ministers said.

Money money money. I'm amazed with the Netherlands, especially after MH17, but ... money..

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on 34 individuals and entities as part of its efforts to pressure Russia for its intervention in Ukraine, the U.S. Treasury Department said.

"Today’s steps support the U.S. commitment to seek a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine by maintaining our sanctions on Russia," the Treasury said in a statement.

It said the U.S. sanctions would not begin to roll back until Russia fully implements its commitments under the Minsk peace agreement, "including the return to Ukraine of control of its side of the international border with Russia."

Very very short report.
on Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:07 pmNelson

In this connection, he explained that because of the need to better coordinate the previously imposed restrictive measures with international partners, and by the need to "cease attempts to evade sanctions, we are again demonstrating unwavering commitment of the United States to put pressure on Russia and make it respect the sovereignty and security of Ukraine ".

Today, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury has identified 34 individuals and entities for which enhanced sanctions.

"Today's steps maintain the US commitment to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine by maintaining our sanctions against Russia. These sanctions will not weaken until Russia fully implement those commitments to Minsk II, including the return of Ukraine control over its part of the state border Russia ", - said in a statement.

The list of persons against whom sanctions reinforce referred businessmen Gennady Timchenko Russian, Arkady Rotenberg, Boris Rotenberg and against such companies as JSC "Concern" Kalashnikov "Kalashnikov Concern.

In addition, the new list of sanctions hit Crimean companies such as "Yalta film studio", "Massandra" and "Yuniversalavia."
Not a surprise really. The same sort of thing happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
US President signed the budget for 2016, aid Ukraine is not less than 658,185,000 US dollars.

The budget of 1.1 trillion dollars would increase defense spending, supporting the efforts of cybersecurity, cancels US embargo on exports of crude oil and provides start lowering taxes on US 690 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

"The amount of costs the US State Department to assist Ukraine in 2016 fiscal year will be at least 658,185,000 US $ 145 million more than the initial request," - said the US embassy in Ukraine. These funds are supposed to be used for programs and military security, however generally should not exceed $ 300 million.

The Defense Department also received finances to help Ukraine. "The appropriations include $ 250 million and can be aimed, among other things, conducting exercises, military equipment, lethal weapons defense implications, logistical support, supplies and services, intelligence support for defense and national security of Ukraine" - said the US embassy.

State budget of the reform of the US Visa Waiver Program provides the US.

The law does not reduce funding included organizations "Family Planning", which demanded Republicans. This organization provides medical services in gynecology, particularly abortions and conducts tests of fetal tissue woman. Funding this organization has caused heated debate at the legislative level.

Also not included controversial budget item which provided reduction program that financially assists refugees from Syria and Iraq to get into the United States.   In Ukrainian
14:01 / 12/22/2015 - News of Donbass
ATO headquarters confirms that in the buffer zone village Kominternovo entered militants groups of the "DNR" with armored vehicles. This was said by the speaker of the press center of the ATO Anton Myronovych the TV channel "112".
"This information is confirmed. This morning, a division of illegal armed formations of up to reinforced company entered into Kominternovo, which is in the gray zone. According to our information, they have armored vehicles, possibly even tanks and other weapons, which is prohibited by the Minsk Agreement. The urgency of this information was given to the monitoring mission of the OSCE, as well as a joint center of control and coordination of the demarcation line that they have applied the appropriate measures reagirovaniya№ - said Myronovych.
He stressed that such actions are regarded as a large-scale provocation by the Ukrainian military.
"However, the strength of ATO are now in their positions, watch what is happening there, and hope that this will be resolved peacefully, the OSCE mission will work and STSTSK" - said the speaker of the ATO.
Myronovych said that the number of fighters in Kominternovo - up to 100 people, they have up to five tanks and armored personnel carriers of more than five.
Earlier, local media reported that terrorists from the DNR entered the village, which is located 24 kilometers from Mariupol (Donetsk region), in the morning on December 22.

Many other reports that the front line is very active today. A new push by Putin?
The Council will consider the elections in Krivoy Rog Wednesday
Also - Samopomich have said that they won't support the coalition unless there are new elections in this town.
Some dodgy voting, apparently, last time round.
At night in the area ATO wounded two soldiers - Staff
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 12:50
The last day in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation passed without loss, two soldiers injured...
He also said that, according to updated information, 18 December was wounded not five, but six soldiers, one soldier was injured at Marinka.
on Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:03 amNelson
About how Russia is becoming more and more authoritarian.

A renewed sell-off in oil means the Russian economy will be testing new lows for much of next year.
With crude trading near the lowest since mid-2004, banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. say a second year of recession is all but inevitable. ...
A drop in oil of $10 per barrel cuts Russia’s annual export revenue by about $25 billion, equivalent to 2 percent of 2015 GDP, according to Capital Economics Ltd. Since gas closely tracks the price of oil, Russia stands to lose about $5 billion more, or 0.4 percent of GDP, as a result of smaller gas sales, it estimates....

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day
Medvedev has introduced from January 1, 2016 economic measures against Ukraine
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on Monday on how to enter to January 1, 2016 economic measures against Ukraine, including customs duties and product embargo, reported RIA Novosti news agency.
"A decree, I just signed," - said Medvedev at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister.
The head of the Russian Cabinet said that from the beginning of next year, begins the implementation of the economic part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. "In these circumstances, we need to protect its market, and our producers and to prevent the import of Ukrainian goods...
meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables ....

No more Ukrainian salo for the Russians. That means more for Admin )) cheers cheers cheers
N.B. Russian source.
Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk accused the media in the information war against the church, and links with the State Department
...In addition, Metropolitan Tikhon said that the press launch an information war against the church, saying one of the most hostile is a Berdsk newspaper "Kurer.Sreda.Berdsk",....The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church alleged that the newspaper is published by the US State Department,
Note -
RUSSIAN source.
The Russian orthodox church seem to be learning from Putin!!
This has to qualify for "joke of the day". A newspaper in Novosibirsk being published by the US State Department !!!! lol! lol! lol!
Long long long article in Politico by Oliver Carroll. Basically a write up of his interview with a billionaire Ukrainian, living in Geneva, Switzerland. A couple of bits -
Kolomoisky - ".. Poroshenko is the educated usurper, slave to his absolute power, craven to absolute power.”
[Looks like he doesn't like Poroshenko!]
A well-placed governmental source says that the president became concerned by what he saw in the early months of 2015. “We understood we had to act to disarm his irregular forces or to bring them under the direct control of the army command,” the source said....
...Tymoshenko would not leave the coalition: “I couldn’t support her because she is a prostitute. You can’t just be a little bit pregnant. You can’t pretend you are in opposition and be in government at the same time.” He pauses, smiles. “It’s immoral.”
“Akhmetov and I need to take care of each other, because if he goes, they’ll come after me. And if I go, they will come after him.”

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day

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Russia: EU prolongs economic sanctions by six months
On 21 December 2015, the Council prolonged EU economic sanctions against Russia until 31 July 2016.
The sanctions were initially introduced for one year on 31 July 2014, in response to Russia's actions in the east of Ukraine.
On 22 June 2015, the Council prolonged the duration of the measures by six months until 31 January 2016. This followed an agreement in the European Council in March 2015, when EU leaders linked the duration of the sanctions to the complete implementation of the Minsk agreements, which was foreseen to take place by 31 December 2015.
Families of MH17 victims are unlikely to get a cent of compensation from Russia even if the country is found responsible for shooting down the Malaysia Airlines’ flight.
In a cynical move by Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation has passed a law giving it the power to reject orders made by international judiciaries.
It comes as US aviation lawyer Jerry Skinner prepares to file a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on behalf of MH17 victims, suing Putin and the Russian Federation for the atrocity.
This could be a real problem. If the budget doesn't get passed, and the IMF don't release money, then what?
Elections again? Destabilization, for sure. Right up Putin's street.

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day

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Most vehicles the checkpoint "Shehini - Medica"
Today, December 22, at 8:00 on the Ukrainian-Polish border at five checkpoints Lviv and Volyn regions formed a queue of 430 cars. It is reported by the Western Regional Office of the State Border Service of Ukraine.
For example, in the international automobile checkpoint "Shehini - Medica" in the Lviv region are 230 cars.
120 cars are at the checkpoint "Ustilug - Zosin" Volyn.
40 cars stand in line in "Uhryniv - Dolgobichuv" 30 - in "Krakovets - Korchevaya", 10 - in the "Rava-" Lviv region.
At other crossings, in particular at the Ukrainian-Romanian border in the Chernivtsi region and the Ukrainian-Hungarian in the Transcarpathian region, queues of vehicles as of 8.00 am on Tuesday not known, noted in GPSU.

I had a coffee yesterday with a friend who drove through the Hungarian border on Thursday. Mukacheva. He said it was normal there.
Probably people heading home for Christmas in Poland. December 25.

Dec. 12, 2015 in the occupied territories in the Luhansk region in an attack was killed by the commander of the 6th Cossack regiment Paul Dremov. Action was killed in undermining his Land Rover car bomb near the town Irmino (Teplogorsk) on the road between Pervomayskoye and Stakhanov. This was announced by the speaker of the Ministry of Interior Artem Shevchenko.

According to him, the leader of the militants was done on her wedding on December 5 in St. Petersburg, where he married a citizen of the Russian Federation to legalize it in Ukraine stolen state.

"Today Dremov went to celebrate their wedding day in the Stakhanov own restaurant" Nika ". But do not get there. And not poprazdnuet. Dremova The death could be the result of disputes between the uncontrolled leaders of Cossack and Russian curators" - said Shevchenko.

Quite a good read. In Russian. A rundown on 9 terrorist leaders. Several no longer about. Mostly car bombs or attacks!
... How can you deny it? But he has, as always, and continues to lie and lie. ..
Erdogan - President of Turkey

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day

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...Legal acts to extend for six months the EU restrictive measures against Russia in connection with the Ukrainian situation will be published on Tuesday in the "Official Journal" of the EU, and once the decision comes into force, "Interfax" a diplomatic source in Brussels, the EU institutions.
"December 21, 2015, the EU Council extended economic sanctions against Russia until July 31, 2016," - said on Monday in a communiqué the press service of the Board. The decision was taken by written procedure.
On Friday, December 18 issue of the extension of the sanctions agreed by the Committee of Permanent Representatives to the EU (Coreper)....
At night in the area ATO took place 39 attacks and two military collision - Staff
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 7:29
During the last day recorded 39 violations pro-Russian hybrid bandit formations terms of the ceasefire, as well as two military clashes...
So, from 18.00 hours invaders made 8 attacks sighting position ATU forces with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades near Marinka.
On the same site there was a collision with an enemy combat unit number at least 30 militants. ATO forces took up the fight and pushed back the enemy. Suffering losses, militants retreated.
Another clash took place near combat Chastye that in the Luhansk region. There's a gang of invaders numbered at least 10 people. But the outcome of the battle for them was no different. Pick up the injured and the dead, the attackers retreated to their starting line.
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