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News -
Continued attacks by Putin, including with heavy mortars. No total number given.
Sadly report of one soldier dead yesterday. In "active fighting".

Weather -
+1 this morning. Above average for late February. High of around 3.
Very faint touch of snow overnight, laying on the grass. Update- +5. Hazy sun. Snow gone.

Footie -
Excellent win for Shakhtar Donetsk last night in Germany. 3-0.
They go into the draw for the last 16 of the Europa League. Draw today, I believe.
Update - they play Anderlecht next month.

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A conflict on the border between Belarus and Russia, according to the representative of Ukraine in the trilateral contact group in Minsk Roman Immortal. This he said on the air talk-show "EURO" on TV "news channel" 24 "

"On the open hostilities (in the East of Ukraine - ed.). It is necessary to prepare for the development of several scenarios. One of them - a worsening situation. Here, the Syrian war, a war in Ukraine - it's not the last fire hearths, which will Putin. Obviously, it gave him an opportunity for Obama to put the negotiating table, European leaders, and so on. This he himself creates the role of the participant geopolitical events. But we must understand that this is all he began, "- said the Immortal.

He added that it all fits, and the treaty signed in Havana between Patriarch Kirill and Pope.

"I'm more worried about the fact that not far off the conflict on the border between Belarus and Russia. The situation is difficult, "- the diplomat said. In Russian
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that he still had one or two years, as the economy of Ukraine will start to grow again and will be felt consequences of the reforms. He said this in an interview with the German edition of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the press service of the Cabinet.

Yatsenyuk said that he "paid a high price" for conducting unpopular reforms.

"I never criticized the president's party. For me more important to preserve our unity than get a few percent of popularity, "- he said.

"I did everything to avoid a scenario in 2005, when after the" Orange Revolution "democratic camp broke up due to internal competition", - said Yatsenyuk.

He stressed that the President Petro Poroshenko "remains his partner": "We have a lot of time together to make unpopular reform solutions. I respect that. "

Responding to a reporter's question, the Prime Minister said that the President said: "If I have you no longer want to apply, you need to form a new government." However, the inability to form a new Cabinet, stressed Yatsenyuk to lead to early elections, "And there is no one at that time who could fulfill our vital credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund."

"Now the most important is the position of the Bloc Petro Poroshenko. The vast majority of the president's party supported the no-confidence vote against me. Now I want to know if they will support our further reforms. If so, then we can work together to seek new partners for a coalition. For example, among 51 non-factionalism. In addition, I would see in a coalition Lyashko "- said Yatsenyuk. In Russian

The European Commission does not comment on media reports that a proposal to abolish visas for Ukraine has been postponed until after the referendum in the Netherlands.

"We can't give you any precise information then what we said in December that the Commission will adopt a proposal early 2016. We have never given any dates. We have never given a date for this so you wouldn't to be able to talk about postponement since there was no date," European Commission representative Tove Ernst told UNIAN correspondent in Brussels on Friday.....
The Ukrainian pro-Russian politician Medvedchuk told the Spanish magazine El Pais that, if the Minsk agreements cannot be fulfilled, perhaps it would be better for the “spirit” of the Minsk agreements and set up some kind of provisional government in Eastern Ukraine, acceptable to all parties. Any recalcitrant pro-Russian fighters could leave Donbas and head to Moscow.

Statements like this could be another indication that Putin’s plans for Ukraine have gone off the rails, and he may be looking for some kind of way out of the war. Putin may even be considering ditching his current diplomatic strategy of using unreasonable interpretations of selected parts of the Minsk agreement to beat Ukraine into submission through pressure from European Allies. When Medvedchuk proposes something, the world ought to listen, as he is very closely associated with Putin. Putin is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter, and the wife of Russian PM Dimitry Medvedev is the godmother. There is no Ukrainian more connected to Russia’s rulers. In March 2014 the US Treasury Department placed Medvechuk on a sanctions list, along with Yanukovych, for “undermining the government of Ukraine.” Medvedchuk has since had his image slightly re-habilitated and has been working as a “special envoy” for Ukraine to negotiate prisoner exchanges in Minsk.

Medvedchuk is not a typical pro-Russian Ukrainian politician. Medvedchuk also recently made very critical statements against the “Opposition Bloc” – the pro-Russian party in the Ukrainian Parliament that is made up of the remains of the old “Party of the Regions” which was the party of the overthrown Ukrainian President Yanuovych. Medvedchuk railed against their failure to vote against the current Ukrainian PM:........................

To read further go to this link:
A Latvian court on Friday sentenced Maksim Koptelov, an ethnic Russian resident, to six months in prison for launching an online petition calling for the country to merge with Russia.

Censor.NET reports referring to LIGA.

Koptelov's lawyer said court's full verdict will be delivered on March 11, and after that it could be appealed, which, she is sure, will be done, as it is a "disgrace for Latvia" and a "bad precedent in the sphere of freedom of speech."

She added that no evidence of unambiguous calling for the elimination of state's independence was presented during the trial. Also, the lawyer does not rule out the court could deliver the verdict based on the public sentiment.

A petition on Latvia merger with the Russian Federation was launched in the spring of 2014, and its author was arrested in February 2015. The prosecution charged him with calling for an end to Latvian independence and its merger with other state. The crime is punishable by up to three years in prison, forced labor, or a fine.

The security police concluded that Koptelov is fully aware of the consequences of his actions, while the text of the petition is qualified as a public call for the elimination of country's independence. In Russian
By unleashing a war against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin found himself in a "bit of a quandary" in terms of implementing his strategic goals.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan said in an interview with National Public Radio, Censor.NET reports.

"We see the very aggressive actions that he's taken in Ukraine, because he sees that area as almost a zero-sum game with the West. And I think he was concerned about which way Ukraine was leaning. And it clearly was leaning westward. That's why he took the actions that he did. I think he has found that he's in a bit of a quandary now inside of Ukraine, in terms of realizing his objectives," Brennan said.

According to him, Putin wants to restore Russia's superpower status but does it very aggressively, using all possible means. "He does it with his intelligence and security services when he wants to hide his hands, but also, he's doing it rather overtly right now, obviously, with the introduction of thousands of Russian military personnel and sophisticated weaponry inside of Syria," the CIA director remarked. In Russian
on Fri 26 Feb 2016 - 21:28Admin
Premier Arseny Yatseniuk has agreed to resign voluntarily, a source in the cabinet told RBK-Ukrayina Feb. 26. According to the source, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko will take over and is forming a group of high-tech ministers.

Premier Yatseniuk got a failing grade from Vekhovna Rada that evaluated his 2-year tenure as unsatisfactory.

However, due to the pressure on lawmakers from oligarchic groups, Rada didn’t support a no-confidence vote in Yatseniuk.

Before the vote, Pres Poroshenko appealed to Yatseniuk and Prosecutor General Shokin to resign.
Acting head of Ukrainian rail transport giant PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksandr Zavhorodniy says that the Trans-Caspian transport corridor from Europe to China will begin to work at full capacity early this spring.

"It hasn't been launched at full capacity yet. We have sent a first train to assess the situation, to see if there are problems or restrictions. The route will be launched at full in March. When this Silk Road starts working, we'll be able to deliver freight from China to the border with Poland for 11 days. This is virtually as much time as a train runs via Russia,"....................

To read further go to this link:
....Answering a reporter's question, the prime minister said he had told the president: "If I no longer satisfy you, form a new government." However, Yatseniuk stressed that the inability to form a new Cabinet of Ministers would lead to early elections.
"And meanwhile, there will be no one who could fulfill our vital credit agreements with the International Monetary Fund," the PM noted.
"I did my best to avoid the 2005 scenario when after the Orange Revolution, the democratic camp collapsed through internal competition," Yatseniuk remarked. ...

Yulia Tymoshenko - again!
....Here in Marinka there is no sign of peace. Every day people disappear from the streets after 4 p.m., as the first sounds of machine guns firing or RPGs exploding echoes through the cityscape and sniper fire comes as if out of nowhere.
“They must be Russian professionals shooting at us with super powerful sniper rifles,” Lt. Col. Alexander Pashkevich, told The Daily Beast. “On Monday our soldier Yuriy Koval was shot in the back from hundreds of meters away, right here in town, on Oktiabryskaya Street.”...
Next week, leaders of the parliamentary factions plan to start talks on forming a new coalition in the Verkhovna Rada due to changes in the government, leader of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko (BPP) faction, Yuriy Lutsenko wrote on Facebook....
A long, slow, process I expect.
Liashko? What will he want?
Tymoshenko will want control of some ministries - probably gas supply - and to be PM - minimum.
Samopomich - difficult to say.

President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday that foreign enemies were seeking to disrupt upcoming parliamentary elections and ordered Russia’s security service to be vigilant.

In September, the country will hold parliamentary elections but critics fear that the vote will be manipulated by the Kremlin and few opposition candidates will be allowed to run.

Speaking to the FSB security service, Putin said he knew from the documents he had in his possession that “unfortunately our foreign enemies are, too, preparing for these elections.”

“That is why everyone should know that we will work to persistently protect our interests, in accordance with the law,” the Kremlin strongman said.

Joke of the day from Putin.
Elections? Since when did they hold real, free elections in Russia?! Laughing Laughing Laughing
According to the press service of the mall, the matter concerns the disputes between the investors in the facility, namely Arricano Real Estate plc development company and Assofit Holdings Limited (both based in Cyprus) owned by Ukrainian businessman Andriy Adamovsky.

"In case of Adamovsky's dispute for ownership of the Sky Mall shopping center the matters, which should have been dealt with in international courts, were considered by the judge through the "artificial" bind to the Kyiv Holosiyevsky District Court via the defendant lawyer registered and living in Holosiyevsky district," reads the report.............

To read further go to this link: 
....Vadym Krypychenko suffered no permanent or disabling injuries from his captivity. The wounds inflicted by the electric shocks and beatings have healed, leaving behind faint scars. His skin is ashen white from months without sunlight. Yet, his time as a POW has affected him in more subtle ways.
He says he suffers from insomnia. Not due to flashbacks or lingering fear from his captivity, he insists, but because he still can’t believe that he actually is free. The mental “armor” he put up to maintain hope and strength in the darkest hours of his captivity is not so easy to take down, he says:...
Ukrainian-Georgian Commission proposal to grant visa-free countries can unite again in April, after a referendum held in the Netherlands.

This is stated in the article "Separation" Visa Waiver Application "Ukraine and Georgia. What this means in practice" at "European truth."

European Commission next week plans to submit to the Council a proposal to abolish the visa regime for Georgian citizens. A similar step for Ukraine postponed due to the holding of a referendum in the Netherlands on the EU-Ukraine Association.

According to the procedures of the European Union, "application" of the European Commission has to undergo a long process of adjustment - and between EU member states and at the European Parliament.

The procedure of "Visa Waiver Application" in the bodies of the EU takes less than a month. Thus, the Georgian application will be ready for approval by the EU Council no earlier than the end of March.

According to EU standards - unless extraordinary circumstances - a decision on the abolition of visas in the EU Council approves EU Justice, Freedom and Security.

This body shall meet once a quarter. Its closest meeting - 10-11 March. Next - June 9-10. At the March meeting of Georgia does not have time, but in the June to Georgia and Ukraine should join..................  In Ukrainian
..."Next week, Georgia will receive a proposal from the European Commission to liberalize the visa regime Ukraine may have to wait until 6 April, after a referendum held in the Netherlands.", - Said in a statement....
Crazy. And if Netherlands vote no?!
No more info given.
on Fri 26 Feb 2016 - 7:22Nelson
I just watched the draw for the last 16 of the Europa league.
Shakhtar Donetsk were the first team out of the pot, and drew Anderlecht, the Belgium side.
I think games to be played on 10th and 17th of March.
Other interesting games,
Bor Dormund v Tottenham
Ath Bilbao v Valencia, and
Liverpool v Man United.
If Shakhtar play like they did v Schalke, then they have chances.
..."Dement's body is lying on the back, with his hands crossed on his chest and his head directed towards the entrance of the number three municipal cemetery. [The body is] at the left side of his mother's tomb," Kharkiv journalist Rostyslav Kasyanenko wrote on Facebook on Friday.
Dement, 52, was reportedly shot to his head while visiting his mother's tomb.
Local online publication Vostochny Dozor cited own sources that the crime was committed between 09:00 and 10:00 on Friday morning....

Reported earlier (see above), but this in English. Donbass mafia. Kernes associate.
At night in the area ATO killed one soldier - Staff
Friday, February 26, 2016, 12:44
One day in the area of anti-terrorist operation killed one soldier.
This at a traditional briefing on Friday, said a spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
During the last day due to active fighting killed one Ukrainian soldier. It happened in the town of Granitna "- he said.

The leader of "LC" Igor Carpenter actually confirmed the existence of certain contracts oligarch Rinat Akhmetov with the terrorists.

As reported by "News of Donbass", the reason for such a loquacious Plotnitsky was not recognizing the leadership of enterprises of DTEK, owned by Akhmetov, located in the occupied Luhansk diplomas "LC".

In this regard, Carpenter ordered to take measures against the company DTEK.
"If DTEK does not recognize our diplomas on Monday, then on Tuesday they end a contract with us, which will not be extended," - said the leader of "LC".

Perhaps he could explain what agreements he has! Interesting that Akhmetov's mines keep working in the Donbass, whatever.
Looks like they're trying to sqeeze more out of Akhmetov - but then - who knows. Maybe the Donbass will be a wasteland for decades to come.
It probably all depends on how long Putin stays in control of Russia.
In Kharkov shot closest friend and ally Kernes
February 26, 2016, 10:45
The murder took place on one of the city cemeteries.
In Kharkov businessman shot Yuri Dement - the closest friend, ally and partner of the mayor Gennady Kernes.
The murder took place at one of the cemeteries of the city, where he was ambushed and where Dement came to visit his mother's grave. According to available information, the fatal shot was made by a sniper. However, according to other sources, he was shot with a machine gun.
Kernes and Dement been friends since the early years of life. It Dement was considered the main business attorney and partner Kharkov measure. In the narrow circles - he was considered a crime boss and had a very special reputation....

Obviously some clashes amongst the Donbass mafia - Kernes, Dement, Dobkin etc.

You can fire single shots with a kalishnikov, but not easy to use accurately.
This looks professional. They knew where he went - his routine. Likely work of a sniper.
..."All-Ukrainian Union " Svoboda" requires the Yatseniuk government to immediately ban the transit of Russian Fur Ukrainian territory and cancel its content treacherous decision to resume from February 25 Russian transit. We call on the Ukrainian authorities ... stop the transit of Russian cargo transport on the territory Ukraine ", - said in a statement....
Could be some clashes...
....Russia has "chosen to be an adversary and poses a long-term existential threat" to the United States and its European allies, he said, adding: "Russia is extending its course of influence yet further afield to try to reestablish a leading role on the world stage."...
...The decree published on the Russian government's official website brings the event's budget down to 620.9 billion rubles ($8.15 billion) largely by eliminating the construction of an international broadcast center. ...
Normally these budgets go up, not down!

Also, related, on Ru economy
Russia Warns Of More Airline Bankruptcies Amid Economic Crisis
..."Crimea has not been recognized as Russian territory in international legal terms yet," ...
I don't like the "yet" in that sentence.
A businessman believed to be the son-in-law of Vladimir Putin has made it into an annual top 10 list of winners of state contracts ....
Kirill Shamalov was placed fourth in the “Kings of Government Procurement” ranking after the company NIPIgazpererabotka signed a contract worth 790.6bn roubles (£7.4bn) with state-controlled gas giant Gazprom to build a gas refinery in the Amur region, ....
Putin’s daughter ... married Shamalov... in 2013. Since then...Shamalov, ... has enjoyed an astronomical rise....

The stink of corruption in Russia.
Report from Alec Luhn. Not Shaun Walker, obviously.
....According to staff, the terrorists wanted to cause maximum damage primarily the civilian population, when people tried to return to their homes....
If I understand right, Russian terrorists had occupied half of Shirokino, but withdrew a few days ago.
But they mined almost all the properties they had occupied. Madness. Such is Putin's love for his Ukrainian "brothers". Lies and lies and lies.
...US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and CIA Director John Brennan made in Congress, and each, in his speech touched upon the situation in Ukraine.
Clapper said that, in his opinion, Russia "will continue to support the separatists, to protect its interests in Ukraine."
He noted that Russia still considers Ukraine as "little Russia".
The media also quoted Brennan, who noted that "it is unclear how Russia will get out" of the situation in Ukraine.
At night, the militants fired 10 times ATO forces using mortars
Friday, February 26, 2016, 7:23
Of the 18 hours, breaking the existing agreement, the Russian mercenaries fired 10 times Forces Armed Forces positions with mortars caliber 82 mm and 120 mm and light weapons.
The press center ATO headquarters.
In particular, near Mayorska enemy fire led to 120-mm mortar and mortar location Zaitsev caliber 82 mm.
Unsighted mortar fire fighters were in the area fortifications forces ATO near Krasnogorivka Shyrokinoho and also in the area Krasnogorivka mercenaries opened fire with BMP.
The strongholds of Ukrainian troops in the area Marinka, Mayorska , Opitnoe and Zaitsev were fired at by Russian terrorists with small arms, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers of various systems.
Point-blank fire from small arms and automatic grenade towards terrorists were strongholds near Avdeevka, sand, Novgorod and Luhansk. At midnight, militants have reduced their activity.

No number on the total number of attacks by Putin yesterday.
Similar here

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