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Ukraine crisis. News in Brief. Wednesday 17 June [Ukrainian sources]

on Wed Jun 17, 2015 3:01 am
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News -
Reading of near 60 attacks on Ukrainian troops last night.
This is down from the high of 120 on Sunday (Saturday's statistics) when I last reported.
Also reading that two night attacks on Maryinka were repulsed.
Update - tv at lunchtime today, said 8 injured soldiers, 3 very badly injured.

TV news last night, one amazing story about a guy in the armed forces.
He spent 4 days in the ATO zone, did next to nothing, but then came back and applied for, and got "hero" status, so he could retire, and get a good pension.
Others were complaining that they had been in the ATO zone 8 months and got nothing.
Explanation - has to be bribery. massive massive corruption in the Ukrainian armed forces.
The journalists wanted to interview this guy's boss. But the camp said he was away on business - even though his car was there.
Then the next day when they returned they were met by a lawyer. .... Say no more. The stink of corruption and lies.
The result of 22 years of corruption under Kravchuk, Kuchma and the rest

Weather -
After a few days over 30 - near the 90s - it feels a lot cooler now. Near 20 today and tomorrow perhaps.
Travelling back from Vinnitsa many places have had a lot of rain, and that is good. Everywhere it has greened up.
The babushkas are happier for the crops. Many grow food in large areas where it is impractical to carry water.
They are dependent on the rain during the summer.

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Veteran of Russia: we are guilty, that allowed the emergence of Putin

on Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:51 am
Russian WWII veteran turned to a veteran of Ukraine Ivan Zaluzhny, whose grandson was killed in ATU , with the words of sympathy and support Ukrainians in their struggle against the invaders from the Russian Federation.

A man in '91 and had befallen his sister Ukrainian tragedy, he had learned from his granddaughter, reports "Radio Liberty".
He noted that participated in the battles for the liberation of Belarus, Poland, fought in East Prussia in Germany until the end of the war.

"I express to you, sister, Ivan Zaluzhny, condolences on the loss of your grandson, defender native Ukraine from Russian thugs and aggressors," - says the veteran.

"You're right, that is the fault of the dictator, but not quite. We, Russians, are also to blame, given that grow on their land such a terrible, poisonous mushrooms, Putin as a dictator. I think he not only created a triple protection (personal protection and external in the form of the Duma, the Federation Council and the First Channel of TV), but also threatens the whole world with their actions fascist foundation strenuously preparing for a new war. uproot it will be very difficult, because we, the winners of fascism, there is not much. But he young so poisoned his potion that hope for them is almost there. At one dictator slogan - "Divide and Conquer." And Ukraine I remember only the good side. With me fighting your fellow countrymen, and after the war I served in Izyaslav and worked in the Carpathians " - said in the letter.

Zaluzhny expressed sincere gratitude for the moral support of a colleague, and again urged the Government to withdraw its troops from the Ukraine.

"The question is, he says, we have a little, we can not stop this aggression, and the youth he (Putin - Ed.) Poisoned, there was little hope. It is the Russians - ponders letter Zaluzhny brother Ivan. - And our young people in Ukraine says my grandfather, we'll not fail, we are for what you have won in the 45th, we will fight to the last bullet."

"Putin does not know our Ukrainian, Cossack character. It was from us - and Hitler wanted to capture, and Napoleon, and others, as we have defended and will continue until the last fight against aggression. He wants to take over Ukraine. We do not want to. We want freedom. We are opposed to. the withdrawal of troops - will understand ourselves. We ourselves cleaned up. We are reconciled and do everything. That's what I want to say, "- said Ivan Zaluzhny.

As reported by the "Observer", Ivan Zaluzhny in August 2014 during the funeral of his grandson turned to veterans of the Great Patriotic War in Russia, to your friends and battle Sister. He also appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with the words of the unjust and vile war of Russia against Ukraine. In Russian

Posts : 18379
Join date : 2015-05-20
Location : United States

After the fall of the Russians Putin will not give up Crimea to Ukraine - Khodorkovsky

on Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:01 am
Russian society after the fall of the Putin regime is not prepared in a democratic way to return the Crimea to Ukraine , even illegally annexed. The problem can be solved gradually, following the example of the model of Hong Kong.

This opinion was expressed on Wednesday, June 17, in Washington, a well-known Russian opposition, the founder of public movement "Open Russia", Mikhail Khodorkovsky, according to Ukrinform .

"We can say with full confidence that the people (in Russia - ed.) That promise to Ukraine, the Ukrainian people to return the Crimea and to pay compensation for such a mandate from the Russian society does not get it. That's why I say that in the short term to resolve the issue democratically way will not work "- said the Russian politician.

However, he acknowledged the fact that the annexation of the Crimea was carried out with violations of international treaties and international law.

"How do I see the solution? I see that you can convince the public and have a mandate to gradually solve the problem of the model, such as Hong Kong," - said Khodorkovsky.

He explained that he meant the autonomization of the region, giving it the status of a free economic zone, the use of the mechanism of long-term lease.

"I understand that the issue of any Russian authorities will have to decide, I see that there are mechanisms for the resolution, but the one who promises to solve it quickly and clearly, will never get to this mandate from the Russian society," - said the Russian opposition. In Russian

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Re: Ukraine crisis. News in Brief. Wednesday 17 June [Ukrainian sources]

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