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News -
Russians fire 38 times yesterday at the Ukrainian people.
Update - 2 Ukrainian soldiers injured yesterday.

Weather -
Last night around zero. That's already above the typical "high" for the day!
Kiev area likely to be +5 or 6 today. Super.
Update - 1300 hrs. And already +7 where I am. Incredible. It is January. Hard to believe.

Swine (H1N1) 'flu -
Was in a cafe yesterday. Heard that, outside of Kiev, 2 people have died in Berdichev, and also 2 in Zhitomir - both west of Kiev.
Also heard that schools in those areas are also closed now - and for another week, to February 6, I think. In Kiev I read Feb 8.

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on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:03 amNelson
This thread now continued for Sunday at

or go to
and select as you wish

Putin attacks 36 times. Weather - still warm. Amazing.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that Russia "expect consequences" if it continues to violate Turkish airspace.

This is with reference to the Associated Press reports "Interfax".

"Russia are waiting for the consequences if it continues to such violations in relation to Turkish sovereignty", - said the Turkish President.

According to Erdogan, "such irresponsible steps do not go to the benefit of any Russian or Russia's relations with NATO or regional and global peace."

In addition, the Turkish President stated that he would like to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In Russian
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu January 29 reached agreement on steps to de-occupation of the Crimea.

This January 30 the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

According to the report, the Turkish side confirmed its support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

"The sides expressed their common concern at the continuing human rights violations in the occupied Russian Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, and also agreed on joint steps for cooperation in this field. In the course of Ukrainian-Turkish negotiations the main attention was focused on preparing for the next meeting of the Strategic Council high-level bilateral contacts" , - noted in the department.

In addition, diplomats said the questions kaayuschiesya Donbass and the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.

"The sides discussed the situation in the Donets Basin in the context of the implementation of the agreements Minsk, wide range of issues on the global agenda, including regional security, joint steps in the fight against terrorism, cooperation in the framework of international organizations, the situation in Syria and Iraq. There has been a number of agreements to deepen cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey in economic, energy, military-technical, consular and humanitarian spheres ", - said in the press-service.

As reported by the "Observer", formerly Secretary of the National Security Council, Alexander Turchinov said that Ukraine and Turkey should join their efforts to de-occupation of the Crimea. In Russian
In Poltava monument dismantled three leaders of the Soviet era.

This is stated in the message management of police in the area, says Ukrainian News

Message to dismantle in three different villages came to the police on the night of January 30th.

The village Krasnoznamyanki removed the monument to Dzerzhinsky, in the village of Harkovtsah - Chapaev monument in the village Lisovka - a monument to Kirov.

On Friday in Dnepropetrovsk knocked bronze figure Grigory Petrovsky. Police opened a criminal proceeding. In Russian
Detained in the occupied Donetsk head of the volunteer group "responsible citizens" Cherenkov Marina got in touch with her family.

This broadcast told the participants of the initiative group Evgeny Shibalov.

"Several sources have reported that Marina is still alive. On Saturday afternoon she was allowed to call her mother, just for a moment, she just said that she was all right, "- he said.

Shibalov also said that from the first days of the war organization "responsible citizens" was neutral and engaged exclusively in humanitarian aid, recently volunteers engaged in the distribution of international aid in the "red zone" - the area of ​​the fighting.

Earlier it was reported that the Cherenkov was detained on January 29 its location and the reasons for detention were unknown, due to the volunteer was not. In Russian

This is not the first abduction of terrorists "DNI" Cherenkov radiation, in early January, she was detained militants occupied Donetsk.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on Russia to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of air space of the - members of the alliance.

It is reported by "Times" with reference to Reuters.

"I call on Russia to act responsibly and to respect fully the airspace of NATO. Russia should take all necessary measures to ensure that similar violations are not repeated, "- he said after the announcement of the Turkish side of the Russian aircraft violating the airspace of the country.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he wanted to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin after reports that a Russian Su-34 had violated Turkish airspace.

Turkish Foreign Ministry also summoned the Russian ambassador to the statement of the Turkish side of the Russian aircraft violating the airspace of the country. In Russian
In the area of anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ATO) today, January 30, 2016, died Ukrainian military. It is reported by the press service of the battalion "OUN"

"Today, when the combat mission in the division OUN 93rd OMB sapper died Anatoly Garkavenko friend" Sailor ". During his short life of twenty-five guy with Ivano-Frankivsk he had to fight: fighting in the ranks of the SS AQL, OUN, 93rd Ombre "- said in a statement. In Russian
National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine before it was filed with the Court of 4 lawsuits to invalidate contracts cession between "Zaporizhiaoblenergo" in which the state owns more than 60% of the shares, and a private structure "of power networks", reports UNN, citing the press service of the NABU .

Under these contracts were replaced creditor liabilities totaling 346.2 million USD, which should have come from the major consumers of electricity.

Thus, as a result of illegal contracts concluded right of the state to require the debt for the consumed electricity in the amount of USD 346.2 million was transferred to a private company, which is contrary to current legislation.

Claims are prepared on the basis of, the turned detectives NABU during pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings number 52015000000000001 on the grounds of a criminal offense, under Part 5 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code on the fact of appropriation of officials on a large scale property of "Zaporizhiaoblenergo."

Lawsuits filed on the basis of Article 17 of the "Law" On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine "in the manner of economic justice.

We remind you that according to the Law "On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine" for jurisdiction NABU including attributed the crime, the overall damage from which is equal to or exceeds the amount that is five hundred or more times the minimum wage established for the relevant year (if the offense is committed by officials of a state authority, law enforcement, military formation, local government, businesses, the authorized capital of which the share of state or municipal ownership exceeds 50 percent). In Russian
The Kremlin still wants to destroy Ukraine as a state. In recent years changed the "technology" to achieve this goal, but not the goal itself. Such an opinion in comments "Observer" editor expressed "Tsenzor.NET" military expert Yury Butusov. "We both want to destroy the state. We do not want to pick up some one village or city or even the region. Objectives Putin is much broader. It retains the front line so that we do not go from a state of war ", - he said. According Butusova, Putin can not be persuaded to make peace. Our task - not to win one stroke, not to Moscow or Rostov. Our task - to make way for Putin the war, the most expensive on all fronts: in the information on foreign policy, the economy, the military, - Said the expert. According to him, the Kremlin's tactical goals undergone transformation strategy but the destruction of Ukraine unchangeable. "She realized Putin from the time of arrival of Yanukovych. Originally it was implemented political methods, it is now being implemented by military means, by force. A changing tactics. First they tried to do it by loosening the situation in the country, preparing destabilization during the presidential election, then they decided to conduct script annexations and rejection southeast Ukraine, then they went on the path of direct military aggression. And now they have a strategy of war of attrition. It does not involve deep offensive operations, but it involves saving pressure on Ukraine, Ukraine applying maximum resource, financial losses to undermine the capacity of the state and its degradation "- said Butusova. "Contrast this optional strategy can only be a systematic strategy", - he added.   In Ukrainian
Concorde Capital informed clients in an online advisory that, according to Boris Gryzlov, Russia’s new representative to Trilateral Contact Group, the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics must gain permanent special status in the Ukrainian Constitution, rather than expiring in 2017 as previously agreed upon.

Such amendments should be approved by the Contact Group, Gryzlov said.

The same proposal was echoed by leaders of the terrorist groups attending the talks, the report said, without identifying them. They called for securing permanent special status, widely considered to be de facto autonomy, in the body of the Constitution, rather than its transitional statutes, as had been proposed by the Ukrainian side.

Concorde analyst Zenon Zawada added: “So much for the recent drive to forge some kind of a compromise. By this raising of its ante, the Russian side has buried the circulating notions that the recent weeks of negotiations, involving top diplomats, drew the opponents in this conflict closer to agreement. We’re essentially back to Square One in the talks. Moreover, the West will never agree to permanent de facto autonomy for Donbas as its strategy was based on this autonomy failing eventually.”.......................

To read further go to this link:
Ukrainian humanitarian activist Maryna Cherenkova has reportedly been detained by separatist security forces in the eastern city of Donetsk.

Activists with the Responsible Citizens group reported on social media on January 30 that Cherenkova sent a late-night text message that said simply, "I have been taken by MGB," referring to the separatists' "security ministry."

She has not been heard from since despite activists spending the entire night trying to learn of her whereabouts. The activists said police told them they do not have Cherenkova.

Since the conflict between Ukraine and Russia-backed separatists began, Cherenkova has been active in securing humanitarian relief for civilians in the Donetsk conflict zone.

Journalist Oliver Carroll posted on his Twitter feed that Cherenkova is "a larger than life character" who has "been at the forefront of [the] humanitarian effort in Donetsk."

She has been "arguably as important as any international [organization]," he added......
The Constitutional Court (CC) began considering the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada on the compliance of the Basic Law with the amendments to the Constitution in part of the justice system.

As Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN, the session is headed by CC chairman Yurii Baulin. The case is considered as a written hearing.

The meeting is attended by 13 judges of the Constitutional Court, while 12 are necessary for the quorum. After a short public meeting the court moved to the closed session prosecuting the amendments to the Constitution. In Russian
Ha ha ha ha....
And once it was built? Then cut off gas from Ukraine. And the Germans are happy with their cheaper gas from Putin.
Another stitch up, just like when Chancellor Hitler and Tsar Stalin divided Poland up.

BUT there is a lot of German money invested in Russian Gazprom. Especially by one of Chancellor Hitler's successors, Chancellor Schroeder - good close buddy of Putin.
Stinks of German money to me. $$$$$$. Bribes and corruption, and no moral standards.
The gas imports from the European market to Ukraine more than doubled from 5 to 10,3 billion cubic meters in 2015. The number of international vendors of natural gas exceeded 10 companies.....
Less and less from Russia. Good. And a variety of companies. Russia simply can't blackmail them all, although it might try.
I saw 26.0 / 26.5 at the exchange bureau this morning. Euro - I think about 28. Pound - not sure. Theoretically about 36.5.
Ukrainian military zone ATO injured - Lysenko (
In the area of ​​the antiterrorist operation for the past day, no soldier was killed and two were wounded.
This was at the briefing said the speaker on the AP ATO Andrey Lysenko.
"For the past day in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation, no Ukrainian military was killed, two were wounded," - said Lysenko.
Recall the last day militants fired 38 times strongholds forces ATO.
...location and reason for detention are unknown....
What a headline. You couldn't make it up. Such are the Putin nutcases occupying Donbass.
Petrovskyi is considered to be one of those responsible for the Holodomor in the 1930s in Ukraine. His monument is subject to dismantling as per decommunisation law....
Various videos on youtube - here's one

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed the country is no longer dependent on Russian gas, which is proved by passing the fall-winter heating period. ..
Winter isn't over yet, BUT - we are in the theoretically "coldest" period of the year. Late January, into early February, and... it is amazingly warm.
The forecast looks good for the next week. Lows near zero (normally -9), and highs of 4 or 5, or higher. (normally -2 for Kiev).
Could be interesting.
For sure, Putin's popularity will rise even more with that news. Expect Shaun Walker and Steve Rosenberg to be tweeting ratings of 130% for Putin next week, along with photos of his latest calendar.
Saturday, January 30, 2016, 8:07
In Lviv organizers of the "March in support of political prisoners" have poured pig's blood Roshen store and hung at the entrance of a scarecrow, which, in their opinion, represents the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
The organizers claim that it would draw attention to what is happening in the country in relation to the patriots....

Half a dozen people in camo-gear.
What it does show - there is democracy and freedom of expression in Ukraine. In Russia these people would be locked up is "hospitals".
On the other hand, it all helps the Putin cause of destabilization. Ukraine has to be careful, especially during a time of war.
One person's "political prisoner" is somebody else's terrorist. Especially if they were involved in the deaths of soldiers at the Rada, or Mukacheva.
You can always rely on the Russians to destroy anything remotely "humanitarian" or civilised. Barbarian nation.
No wonder that election was dodgy!

Good news from the Donbass contrary Minsk blackmail and tantrums.

Rashistskie media and propagandists in the last days crying that Berlin and Paris, with the connivance of Washington is about to please Moscow dozhmut Kiev, and he will take LDNR its software, in fact, leaving the "republic" in the present state ...

The theme of "Minsk" is actually so complex and mean (in the sense that from the Ukraine because of economic weakness does not depend so much) that I did not want to delve in vain. But one thing is clear: as long as it is necessary to wait to hold the front, to prepare for more war and strengthen the blockade LDNR - Russia apparently choking, it increasingly difficult to finance the "republic."

Nothing in the DPR treasury. It's all hand-outs from Putin now, if you ask me. And frankly has been, right from the beginning of the war.

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Orthodox, day after day: holidays and memorial days of February (
Nice diagram at the link.
Colonies - actually quite a good term. It's not a mis-translation. In the original - колониях "ДНР".
Putin's "empire" - the DNR is effectively one of Russia's colonies. Illegal occupation, of course.
Article, fairly general. Typical sub-human behavior of Putin's followers.
Night at the ATO enemy was shooting from mortars and grenade launchers
Militants illegal gangs continue to violate the truce and fire on positions of strength ATO.
The press center of Staff TU.
Traditionally, the number of attacks is increasing at dusk.
In Donetsk fired towards our enemy strongholds with small arms and grenade launchers in Avdiyivka, Pisky, Opitnoe, ... areas.
Our fortifications near Zaitsev suffered shelling from mortars caliber 82 and 120 mm. Unrest was also near Mayorska where enemy grenade used different systems.
In Mariupol towards enemy mortar fire led to our strong points Hnutovoho nearby.
During the last days of pro-Russian gunmen opened fire 38 times the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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