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News -
Russians fire on 38 occasions yesterday at Ukraine.
Update - no dead or wounded Ukrainian soldiers yesterday. Slava Ukraini!

Weather -
Warmer this morning. +4. High maybe of 10 or more. Spring like - early - for a few days.

Observation -
I had a chat with a guy from Lugansk this morning. He asked me about the soldier I visit every day in hospital at the moment.
He also told me about the operation he had. Nice guy. We talk in Russian, obviously. I think he realises now he almost certainly will never return to Lugansk under Putin's occupation. Nice guy. His world destroyed by idiots. I remember when it all started - two years' ago now. He said that the people taking things over - "they are not our people". He was right. They were Russian occupiers.

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In Donbass employees SBU military counterintelligence, together with the police detained a militant terrorist organization "LC". It is reported by the press service department.

According to the report, the man in May 2014 joined one of the "Cossack" terrorist groups. With weapons in hand he was on duty at checkpoints, to check the documents of citizens and vehicles.

"During the advance of Ukrainian insurgent army refused together with other retreat to Lugansk and continue to fight. He left the gun and returned home, where he was hiding from the law enforcement agencies ", - the report says.

Now SBU holds urgent operational-investigative actions. In Russian
About Russian embassy in west London held a protest against the imprisonment of Hope Savchenko. It is reported by «BBC Ukraine."

Activists London euromaidan chanting in English "Freedom to Savchenko," "Crimea - is Ukraine!" And sing the famous song about Putin, it said in a statement.

It is noted that among the protesters family with small children, as well as builders, who have come under the embassy building directly from the construction site. In Russian
In the Omsk region opened a criminal case against a local resident, who is suspected of murdering his wife, reports FlashSiberia.

"According to investigators, on the way home from the guests the suspect stabbed his wife because she wanted as quickly as possible to return home, and he was willing to continue the outdoor party," - the agency in the regional management of the UK.

Witness the incident became a friend of the suspect, which caused "fast", but the woman died for the arrival of doctors.

Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article "Murder." In Russian
on Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:16 pmAdmin
In the village of Small understory in 15 km from Lviv Ukrainian truckers blocked the traffic on the track. Drivers need not block the movement of Russian trucks, writes with reference to the press service of the Lviv police patrol.

It is reported that on 7 March around 19:00 Ukrainian truck drivers blocked traffic on the road in the Little undergrowth Zhovkva district in protest against the blocking of Russian trucks.

According to police, before that in the Small understory activists stopped 15 Russian trucks.

In this village, as the newspaper writes, cross the road Lviv-Lutsk-Radekhiv and longest European route E40.

On the motion of the lock position came Acting Head of State of the National Police in the Lviv region, Dmitry tan. In Russian

"MP" of the occupation of the Simferopol city council of the Communist Party Stepan Kiskin published an open appeal to the head of the Federal Security Service in the occupied Crimea Vladimir Palagin and so-called prosecutor of Russia captured the peninsula Natalia Poklonsky (Nyashe)

In his address, the deputy asks to punish the "vandals disfigured Joseph Stalin memorial plaque" to the fullest extent.

"On the night of the fifth to the sixth of March this year, unknown persons desecrated a memorial plaque was dedicated to the stay of Stalin in the Crimea at the Crimean (Yalta) Conference of Heads of State anti-Hitler coalition in 1945. This plaque placed on the wall of the Crimean republican committee of the Communist Party building Dolgorukovskaya street, 10-A, Simferopol, "-. tells a Communist. He asked the occupation authorities to cooperate fully in the search for, arrest and punish the vandals extremists! "I also ask you to take exhaustive measures to prevent such incidents in the future is unacceptable that vandals so obscene manner belonged to the patriotic history of our Motherland, desecrated a memorial plaque on which is depicted the Generalissimo of the Great Victory." - Wrote in his letter Kiskin.

Unhappy with the so-called MP also attached photos of a memorial plaque made by March 6, 2016 In Russian
Tomorrow, 8 March, in Brussels, with the participation of Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission.

This was reported on the website of the North Atlantic alliance.

During a visit to NATO Headquarters Poltorak also meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

"According to preliminary agreements, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak is scheduled to visit NATO headquarters under the program of the visit envisages his meeting with the NATO Jens Stoltenberg Secretary, as well as participation in a special meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission.", - Said Acting Head of Mission Ukraine to NATO Egor Idol, quoted by Ukrinform

Ukrainian diplomat noted that the agenda of the meeting the sides will discuss the situation in eastern Ukraine, as well as results and future prospects of reforming the defense establishment of our state. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will make an official visit to Turkey on March 9-10.
The President will carry out negotiations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Speaker of the Grand National Assembly İsmail Kahraman.
In the framework of the visit, the fifth session of the High Level Strategic Council between Ukraine and Turkey will be held. The President will also have a meeting with business representatives of Turkey.

[complete article]
The Russian dissident was murdered in London with polonium, but only on the third attempt. In an extract from his book A Very Expensive Poison, Luke Harding traces the toxic trail the clueless assassins spread around the capital.
It was a warm autumn day when the two Russian visitors arrived in Grosvenor Street, central London. Their names were Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun; the date was 16 October 2006. They had arrived that morning from Moscow carrying something that British customs failed to detect. Not drugs or large sums of cash, but something so otherworldly, it had never been seen before in the UK.
The substance was polonium, a highly radioactive isotope. It is probably the most toxic poison known to man when swallowed or inhaled – more than 100bn times more deadly than hydrogen cyanide. It had come from a Russian nuclear reactor. The job of Lugovoi and Kovtun was to deploy it. They had come to poison Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian dissident, MI6 employee and Kremlin critic. The visiting killers had no personal grudge against their target. They had been sent by Russia’s FSB spy agency, in an operation likely to have been approved by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.....

Unbelievable. A good read. Recommended.
Odious Russian politician Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky called "tough response" to the situation around the Russian Embassy in Ukraine.

The relevant comment policy posted on Monday, the official website of the party.

"In connection with the impossibility of normal operation of the Embassy of Russia in Ukraine we consider it appropriate to dramatically reduce our staff and recall ambassador to Moscow and Kiev to protect the embassy to send a company of special forces" - referred to in the message.

"We can not allow the violence that takes place in these days in Kiev Looking hard for the protection of diplomatic measures.!", - Zhirinovsky said.

As is well known on March 6 at the Russian embassy in Kiev held a protest action. The protesters, demanding the release from prison of the Russian Ukrainian pilots, MPs Hope Savchenko, eggs thrown at the building of the Embassy.

According to Grishin, Russian Embassy has sent March 6 at the MFA of Ukraine "note of protest, as the night (on Sunday) was attacked, smashed several cars, pelted Embassy Fire and smoke bombs."

March 7 at the building of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine has passed malochislenny rally demanding to release Savchenko Ukrainian woman. In Russian
Defense Ministry responded to the report of the international researchers Bellingcat that Malaysian "Boeing" was shot down by a Russian "Buck", delivered from Kursk.

Reactions posted on the site office.

Russian Defense Ministry accused the group of international journalists of distorting the facts.

"The latest report" Bellingket ", just like all the previous ones, is also built on psevdogipotezah", - the Russian military said.

Russian Defense Ministry said that reflected in the photograph in the report the man in camouflage, which is found ekcperty Bellingcat, turned out to be the Russian military, has no relation to the Russian army.

"The information is clearly anti-Russian orientation and is based on false information Furthermore, the calculations used unproven, designed to provide for informational impact on society." - Said in a statement the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Earlier Bellingcat group that investigates war theme on open source, says that "Beech", which brought down the aircraft MH-17, was taken to the Ukrainian border, the soldiers of the second division of the 53rd air defense missile brigade of the Kursk.

The aircraft "Boeing-777" Malaysia Airlines Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down July 17, 2014 in Donbas. On board were 283 passengers and 15 crew members. They all died.

Passengers of the flight were citizens of at least 10 countries - the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Philippines, Canada and New Zealand. In Russian
...Following the nighttime raid, several hundred of Russia's pro-Kremlin activists responded with a rally at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow on Sunday evening, chanting "Fascism won't pass," the Russian News Service reported....
So much for the "brotherly" relationship Putin keeps talking about... xa xa xa...
What did they do after the march? Probably held a collection for Marine Le Pen's French fascist party. Putin's bank is supporting her with multi-million dollar loans.
Russian fascism - communism at work. Le Pen and Shameonus Milne of the Guardian holding hands for dictatorships.
According militants mouse taste like ravioli. Terrorists"SWAT DNR" fed soup taken from mice. It is written "DNR" with the nickname "Cat" for his channel video hosting Youtube. "Got ration of Defense" DNR. "Very useful and nutritious, beer is also very well suited. It - mouse" - he wrote. According fighter, there are two types of rations: with frozen mice and table sauce. "Frozen - preparation in the field. Throw in boiling water for 5 minutes and you're done. The taste resembles dumplings. The second package - mouse table, ready for use. Carrot sauce, mouse - delicious and nutritious!" - He said. Also, "Ivory" said that the militants also Shyrokynomu weeks fed mice. "Now it's part of the diet" SWAT DNR. "The mice contain a lot of protein, nutrients, are found everywhere! The developers of the diet included the experience of our defenders Shyrokynomu that in some mice might weeks dispense with the transportation of new rations. This is a valuable and important experience" - he said.

It looks like Putin is cutting back on the funding for the Russian armed forces.
Can apparent evidence of Russian war crimes in Donbas be protected as ‘confidential’ material?  The InformNapalm project, which probes Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine, believes not, and has responded accordingly to the demand from YouTube to remove a particular video.
It is unclear as yet how YouTube will respond, but for the moment the video, posted by InformNapalm, remains available here even though the 48 hour deadline has passed.
An anonymous group of hackers known as #FF [Falcon’s Flame] revealed information which they obtained from the telephone of a person who appears to be an employee of Russia’s Penitentiary Service [FSIN]. ...

Original story from Informnapalm was posted on this forum - News in Brief a day or two ago.
Looks like youtube have indeed removed it. But I am sure somebody will post it somewhere else.
Russian army has incurred more losses in the Donbas.
As reported by Censor.NET citing the Main intelligence directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, on March 5-6, 2016, four servicemen of a sabotage-reconnaissance group of the "11th separate motorized rifle regiment (Makiivka) of the 1st Army Corps (Donetsk)" were killed, who acted at the direction of Avdiivka. Another six servicemen were wounded.
On March 6, 2016, in the consequence of unverified terrain mining, as a result of blowing up on their own mine field, three servicemen of the "1st separate motorized rifle brigade (Komsomolske) of the 1st AC (Donetsk)" suffered wounds, the message reads.
March 8 in Kyiv and Lviv held a rally in support Savchenko
March 8 at 12:00 in Kyiv and Lviv held the action "Freedom Hope" - marches in support of the people's deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko, located in a Russian prison.
According Tsenzor.NET, it informs the sectarian association "Equal Opportunities" on your page to Facebook.
"Gathering in Kiev will be held at Povitroflotskyi Avenue, 6 (near the Ministry of Defence - entrance from the stadium), in Lviv -. At the Shevchenko monument in Liberty Square there, the protesters intend to go to the column to the embassy, ​​and in Ukraine - in the Russian Federation Consulate to convey their demands to the President of the Russian Federation and express their support for Nadezhda Savchenko concluded before the announcement of the court decision ", - wrote the initiators of the action...

08 May - Womens' Day in many countries of the world.
03.07.16 12:51 Over the past day no dead or wounded among Ukrainian soldiers - Speaker ATO
Over the past day, 6 March, including Ukrainian soldiers performing combat tasks in the area of the ATO, no dead, no wounded.
This was announced today at a briefing Speaker AP on ATO Andrei Lysenko, informs Tsenzor.NET.
Russian army has incurred more losses in the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET citing the Main intelligence directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, on March 5-6, 2016, four servicemen of a sabotage-reconnaissance group of the "11th separate motorized rifle regiment (Makiivka) of the 1st Army Corps (Donetsk)" were killed, who acted at the direction of Avdiivka. Another six servicemen were wounded.

On March 6, 2016, in the consequence of unverified terrain mining, as a result of blowing up on their own mine field, three servicemen of the "1st separate motorized rifle brigade (Komsomolske) of the 1st AC (Donetsk)" suffered wounds, the message reads.  In Ukrainian

Sacked "the head of the Security Council", now commander of the brigade fighters "Vostok" Alexander Khodakovsky said that the self-proclaimed DNR actually not run by Alexander Zakharchenko but by man [controlled by] businessman Rinat Akhmetov, [called] Maxim Leshchenko....
Fighter units guard Leshchenko and his house, and show where this fruit is settled: a huge mansion in the center of the city, a lot of protection ", - he wrote, posting a link to a photo of the mansion....
According to forecasters this week in Ukraine is quite warm, and the occasion of March 8 temperatures in some regions of the country will rise 14-19 degrees Celsius.
On Monday, March 7, no precipitations, only in the western regions of moderate night and day rain. Wind mainly south-east of 7-12 m / s. The temperature at night 0-5 ° heat, day 8-13 °, in the extreme south in places 15-18 °.
On Tuesday, March 8, in the western regions of the country - moderate rain, the sleet of the Carpathians; the rest areas with rain. In the southern part of the country some fog. Wind east, south-eastern, 5-12 m / s. Night temperature 2-7 ° C, in the eastern regions to 1 ° below zero; day 9-14 ° C, in the southern part of the seats 15-19 °, in the far west of 5-10 °.
Tells the Ukrainian Weather Center

08 March - a big holiday here. Women's Day.
Most men, from what I gather, use the occasion to get drunk. And the women do the cooking. From observation...
Not good news.
One must assume that Russian "doctors" are like Russian "journalists".
The "journalists" from the "Shaun Walker school of journalism", and the doctors from the "Shaun Walker school of Medicine".
In a word - cr@p. Propaganda rules.
In Donetsk, the militants called monkeys, and the DNI - "hole" (apostrophe)
....Protesters may remember what they were doing it for the money. "To stand in the crowd and shout - 300-500 hryvnia, participated in the capture of buildings -. 800-1000 hryvnia to earn a lot of money ... Everything was beautiful: the people revolted, the people went out and defeated the prosecutor's office, the people won ... "Now I feel like a rat, which is to dance under a pipe Pied Piper", - says a resident of Donetsk Vladislav, a member of almost all pro-Russian shares in the spring of 2014.....
Many Donetsk residents do not care who wins and what flags will flutter over the mayor's office. Apathetic about the future and do not see any bright prospects....
In addition, it was found, as in Orwell's book that "some animals are more equal than others", I mean some of the "persons of the republic" live too little too rich....
TV does not believe: all have gone at least once to the "mainland" - in Mariupol and Artemivsk-Bakhmut - and saw that there was still talk in Russian, and punishers do not eat babies, and prices there more decent, much like no wiser with ruble-hryvnia exchange rate in the "central bank DNR"....

Lexicon of Contemporary donchanin
"Most of the land", "free territories" - the so-called not controlled by the militants of the Donbas and throughout the Ukraine. In the lexicon of the inhabitants of the occupied cities in two years, many new words. "Outbox", .... Militants DNR.. call - "leaky" "orks", "poluchlentsy" (option - "oplachentsy"), "Monkey", "spotted". Actually, the very DNI called "hole" more often...

The "hole" "took over" several supermarkets, and now former ATB officially called "First Republic supermarket", and the people - "oppressed." Those who have no money, receive humanitarian aid from Headquarters Rinat Akhmetov - "gumku", "Ahmet package." Moreover, all clearly share: from Russian trucks come in a "convoy" and "gumka" from Headquarters - in "string". The "convoy" of Russia driven "buckwheat", [the distributors] have the ability to shoot or explode.

Two years of frustration - and indifference as a result. Donetsk dies as a metropolis, a city that until recently - just two years ago - seething, boiling, he lived his habitually restless, but knurled life. He lost his pathos, slightly bourgeois chic, for that was not just mercilessly criticize other regions. Now, looking at the old photos where Donetsk in all its glory - with a flourish, monograms, golden monuments, highlight a la the New Year, pink and turquoise buildings - Donetsk residents can not hold back the tears.

Not a bad write up. No propaganda here. Just plain talk.
Now, why can't Shaun Walker - Moscow resident, and Russiaprofile - Guardian reporter write something up like this? Putin and Shameus Milne wouldn't approve of it.
Russia March 5 sent to the territory temporarily occupied by the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the Center Commission territorial troops (Novocherkassk, Russia) to find out how was leaked the names and positions of staff of Russian generals and officers.

It is reported by the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry intelligence.

The basic version, which are considered by the Commission - a deliberate leak of information as a result of domestic conflict (settling of accounts) or for an early return to Russia (to avoid participation in hostilities).

"The main subjects of the test: the commander of 1 AK Major General Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Asapova Valery G., his" deputy to work with the staff of "Colonel RF Armed Forces Chirkov Evgeny, commander of 2 separate motorized rifle brigade (Lugansk, Ukraine) 2 AK Russian Federation Armed Forces Colonel Ruzinsky Andrew Yu and commander 9 special motorized rifle regiment of marines (Novoazovsk, Ukraine) 1 AK Russian Armed Forces Colonel Bondarev, Dmitry E. ", - the report says. In Russian
Monday, March 7, 2016, 7:40
..."The Embassy of the Russian Federation is actively burning paper. Activists and journalists could smell and see smoke that came from the embassy building. We can only guess that it was for the documents, but in such institutions usually retain undercover data. I think that if such securities smoke 2 00, it is possible to imagine the number of traitors to the Ukrainian security services and in public office, "- he wrote.
Burning paper embassy also confirmed in his Facebook MP Igor Mosiychuk.
"I confirm myself saw smoke Lair spies and saboteurs They ..100% destroyed undercover data!.." - He wrote.
As reported, "Apostrophe" on the night of March 6, unknown attacked the building of the Russian embassy in Kiev, damaging several cars. The attackers went to the back side of the building ...

Obviously worried about the Ukrainian people storming the building.
And there must be a lot of subversive activity going on through the Russian embassy now.
...attacks increased activity at dusk
Pro-Russian gangs do not stop shelling strongholds of the Ukrainian military in the zone of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), for the past day the enemy opened fire 38 times. This is stated in a message on Facebook ATO press center.
shelling activity increased with the onset of dusk.
In the area of ​​terrorists Avdeevka from 18:00 until midnight and made 7 sighting mortar attacks Ukrainian positions, firing 80 minutes, in addition, to strengthen mortar bombardment near Pisky, Opitnoe and Lugansk.
From small arms, machine guns and grenade launchers militants fired on the strong points of ATU forces near settlements Zaitseva, Lugansk, Pisky and Novgorod.
From small arms fired Ukrainian position in Marinka and Shirokіnomu.
Unsighted fire from machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades and was conducted by the forces ATO near Nevelsky mine Butovka, Trinity and Mallorsk.
From midnight enemy activity decreased, the impact was recorded fire from a machine gun in the Granite District.
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