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News -
Putin hits Ukraine 29 times yesterday.
Update - no dead, no injured yesterday. Slava Ukraini.

Weather -
Warmer again. Only -3 this morning. Super. May get to zero by midday. No snow. Touch of sun.

Observation -
Now at 1330 - I can hear the sound of dripping outside - the snow is melting. It seems unheard of - snow melting mid-January. But that is the case.
The forecast for the next few days is for temperatures to be above average. Which will mean lower gas consumption than normal.

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Attorney General unrecognized civilized world of South Ossetia Merab Chigoev death was hit by a car. It is reported by the Russian Interfax, specifying that Chigoev died in the intensive care unit of the republican hospital, where he was taken after the accident.

According to the agency, the prosecutor heading to his car when a passing car hit him. The incident occurred at the intersection of Prospect and the Soviet Alan Dzhoeva republic's capital, Tskhinvali. The driver fled the scene.

For information about the incident confirmed the agency Sputnik in the emergency department of the Republican Hospital in Tskhinvali.

Eyewitness reports also indicate the reliability of the message. In Russian
Reprinting and sale of Adolf Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" is unacceptable in a civilized world and contrary to international and Russian law. This was stated by State Duma Deputy Speaker Sergei Zheleznyak.

As is known, to republish the book of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf» (Mein Kampf) with critical comments, prepared by the Institute of Contemporary History (IfZ) in Munich, entered Friday on sale in Germany.

"Republication of the book sale and the leader of the Nazis during World War II, which is impregnated with criminal ideas of superiority of one" master race "over other nations and peoples, is unacceptable in a civilized society and is contrary to international and Russian legislation", - he told reporters Zhelezniak.

According to him, such connivance of the German and European authorities for the distribution of anti-human Nazi ideology discredited loudly declared European values.

"Moreover, such a dangerous phenomenon indicates the growth of neo-Nazi sentiment not only in Ukraine, which roam freely and organize torchlight processions neo-Nazis, but also in Germany, which for decades has sought to wash away with his stories bloody stain of Nazism" - said Zhelezniak.

He believes that to republish Hitler's book will be presented with ultra-radical movement of society as a response to the migration crisis that plagues entangled in its internal and external policy of Europe.

"Growing discontent Europeans behavior of migrants can be used by neo-Nazis to strengthen its influence and justify the subsequent aggressive actions", - he believes.

Zhelezniak stressed that the reissue of Hitler's book is a direct violation of the foundations of international law, which condemns Nazism and fascism. Vice-Speaker of the State Duma said that Russia in this book is included in the federal list of extremist materials, the publication of which is a criminal offense. In Russian
Most Dutch citizens opposed to the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. This is according to a survey conducted by the program EenVandaag Dutch public broadcaster,

In particular, 53% of respondents said they "believe that reject the ratification of the document" in the referendum, which will take place on April 6.

Another 25% said they "probably" vote against the ratification of the Association Agreement.

At the same time, more than half of respondents said they will definitely come to vote in the referendum. Another 17% said they "probably" vote.

Recall, the Electoral Council of the Netherlands has appointed a referendum on the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine on April 6, 2016.

Earlier in the Netherlands collected the required number of signatures to hold a consultative referendum on the ratification of the Association Agreement with Ukraine.

Collect signatures was possible thanks to intensive online campaign satirical blog GeenStijl, a group of citizens Burgercomite EC ("the Committee of EU citizens") and Euroskeptic think tank "Forum for Democracy."

As you know, the Parliament of the Netherlands completed the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU July 7, 2015. In Russian
On Saturday, January 9, as a result of Russian air strikes on the prison controlled by the representatives of the extremist group "Al-Nusra", killing at least 57 people, another 30 people were injured, some of the wounded are in serious condition. It is reported by news agency AFP, referring to the data of the Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights.

Among the dead, say human rights activists - 21 civilians, 29 militants and seven prisoners. Airstrike was struck in the town of Maaret al-Numan in the province of Idlib in northwestern Syria. In the same room with the prison housed religious court militants not far from the building - a popular market in the city. Observers say that the rockets fired by plane, were not only in the prison building, but the road between it and the market.

Although the "Islamic State" and "Al-Nusra", which is considered the local branch of "Al-Qaeda", both of which are jihadist organizations they lead each other with fierce opposition, the agency AFP.

As announced in December last year, the Syrian center for monitoring the observance of human rights by Russian bombing in Syria at the time killed 710 civilians. In Russian
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker urged Dutch voters today (January 9) not to oppose the EU association agreement with Ukraine, saying such a move "could open the doors to a continental crisis," according to EurActiv.

"Let's not change the referendum into a vote about Europe," Juncker told the authoritative NRC daily newspaper in an interview published today, according to the report.

"I sincerely hope that (the Dutch) won't vote no for reasons that have nothing to do with the treaty itself," he added.

Should Dutch voters oppose the deal, Russia "stood to benefit most," Juncker said, according to the report...............
"Taking into account a tactless designation of Crimea on the map of Russian Federation in the fresh issue of Italy's Limes analytical edition ( https:// mobile. twitter. com/ limeso.../ status/682186628580950017), Ukraine's ambassador to Italy demanded the magazine's editorial staff to bring the maps in line with the norms of the international law," reads a report posted on Ukrainian Foreign Ministry's website on Facebook on Saturday.

The Ukrainian diplomat in his letter also said that such indication on the map is a technical mistake or a deliberate provocation, which "regarded as a challenge to territorial integrity of Ukraine that ignores a consolidated position of EU and UN on non-recognition of Crimea's occupation by Russia."......   In Ukrainian

Edited to make the earlier link "live"

Italy's Lime Analysis
Over the past two years to 70 parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) have moved to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate.

This was on Radio Liberty said the theologian, member of the subcommittee on state policy in the sphere of freedom of conscience and religious organizations of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Culture and Spirituality Victor Yelenskyi.

According to him, such transitions could have been in the opposite direction.

"Obviously, it could be. Now I just can not say exactly. Could this be. But the trend is this: when a priest behaves, for example, in anti-Ukrainian in the parish, in such cases, such transitions are not rare, "- noted Yelenskyi.

MP denies pressure from the government on the parishioners and priests regarding the transition to one or the other Patriarchate. In Russian

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Russia would "pluck the fruits" of a vote in the Netherlands against deepened ties between the European Union and Ukraine.

Dutch advisory referendum in April on the bloc's association agreement with Ukraine could lead to a "continental crisis" if voters reject the treaty, Juncker told NRC Handelsblad on Saturday, Censor.NET reports citing DW.

Russia would "pluck the fruits" of a vote in the Netherlands against deepened ties between the European Union and Ukraine. And this will definitely lead to "continental crisis".

At the same time, the anti-EU, anti-immigration and anti-Muslim Freedom Party of right-wing populist Geert Wilders opposes the referendum.

"I want the Dutch to understand that the importance of this question goes beyond the Netherlands. I don't believe the Dutch will say no, because it would open the door to a big continental crisis. Russia would pluck the fruits of an easy victory," Juncker told journalists.

The referendum on the EU-Ukraine free-trade agreement to take place on April 6, following a petition organized by civil society, is non-binding. The treaty was ratified by Dutch MPs and promulgated by the Dutch King last year.

In Russian

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte called on citizens to support the Association Agreement with Ukraine on a referendum

The Dutch government is planning to conduct a campaign in support of a positive vote in the referendum, a question which will be a free trade zone between Ukraine and the European Union.

On it informs edition EUobserver, transfers Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, which currently holds the EU presidency, said in Amsterdam on January 7 that free trade with Ukraine is positive both for Europe as a whole, and for the Netherlands. Read also "Tsenzor.NET": The main problem that we will solve, - migrants, - Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands holds the EU presidency, "People who are inclined to vote against, believe that this is the first step towards membership (Ukraine . - Ed.) in the EU. This has nothing to do with the merger, "- said Rutte.

The prime minister, his government supports the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, part of which is an agreement on free trade. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Netherlands Bert Koenders, the full implementation of the agreement in the interest of the safety of his country as help stabilize the situation in Ukraine, which is a neighbor of the European Union.  Prime Minister Rutte Election Council of the Netherlands has appointed a referendum on an Association Agreement EU - Ukraine on April 6, 2016. This body stressed that the referendum is not binding, the results can not force the government to withdraw the agreement. In Russian
Allegedly. Ukraine needs similar weapons. Better still, Nato.
За сутки раненых и погибших бойцов АТО нет
Slava Ukraini!

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on Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:58 amNelson
Traditional parade, the day after Christmas Day. Notice the relative lack of snow. And what there is will probably melt today or tomorrow.

Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk stations. For Yanukovich, Yanuk Junior, Azarov, Arbuzov, and other bandits.

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The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine reports that militants from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) still deny access to the buffer-zone village of Kominternove, which was reportedly occupied by the combined Russian-separatist forces late in December 2015...
The Russian interpretation of Minsk; or, for that matter, any agreement. Lies. Lies.. lies... Russia Today.
....But the odds are uncomfortably long. Ukraine returned to statehood in 1991 shorn of its elites, thanks to famine, repression and Russification. The creeps and cronies who have so signally misruled the country since then have acquired great riches, and put down deep roots. Two democratic upheavals—the Orange revolution that began in late 2004 and the Maidan protests of 2013—have failed to dislodge this parasitic ruling class....
Book by some Harvard academic. Reviewer not named. Tim Judah?

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day

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...In Horlivka (39km north-east of Donetsk) armed “DPR” members stopped an SMM patrol and forced the SMM monitors to the ground. The SMM vehicle was searched for video material and SMM monitors were taken to a “military-type building”.
Putin's "cooperation".
...In particular, in the Poltava region without electricity 72 settlements in Kirovograd - 38, Odessa - 17, Mykolaiv - 7 Cherkasy - 6, Dnipropetrovsk - Donetsk and 1 - 1.
Power failure was due to severe weather conditions (snow, sleet, icing) and because of automatic electricity protection systems...

Poltava worst hit. East of the Kiev. Where I am some light snow at times, but I haven't had to put on my winter boots yet this year.
And today the temperature is already near zero. Super really. For mid-January.

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"Russia says its troops in Syria, because they invited the Syrian government. The Syrian government is illegitimate. Then why you sent troops to Georgia? Because you were invited? You sent troops to Ukraine because someone invited you?" - Said Erdogan.
President of Turkey also rejected the assertion of that Syria is fighting against the militants of the Islamic state: "Turkmens say that Russia is bombing their villages, Russia is not fighting against the ID."
Yet more problems for occupied Crimea.

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The leaders of the so-called DNI and LNR Alexander Zakharchenko Igor Plotnitski painted themselves into a trap because of what they have to constantly keep to their populations the illusion of war, otherwise people will require them, if not to improve life, at least the return to the old standards.
About this in his column for the "New Times" wrote the Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin.
According to him, "DNR" This strategy can be used indefinitely as in North Korea, which is constantly 'at war with the United States "...
And for the leadership," DNR " it is vital: to save power, it is vital to maintain military pressure on the border. To survive it is necessary somehow, "- said the analyst
Hence, according to Oreshkin, and the tension on the border: the implementation of the Minsk Agreement for terrorist leaders - a sharp knife and after the resumption of control of Ukraine on the border they will be nobody - political career is over, they will have to flee to Russia and turn into losers immigrants who were large bosses, and became refugees.

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day

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on Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:30 amNelson
Saturday, January 9, 2016, 7:05
During the last day recorded 29 episodes of abuse pro-Russian regime illegal armed formations "cease fire".
This is stated in the press center of Staff TU.
Using small arms, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns, the militants continued to occasionally open fire towards forces ATU position close temporarily occupied on the outskirts of Donetsk and Gorlovka.
In particular, overnight opponent used the weapons in the district towns Marinka, Pisky, Opitnoe, Novgorod and Luhansk.
In Mariupol and Lugansk areas invaders did not use weapons.
After midnight, illegal armed groups do not violate the terms of previous agreements on non-use of weapons.
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