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News -
Reading that the Russians fired on 15 occasions at the Ukrainian people yesterday.
No Ukrainian dead or injured. Slava Ukraini.
Birthday of Stefan Bandera.
Gas price of 179 usd.

Weather -
Finally a little snow overnight. White outside, but the roads still basically clear.
But it is quite cold. About -8. Partly cloudy.

Observation -
More fireworks than last year for the New Year.
I must admit that I don't like fireworks - particularly at the moment.
It reminds me too much of gunfire, rocket fire, the flashes. It must be a difficult time also for soldiers who have been right on the frontline.

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:26 pm; edited 2 times in total
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In the fall of Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the peak of the crisis has passed, but now these "optimistic expectations" disappeared. Against the backdrop of lower oil prices, the ruble fell to a year low, and Russia was faced with the prospect of continued economic downturn that will last for the second consecutive year.

It is reported by "BBC", citing Financial Times.

According to the forecasts of the World Bank, in 2016, Russia's GDP will shrink by 0.7%, while the Bank of Russia expects to reduce by 0.5-1% if the price of oil reaches $ 50 per barrel. If the price of oil will be $ 35 per barrel, GDP will shrink by 2-3%..............

To read further go to this link: In Russian
Residents temporarily occupied by Russian Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea voted against the contract for the supply of electricity from Ukraine on the conditions of Kiev.

This is according to survey Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), voiced at a press conference on January 1, writes Tass.

Most of the inhabitants of Crimea (93.1%) expressed the hope that the commercial contract for the supply of electricity from Ukraine in Crimea and Sevastopol did not indicate that the peninsula is part of Ukraine.

Also, 94% of people expressed their willingness to tolerate minor power outages for 3-4 months.
Later, a spokesman for Putin, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the poll, said that Russia is likely to will not sign a contract with Ukraine for the supply of electricity in the occupied Crimea, if Kiev will insist on the position in the contract on the supplies of the peninsula to the Ukrainian side.

The social networks have managed to make fun of such operational "sociology" of the Kremlin. In Russian
At the international airport "Penang" Malaysian police have detained a citizen of Ukraine for transportation of about 2.1 kg of cocaine, reports The star.

The cost of the drug is estimated at 500 thousand. Ringo (116 thousand. Dollars.).

22-year-old woman for the first time to visit Malaysia. Police noticed that the girl behaved suspiciously. After that, she was detained, when she came out of the closet. During the search of the girl were found 4 jars of chocolate in which the drugs were hidden. The cocaine was in 108 packages, which were packed in wrappers for candy.

It is reported that the girl arrived from Ukraine in transit through Dubai.

Furthermore, the analysis in her blood had traces of drugs.

At the present time it is placed into custody. In Russian
Since January 1, comes into force a ban on the supply of Rosselkhoznadzor pork from Ukraine, caused by the spread of the country's African swine fever, reports "Interfax".

"The reason was the deteriorating epizootic situation in Ukraine on African swine fever, which indicates the spread of the virus in wild birds, insufficient amounts held in wildlife monitoring studies, as well as failure to provide comprehensive information on the situation of ASF on the territory of various regions of Ukraine", - reported in the Office. In Russian
Archbishop Kliment of Crimea and Simferopol has made an impassioned response to Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit’s demand that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko “defend Ukraine’s Orthodox believers from persecution”. Why was the Patriarch silent, he asks, when Orthodox churches of the Kyiv Patriarchate were seized in Crimea in 2014, “when they abducted and tortured my parishioners Andrei Shchekun, Anatoly Kovalsky, Oleg Sentsov, Oleksandr Kolchenko and Oleksandr Kostenko?”

The answer is unfortunately clear if one reads the Patriarch’s appeal, or at least the version that was eagerly circulated by the Russian media.

According to, the Patriarch of Bulgaria writes in his letter to Poroshenko that his “serious concern is aroused by the numerous recorded facts of violations of the rights of believers of the single canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine. In the first instance we are talking about the forcible seizures of church buildings of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.

He gives only two specific examples, namely attempts to hand the Pochayiv Lavra in the Ternopil oblast and Kyiv Pecherska Lavra from the Moscow Patriarchate to what he considers the self-proclaimed Kyiv Patriarchate. In fact the Kyiv Pecherska Lavra is a national monument which is half under the control of the state.

Patriarch Neofit asserts that such a move would not only “destabilize the social situation in Ukraine” (he does not explain how), but also make it impossible for the clergy and believers from other countries to visit both Lavra, since they have “no Eucharistic and worshiping contact with religious structures in schism.”

According to the Religious Information Service of Ukraine [RISU], around half of Ukraine’s Christians are Orthodox, with parishes under the Moscow Patriarchate [OUC MP] in the clear majority, but with a substantial number of parishes under the Kyiv Patriarchate [OUC KP], as well as a number within the Ukrainian Authocephalous Orthodox Church......................

To read further go to this link: 
Of the 30 Russian soldiers whom Russia is claiming two Ukrainians – Mykola Karpyuk and Stanislav Klykh - killed while supposedly fighting in Chechnya, 18 were killed in another place altogether, while a further 11 did not die from gunshot wounds, as the prosecution claims. The renowned Memorial Human Rights Centre notes that “the investigators clearly did not look into the real circumstances of their death, hoping that nobody would get involved with this “hopeless case”.

Memorial HRC has just published a damning fourth part of its analysis into the charges against the two Ukrainians whose trial began in Grozny (Chechnya) on Oct 27. Earlier parts had already confirmed the lack of any proof that the impugned torture and atrocities against Russian soldiers even took place, let alone that 51-year-old Mykola Karpyuk and 42-year-old Stanislav Klykh were involved.

The men are accused of killing 30 named Russian soldiers and it is this part of the indictment that Memorial HRC has just demolished.

After scrutinizing this list, they point out that 18 men (60%) “died at a considerable distance from the places where the indictment claims the Ukrainians were involved in clashes”. Ten of the other 12 men were killed when their tanks or military vehicles were burned or hit by grenades, and another man died from shrapnel wounds. The two Ukrainians are accused of having been part of an armed gang using only firearms.

Memorial HRC states that one can therefore conclude with certainty that the charges of killing 30 Russian soldiers “are in no way based on a study of the circumstances of the deaths of these soldiers”. It points out that the investigators did not even bother to find out that four of the dead men were paratroopers.

During the trial, the mothers of young conscripts who were killed gave testimony which also showed that the young lads had been sent to Chechnya without any training. One woman said that they had had no idea that their son was in Chechnya until they received notification of his death......................

To read further go to this link: 

What do you do when a Russian court reads out monstrous sentences? Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko sang the Ukrainian national anthem

Moscow’s calculation with its politically motivated prosecutions of Ukrainians in Crimea or held illegally in Russia is probably that the Russian population can be fed lies through state-controlled media, Ukraine and western countries will express indignation, but then lose interest. The reports should stop because ‘everybody knows’ and it gets ‘boring’ saying the same thing.

At least 21 Ukrainian nationals are imprisoned, and it is for us to prove Moscow wrong.

We can WRITE to them (see below) – even just New Year greetings will tell them they are not forgotten, and the Russian authorities that they are under scrutiny.

We can INFORM people about the case – encourage politicians to demand their release, journalists to write about them.

Year of Courage, Year of Lies

In fact, Russia’s first miscalculation was in the people it dared to imprison.

It is difficult to fathom what the Kremlin hoped to achieve by abducting Nadiya Savchenko, a Ukrainian military pilot, known to have been captured by Kremlin-backed militants in eastern Ukraine.

Savchenko was clearly not a person who could be broken and the charges were manifestly absurd.

The highly politicized Russian Investigative Committee never even managed to come up with a coherent story. Its claim that Savchenko was ‘released’ by her militant captors was even denied on Russian state television by the militant leader at the time.

Nadiya Savchenko has been on hunger strike since Dec 18, and the inevitable ‘conviction’ in his imitation of a trial is unlikely before February.

Russia’s FSB [security service] got things as spectacularly wrong with the four opponents of Russia’s occupation of Crimea it arrested in May 2014 for a ‘terrorist plot’ show trial.

Two of the four men – renowned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov and civic activist Oleksandr Kolchenko – did not break under torture and have consistently – and contemptuously – dismissed all charges, and Sentsov has given a detailed account of the torture he was subjected to...........................

To read further go to this link: 

A Russian court on Wednesday sentenced a blogger to five years in a Siberian penal colony for “inciting hatred and extremism” by posting videos online criticising pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, in a verdict condemned by rights activists.

The court in Tomsk, western Siberia, also banned Vadim Tyumentsev, 35, from using the Internet for three years, according to the non-governmental group Sova, which works on monitoring nationalism and xenophobia in Russia.

Sova said Tyumentsev’s sentence for “inciting inter-ethnic hatred and for extremist activities” was “too harsh, considering it was only for posting videos online”.

In the YouTube videos, Tyumentsev notably called for refugees from east Ukraine’s separatists areas of Donetsk and Lugansk to be expelled from Russia, accusing them of “betraying Ukraine”.

It is not the first time Russian courts have cracked down on critical voices online. In a similar case last week, a 26-year-old woman was jailed for two years on charges of calling for separatism and inciting extremism after she shared a social media post about a pro-Ukrainian rally.

“The Russian government seems determined to prevent free expression in any form, including in social media,” Mark Lagon, president of the US-based rights watchdog Freedom House, said in a statement in response to the latest verdict............

The loss of containment (LOC) of the Soyuz pipeline whose diameter is 1.42 meters and rated pressure is 65 atmospheres was reported in the area near a bypass road in the town of Khust, western Ukraine.

The underground LOC of the pipe was registered by monitoring equipment at 09:55 local time in the morning on January 1, the press service said.

Gas leaked under pressure and ignited from a random spark at 12:03 local time on Friday. "The blast formed a pillar of fire of up to 50 meters high, which was seen from villages in nearby districts in the region," the press service said...................

To read further and view videos, go to this link:
on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:34 pmNelson

Nice words from Sadovy.
Putin won't like this one little bit.
01/01/16 19:00
In Kiev, started a torchlight procession in honor of the 107th anniversary of the birth of the OUN leader Stepan Bandera.
The march, which began from the traditional monument to Taras Shevchenko in downtown Kyiv, attended by over 500 people. They are more than 100 torches, and are holding flags with portraits of Stepan Bandera and party flags of the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda". According to Ukrainian News in the procession attended by 3.5 thousand. Party activists "All-Ukrainian Union", Svoboda "and" Right Sector ".
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, which prohibits direct transit of goods from Ukraine to Kazakhstan

As stated in the paper that appeared Friday in the Russian legal information portal, international transit road and rail transport of goods from the territory of Ukraine to the Republic of Kazakhstan through the territory of the Russian Federation carried out only from the territory of Belarus.

This cargo compartments of vehicles and rolling stock, which transported transit goods must be sealed, including with the use of technology satellite navigation system GLONASS, according to Putin's decree.

The decree comes into force on January 1 and will run until 1 July 2016.

This limitation is due to the termination of a free trade zone between Ukraine and Russia.

[url=] In Russian[/url]
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the amount of duty for gas supplies to Ukraine in the first quarter of 2016
As reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to Interfax, stated on the official website of legal information.
According to the decision, at the previously announced information that the contract price for the first quarter will be $ 230 per thousand. Cubic meters, it is assumed that the size of the discount to the contract price (set by the size of the export duty) will be $ 51.2 per thousand. Cubic meters. Accordingly, the proposed price - about $ 178.7 per thousand. Cubic meters.

Russia always uses the term "discount". This really means "market price".
179. Well. Good Tymoshenko wasn't in charge of negotiations, otherwise it would have been 450. And Kyivpost would have waxed lyrical about what a wonderful woman she is - once again.
179 gives Ukraine a chance to get onto its feet in 2016. Gas is still heavily subsidised, but every fall in the price helps reduce the deficit.

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:17 pm; edited 1 time in total
European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in writing assured Ukraine that negotiations with Russia on the Ukrainian free trade area will be suspended in the event of the introduction of Moscow's trade restrictions against Ukraine.

The truth is, the disposal of the European Malmström copy of the letter addressed to the Minister of Economy and Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - Aivaras Abromavіchusu and Pavel Klimkin.

In this document, the commissioner said, in particular, that it considers unacceptable and unhelpful requirements that sounded from the Russian side during the trilateral ministerial meeting on 21 December. She also condemned Moscow announced plans to restrict free trade with Ukraine, writes "Ukrainian Truth".

"I want to say very clearly: if the Russian Federation to suspend an agreement on CIS free trade, as planned, it will be impossible ... to continue the tripartite negotiation process", - said in the letter.

"For my part, I can confirm that the EU will continue to support Ukraine and will be ready to support the implementation of a deep and comprehensive free trade area and the related reform process", - added Malmström. In Russian
Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to sign the contract for delivery to the Crimea Ukrainian electricity, if the document will be recognized as belonging to the Russian peninsula. Such an opinion was expressed by a spokesman for the Russian leader, Dmitry Peskov.

"With certainty we can assume that the president will make a decision to refuse to sign the contract on similar terms," ​​- he said.

Peskov also said that Russia is ready to sign a contract on the supply of electricity, but it will happen only if Kiev refuses to recognize the requirements of Ukrainian Crimea.
01.01.16 12:54
During the past days, none of the Ukrainian soldiers carrying out combat missions in the area of ​​the ATO, was killed and one was injured.
As reported Tsenzor.NET about it at a traditional briefing Speaker AP on ATO Colonel Alexander Motuzyanik.
"For the past day by fighting either one Ukrainian soldier was killed and one was injured," - he said.
...Ukraine, whose market has been traditionally oriented toward Russia, will now have to turn itself toward the European market and adapt to EU standards and rules.
Russia, furious at seeing its Soviet-era satellite turn to the West, has long been critical of the trade deal....

See also
EU-Ukraine trade deal comes into force, angers Moscow
....According to economist Olexandr Valchyshen of Investment Capital Ukraine, the free-trade agreement with the EU will boost investment in the country given the "very competitive" cost of Ukrainian labour.
....In December there was a marked increase in fighting, especially around the city of Donetsk. In addition to heavy machine guns and mortars, there have been multiple reports regarding the use of BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems, a weapon explicitly banned by the Minsk ceasefire.
Last week, Ukrainian forces reported that separatist troops, along with tanks and other vehicles entered the town of Kominternovo near the strategic port city of Mariupol. The small village is in a grey zone between government and separatist forces. A spokesman for the Ukrainian troops, Anton Myronovych called the move a “large-scale provocation,” during an interview with a Ukrainian television station....
on Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:51 amNelson
.....Let us first of all bow to glorious Ukrainian warriors for making today's holiday come true. To those who are currently not at the festive table, but in the cold winter trench. To those who are now standing with guns, not wine glasses.
Glory to Heroes!
If we prevent full-scale offensive of Russia with joint efforts of our Armed Forces, volunteers, workers of defensive enterprises, diplomats and international partners, if we do not let the external enemy undermine our stability from inside with political strife, next year we will be able to say that the worst is behind.....
Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU starts functioning on January 1. In a few years, we will compensate the enormous losses caused by Russia. For the closure of markets for Ukrainian goods and producers by Moscow, powerful economic aggression is another component of hybrid warfare against us.
Military assault failed - now they are trying to stifle us economically and undermine socially. But they will not succeed!...

The last bit of his speech was slightly changed, from the Ukrainian - here the original, quoting Ivano Franko.
Дорогі українці!
У майбутнє ми дивимося з надією та оптимізмом.
Я бажаю, щоб в здоров’ю,
В мирі, з братньою любов’ю,
Відтепер ішов нам час.
Щирій праці Бог поможе!
Дай вам Боже все, що гоже!

Ці слова Івана Франка не залишають сумніву, що все у нас буде добре!
Україна буде європейською, сильною, єдиною!
З Новим роком!
Миру, щастя й достатку!
Слава Україні!
Bandera's birthday. Torchlight procession - always raises the "Nazi" image to the press.
Expect Shaun Walker and the Russian press to be madly twittering away with photos, and words like "fascist", "neo-nazi", etc etc etc.
I wonder what Bandera would do if he were in the Rada today?
5 pm gathering in Lviv, 6 in Kiev. Details at link.
Dalia Grybauskaitė  @Grybauskaite_LT
New year – new opportunities. Congratulations on #EU –  #Ukraine Free Trade Agreement coming into force
09:01 – 1 Січ. 2016

Twitter from the Lithuanian leader. Nice. She is, in my opinion, Ukrainian's greatest supporter.
She knows what it is really like to live under Soviet - Russian occupation.

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:35 am; edited 1 time in total
Personally, I would ban fireworks.
New Year's Eve militants fired 15 times power ATO
Friday, January 1, 2016, 7:55
During the days that passed, bandits 22 times resorted to armed provocations against the forces of ATO, including 15 New Year's Eve.
This is stated in the press center of ATO.
In particular, last night fighters with small arms, automatic grenade launchers and mortars of heavy caliber 120 mm, Minsk prohibited agreements aiming to beat Ukrainian defenders near Avdeevka.
With 82-mm mortar Kremlin mercenaries fired on the positions of Ukrainian soldiers at Pisky.

So saying 15 armed attacks. 22 total provocations. If I understand correctly.
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