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News -
Putin is stepping up the war again. Now the Russian forces attack 84 times.

Weather -
The relatively warm weather continues. -2 now. High predicted of +2.
And +5 or so for the next week. Cloudy, a touch of sun.
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THERE’S BEEN much speculation in diplomatic circles that Vladi­mir Putin is ready to strike a deal ending the conflict he initiated in Ukraine, so as to free the stricken Russian economy from Western sanctions. Mr. Putin raised eyebrows last month by appointing two close associates to negotiate the implementation of a stalled peace settlement, including one dedicated to a new U.S.-Russia channel. However, it is not clear whether the Kremlin is genuinely ready to compromise or merely trying to split Western governments and shift blame for the diplomatic impasse to Ukraine. Mr. Putin needs to be tested, but, so far, European governments and the Obama administration are not doing what is needed to put him on the spot.

Mr. Putin’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, certainly gives the impression that Moscow’s diplomatic moves are disingenuous. In a recent news conference, he claimed that the European Union had been pushed into a “trap” by the United States when it agreed that lifting the sanctions be linked to the implementation of the peace deal, known as Minsk 2. “Ukraine sits back and does nothing,” forcing the sanctions to remain in place, he charged. “Europe,” he confidently asserted, “no longer wants to be held hostage to this situation.”

In fact, Russia and the military force it controls in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region have never respected the first step of the Minsk accord — a cease-fire. Daily skirmishes continue along the front line. Still, some European governments and business interests are ready to embrace Moscow’s narrative. They blame the government of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for failing to win parliamentary approval for a constitutional amendment allowing greater autonomy for the Russian-occupied areas, and for the absence of an agreement on how to hold elections in those territories.................

To read further go to this link:
Continued Russian-American talks on nuclear arms reduction is possible, inter alia, because of the US sanctions against Russia.

Also on the refusal affects the level of available Moscow nuclear warheads and their carriers, which is already reduced to the parameters that existed in the late 1950s - early 1960s, he told RIA Novosti Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

"This fact is very important to understand, not only colleagues in Washington, but all those in the international community who continue to ignore the facts, to agitate for further nuclear reductions" - he explained.

Ryabkov said that the negotiations are not possible even for several reasons. Thus, the United States continue to develop a global missile defense system (NMD) program and the global non-nuclear strike to disarm nuclear forces that, in Moscow estimates that destabilizes the situation.

"The third point is that you need to say (...) is the total absence of political logic and common sense in the sentence" disarm "in the conditions when the current US administration for a long time has made a concerted effort to undermine the defense and the military-industrial potential of Russia through its sanctions policy, "- said the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Simultaneously, the Russian diplomat said that if "all these circumstances change, and our concerns and priorities are taken into account", the Russian government will consider the continuation of the negotiations.

Ryabkov statement came in response to a speech by White House spokesman Josh Ernest, which is February 5 reported that in Washington calls on Moscow to further negotiations on the reduction of nuclear arsenals. In Russian
Russia sent 25 foreign banks to bid for the organization of the placement of government bonds in 2016.

It is reported by, citing a statement by the Ministry of Finance.

The list includes mainly the largest US banks, Europe and China: Barclays, BNP Paribas, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bank of China, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Crédit Agricole, Credit Suisse, Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg, Morgan Stanley, Mizuho Financial, Nomura, Citigroup, Societe Generale, Scotiabank, TD Securities, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, HSBC, RBC Capital Markets, UBS, UniCredit.

In addition, the list includes and three Russian bank VTB (potential placement will "VTB Capital"), Gazprombank and Sberbank (Sberbank CIB).

It is noted that the last Russian government bonds are placed in September of 2013. In Russian
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that the development of IT-technologies and the so-called fourth industrial revolution will help to upgrade the country.

He stated this in Kiev during the opening of Ukraine's first incubator, based on open data IT projects "1991 Open Data Incubator", reports "Channel 112 Ukraine".

"New Ukraine and the new world are primarily on intelligence and talent. This is the so-called fourth industrial revolution. It is not from the words of the industry, both in the classic sense. It is the word to take steps forward. Who should do these steps? Not just government because the government itself is also a fairly conservative political structure of his need to change How only through private sector partnership, civil society and government merger of these three elements makes it possible to build a new country ", -...?. the head of the government.

According to Yatseniuk, today the world and politics are very conservative, but pass a certain stage of rethinking and changes that apply to Ukraine.

The new policy, Yatsenyuk is convinced, will be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently on the basis of open databases, and systems analysts.

It is noted that on February 6-7 in Kiev will be the final stage of the selection of IT projects in Ukraine's first non-profit incubator "1991 Open Data Incubator". The event will be held in two days Hackaton format. As part of the final stage of the selection within 48 hours more than 100 programmers create IT services for the public sector, citizens and businesses that operate on the basis of open public data and large data arrays.

Startups in 1991 aimed at solving the problems of infrastructure, agriculture and energy, as well as the creation of electronic services to the population, analytical systems for the Smart City Ministries and digital solutions. As a result of Hackaton jury will select a few IT projects based on open data, which will become members of the first two-month incubation program "1991". In Russian
In occupied Crimea on the highway Simferopol - Kerch noticed a column of military equipment.

The corresponding video eyewitnesses posted on YouTube.

As noted in the description of the roller, the convoy consisted of more than 70 BTRrov and 5 oil tankers.

"Russian military equipment went from Old Crimea to Feodosiya direction", - added the witnesses. In Russian
on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:32 pmAdmin
In the morning on February 6 in the Orenburg region of Russia lost aircraft AN-2. The news agency "Interfax" reported that the plane was found - he crashed in the 20-30 km from the city of Orsk. As a result, the crash killed three people.

Fatalities - Engineer Pipeline subsidiary of AK "Transneft" and two crew members of the An-2. They overflew the pipeline route in the Orenburg region. In Russian
Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) has developed a package of amendments to the current legislation of Ukraine on cooperation with the occupied Crimea.

As one of the human rights organization Boris Zakharov, among the developed documents - the mechanism of granting residents of the Crimea, which remain on the peninsula, Ukrainian documents Krym.Realii write.

According to Zakharov, the method of granting residents of the Crimea Ukrainian civil status of the sample on the basis of the relevant decisions of Ukrainian courts, proposed by the Ministry of Justice in the Law №3171, is not true, but the problem can be solved speedily and easily.

"In international law, there is such a thing as" Namibian exception. " When South Africa invaded Namibia, local papers also not recognized by international law. But then it became clear that the civil status acts shall be recognized as other evidence of such facts is not there. We occupied only part of the territory, so we can fully recognize the administrative facts of birth and death. Then the court proceedings would be required only in exceptional cases "- said human rights activist.

The package of changes in the law, experts UHHRU plan to present to the public in late February. In Russian
US-Russian negotiations in the field of the further reduction of nuclear arsenals is not yet possible, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, writes "Interfax" .

"The position of the Russian side about the prospects for the continuation of the START negotiations, and generally to reduce nuclear weapons remains unchanged We reached the line, followed by the bilateral US-Russian negotiations in this area are not possible for several reasons." - Ryabkov said.

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister said that when Russia's priorities are taken into account, "that is to say when the situation will be created, guaranteed to ensure equal security for all and to the strengthening of global security on the basis of sovereign equality of States, then, probably, it will be possible to revisit the issue of the continuation of negotiations. " "But not before" - said Ryabkov.

Earlier, US Secretary of State John Kerry called on Russia to further reduce their weapons under the treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms (START I), according to which in February 2018 will be a limit of 1,550 warheads and 700 delivery vehicles mobile. In Russian
Forming part of the exercise Fearless Guardian II, which take place on the Yavoriv military range are research experts "Center for the Study of combat experience" and "Research Group of asymmetric war" in US Army experiences Ukrainian veterans of the ATO, which can be used as the APU and the US military. Write about it on the official website of the US Army in the material on the results of the first rotation Ukrainian military in Fearless Guardian II exercise, which ends on February 12, reports "Voice of America"

"We want to study the Ukrainian Veterans ATO conclusions about getting their combat experience, organize them in the form of a report and pass them ZSU, as a generalization of what faced Ukrainian soldiers. After the preparatory process management will move to Ukrainian side, there will be able to use a systematic contact materials for the development of further training programs for the military "- quoted material Darren Major Hasse, Center Speaker combat experience in the US Army.

"A systematic experience of the Ukrainian military will also be distributed to the US Army leaders", - noted in the article.
Yes - not a typo. 10 billion dollars. Saudi's - not exactly on good terms with the Russians at the moment.
And you can't grow wheat in the sand.
on Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:19 amNelson
The YouTube video has appeared, which shows, in the village of Zolochiv of Kharkiv region demolished a monument to the communist leader Vladimir Lenin. Monument located on the central village square...

Another one bites the dust.

...There were six vehicles seen multiple launch rocket systems. Two of them - fighting vehicles 2B26 Grad on KAMAZ - are not registered in service of the Ukrainian army. Volunteers say that one such installation has already been spotted in Donetsk...
What will Lavrov say? Bought by some babushka at K-mart? Lavrov = Liar
..."If Ukraine does not hold reforms related to the Minsk process, then Europe will be very difficult to be united on the question of sanctions against Russia," - she said.
"Ukraine has a deadline they have to carry out reforms now, can not wait.", - Stressed the Foreign Minister of Denmark...

Is this Europe's "get-out" clause? And then resume business with Russia? I thought the ceasefire was to come first?
Weaponry by which Maidan activists had been killed was found - report of Head of Security Service and Prosecutor General to President
...Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak reported that fragments of 23 firearms used against Maidan had been found. The weapons were mechanically damaged, ID numbers were filed off. Following the expertise, the Security Service identified 12 out of 23 weapons....
...Over the past year the Russians have fallen into depression, began to experience jealousy and anger towards others, but imbued with sympathy for the Soviet political system, showed the index of the state of affairs in the country, compiled by the Levada Center [Poll]...
Depression. Things are so bad that they want the Soviet Union back! That's how bad it is under Putin.
Will we hear anything about this from Shaun Walker or Oliphant or the bbc? Unlikely. Wierd. Too scared themselves to say what is really going on now in Russia.
...Almost as many Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in two years of fighting as American troops died in combat in Afghanistan over 14 years. ...
Kyiv faces an uphill battle to live up to its half of Minsk II. A constitutional reform to decentralize power—a condition of the cease-fire that the U.S. and the EU support—is unpopular in Ukraine. Some lawmakers have pushed back against the move.
Opponents of the deal say it will be a capitulation to Russia and a betrayal of the military. Supporters claim the deal is prudent and necessary to end the fighting and concentrate political energy on rebuilding Ukraine’s post-revolution democracy and economy. And to forge closer ties with Europe....

Good write up from Peterson. For bio of this journalist see our separate post on Journalists in Ukraine. Sticky topic.
"On January 20, in Lugansk Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, met with the leaders of the DPR, LPR, at which the parties discussed the technical aspects of the future local elections. According to available information, demonstration "elections" are planning to not Ukrainian, and on his own "National legislation" not later than the second half of April, "- said the expert.
"Toward the end of January have appeared in the media and the relevant statements of the leaders of the LC-DNI of the need to conduct their elections, without which" it is impossible to solve the administrative and economic and international issues "- as he said.
Oktisyuk added that Moscow is already trying to attract illegal "election" foreign observers.
Saturday, February 6, 2016, 7:30
For the past day pro-Russian militants violated 84 times the so-called quiet mode, firing positions of Ukrainian troops in Donetsk and Mariupol directions.
The press center ATO headquarters.
14 times the enemy opened fire on our strong points in the area Krasnogorivka, using other than grenades and small arms, mortars caliber 82 mm.
Fire from grenade launchers of various systems subjected to strengthen Ukrainian troops in Luhansk, Mar'yintsi, Pisky, Opitnoe, Novgorod, Troitsa and Shyrokyno. In addition, the Opitnoe used the enemy antiaircraft installation, and Novgorod - BMP.
Application of enemy mortars caliber 82 and 120 mm on our positions recorded in Talakivtsi, Hnutovomu, Avdeevka, Zaitsev, and the mine Mayorsku .
The press center said that in some cases the ATO forces opened fire in response aiming a weapon that allowed the Minsk agreements.
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