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The journalist told how tortured Ukrainians in the "DNR" and "LC"

on Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:19 am
Terrorists are the self-proclaimed "DNR" and "LC" in the autumn of 2015 was carried out brutal repression against civilians. The terrorists killed more than one hundred lives for settling political accounts, redistribution of property and random detention. The wave of arrests in the areas controlled by the terrorists, told the Russian journalist Pavel Kanygin.

According Kanygina arrested judged by the Criminal Code, deducted from the Criminal Code of the USSR, 1961, declaring them "spies and demolitions."

Repression of the self-proclaimed "DNR" and "LC" are held on political and religious grounds. "In the basement of" local security officials also sit entrepreneurs who have been unable to agree with the new government. Their businesses are "nationalized", that is, control over them, tend to get the relatives of high officials terrorist "governments", or approximate, according to "Medusa"

In the past two months, often reported about the arrests on anonymous denunciations.
Release of repressed someone tries through friends in the terrorist leadership, others hope to redeem got behind bars; however, in the case of political arrests usually helps neither the one nor the other.

The journalist told some facts of political arrests in the "DNR" and "LC"; the details of which he learned from friends and relatives of the detainees. At the same time, Paul said that close often refuse to disclose details, fearing to aggravate the position of man in custody.

The next day after the explosion, the leader of "DNI" Zakharchenko has announced a large-scale investigation, calling the guilty "unspecified group of Ukrainian saboteurs" .Sotrudniki security rushed to the middle of the night volunteers, teachers, universities, parishioners of the local Protestant community. The founder of the volunteer group "responsible citizens", Donetsk businessman Enrique Menendez says that this time the security forces descended on those who have long irritated the leadership of the DNI its independent position.

Among those detained in those days were the deputy of Donetsk regional council and the coordinator "responsible citizens" Marina Cerenkov and Professor of History and Religious Studies University of Donetsk Igor Kozlovsky. Kozlowski's wife later told about a telephone conversation with one of the security staff, who explained to her what took the professor: "For the wrong conversation in Facebook".

Marina Cherenkov radiation is contained in the facility, "the Ministry of State Security" on January 29th. Charge it and did not show, but the essence of the claims can be understood from earlier statements terrorists "DNR". In the fall of 2015, under the control of "DNR" and press Cherenkov volunteer group "responsible citizens" declared "spies and demolitions." The group was established at the beginning of the war the inhabitants of Donetsk, it was one of the few voluntary organizations that provide humanitarian aid to remote areas of the Donbas. Spies they are considered for the cooperation with the "Doctors without Borders", which was delivered to the medicine area. Volunteers did work with "doctors", but most of the medicines and humanitarian aid received from the foundation of Rinat Akhmetov. Before the war, this oligarch called the "master of Donbass", although today it is insignificant political weight in the region. In autumn 2015, the first local media reporters banned mention charity Akhmetov - and even its name.


In Donetsk detention centers around a thousand civilians have been detained in the past two years. In Lugansk prisons - about 700. As the official Kiev said, many of these people are persecuted for political reasons. According to the articles of the Criminal Code of the USSR in 1961 "terrorists" already condemned by several people. Including residents of Makeyevka, who served in the Ukrainian battalion "Azov", Eugene Chudnetsova - he received 30 years for "attempting to overthrow the constitutional order" and "participation in extremist organizations". Accused soldiers and involvement in the kidnapping; however, no evidence of "power DNI" so the public and did not show. A year ago, Chudnetsova captured in the frontline Shirokino. Later on Russian television cameras fighter spoke about the alleged crimes Ukrainian battalion and said he did not want "to return to Ukraine". Close Chudnetsova say that the recognition he gave after being tortured in the "DNR", where, according to them, the fighter pulled out with pliers 16 teeth. The report employee "Russia 24" Chudnetsov appears not only without teeth, but also hematoma under his eye. Chudnetsov was supposed to be among the Ukrainian prisoners of war to be exchanged for terrorists "DNR". But for unknown reasons, "the DNI authorities" have decided not to exchange Chudnetsova and sent him to the colony.

One of the former prisoners described the conditions of detention of the former prison number? 5, now a prison, "the Ministry of State Security DNR" to civilians. His memories are detailed in the report to the UN Human Rights Ukrainian mission presented to me in the beginning of February. Standard bushing for the situation - the lack of regular supply and treatment for patients, forced physical labor and torture. The guards and officers, "special services" practice cruel treatment of prisoners. The most common measures of influence on the prisoners - tortured with electric shocks and mock execution; in particular, it is widely practiced simulated execution. According to the memoirs of former prisoner executions were subjected to including women.

Another prisoner, recently released to freedom, described in detail the torture practiced by the security services, "DNR". One of them prisoners called "tram". The guilty person is entirely wrapped with duct tape and then placed in a narrow tube for a few hours or overnight. The pipe is located in a tiny narrow room, like a small tram car. During his stay in hell "tram" persons besides physical suffering lack of oxygen. As a result, there comes a tactile and spatial disorientation of the victim. For some time, the person ceases to be aware of what is happening and can give the necessary indications clerk, though often use torture as a punishment.

random victim

22-year-old resident of Makeyevka Vladimir Fomichev was arrested on an anonymous denunciation on January 4. Fomichev came to her parents on New Year's holidays from Kiev, where he studied at the university, and had to go back. Now Fomichev is in the "prison of the MGB." "The authorities of the DNI" officially no charge to the student has not yet been presented. We know about the written request of the parents in Fomicheva "Attorney General" and "the Ministry of State Security DNR" to clarify the status, which is their son; there was no answer. Denunciation of a young man wrote to one of his friends, who saw in social networks "Fomicheva statements about" the DNI authorities "in a negative way." This close Fomicheva insist that terrorists student critic of the regime was not, though, "she commented occasionally on everyday topics." Now account Fomicheva network "VKontakte" closed for viewing. In the apartment where he lived student employees "MGB" raided and seized table yellow-blue flags of Ukraine, bought for the European football championship - they are also attached to the case. Close Fomicheva afraid to publicly comment on his arrest. In conversation with me, a relative of the student put it this way: "I have to say too much - he would be killed, and I was sent to prison."

At the same time, the so-called human rights commissioner "DNI" Daria Morozova said he did not know any of Kozlov, nor Fomichev: "You know, we have, as in any normal country, there is a period to clarify, that's 30 days, and no information consequently can not give. Let the parents are detained will write a formal letter, then going to work. "

Family Debaltsevskogo elderly farmers from the district went missing in March 2015 - after the city and surrounding area have moved in the fighting under control, "DNR". In the village municipality of 68-year-old Nikolai Jasinski and his 61-year-old wife Lyudmila Sokol owned large farms. March 5, they arrived on the market in the Debaltsevo to sell products, but did not return home. After the disappearance of the parents of 28-year-old son, Alexander wrote a letter to "police the NPT." But instead of looking for the farmers, "the DNI security forces" that evening came for Alexander. It tells me his sister Natalia, terrorists - there were about 20 people - carried out in the house searched, and then brought the young man into the yard and began to beat, "he shouted:" I'll do anything, take technique, money, "I do not know give. he them money or not. " Alexander Sokolov's body was found a month later in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the Commune. Where are their parents, Nikolai and Lyudmila, Natalia did not know until now.


The UN report describes the case of the abduction of an Orthodox priest. In February 2015, my father, who was involved in the delivery of food Ukrainian soldiers and residents Artyomovsk mistakenly arrived at the checkpoint terrorists. Priest out of the car and forced to lie on the ground. Several terrorists have started to jump on him and shoot into the ground next to his head. Then the priest moved to the neighboring village for questioning. The interrogation was a few hours, the priest was severely beaten and thrown "on the cellar", where they spent 50 days together with 70 other prisoners.

Prisoners are often cellars and "dissent" among prominent deneerovtsev (ordinary "dissidents", as a rule, are killed under mysterious circumstances, or disappear without a trace). The most famous case occurred in the autumn of 2015 with the speaker of the "People's Council DNI" Andrei Purgin, which before the war was selling household goods in a suburb of Donetsk. He sat in jail for four days, during this time was removed from all his posts, and after the liberation of no longer appeared in public. Rigid resign Purgina intrigue then called his deputy, former Donetsk MMM network coordinator Dennis Pushilin who offered Moscow curators to get rid of Donbass Purgina, began to criticize the Kremlin for "draining New Russia".

The theme of "New Russia plum" or its individual parts - generally common motif in internecine showdowns terrorists. However, their differences on the future of the "Russian world" are usually a cover for the banal redistribution of spheres of influence and manipulation with large property.

For example, at different times, imprisoned in the "DNR" were "ministers" of income and fees, agriculture, coal industry; in "LC" "in the cellar" sent "ministers" utilities, construction, energy. In Russian
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