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News -
Russians fire 66 times yesterday at the Ukrainian people. A significant increase over recent days.
Also some reports of Red Square, Moscow closed off. But nothing about this in the western press.
Update - one soldier wounded by shelling yesterday in the Mariupol area.

Weather -
The snow is beginning to melt, and temperatures are rising above zero. But some fog.
Forecast is for warm weather for several days (warm being zero or above!) .

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Canada will always support Ukraine, and not be reconciled with the illegal invasion of Russia. This was during a speech in parliament said Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion.

"Canada will always be with Ukraine. We do not accept interference and invasion of Russia in Ukraine and find the most effective way to bring it to the Russian government, "- said Dion.

Recall: earlier Stephane Dion urged to intensify relations with Russia "in order to achieve common interests." In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko urged deputies to support the technical amendments to the law on absentee justice that allows the use of the procedure in absentia conviction for those individuals who are not wanted by Interpol. The head of state said at a meeting with leaders of parliamentary factions and deputy groups, the press service of the President.

"Those who fled to the Russian Federation - a country-aggressor, for one reason or another were not included in the Interpol wanted list. Thus, by means of technical mechanisms have received a pardon from the just punishment for the crime, "- said Poroshenko.

In this regard, the President urged to support the proposed changes to bring the perpetrators to justice.

"Amendments to the Law on technical correspondence Justice enables the restoration of justice", - he added, noting that collected by the investigating authorities of Ukraine and the Prosecutor's Office evidence should be immediately handed over to the court.

"A transparent mechanism for trial the perpetrators, including innocent victims on the Maidan should be brought to justice" - summed up Poroshenko. In Russian
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk asked the parliamentary factions to determine the credibility of the government, said the head of the "Popular Front" Maxim Bourbaki.

"There were a categorical demand - the Prime Minister, referring to the factions of the coalition, so they finally decided, whether they work in a real coalition, or they, along with Oppoblokom are in opposition", - said Bourbaki reporters after a meeting of leaders of the factions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with the President and the Prime Minister on Wednesday in Kiev.

According to Bourbaki, the Prime Minister announced a categorical requirement to act in accordance with laid down in the Constitution of the norm of a vote of 150 to make room in the issue of a vote of no confidence in the government.

"If there is no 226 votes (for the resignation of the government - Ed) - let's work fruitfully in the coalition," - said M.Burbak, adding that the participants of the meeting agreed to establish a working group to finalize the coalition agreement.

"A year has passed, there were new challenges and risks," - said Bourbaki. In Russian
German Foreign Minister Lavrov harshly commented on the case of 13-year-old Russian woman
Today at 00:14
"Commander in Chief"

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier retorted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the case of 13-year-old Russian-speaking girl, accusing him of interfering in the internal affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, according to Deutsche Welle.

According to him, it is impossible to find an excuse to use the case "for political propaganda and to intervene in an already difficult debate within Germany about migrants and inflame it." Steinmeier noted that the German authorities are doing everything possible to understand what happened.

"I can only advise the Russian authorities to take into account the results of the investigation," - he said.

The Minister stressed that the agency will provide the Russian ambassador in Berlin, all the necessary information. Lavrov, at a press conference on January 26 spoke of the case, in particular, reproached the German authorities in an attempt to "politically correct varnished reality of domestic political purposes."

Earlier it was reported that the German lawyer Martin Lyutle sent a petition to the prosecutor's office in Berlin verifying the legitimacy of the plot, which was aired on the Russian First Channel, in which the journalist told about the alleged rape in Berlin, 13-year-old Russian-speaking girl. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko sent to the Verkhovna Rada a new draft of the constitutional amendments, which provides for the restoration of control over the deputy Prosecutor General's Office. The Head of State informed on their official page in Facebook.

"Sent to parliament a new draft of the constitutional amendments, which restores the parliamentary control of the General Prosecutor's Office. I have decided to return the right to express no confidence in the Verkhovna Rada, which entails the resignation of Attorney General. The bill contains provisions on the Elimination of judicial immunity, failure to undergo re-certification of judges entails automatic resignation of a judge, greatly increased transparency in the selection of judicial personnel and significantly increases the responsibility of judges for the miscarriage of justice ", - said the President.

Poroshenko said that such steps should ensure the independence of the judiciary: in particular, from corruption and political interference. In Russian
Hackers sent out on behalf of Groisman calls for a referendum on the Constitution
Today at 03:13
"Commander in Chief"

Hackers sent out on behalf of the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groisman emails to adopt a new constitution by referendum in Ukraine. This was informed press-secretary of the head of the Parliament Dmitry Stolyarchuk on his page on Facebook.

According to him, the distribution was carried out with a fake e-mail box. The report was also attached a video message to Vladimir Oliynyk.

"Today, the number of addresses received an email supposedly from the mailbox Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. In the subject stated "The new Constitution of Ukraine," and attached a link to a video message odious ex-People's Deputy of Regions Oliynyk, which is known to be hiding after the Revolution Benefits. The appeal refers to the need to adopt a new constitution in a referendum, "- said Stolyarchuk.

He said that a letter sent from Russian mail server that looks identical to the email address the speaker of BP.

"Vladimir Groisman these letters is irrelevant. Hackers (already established that a letter sent from Russian mail server) acted cleverly. Speaker box is not broken, and his mailbox does not send these letters. Hackers only have changed the address of the sender, and found a way to bypass anti-spam protection, which is mostly locks such letters, "- said a spokesman for Groisman.

Stolyarchuk noted that the purpose of a hacker attack is the breakdown of voting for amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization, as well as to discredit the speaker. In Russian
For decades if not centuries, Russians have been deceived and fenced off from reality and the truth. Many blame Russians themselves, but I don't, as we must see how they're trained to think on a daily basis, let alone the daily brainwashing they go through.

Put yourself in the position. If you're told constantly with false information that Stalin was a good man with no other source to prove otherwise, you're going to believe it. Then you have paid propagandist feeding you false information to corroborate what was told to you by your own government it solidifies the false proof in your mind.

We all know what they're fed daily, as we see it in Kremlin owned news sources. We do have a problem with that, by having weak uneducated minds that don't bother to seek the truth, then believe what they spew out. How many have seen the likes of Walter Duranty in current times. Shaun Walker, Roland Oliphant and Graham W. Phillips, just to name some. Very well paid to push falsehoods, which they know good an well is false. And recently there's been reports that a well known American news anchor's going to work for the Russia Today propaganda outfit. To lower themselves that low, they must be paid very well, to give-up all sense of decency. Russians are bombarded with this false information as far back as we know about Russian history during the Romanov period till current.

What choice do they have than to think the way Russians think about the west? They report that the viruses are being spread around by the US. And sad to say, many Russians will think of it as bible.

Upgraded technology's changing all that slowly and word of mouth from Russians that are getting the truth via media sources they didn't have decades ago. Many Russians are now living abroad. I personally know some in the US that got here and overstayed their visas. Why? They didn't want to go back to have their minds controlled by force. They had the nerves and smarts to get themselves out. Now these Russians I know are legal immigrants. Over 100,000 Russians use overseas schooling to get out. Others use family visits to get out and never go back. Many are dealing with ramifications that their family members left behind will receive, not only from the government but from their own friends, neighbors and family members that see them as traitors. Why? Because they've been brainwashed. If it wasn't for current technology, this would've never happened and life for Russians would be worse than it is now. Death toll would be higher from many factors. I personally don't have anything against Russians as I know why they think the way they do, from no fault of their own. We se all the time journalists being snuffed out for telling the truth and facing head-on the Kremlin. We know what happens to them. Recently, The Kremlin's higher ups are being killed for either not producing or concern from others in high echelon that the person is a liability. They can say all they want about the west, including the trolls we always run into, but I for one know what's really behind it. It can be from having weak minds or enough propaganda that ANYONE would believe it after some time.

As for the Russian language, Many despise the language due to affiliating it with the government. Should we hate Cubans that speak Spanish because they come from a badly ruled country? Should we dislike Germans speaking German because of the history they have with Hitler? Ridiculous! That's how narrow-minded people can get, then they'll blame me for thinking this way. It's like a KKK supporter hating anyone that's not white. Would it make me a bad person because I speak some Russian, all knowing how much I despise the Kremlin and their ideology? I'd rather speak Ukrainian, but when speaking to someone on a daily basis that was also forced to speak Russian for decades and its a daily custom for them, I'm not going to force them to speak another language. I'd be doing the same thing that was done to them for decades. It's just a language not an ideology. I have friends that are ultra-nationalists from Ukraine. They can't stand to hear anyone speaking Russian. That's their things, but we'll continue to love our friendship because we both know where our hearts are at.

I want to see all Russians able to live the lives we have the chance to live. Many complain on our own national issues. Live in Russia, then review how your life is. Who's got it made? So don't ever think your government's the worse as some do. Live in Russia and even in Ukraine, which it'll take many years before it sheds that soviet skin. Then you'll see how great you have it. Russians should be given the same opportunity. That's why we must support the fight against the hatred for a society that's been in shackles for a long time.

Demonstrations have increased, people storming banks from frustration, single demonstrators being kicked that are protesting against the scourge they have running the country, organizations in opposition having their leaders killed in the open public. The heat is building up against the old Romanov desires Putin is reaching for. He's now fighting a battle that might last for some years, but by the way he's running into global roadblocks, he might just end his own life as Hitler attempted or he can be snuffed out by his own oligarchs that are losing their pants because of the greed for power the leader they thought would bring them riches is costing them. The west is now standing up to him more than ever before. They're bringing his economy to its knees and nothing will save him. If the west doesn't take him out, his own people will. There are many issues he currently has that won't go away and will cost him daily. The way things are going, he'll just might die a pauper.

Just think what life is to Russians that know the truth. Would you like to live like they do? Count your blessings and make everyday count and thank your Almighty for what you have that others would love to experience in having.

Слава Україні Слава героя
Слава Украине Слава героя
The grave of the Pskov paratrooper whose death was reported by Lev Shlosberg, then denied by somebody claiming to be the deceased man’s wife.

Russia’s chief military prosecutor has refused to investigate the death of 159 Russian soldiers who are believed to have been killed in Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine. The prosecutor’s office asserts that checks were carried out into all deaths from the beginning of 2014 to mid-2015, and no infringements were found.

This view was categorically not shared by Sergei Krivenko and other members of the President’s Human Rights Council. On Dec 8, 2015, they formally demanded an official answer as to the circumstances in which 159 Russian soldiers had been killed. The human rights activists pointed out also that there had been a sharp increase in such unexplained deaths during the second half of 2014. This coincided with the first publicized reports of soldiers’ deaths in Donbas, as well as a major escalation in Russia’s direct military involvement in eastern Ukraine.

Russia does not make it easy, with no official information on military deaths having been published since 2010. It is known that the increase in number of contract soldiers, as opposed to conscripts, has had a positive impact on the number of suicides, murders and fatal accidents. That, however, only accentuates the dramatic increase in deaths during the second half of 2014.

According to Krivenko, there were 108 reports of soldiers’ deaths from July to December 2014, with the region where the person died named in only 28. In 80 cases there is no mention of cause of death. In 72 there was mystery over the region. In only 38% of the cases was there any indication that the prosecutor had initiated an inquiry.

Krivenko says that he asked for information about each specific soldier. Instead he received vague assurances that checks had been carried out, that all was fine and that no criminal investigations had been launched.

They will be able to investigate the deaths of specific soldiers only if the soldiers’ families agree to this.

The problem is likely to be in pressure clearly being brought to bear on these families. Soon after Lev Shlosberg reported the death of two paratroopers from Pskov, journalists trying to report on the deaths were set upon by unidentified individuals and Shlosberg himself sustained a savage attack. The initial reports of the men’s death on social networks were removed, and there were even attempts by one of the men’s wives to claim that her husband was alive. It is not known whom she handed the phone to on that occasion, but it was not her husband whose grave can be found where it was reported.

Direct pressure placed on relatives is compounded by legitimate concerns shared by all, including journalists, that they can now be accused of divulging ‘state serious’. As reported here, on May 28, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree which classifies all information about Russian military losses during “special operations in peacetime”, without providing any definition of ‘special operations nor any clarity as to what information is to be concealed.

Putin’s decree was challenged in the court by a group of nine activists, lawyers and journalists. The group included prominent human rights lawyer Ivan Pavlov, Lev Shlosberg and Svetlana Davydova, a mother of 7 arrested earlier on charges of ‘state treason’ for informing the Ukrainian embassy about Russian soldiers being sent to Donbas.

They argued that Putin, and his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, had exceeded their powers by classifying information about military losses. Russia’s Constitution clearly states that the constitutional right to freely seek, receive and circulate information can only be restricted by federal law, not by a presidential decree.................

To read further go to this link:
Raiffeisen Bank debtors of loans in foreign currency have broken into the main office of the financial institution in Moscow and demand allowing paying off their loans at the rate of 40 rubles per dollar.

Censor.NET reports that borrowers declare insufficient funds to pay loans under actual currency exchange rate (around 78 RUR/USD). However, the officials of the credit institution offer debt restructuring or sale of collateralized property. One of the desperate women has proposed to return Crimea to Ukraine to have the opportunity to avoid economic sanctions that led to the plunge of the ruble.

"Our Constitution provides for equality in civil rights throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. If Ukraine holds a referendum on joining Russia, we would not be able to afford it! Let's give this Crimea back already! I have nothing to live upon!" she said. In Russian
Terrorists of the so-called "DPR" have come up with their own view of Ukraine's constitutional reform.
The Ukrainian side in the Minsk talks said, Censor.NET reports. Their conditions are as follows:

"1. Securing a "DPR" quota in the parliament of Ukraine under Ukraine's Constitution;

2. Granting the right to coordinate all adopted laws as well as the right to veto decisions in foreign policy;

3. Full amnesty of all those involved in the conflict, including the release of "DPR" POWs and subversive agents detained in Odesa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and other cities;

4. Providing broad economic (the right to trade with Russia), political (the right to elect its own parliament, government, and president), and cultural autonomy (protection of the Russian language) of the Donbas region;

5. Granting the right to form their own police, security services, judiciary, prosecution, border guard service, and other agencies without an approval by the Kyiv authorities."

As reported, the Ukrainian side has so far rejected all the claims with negotiations being underway. In Russian

For starters, the Russian language has never had an issue, ANYWHERE in Ukraine. And they're not going to build their own government. It won't happen.

And to veto foreign politicies! LMAO!!!!!!

Russia insists that the Donbas must be legislatively granted permanent special status in line with the formula proposed by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Russian envoy to the negotiations on the settlement in the east of Ukraine Boris Gryzlov told reporters on Wednesday, Censor.NET informs citing Russian Interfax.

"The voting on the Constitution should be strictly linked to the simultaneous adoption of the amendments to Articles 1 and 10 of the law on the special status to make it permanent according to the 'Steinmeier's formula'," Gryzlov said.

"Revision of the amendments to the law on the special status must be agreed upon by the Contact Group," he added.

At the same time, according to Gryzlov, it is necessary to enshrine in the Constitution that "the powers of individuals elected in the Donbas under the separate law will not be terminated in 2017, as the constitutional reform envisages for the entire Ukraine."

Read more: "DPR" places demands on constitutional amendments, while Ukraine rejects all claims

He also noted the need to find a legal way to ensure that the transitional provisions of the Ukrainian Constitution would "make reference to the current version of the Articles 2-9 of the law on the special status and Articles 1 and 10 renegotiated by the Contact Group."

"This formula should be captured in the Constitution of Ukraine," Gryzlov concluded. In Russian
Ukraine is taking two important steps toward expanding its ties with the global economy.

The Beskyd-Skotarske train tunnel in the Carpathians is being widened from one track to two, thanks to funding provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank. The project will more than double the speeds at which trains can travel through the tunnel as well as double the number of trains undertaking the journey. Since 60 percent of Ukraine’s current trade with countries to its west goes through the tunnel (originally built in 1886), the result will be a vastly enlarged capacity for imports and exports with the European Union, which already is Ukraine’s largest trading partner and with which Ukraine now shares a free trade zone. The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017; trains will start using it by mid-2018.

Even more impressive is Ukraine’s participation in the Trans-Caspian international transport route that extends from Georgia, through Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, to China, thereby bypassing Russian territory. The first trial run of a Ukrainian train consisting of 10 cars and 20 40-foot containers began in mid-January in the Ukrainian port city of Illichevsk. It was transported by ship to Batumi, Georgia. Thence by train to the Azerbaijani port city of Alyat, where it was loaded onto a ferry and crossed the Caspian Sea to Aktau in Kazakhstan. Some cargo will stay in Kazakhstan; some will go on to China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Naturally, Chinese and Central Asian goods will also flow westwards.

The journey to Aktau is supposed to take about nine days. The train will run three times a week starting in March. Ukraine has high hopes, planning to transport up to 10 million tons of cargo annually via this route.................

To read further go to this link:
on Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:41 pmAdmin
Sabotage - Tіhaya night Pastore - said Arseny Petrovich mate coalition and raised his arm pressure level radioactive water used to cool the reactor of Leningrad NPP. - Yeah - handed Bloody Pastor and setting the timer on the bomb twenty minutes, he added, - A cloud precisely to Moscow will go? - So shanovny not hvilyuytesya all pіde on Moskovіyu - said Arseny took out a penknife and scribbled on the tank "PTN FSO." Effects Morning in "zombilende" started out as something unusual. Russian President woke up very early, felt a sharp pain in the groin area. Going into the bathroom he washed his face and scratched both the left front hoof. - Somehow I do not care today, look, - he said the head of the left and right styanuv pants, began to consider out of nowhere appeared headed eagle rather orlёnka (approx. - Ed.). - Yes, and we still act in the Federation Council - said the right arm of the Russian president on his neck and began to comb the tail. Moscow alive. Yesterday Ukrainian diversion "KVN" to bear fruit: Bactrian traffic police as usual stood at intersections and their shestisisechnye wife sent their children to school, swim along the Moskva River. Office workers trudged straight on the road, trying to cling to the horns of the exposed wires and trasovschitsy knowhow offered sex services - oral pleasures shark teeth. The building of the Federation Council was Lavrov and Putin waiting nervously smoked, flicking ashes on the Moscow students ran past. Since its scales could not stand the light of day, he occasionally nervously popukival, creating around him a cloud of gas. At the meeting of the Federation Council slid all Moscow "fleas, lice and nits" and settled on those present were waiting for a miracle. Putin, pounding hooves nervously pulling double-headed orlёnka opened the meeting. His left head pushed slurred speech and the right, sweet grunting orally to enjoy herself at the podium. - Comrades, in Moscow was something strange - we are beginning to push the head of the Russian wonder-guarantor - FSE West is to blame Comrades They will not "bend" Russia, introducing us to the visual confusion! We refuse to believe that we will see and believe what we want! - He ended his speech with the two-headed president and wagging his back on oral self-satisfaction, stumbled toward the exit. After such performances guarantor Muscovites lived happily: fins began to wash before eating, teeth get fleas from the fur fly in flocks in the church on Sundays, sniffing asses on the streets, to smooth the scales every morning and do much more useful things. After all, as he said some very smart classic: Mind Russia not to understand! In Russian
Interviewed residents of the Russian capital believe that everything must be done for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

According Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty, the majority of Muscovites believe that, including the need to withdraw from the territory of Donbass army units of Russia, "which is not there." However, according to the Russians, to end the conflict in the Donbas does not guarantee Russia the lifting of sanctions because of other problems in foreign policy. In Russian
In Donbass during shelling wounded one soldier
January 27, 2016, 12:58
The situation escalated in eastern Ukraine
In the course of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas January 26 had been wounded a Ukrainian soldier.
This was announced at a press briefing Speaker of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrey Lysenko.
"As a result of one of the attacks in the direction of Mariupol was wounded one of our warrior. Other casualties of the Ukrainian military was not" - he said.
In general, according to Lysenko, yesterday the situation in the east of Ukraine deteriorated slightly - increased intensity of the attacks on the areas of Donetsk and Mariupol. Periodically used mortars, shelling was also recorded from the tank.
"The forces of ATU opened fire in response to the most audacious provocations of the enemy," - said Lysenko.
Near the Donetsk airport there is the greatest stress. In particular, we have intensified the snipers....
on Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:03 amNelson

Not good news for Gazprom or Putin's war machine.

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the day
On January 27 the entire territory of Ukraine declared a storm warning...
"In the next hours, while maintaining in the first half of the day January 27 fog, visibility 200-500 m," - said in a statement.
The press service added that the expected ice, sleet on the roads.

Forecast for the next week is amazing. Warm. It should be minus - both low and high for the day. But lows may be 8 or 10 degrees above normal.
That will save a lot on the gas useage. Not to mention broken pipes. I was without water again last weekend - frozen pipe in the town.
That takes some guts.

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the day

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No date.
Strange, blaming China. Normally Putin blames America, or the UK, or Turkey, or...

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the day

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...As reported by Censor.NET citing LB.UA, answering a question by Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish politician wrote in an e-mail: "Ukraine has got a very good prime minister. There is no reason to replace him."..
Interesting. Yatseniuk is popular among the western politicians. But in Ukraine many want him to go. Including Tymoshenko, of course.
My opinion - doing an impossible job under impossible conditions. But overall doing very well.

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the day

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Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the day

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A Putin-sympathising Twitter group that says it supports the regime of Syria's Bashar al-Assad has claimed responsibility for international "mayhem" as thousands of pupils were evacuated from 14 British and six French schools today following bomb scares.
The group, which uses an email address with a Russian ".ru" domain name and calls itself "Evacuators 2K16", has now been removed from the social network, after inviting students to get in touch if they want to "get out of school"...
The rebels occupied the mortuary Gorlovka (Donetsk region) brought eight bodies so-called "volunteers" who have died in the past two days.
All delivered militants were killed in the fighting at settlement Zaitsev says blogger Alexander..

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the day

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Marinka terrorists fired from grenade launchers of various systems
..For the past day has increased dramatically the number of attacks on Ukrainian position on the part of the militants. It is reported by the press center of the ATO.
"In the area of ​​Marinka Ukrainian strongholds of pro-Russian mercenaries fired from grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and even anti-aircraft installations," - noted in the press center.
...It should be noted that over the past day, pro-Russian militants again opened fire 66 times on the Ukrainian position. "In some cases, the Ukrainian military have been forced to open aimed fire", - added in the press center.
Recall that yesterday, as of the morning, there were 44 shelling by pro-Russian mercenaries.
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