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News -
Attacks with grenades, mortars, by Putin yesterday. No stop.

Weather -
Beautiful morning. Blue sky, sunshine. -1 now. Should warm up to +4 or so. Warmer than average.
And next week looks warmer still )
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Estonia at the forthcoming NATO summit in July in Warsaw will seek to accommodate the battalion of ground troops, said the vice-chancellor of the country's defense ministry Miko Halyas.

"This is a war at least, that will fulfill the goal of deterrence. Will it be a mono- or multi-national, it is of less importance. Multinational in terms of deterrence will give even greater effect, "- Halyas said in an interview published on Saturday," Postimees "newspaper writes, " Interfax-Ukraine " .

He said that at the last meeting of NATO defense ministers step was taken in this direction, "the solution must culminate at a summit in Warsaw."

At the same time the Ministry of Defence believe that the military presence of the NATO allied forces should be long-term. "What we want and what, in general, have the support of allies, it is planned, stable, long-term presence rotated. The understanding of the defense power is approximately the same as the constant "- M.Halyas said.

He noted that at the summit of Estonia also intends to raise the issue and the development of NATO's cyber forces. "We would like to highlight cyber forces in a separate military domain, which would allow a more precise focus on the effectiveness of NATO's cyber defense," - said the Vice-Chancellor. In Russian
30 Russian trucks that were waiting in the parking lot near the village Duliby, which is located in Lviv region, under the escort of police restored transit traffic, breaking through the checkpoint.

It as at 17.15 the press service of "Freedom."

It is reported that from 6:30 am eight "Svoboda" at the checkpoint stopped 30 Russian trucks. Some trucks were developed and went in the opposite direction.

Earlier in the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation confirmed the information about unlocking Russian truckers throughout Ukraine.

Recall, the leader of the Freedom Oleg Tyahnybok announced continued avtoblokadi trucks with Russian license marks, despite the decision of the Cabinet on the resumption of transit transport from Russia. In Russian
In Bakhmach Chernihiv region offender during the prosecution dropped into one of the police grenade.

It is reported by the National State police in Chernihiv region.

Hand grenade F-1 is not detonated. No one was injured, the offender arrested.

"In order Bakhmach patrol stopped to check the documents of a young man, who was intoxicated. When the police came to the citizen to establish his identity, he began to flee, prompting suspicion from patrol. To avoid arrest fugitive threw toward law enforcement a hand grenade F-1, which did not detonate, "- said the police. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko thanked the Russians who in the course of actions in memory of murdered Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov in Moscow on Saturday expressed support held in the Russian Ukrainka Hope Savchenko.

"Thank you to all indifferent in Moscow in solidarity with our Hope Savchenko! This is a manifestation of dignity. Just 2 years ago, we, Ukrainians took to our protests, "- said in a statement released on Poroshenko page in Facebook on Saturday.

Speaking about a year ago killed Nemtsov, the head of state in Moscow, he noted that in Ukraine it is also remembered.

"We also remember Boris Nemtsov. Clear, bold and decisive. With a great sense of humor and a sincere love for Ukraine ", - the report says.

The opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot February 27, 2015 at the Great Moscow River bridge in Moscow. On Saturday, February 27, 2016 in Moscow and a number of cities of the Russian Federation took action in memory policy. In Moscow, the opposition march along the boulevards of the city, after which the people came to the Big Moskvoretsky bridge to lay flowers at the place of the assassination policy. In Russian
Opposition parties want Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov questioned over fatal shooting

Tens of thousands marched here Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the slaying of Boris Nemtsov, an opposition leader gunned down on a bridge near the Kremlin.

The rally, led by the country’s embattled liberal opposition, also had another message, many said: To show that they haven’t been cowed by a hate campaign against them by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, the man they want questioned over the murder.

“We’re here to show we aren’t scared, that we’ll continue the fight for a new democratic Russia, which is what Boris Nemtsov died for,” said Dmitry Gudkov, a 36-year-old opposition lawmaker..................

To read further go to this link:
Former commander of the "Berkut" company, who is suspected of committing crimes against euromaidan, and that October 3rd, 2014 escaped from house arrest Sergey Gorbatyuk located in the Crimea.

About this in an interview with "Commander in Chief," said the ex-Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema.

"I do not conduct an investigation, but the chief of the GPU special investigations of the Office of Sergei Gorbatyuk said that in the Crimea is Dmitry Gardener former company commander" Berkut ", who is suspected of committing crimes against euromaidan, and that October 3rd, 2014 escaped from house arrest - "Commander in Chief"), "- he said.

This Jarema convinced that without the assistance of emergency services that could not happen.

"At the meeting of the Court of Appeal, where the GPU has appealed the judge's decision Pechersk district court to dismiss Svetlana Volkova Gardener, Gardener appeared. But we had a case where the Court of Appeal on the service bus arrived dressed in the civilian employees of "Berkut", entered the court room and pushed the Heavenly hundreds of families. Those immediately informed me about this. And I do not rule out that the police officers had conspired with the court, and I do not exclude the fact that they contributed to the escape. Who and how - I have failed to investigate, I did not have time ", - he said. In Russian
On Saturday morning from the rubble of a house in the center of Kiev is extracted two more victims, according GosChS.

"On February 27 at 4:25 from the rubble floors house on the street. Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Kiev recovered the body of one person who was killed, and at 8:25 were seized another ", - reported in the department.

Search and rescue operations are continuing in the continuous mode.

Recall, February 25, in Kiev in the house collapsed ceiling. From the rubble rescued 6 people. According to the Center for emergency medical care and disaster medicine Kiev, probably under the rubble could be up to 11 people. In Russian
on Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:21 amNelson
....According to Tabalov, Kislitsin was hospitalized with numerous wounds, a broken rib, and heart problems.
Tabalov quoted Kislitsin as saying that city police officers were among the attackers.
Tabalov says the attack was connected to the planned march to commemorate Nemtsov on February 27....

Russia today. A land of barbarians.
...."We can't give you any precise information then what we said in December that the Commission will adopt a proposal early 2016. We have never given any dates. We have never given a date for this so you wouldn't to be able to talk about postponement since there was no date," European Commission representative Tove Ernst told UNIAN correspondent in Brussels on Friday....
Earlier it was reported that a legislative motion to cancel visas for Ukraine has been postponed until after a Dutch referendum on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The DNR in the so-called unit commissioner for human rights said that just this week - 20 February 26 - nine militants were killed. ...
...February 26, at about 9.00 am local Jewish cemetery J. Dement was fatally wounded in the head shot with a machine gun. In total, according to police, a businessman got 14 bullets, two of them in the head. Later the weapon found at the other end of the cemetery, and not far from the place shooting 20 cartridges.
51-year-old from Kharkov every week come to the grave of his mother, who died 10 years ago. And knowing this, they lay in wait for him there. .... The press immediately it was reported that by 10 o'clock at the place of death of J. Dement came close friends of the deceased - Mayor G. Kernes Kharkov M. Dobkin and MP +.
Ukrainian edition literally bit by bit to gather information on who was killed, who, in spite of the authority of the city, hardly mentioned in the press. In Kharkov forums in social networks written that George Dement in the 1990s was associated with local criminals. The local authority and a person who by physical methods can resolve any problem, and called him a "censor" in 2010. Almost all the media indicate that Dement was "right hand" Kernes, without consulting with whom he almost never took serious decisions, always like staying in the shade....
The situation in the ATO: Militants shelled strongholds APU with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades
Today, at 07:22,
Militants continue to violate the terms of the armistice and to fire on positions of ATU forces. Traditionally, the number of attacks increases with the onset of dusk. In the Donetsk direction about Zaitseva, Novgorod and the enemy fired Lugansk Ukrainian strongholds of small arms, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers. About Berioza enemy applied the anti-aircraft guns. The press-center ATO reported on in the Facebook page.
Ukrainian military fortifications near Zaytsevo, militants fired mortars caliber 82 and 120 mm. In Mariupol direction the terrorists opened fire with heavy machine guns and grenade launchers at strongholds APU near Marinka and Novotroitsk.
Ukrainian military in some areas on the demarcation line opened fire in response to small arms. Around midnight, the militants have reduced activity, the report said.
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