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News -
No number seems to have been given regarding Russian attacks on Ukraine yesterday.
Reading that it was "relatively quiet". Facebook ATO report - video in Ukrainian here -
Sadly one soldier died yesterday - as a result of shelling in the Marinka area.

Maidan -
Lots of gatherings on the 2nd anniversary of the bloodiest shooting by the Yanukovich and Putin gangs.
Some people attacked Russian banks. Understandable. Others tried to put up a tent - some people calling this "anti-maidan".
This was initially stopped. But now reading of 6 new tents. Many people on tv telling their stories, what happened. Many simply taking candles to the memorials, and crying.
I'll go to Maidan myself next week, and have a look at things.

Hotel Cossack -
occupied by 50 men in camo gear. Wanting to start a new Maidan. For more, see below.
Apparently the "Революційні праві сили" - "Revolutionary right-wing force" - whatever that is. 5 or 6 tents put up now. (11 am)
Update - they have called for the dismissal of the government, National bank head, etc etc.
They have the strong support of ... Russia. The Russian media are full of a new Maidan - get rid of Poroshenko.
My opinion - a bunch of fascist nutters from Lviv, some from Aidar. Idiots playing into Putin's hands - not for the first time.
Even the Pravi Sector have distanced themselves from this "Revolutionary Pravi Sili". "Р п с"

Weather -
Zero. A touch of snow on the ground this morning.
Tomorrow saying +9 for Kiev. Amazingly high. Any snow will disappear as it warms up tonight.

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on Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:27 amNelson
One of the leaders of the "DNR", leader of the group "East" Alexander Khodakovsky does not exclude his physical elimination on Moscow's orders because of its position. About this he wrote in his blog at "Live Journal".

According to him, he had long been denied entry to Russia.

"A senior Russian after communicating with me said to our mutual friend:" Well, this is your hard separatist ". Many people know that I am in a very long time stoplistah, and not only for the local media, but few people know that I am also a long time, more than a year, I am restricted to travel abroad in Russia for its position. First, the ban was complete, then enter only by prior agreement, is now most likely be denied entry thoroughly ", - says the gunman.

He also said that against him lead a campaign to discredit. "Feeling me some threat against me, carried on an uninterrupted campaign to discredit the word of my perceived without trust and not spread widely. I would like to say that all those who were directly or hint instructed me to convey to the highest displeasure of my actions (meaning not Zakharchenko) completed its task - told "- Khodakovsky said.

With this in mind, he said about a possible attempt to physical elimination. "But again I ask: even taking me regarding measures of influence, try to do so that others do not suffer. And when it comes to options, "Brain - Dremov" - not to resort, please, to a technique that has been applied: I go densely populated neighborhoods. Resort to a more elegant way. Mer unnecessary precaution, I do not accept the protection of my hyper-vigilance does not show - will be easy ", - he said the leader of organized crime groups," the East. "

Recall, the commander of the brigade fighters "Ghost" Alex Brain, which mentions Khodakovsky, was killed in May. Also close by December 12 occupied Pervomaisk (Lugansk region.) Killed the leader of the Cossack groups of militants "LC" Paul Dremov. In Russian
Prime Minister of Ukraine said that Ukraine has a system "mafia" corruption is destroyed at the very top. He said this in the "10 minutes with Prime Minister of Ukraine."

"When we talk about the European Ukraine, this means that Ukraine should be a state without corruption. We have destroyed the system mafia corruption at the very highest levels, "- said Yatsenyuk.

According to him, it is necessary to fight corruption, which deals with the life of each of you.

"When you require a bribe in the kindergarten, at school, in the hospital, at the customs office, the tax office - this is what destroys the future of the state and does not allow the country to increase the social standards and to make Ukraine a success", - stressed Yatsenyuk.

He dwelled on the issue of corruption in state-owned companies.

"We have made unprecedented steps when one of the largest state-owned companies" Naftogaz Ukraine "has finally become profitable and there are no oligarchs who sucked money out of your pockets and pumped them into offshore accounts," - Yatseniuk said.

He noted that the 50 largest public companies will receive new independent politically unbiased leaders.

"We must hold the privatization process in order to attract foreign investment in order to create new jobs and to overcome the same way political corruption that exists in public companies", - stressed Yatsenyuk. In Russian
Publishing Reporter took office video pogrom "Alfa-Bank" on Khreshchatyk in Kiev city center.

According Tsenzor.NET , responsible for the massacre took over the battalion "OUN". See also "Tsenzor.NET": "We are ready to answer for their actions", - the battalion commander "OUN" Kohanivsky pogroms "Alfa-Bank" "Sberbank of Russia" and the company Akhmetov

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) is not involved in pogroms of Alfa-Bank, Sberbank of Russia and the office of Rinat Akhmetov's SKM company in Kyiv.

OUN head Bohdan Chervak wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"People carrying out pogroms and calling themselves "Kokhanivskyi battalion" have nothing to do with OUN," he stressed.

Read more: "We are ready to answer for our actions" - commander of OUN battalion Kokhanivskyi on pogroms of Alfa-Bank, Sberbank of Russia and Akhmetov's SKM company

"This is not the first attempt to use the name of the OUN to discredit the national liberation movement. Soviet NKVD officers who committed crimes against the Ukrainians are known to have masked as OUN and UPA fighters. Remember the so-called OUN headed by Kozak who shouted that "Yushchenko's wife is an American" on all TV screens in 2004. What happened in Kyiv on the day of the Heavenly Hundred, is a similar phenomena," the politician wrote.

"I know that some OUN members are not happy with the current government. They constantly criticize it and have a moral right for it. But a real Ukrainian nationalist, the more an OUN member, would never throw cobblestones in an another Ukrainian, especially when he is wearing a uniform of the police or the National Guard because it could be his brother-in-arms," he noted.

"OUN would never play into Kremlin's hand because their task is to destroy the Moscow state. OUN members do not wear masks. They are on their own land and are not afraid of anybody," he said. In Russian
The participants of today's rally on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square in Kyiv demand to declare martial law in the occupied Donbas and Crimea.
As Censor.NET reports citing Channel 112 Ukraina, the protesters also demand equal benefits for all soldiers involved in the ATO (anti terrorist operation) in the east of Ukraine.

In addition, they call upon the authorities to introduce sanctions against Russian assets in Ukraine.

The speakers of the protesters say that the current government does not meet the criteria of the Revolution of Dignity. In Russian

Obivously this isn't their motive for this protest. If they did some reading as it seems they don't (brainless), they'd find out that Ukraine HAS placed sanctions on Russian companies. I think they're doing this via Putin and using Ukrainian sentiment against him to cause division and destabilization. I believe the current government should investigate who they really are. There's a much bigger picture behind what happened this weekend. I hope the right authorities investigate into this. Hope they have a chance to read this. True Ukrainians wouldn't choose this very sensitive day to pull this off.

Right Sector and OUN have denied being involved.

Here's just one article these putz's missed.

Ukraine names individuals, companies on its sanctions list
17.09.2015 | 11:51

Ukraine has published a list of individuals and companies that are subject to its sanctions, which includes 388 persons and 105 legal entities, as stated in the annexes to the Ukrainian president's decree, according to Ukrainian TSN news service. Article link: UNIAN
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists head Bohdan Chervak denied any complicity of OUN in the attacks on Russian banks and Akhmetov’s office in Kyiv Feb. 20.

On this day, OUN battalion servicemen were in Mykolayi to attend the memorial service in honor of the Heaven Platoon protesters killed during the 2014 revolution in Kyiv, he said.

The attackers who identified themselves as belonging to the volunteer battalion led by Kokhanivsky have nothing to do with OUN, he stressed.

The attack was not the first provocation aimed to compromise nationalists, he said.

“A true Ukrainian nationalist will never throw stones at Ukrainians. OUN will never play into Kremlin’s hands. OUN members do not wear balaclavas,” he said.

Events like this should have made the headlines this weekend. Instead 50 nutters in camo gear got themselves some cheap and dirty publicity. My opinion.
A couple more photos -

According to the hotel manager.
But did they pay their hotel bill?

And the result. They get some headlines. And the 2nd anniversary of the Maidan massacre is completely forgotten - for example, in the New York Times -

Ukrainian Nationalists Rally in Kiev, Demand Govt's Ouster
KIEV, Ukraine — About 1,000 nationalists rallied Sunday in central Kiev to demand the ouster of the Ukrainian government, which came to power two years ago following months of protests.
The low turnout reflected public weariness with street protests, rather than support for the beleaguered government, which survived a no-confidence vote in parliament last week.
The demonstrators set up six tents on Independence Square, known as Maidan, and lit fires in trash bins to symbolize the fires that were kept burning to warm the protesters in the winter of 2014. They clashed with police when they stopped a truck delivering a stage for the evening rally, but no one was hurt....
My take on it, at the end of the day.
Yesterday a bunch of 3 or 4 dozen nutters, dressed in Camo gear took over some rooms at the Cossack Hotel on Maidan.
Then they put up some tents. They called themselves the "Революційні праві сили" - Revolutionary Pravi Sili (or Revolutionary Right-wing force).
They have called for the overthrow of the government, the removal of the National Bank Head (obviously some of them took out foreign currency loans), and various other things.
The Russian media are throwing there weight right behind these people, calling it "Maidan 3".
Apparently they are (allegedly) mostly from Lviv, lead by a guy from the Aidar Battalion (not my friend!).
Result - these nutters have completely taken the attention away from this weekend being a memorial weekend for those - notably the Heavenly Hundred - who died in the violence unleashed by Yanukovich and his Russian friends exactly two years' ago; those who gave their lives for the aims of Euromaidan to succeed. Starting with the removal of dictator Yanukovich. And putting Ukraine on the road to European union.
Conclusion - probably they mean well - removing corruption, and the like, but their actions this weekend show absolute disrespect for the dead of two years' ago.
They have simply tried to capitalise on the occasion, and get publicity.
I would expect their action to dissolve into nothingness in a few days' time.
Saying about 10 wounded. No dead.
The "Pravi Sector" said they did not have anything to do with RPS [the nutters who took over the Hotel Cossack]
Sunday, February 21, 2016, 17:52
National Liberation Movement "Pravi Sector" has no relation either to unite "revolutionary right-wing forces" nor to actions that commits this movement.
This is stated in a statement which made public the evening of 21 February.
According to the Pravi Sector, actions of "CPF" "looks like an attempt to discredit the nationalist movement and the idea of ​​a national revolution."
In the PS said that "RPS" "diligently trying to convince society that is just for the event" Pravi Sector ".
"All these events (and" conference "RPS and" Third Area ") are highlights 17 channel, known for his separatist and anti-Ukrainian positions. Not surprisingly, news of the events in Kiev actively highlighted by Russian propaganda, which suddenly and inexplicably fell in love with the " third Maidan "- said in the Pravi sector.

Not surprisingly the Russian media are right behind the new "revolution" on Maidan. The "Third Maidan".
Even the Pravi Sector are distancing themselves from this "Revolutionary Right wing Force", or whatever they call themselves.
I think RPS is Revolutionary Pravi Sector. They seem to be playing on the Pravi Sector name.

Ok - I got something slightly wrong -
Об'єднання під назвою "Революційні праві сили", яке раніше зайняло приміщення актової зали у готелі "Козацький" та встановило кілька наметів біля стели Незалежності, оприлюднило свої "вимоги" та "цілі".
Як повідомляє "Інтерфакс-Україна", про це  на прес-конференції заявив представник штабу "РПС" Антон Бондаренко (член організації "Білий молот", воював у батальйоні "Айдар").
Revolutionary Pravi Sili. = Revolutionary Right Force. But Sil and Sector - give the same initials as Pravi Sector in cyrillic.

"РПС" = RPS = Revolutionary Pravi Sil . Pravi - Right / Sil - Force
"ПС" = PS = Pravi Sector, basically "Right sector" in direct translation
That's my interpretation of it all at the moment! Somebody correct me, alter, if seriously wrong.
Ukrainian servicemen, liberated yesterday, told about their expectations from freedom and the conditions of the militants’ captivity.

Exchange of prisoners was suspended for about four months. Finally, the long-awaited exchange has happened near Marinka yesterday, on Feb. 20: three Ukrainian soldiers were exchanged for six terrorists. One more Ukrainian soldier was released later that day, Censor.NET reports citing 24 Channel.

Serhii Dmytruk spent 15 months in the captivity. At the beginning, 'cossacks' held him in inhumane conditions, and then the soldier was transferred to the 'center of prisoners of war' in the building of the former SBU (Security Service) office in Donetsk city.

Serhii Harnaha, captured at Marinka told that he has survived by a miracle. His comrades-in-arms were executed by the militants immediately right before his eyes.

The youngest liberated soldier, 22-year-old Oleksandr Makukh, believes that the most important thing right now is to get home to his family. In Russian

Last edited by Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:40 pm; edited 1 time in total
The ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ militants have stopped to torture Ukrainian hostages due to the contact groups’ activities.

Spokeswoman of the humanitarian subgroup of the trilateral contact group, President Petro Poroshenko's envoy for the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas Iryna Herashchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I'm talking about really small but significant achievement of the Minsk agreements, which is recognized by the hostages themselves. The militants stopped torturing Ukrainian hostages after the work of the Minsk groups. This once again confirms the importance of public attention to the topic of the prisoners of war," Herashchenko wrote. In Russian
The group called "Revolutionary law of force", which previously occupied the premises assembly hall of the hotel "Cossack" and established several tents near  Independence, published his "claims" and "goal".
According to "Interfax-Ukraine", this at a press conference said the representative Staff "RPS" Anton Bondarenko (member of "The White Hammer", fought in the battalion "Aydar").
"Our goal - complete revolution of dignity, restoring the constitutional order, structural changes in the form of" public government "influence society or the government, which will enable to implement direct democracy in Ukraine", - he said.....
They ask for the release of political prisoners, resignation of the government, head of the National Bank, the National Security Council Secretary, Armed Forces Chief of Staff, heads of security agencies, ban on participation in the power of everyone who was in power in the last 10 years and "has caused enormous damage to Ukraine."...

A few dozen guys in camo gear.
What has the Head of the National bank done?
Soviet brains in these dudes. They still think the hryvnia should be fixed. Not used to the western way of living.
If you have a salary in hryvnia, get your loan in hryvnia, not dollars! Otherwise YOU take the risk. Stupid nutters.
Currently in jail for stopping BMW that refused to stop, ended in one dead.
I also support the police in this.
I don't see the point of Martial law on territory you don't control.
Doesn't sound good. With Putin, you never know. Out of his head - just like Hitler.
In the Kharkiv region, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), together with border guards and customs officers, prevented smuggling of a great sum of money to Ukraine.
Censor.NET reports citing the SBU press center.

According to the report, 46-year-old resident of Luhansk region was trying to smuggle 850 000 hryvnia from Russia to Ukraine. The money was hidden in the smuggler's minivan.

Read more: Tortures of hostages stopped as a result of Minsk groups' activities - Iryna Herashchenko

According to operative data, the funds were intended to be used for financing of the separatists' and terrorists' activities in Ukraine.

The SBU is taking measures aimed at identification of all persons involved in the crime, as well as recognition of source of the money. In Russian
Six vehicles were involved in a crash on the Kyiv-Odesa highway last night, on Feb.21.
The car accident has happened on the 375-kilometer of the Kyiv-Odesa highway, between the villages of Zhovten and Stari Maiaky. The driver of Moscow-Cahul bus rammed into two, DAF and MAN, trucks, Censor.NET reports citing the General Directorate of Emergency Ministry the Odesa region.

As a result, the bus overturned. Then, another DAF truck rammed into the bus but was later rammed itself by a ZAZ Vida car and Mercedes Vito minivan.

Read more: Chased BMW driver still not served notice of suspicion on obstructing police officer, - Main Military Prosecutor Matios

Rescuers, using special tools, cut off the bus door, saved the injured driver from the vehicle and handed him over to ambulance workers.

There were 37 passengers in the bus. Three of them have been killed in the accident. Six wounded passengers were hospitalized in the village of Shyriaieve. In Russian
OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) volunteer battalion has taken responsibility for attacks on the offices of two Russian banks and the office of tycoon Rinat Akhmetov in Kyiv. Speaking to Ukrayina 112, battalion commander Kokhanivsky said his volunteers threw stones in windows and broke into 2 banks where they destroyed furniture.

The Russian banks are Sberbank Rosiyi and Alfa-bank.

Kokhanivsky said he is not afraid to assume the responsibility. The Russian banks must not operate in Ukraine.

Speaking about Rinat Akhmetov, Kokhanivsky called him the enemy of Ukraine. “He robbed Ukraine and was behind the separatist coup in Donbas,” he said.

If the police prosecute him, he will consider it as political reprisal.
on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:25 amNelson
Headquarters: Near Marinka killed one Ukrainian military
Sunday, February 21, 2016, 12:34
As a result of the fighting over the past day in the area of ​​ATU killed one soldier.
This was at the briefing on February 21 AP spokesman for the ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
According to him, a soldier was killed due to shelling near Marinka.
As Motuzyanyk in the direction of Mariupol remains uneasy situation: the Mar'yintsi and Krasnohorivtsi occupants were active sniper fire.
At the turn of defense Hnutove - Talakivka recorded 4 mortar attacks from the enemy. Two firefights between forces ATO and the enemy was in Shyrokynomu.
In Donetsk direction Feb. 20 points were the hottest line of defense Zaitsev - Mayorsk and villages. Sands.
"The enemy once used a 120-mm mortar and infantry fighting vehicles and three times led the sniper fire," - he said.
Enemy attacks recorded near sel.Luhanske where occupants PTKR used in a series of provocations Avdiyivka NFP.
In Lugansk going toward calm, recorded an enemy UAV flight.

AtO map at the link. Fighting around Donetsk. Lugansk and Mariupol areas quiet.
....Several dozen activists describing themselves as ‘revolutionary right-wing forces' have camped out in Kyiv's Independence Square....
Meanwhile, a nearby hotel has been partly taken over by activists. The National Guard are on alert but government officials are promising not to use force....
Supposedly negotiations going on.
Channel Newsone had a live feed of the entrance of the Hotel Cossack, but they've just dropped it - about 2 minutes ago.
Nothing going on, to be honest. A few guys in camo outside.
I feel sorry for the people who booked rooms at the hotel. Just their luck that some right-wing nutters decided to occupy the hotel this weekend!
Can they get a refund?
Rain-sleet in Kiev. The little snow that had fallen is melting quite quickly now. Grey day.
What I reported earlier. Stage equipment blocked. Says all calm now. No injuries.
...Recall yesterday, February 20, 2016 activists of association "revolutionary right-wing forces" captured the hotel "Cossack",...
Ultimatum - leave by 1200.
On Independence Square protesters remain
Truck bringing stage equipment blocked.
Any remembrance of the dead of two years' ago is now forgotten. The "Revolutionary right-wing force" are clearly staging a "revolution" (of 50 people).

Watched tv news at 1200. Saw a little about this on Channel News One. Live report.
One guy in camo standing outside a tent. Waiting for the "Right-wing revolution", one presumes.
on Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:29 amNelson
From what I've read, about 50 men in camo outfits occupied the hotel. (see Admin's posts above)
Negotiations are underway for them to leave. Looks to me as if they are - were planning to use it as a base for a new Maidan. - right up Putin's street at the moment.
Apparently about 150 people on Maidan overnight.
What will happen today - anybody's guess.
Looks to me as if they want an all out war official against Russia. Full mobilization. Giving their "instructions" to parliament.
50 people?!
Frankly I find this disrespectful to those who died 2 years' ago. They should be remembered today. Nothing else should have detracted from this.

This report at 1030 this morning
At Maidan not more than 100 people

TV news -
I watched Kanal 5, and also 112 kanal - absolutely nothing about this.

In Independence Square several tents set (Espresso)
...In the morning, 21 February, at the Independence Square in Kiev, protesters put up five tents
This was the Espreso.TV referring to Ukrinform.
According to the agency, most of the protesters - men in camouflaged form, sometimes - at Balaclava. They are no more than 100.
With the press men are reluctant to talk, but insist that their demands will be presented to the council, which will take place at 17:00 in the main square of the country.
Recall that on February 20 the day of commemoration of Heroes Heavenly hundreds of people in camouflage uniforms took the conference hall of the hotel "Cossack". These people began to install tents on Independence Square. During the installation of tents occurred confrontation with security forces.
Due to the increase in losses and the failure of the Russian government financial promises Russian military increasingly refuse travel to Syria. It is reported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine GUR.

"The sharp increase in casualties among the personnel, including the killing and mutilation of the facts, as well as a systematic failure by the leadership of the Russian Federation promises to pay the cash allowances, has increased among Russian servicemen abandonment trips to Syria," - said in a statement.

The intelligence was informed that due to the fierce fighting in Syria, at the Military Medical Academy. Kirov (Saint-Petersburg), the Russian Defense Ministry delivered the party servicemen of the Armed Forces, received serious wounds and contusions. In Russian
...According to Tymoshenko, "has 28 days to decide: either we go to early elections or President takes responsibility for what keeps the clan system of governance, again to protect this government and protect their business interests and business interests of business partners. "
She also noted the need to "restart the real Parliament."
"According to the Constitution, if the new coalition is not formed within 30 days, it is necessary to declare extraordinary elections", - Tymoshenko reminded.

Tymoshenko was on tv last night again. Non-stop now. Pushing for the Presidential spot. And cleverly - at the moment - trying to put pressure on Poroshenko.
Regarding her view of the constitution, I don't think that it is correct.
The President does not have to call new elections. He can, if he so wishes. After 30 days. Or not.
If the so-called "radical right-wing forces" will not leave "Cossack" hotel before 12:00, law enforcement officers will apply the use of force against them, transfer media.

In particular, as reported by the TV channel "Espreso.TV" citing its sources. As reported, the radicals, the hotel "Cossack" seized yesterday presented "radical right-wing forces" (RPS), in the hotel they established their headquarters. At night it came to the talks representatives of the Ministry and the Defense Ministry, which departed around 4:00 am.

At night, the radicals began to bring the wood to the Maidan and set the tent. The so-called CPF announced, on February 21 at 17:00 to begin the council, which will attach conditions to the government. In Russian
Read today that on average 17,000 jobs being lost daily in Russia, then with the truckers, things aren't showing a bright future any time soon for Putin.
Truckers strike in 45 regions
February 16, 17:53
Truckers announced a new campaign for the abolition of the system of toll collection trucks on federal highways. Drivers claim that suspended operations in 45 regions
Another protest action truckers began on Saturday morning, during which time the suspension of the work reported from at least 45 regions, said RBC representative protesting drivers Petersburg Andrei Bazhutin. The strikers stopped work until 1 March.
Bazhutin added that the exact number of protesters is difficult to calculate.
At the same time in major cities there are protest camp, like the camp in Khimki, he said. These parking lots are formed in St. Petersburg, Vologda, Tyumen and Lipetsk. They are going to truckers who hang on their wagons Russian flags and slogans against the "Platon" system....

Another problem for Putin. What will he do? Shoot them all?
A former employee of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Evgeny Petrina soon be tried on charges of treason in favor of the US.

This was reported by Interfax, citing his lawyer Ivan Pavlov.

"The materials of the criminal case against our client transferred to the Moscow City Court. The proceedings in the case could begin within two weeks," - he said.

Eugene Petrin was arrested and placed in jail "Lefortovo" in the summer of 2014. The term of his detention extended until 5 March.

According to the Synodal Information Department, law enforcement agencies interested Petrin in connection with his activities that preceded the work in the ROC. According to the brother of the accused, before the former employee worked at the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian special services, where retired voluntarily.

"Eugene, as the Department of External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate in 2013, met with the duty of foreign persons whom he suspected of spying for the United States to the detriment of the Russian Orthodox Church, especially in Ukraine", - he said .

On this meeting, the brother of the accused reported in a previous job, but this information was not interested in the security services. Petrin continued to gather information on their own as long until he was arrested.

As he wrote earlier "Kommersant", "Petrin case" classified. The defendant claimed that the FSB is the captain, who was secretly introduced into the apparatus of the Moscow Patriarchate of the ROC collect information for intelligence. According to him, he revealed the spy network in the Moscow Patriarchate, the purpose of which was split between the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox churches.  In Ukrainian

Assembly Hall Hotel Cossack Kyiv took a few dozen people in camouflage, who introduced members of "revolutionary law of force."

Offered for guarding the entrance to the premises transmits only hotel guests.

As LIGA: ZAKON one of those guarding the entrance to the hotel, do not let journalists inside, because the hall "meetings held headquarters organization."

He also said that will be released later RPS requirements.

Later, representatives of the Staff RPS read from the stage on Independence requirements for power and government, release of political prisoners, according to the committee a list of political prisoners' lawful removal from power, "the president and the government and not to oppose the establishment of tent camp on Independence Square.

According to the TV channel "112" referring to the statement "RPS", representatives of the organization allegedly agreed with the hotel that they were staying in the "Cossack" for some time.

According to the PSD, they organized at "coordinating staff." Also, people in camouflage plan to be on the Square all night, lay there tents and prepare for the Chamber, which is scheduled at 17:00 on Sunday, 21 February.

There, they said they intend to voice the demands of the current government.

In addition, the PSD said they wanted total "mobilization in Ukraine."  In Ukrainian

Last edited by Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:56 am; edited 1 time in total
...Previous cargo transportation agreements between the two counties expired on Feb. 1. As a result, all automotive cargo transportation between two countries stopped.
Many Russian trucks began using Ukraine as a transit country, but Ukrainian activists began to block heavy trucks with Russian number plates in Ukraine's western Zakarpattia region....
Near n.p.Mar'yinka in the Donetsk region killed nine members of the Russian Armed Forces, 8 injured.

This is stated in the notice of the General Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

"Confirmed loss of Russian invaders near n.p.Mar'yinka ... February 19, citizens of the bodies secretly removed from Donetsk to Russia", - reported in Defense.

"Given the constant loss of personnel and considerable difficulty in carrying out mobilization from Russia on the occupied territories of Donbas soldiers arrive daily to replenish the Armed Forces formations and units 1 and 2 AK" - noted in intelligence.

19 February Alchevsk came to another team of more than 100 Russian servicemen privates and sergeants.

Also, according to intelligence given the opportunity to restore the active hostilities marked by massive layoffs of personnel connections and parts 1 AK.

"February 19 9 3 individual soldiers Infantry Brigade (Gorlovka) written reports on the release of the subsequent return to Russia. At present staffing of certain units of the compound personnel is 50%. A similar situation is observed in 9 separate motorized rifle regiment (Novoazovsk) where reports on the release of the subsequent return to Russia wrote almost all junior commanders of artillery units ", - reported in intelligence.

Thus in Luhansk Russian occupation authorities carried out mass delivery of subpoenas men aged 18-45 years.

"Fearing the forced mobilization of vast potential recruits trying to leave the territory of Ukraine of peace," - noted in Defense. In Ukrainian
...Protesters threw rocks through the windows at the offices of Alfa Bank and Sberbank and ransacked furniture and equipment inside, RFE/RL reported....
In the Donetsk direction gunmen opened fire with automatic grenade launcher and machine gun bolshekalibernogo stronghold of Ukrainian troops in Zaytsevo area. In addition, not aimed fire from a grenade launcher on the positions of the Ukrainians was conducted close to Maori, and with a machine gun in the Area bolshekalibernogo Trinity. It is reported by the press center of the ATO headquarters.

Militants from grenade launchers and machine guns fired on the neighborhood and Zaytsevo Mallorcan - ATO headquarters (VIDEO)
Today, 09:00
"Commander in Chief"

In the Donetsk direction gunmen opened fire with automatic grenade launcher and machine gun bolshekalibernogo stronghold of Ukrainian troops in Zaytsevo area. In addition, not aimed fire from a grenade launcher on the positions of the Ukrainians was conducted close to Maori, and with a machine gun in the Area bolshekalibernogo Trinity. It is reported by the press center of the ATO headquarters.

Basically, the night passed quietly, parties to the conflict adhere to the Minsk agreements, the report said. In Russian
02/21/2016 - 9:23
...Overnight in the area of ​​the ATO it was relatively quiet.
In Lugansk and Mariupol directions respected ceasefire declared by the Minsk Agreement.
In Donetsk direction gangs of insurgents fired automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine gun stronghold of Ukrainian troops nearby Zaitsev.
Unsighted fire from a grenade launcher was based on our positions near the Mallorcan and from large-caliber machine gun in the Trinity area.
According to the positions of the Ukrainian troops nearby Pilot were being fired from small arms.
Number of protesters on the Maidan in central Kiev has decreased, but the action is still ongoing, reports "Interfax-Ukraine" .

On the main square of Kiev is about 200 people, they are concentrated near the stele of Independence. The participants express their opinions about what is happening in the country, criticized the activities of the authorities.

Periodically to the venue of the rally suitable one, in pairs and small groups of new people, and leave the other share.

Near the monument is a large army tent, next to the wood lie. The protesters are going to stay for the night on the Maidan, and call all on Sunday to participate in the Chamber. In Russian
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Employees Natspolitsii Donetsk region detained a militant with the call sign "grandfather" who participated in illegal armed groups, chaired by Igor Girkin (Strelkov) the summer of 2014.

It is reported by " Gromadska radіo ".

According to the detainee said that during the occupation he was in charge of economic Slavyansk part of the armed forces.

"Self-defense" to select the most active people, but I did not come of age, as well as a business executive, I was offered the lead in Slavic. I said I could, everything in my power - help. From April 2014 to July 2014 I did a chore. This repair elektroopor, cables together with RES th, organized free food items that can be connected, so you can prepare food for the population - he said.

He also said that his men were forced to work for a bowl of soup.

One of the leaders of the militants, nicknamed "The Shield" asked him to hide weapons at home. After the fighters had to leave the city, weapons left, and steward "Santa" had fled to Russia. However, he said that he was disappointed in the ideals of those whom worked for some time.

"I was disappointed in this" militia "or" self-defense ", I was already in turmoil. What to do? What to do?" - He said "Father."

Action was arrested immediately upon return to Slavyansk. He was informed about the suspect under Article 260 part 2 of "Creating unforeseen by law paramilitary or armed groups" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. "Grandfather," faces up to 8 years in prison. In Russian
The annexation of the Crimea and the war in Donbass - the result of fear of the Kremlin's power before Maidana again that the similarity in Russia.

This was announced by Russian historian Andrei Zubov, reports "Apostrophe".

"Independence, of course, especially important for Ukraine and its people At the same time it is infinitely important for us in Russia, because everything that happened then in the Russian-Ukrainian relations:.. The annexation of the Crimea and the war in Donbas - result fear of Kremlin power, fears that Russia will repeat something like this because they feel that their regime is not anything better than the regime of Yanukovych and understand what can happen, "-. said Zubov.

According to him, this is why in the Russian Federation decided to divert the people and do not Ukrainians example, as an enemy.

"I must say, it happened, and quite talented. However, for many in Russia Maidan was an example. An example of the courageous standing for the truth. In my opinion, over time it will be even more to be realized in Russia. When will leave the lies and propaganda, and historical truth will be restored, "- said the historian.

According to him, Ukraine Maidan really requires the new government.

"On the other hand, the Ukrainian government is obliged to courage, which showed fighters for justice and freedom. Therefore, the current leadership of Ukraine must be remembered that it came to power only at a price. The price of revolution, loss of life and on the Maidan, and in battles with the Russian army and separatists So I think that these events will remain forever in the history of Ukraine as one of the most important and, despite the tragedy, one of the brightest in the history of the Ukrainian people ", -. said the historian.

This Zubov considers that the third Maidan in Ukraine will not.

"Talking about the possibility of a third Maidan, it seems to me that the revolution did not happen often. Of course, can again be demonstrating and tolpostoyaniya. But I'm sure that whatever power was not in Ukraine, whether it is the current president or someone else after him, she never dare to shoot at people. After what happened two years ago, it is an absolute taboo and zapret.Da and the people, apparently, the blood also did not want. So, in my opinion, the Maidan in the form in which it was two years ago, in Ukraine will not be in at least the foreseeable future. "- said the historian. In Russian
From the Kremlin's point of view, Ukrainian conflict - it is a struggle for spheres of influence and economic interests, which Russia does not agree with the European.

A similar opinion was expressed by a Dutch journalist and writer Hubert Smeets in an interview with " Radio Liberty ".

"Putin said at his annual news conference in December said that" European standards are unattainable for us, "" we can not sell our goods in Ukraine, if Ukraine will comply with the EU standards ". It billions of dollars that Russia will lose, and that's -. a real confrontation of interests the EU and Russia plus the historic confrontation, the belief in a mythical Russian land and inability to perceive Ukraine as an independent state, but rather as a playful younger brother, you want to "protect" from another rash step This is from the Russian point of view ". - he said.

The journalist is sure that in Ukraine there is a conflict between two political conceptions of state building. The first of which - the rule of law, democratic and social market economy in which there is the concept of "government", and that the government serves. The second - which paternalistic state protects citizens, but they are not entitled to any claims, obliged to sit still, because in fact they are - not citizens and vassals of the state - the Russian political concept.

"I believe that here in Ukraine today are facing these two concepts of man and society - the true nature of the political conflict between Europe and Russia in Ukraine.", - Said Smeets. In Russian
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