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News -
49 attacks by Putin on Ukraine yesterday.
Sadly reading of one soldier killed yesterday, and one injured. Mines, in different places.

Weather -
Raining in the Kiev area. Strangely warm. +6. Maybe a high of 10 or more. Way above average.

Footie -
I believe Shakhtar play in Lviv tonight v Anderlecht - Europa League. About 2000 Ukraine time.

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@Admin wrote:Shevchenko district court of Kiev was unable to elect a measure of restraint for the son of ex-wife of businessman Dmitry Firtash Sergei Kalinovsky, meeting rescheduled for today, 11 March. This was reported by the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" .

It is noted that the term of detention expired Kalinowski at midnight from Thursday to Friday.

Recall, a break was announced yesterday in the hearing due to the fact that the stepson of Dmitry Firtash Sergei Kalinowski had a seizure.

The son of the former wife of businessman Dmitry Firtash Sergei Kalinowski was arrested on September 29 for the movement in the opposite lane in Darnytskyi district of Kiev. He was elected as a preventive measure in the form of detention for 2 months without the possibility of bail. In Russian

An odious slime ball who has caused two deaths when he was 22 years old.

Recall, may 30, 2007, the then 22-year-old Kalinovsky at high speed makes an accident on the Boulevard Shevchenko in Kiev, resulting in the death of warrant officer of the internal troops of Vladimir kulikovskiy, as well as companion Kalinowski Anastasia Bronnikov.

Wonder what his punishment was then?
on Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:57 amNelson
Re above post - there are no human rights in Russia. So why do they need an office? One presumes is Lavrov, Cherkin and Putin's line of thought!

This thread now continued for Friday 11 March at

or go to
and then select Ukraine news, or as you wish.
The Russian government has announced its intention to close the United Nations Office for Human Rights in Moscow.
This was announced by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein, Censor.NET informs citing Reuters.

"I am concerned about signals received from the government regarding its intention to close our presence in Moscow," he said.

According to him, it infringes the space for dissent.

Al-Hussein also pointed out that more cooperation with his office, rather than less, was needed "on the subject of the shrinking space for human rights defenders and non-governmental organizations."   In Ukrainian

March 9, a group of activists besieged Russia’s consular office in Lviv in protest against the openly political trial of Nadia Savchenko. Foto: Mykola Tys/ZIK

March 9, a group of activists besieged Russia’s consular office in Lviv in protest against the openly political trial of Nadia Savchenko, a military chopper pilot kidnapped in Ukraine and taken to Russia.

Rada lawmaker Volodymyr Parasiuk entered the consulate grounds and tore off the Russian flag. He tramped on it and watched how it was burnt by the mob.

The consulate is under heavy police protection March 10.

In Kyiv, the Russian embassy was attacked by activists protesting the biased trial of Savchenko in Russia.

They hurled stones, eggs and bottles with iodine at the embassy building.

According to the polls, Ukrainians do not support attacks on Russia’s diplomatic missions. Experts warn that Moscow may use the attacks as a pretext to start the war on Ukraine.
International rating agency Moody`s has expanded the list of Russian companies whose credit ratings sent to revision with a view to lowering. The new list of 14 companies were state-owned company "Gazprom" (the current rating of the company is at the level of Ba1) and its "daughter" - "Gazprom Neft", "Rosneft" (Ba1) and its "daughter» - Rosneft International Holdings Limited, «Bashneft »(Ba1),« Tatneft »(Ba1),« daughter »« Rosatom »- Uranium One Inc. (Ba3).

In addition to state-owned companies on the list were: "Norilsk Nickel" (Ba1), «LUKoil» (Ba1), NOVATEK (Ba1), «Metalloinvest» (Ba2), «daughter» «Severstal» - Nord Gold (Ba3) and SUEK (Siberian Coal energy company) (Ba1).

This decision was a logical space after Russia's sovereign rating on review for possible downgrade. At present, Russia's credit rating is at the level of Ba1. The release also provides 5 Kazakhstan companies whose credit ratings are also sent to a review with a view to lowering.

The release explains that the decision on the revision is associated with a high degree of participation of the state in these companies, or with the fact that the Company's main assets are located in the countries (Russia and Kazakhstan), who are suffering from the economic crisis. In Russian
Shevchenko district court of Kiev was unable to elect a measure of restraint for the son of ex-wife of businessman Dmitry Firtash Sergei Kalinovsky, meeting rescheduled for today, 11 March. This was reported by the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" .

It is noted that the term of detention expired Kalinowski at midnight from Thursday to Friday.

Recall, a break was announced yesterday in the hearing due to the fact that the stepson of Dmitry Firtash Sergei Kalinowski had a seizure.

The son of the former wife of businessman Dmitry Firtash Sergei Kalinowski was arrested on September 29 for the movement in the opposite lane in Darnytskyi district of Kiev. He was elected as a preventive measure in the form of detention for 2 months without the possibility of bail. In Russian
Russian citizen Evgeny Buriakov being Vnesheconombank officer and accused (edited : added) BY the US government of spying may admit his guilt, reports Reuters.

The notification Manhattan prosecutor Preet BHARARA next hearing on the case Buryakova scheduled for March 11th. This notice uses the term - "as a rule, pointing the blame."

In turn, the lawyer Buryakova comment on anything refused.

Buriakov working with Vnesheconombank, was arrested in January 2015, after the US government announced the charges against him and two other Russians, Igor and Victor Sporysheva like.

Prosecutors stated conspiring to collect economic information to Russia, including information about the US sanctions against Russia.

According to prosecutors, Buriakov was under the cover of the Russian Foreign Intelligence posing as a banker.

In this and similar Sporyshev they were not detained because they had diplomatic immunity. They acted as sales representatives in Russia and countries of the United Nations attaches. In Russian
on Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:28 pmNelson
Well - I was about to write that - if you want to see some footie Shakhtar are playing Anderlecht in Lviv.
Shakhtar just scored after 22 minutes - Taison.
And then my telephone rang - I went back to the tv and ...
They scored again.
2-0 currently. About 25 minutes gone. Great start for the Ukraine team.
Phone call - to tell me footie also on Ukraina kanal. I am watching on Footbal 1 kanal.
on Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:06 pmNelson
...Russian show trials have convicted Khodorkovsky of stealing oil from himself, Navalny of embezzling money without making a profit, and found Sutyagin guilty of espionage for passing "state secrets" to foreign colleagues that came from newspapers.
And later this month, a court in the Rostov Oblast is widely expected to convict Savchenko of killing two Russian journalists in the Donbas -- even though they were killed after she had already been abducted by pro-Moscow separatists....
the overarching purpose of the whole exercise -- from Sutyagin to Savchenko -- is the same: to show that the Kremlin "has full control of the script" and is the master of reality.
"This absurdity appears to be deliberate," Pomerantsev wrote in a 2013 report for the Legatum Institute. "It proves to the public that the Kremlin can re-imagine reality at will, can say ‘black is white' and ‘white is black' with no one able to contradict."....

As always, a good read from the great Brian Whitmore, at his lyrical best.
...Throughout his six-month stint with the separatists, he says, he repeatedly encountered Russian military officers....
The battalion commanders in the separatist forces in both the Luhansk and Donetsk regions were "active Russian military officers," he adds.
"Russian advisers are the direct commanders on the ground and create the military rhythm of the whole machine," Rayevsky says....
"I'm warning others now not to participate," he says. "That's the first thing. Second, I am divulging the role of these rah-rah patriotic organizations that are on the Kremlin's payroll so that people don't buy into their propaganda."
Rayevsky says he was aghast at the rampant alcohol abuse and perilous lack of discipline in the separatist ranks....

"former fascist"- he has a partially erased tatoo of Adolf Hitler on his left shoulder and arm. ...

Most of the parliamentary factions of the Verkhovna Rada do not consider seriously the option of holding an early election and are ready to negotiate the creation of a new coalition, says the speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Vladimir Groisman.
According to him, members of parliament, for the most part, do not consider a variant organization of early parliamentary elections acceptable, and are willing to seek compromise on the formation of the parliamentary majority in the current composition of Parliament, reports 112.Ukraina.
The speaker also expressed confidence that the new coalition government will be able to effectively solve personnel issues, develop new ideas and general purpose activities.

So who does what early elections?
1. The opposition block. Destabilization is the name of the game for Putin and his banda.
2. Tymoshenko and her gang. She wants to be President, whatever, however.
...The politician also offered to organize a meeting on Monday. "In a convenient format. With TV and without it" - said Lutsenko.
Earlier, the Prime Minister urged politicians to restore stability pro-European coalition....

The problem is the politicians want somebody to blame for the hard times. And politicians will never blame themselves - there always has to be a scapegoat. And this time it looks to be Yatseniuk.
U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledges that Ukraine is a core Russian interest.
He said this in an interview with The Atlantic, where he spoke about his most difficult foreign policy decisions, Censor.NET reports.
Part of the conversation was dedicated to the Ukrainian issue. Obama argues that Russia will always be able to dominate in the region due to the fact that Ukraine is a core Russian interest but not an American one. ...

So that's why he's done absolutely nothing to help Ukraine.
Sorry - on second thoughts, that is a bit harsh. After all, he has sent some socks to the Ukrainian military.
on Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:18 amNelson
Vladimir Churov, left the Central Election Commission [of Russia], his place may take acting Ombudsman Ella Pamfilova....
Amazing headline for a Russian paper. Волшебник уходит, магия остается
Putin replaces the head of the Central Election Commission. Churov was known as the "wizard" because of some of the amazing irregularities in Russian voting - such that they made Yanukovich's turnout of 113% in some areas of Donetsk seem like nothing.
"The magic remains" would indicate that nothing will really change.
Still - wow. A really funny headline that intelligent Russians - if there are any such people left now in Russia - will appreciate.
The article is absolutely serious, but the headline actually says it all ))
On Wednesday, on the border of Ingushetia and Chechnya was a well-prepared attack on the participants of a press tour organized by the human rights organization "Committee for the Prevention of Torture." The purpose of the program - to demonstrate the work of the Committee in Chechnya, which is trying to fight the tyranny of the Chechen police since 2009. And also to introduce journalists to the situation in the republic.
During the attack, severely beaten, journalists and employees of the Committee, who were in the bus. The bus was burned, along with journalists things. The attack involved a large group of people armed with clubs, medical masks on their faces....

Relates to the posting one up.
[Russian source]
Chechen ombudsman, said the involvement of human rights defenders in the attack on themselves
NEWS 13:38, 10 MARCH 6818 11
Representatives of the human rights organization "Committee for the Prevention of Torture" may have been involved in the attack on journalists and human rights defenders. Such an opinion in an interview with Rain stated Commissioner for Human Rights at the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov Nurdi Nukhazhiev....

Is that the best the Kremlin can come up with?
It's worse than the suicide stories with 5 bullets to the head. Still - the Russian media, the Shaun Walker school of journalism, will let it be known to the gullible millions in the RF.
The road to North Korea. Russian occupation, and freedom destroyed, stage by stage.
....Among the scattered papers that spilled from the voting boxes, two stacks of ballots, each 1.5 centimeters thick, slid out onto the tables.
Their neatness struck her as strange. They could not have been dropped individually into the box. She pointed the inconsistency out to her colleagues, a group of around 10 mostly bored, middle-aged municipal workers who had been counting elections for years. "Do you see this?" she asked several of them. They ignored her.
She riffled through the papers in the stacks — every one of them was a vote cast for United Russia....
But the administration's goal is to maximize control — over the candidates, the campaign, and the results.
No candidate whom the Kremlin judges a genuine threat is likely to participate. Criminal convictions and investigations have been used to stop well-known figures such as anti-corruption campaigners Alexei Navalny and Leonid Volkov from either standing or campaigning. That threat hangs over all opposition candidates, says Grigory Melkonyants of Golos, an independent election monitor.
Opposition figures face a paradox, says journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, who has been a monitor at previous Russian elections. "The task of an opposition politician is to hide, to disappear — for god's sake not to show themselves — so they aren't noticed and can register. But then they won't have any chance of winning because no-one knows them."...

Interesting article. Well worth a read.
In order to motivate the citizens of the Russian Federation to participate in the fighting, as well as their further assimilation and legalization in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas, the illegal authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) are redistributing confiscated housing of the Ukrainian citizens in favor of Russian soldiers and mercenaries...
That's quite a move. It was 27 a week ago. And 30 to a euro. Now 28.
...."One day that passed, one Ukrainian soldier was killed (at mine explosive device near the town of Novotoshkivske), another injured (also due to mine explosive device near the village Sturm)," - said the colonel....
Both due to mines.
...Mediazona reported that Norwegian journalist Øystein Windstad from the Ny Tid newspaper had his teeth knocked out and suffered cuts and bruising all over his body.
In an interview with Norway's Aftenposten, Windstad said the attack was "absolutely terrible."
"I thought I would die," he said. "I thought that I would have to say goodbye to my wife for the last time."...

Russia today.
Two years after Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, resentment is building among the region's Tatars. The Muslim minority group is native to Crimea. But many have been leaving the peninsula, saying Russian authorities are running them out of government jobs and taking away the autonomy that they once enjoyed under Ukrainian rule.

Seeing Moscow again controlling their native Crimea brings ugly memories to Azime Umerova and her husband. They remember 1944 when Soviet leader Josef Stalin deported their families and thousands of other Tatars from the peninsula.

At her home on Ukrainian-controlled territory just a few kilometers from where Russian authorities have established a new international border, Umerova, 77, describes the day Stalin's security forces showed up at her family's house and ordered family members out at gunpoint....
The fact that Lavrov is now having to answer questions about Savchenko shows what a blundering political idiot Putin is.
Yet another disaster on the road leading to Russian isolation as a rogue terrorist state.
Anybody's guess. You hear something different every week. Last week somebody said 2017!!
...."Federal Security Service continues to attract Russian organization of veterans of military service and fighting to attract mercenaries and sending them to participate in the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine. It was established that one of the Russian Federal Security Service Coordinators in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass is a citizen of Russia Konstantin Gordienko, member of the local branch of the All-Russian public organization of veterans "Combat brotherhood" Gukovo (Rostov reg.) ", - said in a statement....
Gorlovka in the lake found the body of a girl kidnapped by militants (video)
December 26 she called mother, having to announce that is in the basement
Residents found the body Gorlovka Irina Ermakova, who disappeared a few months ago. She left the house at about 11 am at the beginning of December 2015 and 26 December called native, having to announce that is in the basement. Ermakova's body was found in a lake near the village of Korolenko, which locals call "Korolenkovskaya rates". Currently home waiting for the autopsy results to show the cause of death of the girl, - said the "fourth Vlad".
It is reported that during the search for the girl's parents reported to the social networks that are willing to pay a ransom for his daughter and said that she called home, but only had time to say that is held in some basement.
However, there are witnesses who saw that the girl was forcibly held captive at his base in the village of Ozeryanovka by militants group "Troy." No other details of the case or parents or friends a girl could not be established.
Meanwhile, a detachment of "Troy" even among different terrorist gangs violence and lawlessness, which is why at the end of January, he had disbanded the leadership of Donetsk gunmen for robberies and looting, as well as committing other serious crimes. After cleaning the base "Troy" in Ozeryanovke it reported that in the basement of the prisoners have been found, and even girls, but Irina Ermakova was not among them.

Just like the oppression in Chechnya.
Shaun Walker's "DNR guys" doing whatever they want. Animals. Russians.
I am sure Putin and Lavrov will defend the killing, saying she was a spy or something like that. Shaun Walker will report on the Kremlin version in time for The Guardian, along with Corbyn sidekick, Seumas Milne.
....According to police, the protesters were detained because they do not adhere to the minimum distance from each other being at a distance of less than 50 meters....
Obviously St P Russia. Unreal country now.... 50 metres. 55 yards... what a mad oppressed country.
Case Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko - this is not a political or judicial case, the issue of human compassion. This is stated in the popular Wednesday, March 9 evening statement, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union Federica Mogherini, said "Interfax-Ukraine".
EU High Representative said that he personally followed the events around Ukrainian pilots, whose health condition is deteriorating rapidly, which can lead to terrible consequences.
Federica Mogherini reminded that release Savchenko meet international obligations in the field of human rights and the "Package of measures to implement the Minsk agreements," in which Russia is obliged to release all hostages and detainees related to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
"For these reasons, I urge the Russian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Ms. Savchenko humanitarian reasons", - the statement says EU representative.

One of Mogherini's employees is married to a Gazprom executive.
Not a political case??? Boll@cks. 100% political.
on Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:42 amNelson
From midnight shelling stopped
During the day, the pro-Russian terrorists opened fire 49 times on the forces anti-terrorist operation (ATO). It is reported by the press center of the ATO headquarters to
Reference points ATU forces in the direction of Donetsk terrorists fired 42 times.
The most fierce enemy fired at our positions from different types of weapons in Avdeevka area, about 21 hours of ACS 122-mm caliber were fired 10 rounds, later joined to the fire even 120-mm mortars.
From BMP terrorists shelled strongholds APU near Novgorod and Lugansk.
Also, militants from rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns fired at our positions at Pisky and Opitnoe.
In Mariupol direction militants intensified near Marinka, Gnutova and granite, and fired position forces ATU-propelled grenades, machine guns and small arms.
From midnight shelling ceased.
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