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News -
Terrorist attack in Burkina Faso:
Pavlo Klimkin: Shocked terrorist attack in Burkina Faso and the loss of Ukrainian family - three adults and a child 10 years. The tragedy for all of us
Putin's terrorists attack Ukraine 36 times.
Update from AP - no dead or injured among the Ukrainian military. Slava Ukraini.

Weather -
Winter has started. As of today. Cold. -12 where I am. And likely to stay that way for a couple of weeks.
The relatively small amount of snow on the ground is turning to hard snow and ice. What I hate. The true Ukrainian winter has started. Hopefully it will not last too long.
To be honest, December was unbelievably warm. And the first half of January was also super really. But now - real winter has begun.
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We noticed another fact of gross violation of military discipline and public order personnel of the pro-Russian militants in the Donbass.

This was reported in the Main Intelligence Department (WTP), the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

"January 15 platoon commander of one of the units stationed in Makeyevka, in a public place while intoxicated, began firing from small arms", - the report says.

However, the continuing cases of theft of the personnel of the Russian occupational forces weapons and equipment for the purpose of self-enrichment.

"In one of the motorized infantry regiments 1 soldier kidnapped AK assault rifle and ammunition for the purpose of resale," - said the intelligence.

This fact was given command of the military unit established only two weeks after the incident, which, according to Power Steering, indicates a lack of control over the subordinate staff of the part of junior commanders.

Earlier the head of the press center of the headquarters of the antiterrorist operation Alexey Mazepa said that among the militants have begun layoffs and desertion because of reduced payments. In Russian
The shelling militant sniper machines Marinka OSCE and a number of other developments in the area of ​​the ATO are all signs of purposeful provocation against Ukraine. This was stated by head of the Ukrainian side of the common center of control and coordination of the ceasefire and stabilize the sides of the demarcation line, Lieutenant-General Andrei Taran, the press center of Staff ATO.

"The events of recent days have been carefully planned links of the same chain. This significant increase in the number of attacks in the area of ​​the ATO was during the visit of Alexander Hug to STSKK in Soledar and during its movement along the line of contact, this bombardment of sniper fighters machines OSCE mission in Marinka, it charges toward units of Ukrainian Armed Forces of the alleged the implementation of the shelling and the destruction of houses in Kominternovo weapons, which must be set aside for a while before coming to Alexander Hug, and then prevent him to inspect homes vul.Zhdanova in this village, "- said Taran.

He added that based on the fact that access was limited to observers, "there is every reason to believe that Kominternovo militants have something to hide from the OSCE."

"At the same time representatives of the Russian side STSKK showed the inefficiency of their actions to ensure the movement of high-ranking representatives of the OSCE during the execution of their respective mandates. At the same time it should be noted that members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not succumb to provocations and strongly adheres to the Minsk agreements ", - said Lieutenant-General Andrei Taran.

Lieutenant-General noted that the responsibility for the consequences of such provocations uses so-called "leadership" of certain areas of Donbass and their patrons. In Russian
Chairman of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov issued photo head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov and his Caucasian Shepherd Tarzan, accompanied by a picture comment, hinting at the persecution of opposition figures.

"We have a" serious "dogs, because of which have peaceful Tarzan heavily scratched fangs. This, for example, pikinez "Kalyapa" protecting the rights of those who prompt Pittbuli, dachshund "Venia" with calls brehlivoy throat and loud "Echo", Moscow purebred dog "Sexton" (behaving arrogantly calls Leo), living in the dustbin minded State Duma of the Russian Federation, its stench creates discomfort in the center of our capital, "Yasha" - cur .. In general, one of our dogs do not like, mostly from the fact that they strongly resemble him Slut Bitches "- wrote Daudov.

Presumably, in this text suggests Daudov Russian opposition politicians and human rights activists.

"Oborzeli pitiful mongrel think that behind them are" reliable lions' .. Tarzan in good measure, to the extent of a patient, can wait a long time .. He knows the cardinal rule of the cruel world: guts to release a wolf - jackals fade away, hastily going into forest, weed throat pittbulyu - mutts, Bryk on the back, and let the tail tarmac revenge, squealing with joy at the sight of the new leader ... "- wrote Daudov.

According to the Speaker of Parliament, the Chechen authorities, "barely contained" aggressive animal from attacking the "mongrels." In Russian

The translation's not that clear. If you know Russian, perhaps you can get a better picture of the article. Russian is its initial language to the article.
The website of the Russian embassy in Israel has resumed operation after a hacker attack, according to Russian news agency TASS.

Earlier on Sunday, the embassy's website was not accessible after an attack of supposedly Turkish hackers. Users were redirected to a page containing texts in the Turkish language and respective symbols, TASS wrote.

"The website is not working. The causes are being probed into. Efforts are being taken jointly with the Israeli provider to resume the website’s operation," Russian embassy’s spokesman Yevgeny Piskupov told TASS earlier.

According to the Israeli media say, a group of Turkish hackers, Bortecine Siber Tim, has claimed responsibility for the attack.....
Exclusive: UK warns of "new Cold War" as Kremlin seeks to divide and rule in Europe
American intelligence agencies are to conduct a major investigation into how the Kremlin is infiltrating political parties in Europe, it can be revealed....
on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:02 amNelson
Same link as above

Please scroll up or down to view other news items added today
01/17/2016 - 12:43
In the zone of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) in the Donbass in the last day, January 16, 2016, by fighting no Ukrainian soldier was killed and nobody was injured. This was at the briefing said the speaker of the Presidential Administration on ATO Alexander Motuzyanik,...
Kremlin spends on Donbass 1 billion euros a year - Bild
Russia to pay pensions and salaries in the so-called "DNR" and "LNR" cost of 1 billion euros per year....
The contents of one militant in Donbas, depending on rank, monthly cost 90-465 euros in the Kremlin. While the teacher's salary is 50 euros.
Note that among the militants have begun layoffs and desertion caused by a decrease in payments.
"Even if the payment of wages in Russia are limited to the public sector and such items as pensions, these costs amount to about 1 billion euros per year, which is comparable with the budget of such countries as Armenia and Moldova, Russia is - 0.6% of expenses of the state budget", - the magazine writes.
At the same time, the newspaper notes that the cost of the Russian Federation are only part of the total cost of Russian support for the occupied areas of Donbass. The fee for gas, gasoline, oil, food, humanitarian aid, as well as ammunition, bypassing Russia hundreds of millions of euros per year...
Cannot open if you have an ad-blocker. Found this elsewhere -

Putin and Lavrov's "humanitarian aid" for Shaun Walker's "DNR guys".

Please scroll up or down to view other news items added during the day
Kremlin propagandist, former State Duma deputy Sergei Markov admitted that Russia still occupied part of the Donets Basin and is responsible for military operations in the east of Ukraine...
on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:20 amNelson
Australian journalist

Please scroll up or down to view other news items added during the day

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:32 am; edited 1 time in total

Video dubbed into English.

on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:08 amNelson
Through the summer days of the Soviet era, Vladimir Prokopyev was a busy man. On a pristine island in Lake Baikal, the airport manager watched over the arrival of three or sometimes four flights every day. Then it all stopped. ...
A second story about the wild east of Russia.
One wonders - with all this wilderness and nothingness out in Siberia - why, oh why, does Putin need Donetsk airport?!!
I have been out to Baikal and in the wilderness there. Such a massive massive area.
Why have 10,000 people been killed so Putin can wave his flag over Donetsk airport? Or what remains of it!
Only one conclusion. Putin is an absolute nutcase.

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:30 am; edited 1 time in total
A 70-year-old hermit who has spent her entire life in the Siberian wilderness has been airlifted to a hospital to treat a pain in her legs.
Agafia Lykova is the last remaining member of a deeply religious family that fled civilisation in 1936 and did not know about the second world war until geologists stumbled upon them in 1978...

Not much has changed then. Russians still living in their own world, but controlled now by the Putin news media. See also -
Stalin, Siberia and salt: Russian recluse's life story made into film
...Seventy-year-old Lykova lives a two-week walk.. away from the nearest human settlement ...
... and is the sole surviving member of a family who fled Stalin’s religious persecution in 1936...
Her speech mixes ancient words and religious terms, sometimes making it difficult for Russian speakers to understand her. Clothing is not odezhda but lopatinkha, good is not khorosho but basko....
Allowed 50 kg a person! Travel each day - and you can still keep doing business.

Three employees of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (GFS) detained for bribe in the amount of approximately 4 million hryvnia.

This was reported on the official website of the Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv region in Facebook.

"Prosecutors Kiev region together with employees of the Internal Security GFS Ukraine and the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime in the area of ​​corruption, the Ukrainian Security Service detained two members of the administrative board of the State Tax Inspectorate Shevchenko district of the Main Department of HPS in the city of Kiev and the head of the department of Solomenskiy GU GFS in Kiev on the fact of extortion and receiving illegal benefits in the amount of almost 4 million hryvnia, "- said in a statement.

These funds attackers demanded and received from the director of the company for the positive solution to the issue of budget refund of value added tax in the amount of 14 million hryvnia.

During the transfer of illegal benefits in the amount of 3.8 million hryvnia detained three of the tax. However, one of them committed resisting arrest to law enforcement agencies trying to escape by car and thus creating a series of traffic accidents.

Open criminal proceedings under Part 4 of Article 368 (receipt of undue advantage by an official) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Employees can be punished with imprisonment up to 12 years with confiscation of property.

Currently, the complex of investigative and search actions to restore all the circumstances of a criminal offense, but also solved the issue of election detainees remand in custody. Pre-trial investigation is continuing.

As reported by the "Observer", in November, in the Kiev area law enforcement officers dismantled a number of conversion centers, working under the direction of GFS. Involved in the scheme, the amount exceeded 1 billion USD. In Russian

Modified headline from USD to UAH
In Dnepropetrovsk, while receiving a bribe of 50 thousand hryvnia detained three police officers.

This was reported in the press service of the National Police.

The arrest was conducted by corrupt officials control of internal security, the regional prosecutor's office and the Security Service of Ukraine.

As it became known, the police demanded money for the failure of the offender to justice.
The Dnipropetrovsk officials demanded bribes from volunteers in the $ 8 thousand.

A criminal case under article "illegal receipt of benefits" under investigation.

As reported by the "Observer", previously three employees of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine were detained for bribery of 4 million hryvnia. In Russian
Sunday, January 17, 2016, 7:03
Militants continue to lead the Donbass armed provocations that are activated at dusk.
The press service of staff reports ATO page on Facebook.
"The largest number of attacks recorded last day of near Donetsk airport. There, near Pisky and Opitnoe, the invaders repeatedly fired our bases with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms," ​​- said in a statement....
In Mariupol Ukrainian direction positions were fired from small arms in the region Starohnativky.
Total for the past day 36 times the militants violated the regime of "complete silence" in the area of ​​ATU. Several Ukrainian shelling positions of the terrorists and recorded after midnight.

During the terrorist attack in Burkina Faso killed four Ukrainians - three women and a 9-year-old child of one of them. Citizens of Ukraine were killed during an attack by militants on the restaurant, co-owned by was one of the victims. According to eyewitnesses, the two burst into the establishment of terrorists, who immediately began to shoot at anyone who caught his eye, but after the shooting in the restaurant was blown up by a grenade.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the information about the death of the four Ukrainians during a terrorist attack.

This was announced by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin on his page on Twitter.

"Shocked terrorist attack in Burkina Faso and the loss of family Ukrainians - three adults and a child 9 years old. The tragedy for all of us", - said in a statement.

As the "Internet Options", died - the family Jankowski.

A family friend, blogger Catherine Zolotarev said that the hands of terrorists killed 36-year-old Yang, 39-year-old Victoria and their mother Lyudmila. Ian was going to be married in a week, in this regard, her mother arrived in Burkina Faso. He was killed and nine year old son Vicky - Mike (Michel Santomena). Cafe "Cappuccino" belonged to the Victoria and Gaitana Santomena.

Victoria Yankovskaya

According to the latest information from Burkina Faso, Victoria and her mother died immediately, originally Jan was wounded in the stomach, then shot her in the head. The child died of asphyxiation due to smoke, which arose as a result of the fire. The bodies - in the morgue.

Eyewitnesses said that the hotel broke man and woman, 15-16 years, all that began to shoot, and then threw a grenade, a fire occurred. About 15 people were closed in a closet, where they burned down the terrorists.
Sturm captured terrorists hotel in Burkina Faso: published video

As reported by the "Observer", gunmen on Friday night attack on the Splendid Hotel in the center of the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, and took hostages.

French Ambassador in Burkina Faso reported 27 victims of terrorist attacks. In Russian
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