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News -
Russians attacked Ukraine 47 times yesterday.
HQ report no losses or injured military yesterday. Slava Ukraini.

Weather -
Still quite warm. +3 now. Maybe +7 daytime. But cloudy.
Forecast has improved slightly. Staying above zero probably next week. Good.

Footie -
3-1 last night for Shakhtar v Anderlecht. Some brilliant attacking football, but both sides looked vunerable in defence.
Also another good game - Liverpool 2 - 0 v Man United. Both games in the Europa League, last 16.

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North Korea is ready to carry out an operation to "liberate South Korea and national unity", if you notice that Seoul is preparing an invasion.

It is reported by the BBC Russian Service.

North Korean authorities said they would inflict a preemptive strike on the territory of South Korea in response to joint military exercises, which carried the army of South Korea and the United States. In Russian
Russian services in the occupied Crimea confiscated resident of Lviv region Ukrainian passport because of the "not liked" print. As the press center of the State Border Service of Ukraine, the passport instead of the Russian FSB border guards handed over a photocopy of a man and made the documents of an administrative offense.

According to the victim, the Russian border guards detained him more than a day. Crossing the checkpoint entry and exit "Kalanchak" he could only on 10 March.

As reported in the State Border Service, such cases are not unique.

Recently, the Russian border guards seized a Ukrainian passport from a citizen of Ukraine, who enters the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea. The passport was confiscated because of the presence of the Crimean residence, and lived a woman on the mainland Ukraine. Instead of a passport, she received its copy.

In both cases, the citizens of our country were missed by employees of State Border Service of Ukraine on the mainland Ukraine.

Locals say that the Russian border guards bursting of the passport page with a ballpoint pen make the writing on the first page. Also, like the resident of Lviv region, there are quibbles to printing photos. For these reasons, then seized the passport.

"It seems that the direction is the pressure on the pro-Ukrainian, stopped going to the mainland, and sit quietly", - commented on the situation with passports resident of Crimea.

Krymchanka explained that in the case of replacement passports to Ukrainian citizens entering the Crimea, have to fill out a migration card: "At the entrance to the Crimea citizens of Ukraine fill migration card, which indicate where, to whom and how much travel permitted stay on the island 90 days not an hour more. "

The situation with Ukrainian passports and activist commented on the blockade of the Crimea: "It's true. This is not the first and unfortunately not be the last. Citizens of Ukraine vzezzhayuschie the occupied territory should be aware that this could happen to them. " In Russian
A former associate of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, one of the most successful businessmen of the republic, the general director of holding company "Triple" Yuri Chizh detained by law enforcement officials. It is reported portal citing sources.

"In the" Triple "was the classic" mask show ". KGB detained Executives "- leads edition of the words of eyewitnesses.

One of the sources of publication confident that Lukashenka could be personally interested in arrest.

"You know that without sanctions presidential nothing happened. But he was already a few months in the doghouse. Therefore it is impossible to say that the team detained the president "a member - said the source publication.

A source from the environment Chizha convinced that "everything will be fine."

"Its influence can be weakened, but not so much so as not to compete for your business, which has more than 20 years. Do not jump the gun. Everything will be fine "- said the source.

The publication notes that the problem began after a siskin in conflict with partner, Vladimir Yaprintsevym, which also had protection in the higher echelons of power in Belarus.

Publishing sources say that both enjoyed the patronage of businessman "at the top" and under this brand led business. "The main suspect - scams, withdrawal of capital abroad. Liabilities and assets has long been a businessman do not dance ", - said the source.

Official confirmation of this information has yet been received. In Russian
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany rejected criticism from the Ukrainian Ambassador Andrew Miller of Berlin negotiating position on settlement of the conflict in Donbas. This writes Deutsche Welle.

The representative of the German Foreign Ministry, Martin Schaefer said that there can be no question that Berlin allegedly "flirting" with Moscow. According to him, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the next talks in Paris in early March, has expressed "sober" about the lack of progress in the incarnation of the Minsk agreements.

Also critical to the statements of Miller responded and chairman of the German-Ukrainian Inter-Parliamentary Group, Karl-Georg Wellmann, saying that he understands the anxiety Ukrainian ambassador and his emotions. However, it noted that it could not confirm the fact that Germany and Russia in favor of one. On the contrary, thanks to the efforts of the German government and Chancellor of the conflict in eastern Ukraine is able to freeze, he said.

This Wellmann said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's position is that sanctions against Russia may be canceled only after the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

"But Russia is not fulfilling them. It did not fulfill the first three points. Shooting is still going on. The OSCE does not have free access. And heavy weapons are not allocated. This is what to blame for the separatists ", - said Wellmann. In Russian
Russia’s heavy aircraft carrier – its only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, could be sent to the Mediterranean this summer, a high-ranking official at the Russian Navy told TASS over the weekend.

“This summer, we plan the Admiral Kuznetsov’s campaign in the Mediterranean Sea, where it will lead the Navy group in that region,” the source said.

The Kuznetsov class ships should be able to carry up to 33 fixed-wing aircraft and 12 helicopters. It has D/E band air and surface target acquisition radar (passive electronically scanned array), F band surface search radar, G/H band flight control radar, I band navigation radar, and four K band fire-control radars for the Kashtan CIWS.

The ship has hull-mounted medium- and low-frequency search and attack sonar.

At the moment, the aircraft carrier is at a shipyard in Murmansk, where specialists prepare it for the long-distance campaign. But the source did not specify what tasks the flagship of the Russian Navy will have in the Mediterranean.....
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has called on President Petro Poroshenko to support his government or form a new coalition, Concorde Capital informed its clients today based in an interview published by the Financial Times on March 10.

The current coalition, in which the Poroshenko Bloc is the largest member, failed to support 60% of the Cabinet’s proposed legislation, he pointed out, referring to such measures as “stabs in the back.” Yatsenyuk said he opposes early parliamentary elections. He declined to comment on Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko becoming his possible successor. Yet the report said Yatsenyuk doesn’t think she will gain enough support in parliament. Corruption allegations against him and his entourage are baseless and slanderous, he said.

Yatsenyuk is trying to convince Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi to bring the Self-Reliance party back into the coalition, reported on March 10 the news site, citing anonymous sources. In exchange, the Cabinet would offer Lviv large investments and fiscal support, said the report, which was not confirmed by Self-Reliance MPs. Yatsenyuk is also negotiating with Oleh Liashko, the head of the Radical Party, reportedly offering him key ministerial posts. Yatsenyuk is hanging on as prime minister on behalf of several oligarchs, who are concerned about Poroshenko gaining too much power, the report said. These oligarchs include Igor Kolomoisky, who convinced Yatsenyuk to hang on................

To read further go to this link:
on Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:32 pmAdmin
Alleged Russian spy Evgeny Buryakov pleads guilty. Gathered intel on Russian bank sanctions, energy. FBI bugged binders of documents. The binders had microphones in them The FBI had an under cover agent who Buryakov thought was a co-conspirator (dumb-asses). Faces up to five years in prison.

I'd say, don't waste our tax dollars on him. Send him to Ukraine where it's cheaper and use him as leverage or let him rot in prison.
...."It is estimated in the colonies in the territories controlled by gangs," DNR "and" LNR " are about 10,000 prisoners. In the Prison Service claiming that 80% of them want to be transferred to the colony, located on the territory controlled by Ukraine. But for 2 years with "DNR" has been translated only 67 prisoners "- the newspaper writes...
Another of Putin's plans, clearly. The transfer of Russian murderers, rapists, and others to the territory of Ukraine.
....The Russian ministry of justice confirmed on Friday that it has received a request to repatriate four Ukrainians serving jail terms in Russian jails. Meanwhile, it said the two countries are separately considering appeals from 13 Russians jailed in Ukraine to serve out sentences in their home country....
Relates to the above post.
[Note - Russian source]
Oleg Sentsova Yuri Soloshenko, Alexander Kol'chenko and Gennady Afanasiev
Supposedly 13 Russians for 4 Ukrainians. (named above) Russian lives clearly come cheaper.
via twitter

Vadym Skybytskyi: During last week, militants violated Minsk agreements on withdrawal of heavy weapons for 29 times
...In particular, the airlines will launch flights to Dubai (the United Arab Emirates), Bangkok, Delhi (both in India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (all in China).
The flights will be carried out through Khomeini airport in Tehran.
"Routes via the Tehran "hub" significantly reduce the total time of the flights," reads the press release....

Bangkok, Delhi (both in India) ??!
Let's hope the pilots of the planes have a better knowledge of geography!
11.03.16 12:30 “DPR” militants’ position endangers school in Zaitseve, - OSCE
The illegal armed groups of the “DPR” militants have deployed military equipment outside a school in Zaitseve village, located in the action area in the Donbas.
OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug said at a press briefing in Kramatorsk today, Censor.NET reports citing Novosti Donbasa...

So - when has Putin, Cherkin, or Shaun Walker's "DNR guys" ever cared about civilian lives? - including children? Never.

Azarov - joke PM under idiot former president Yanukovich. Mansion over 1000 sq m.
Azarov - thief, bandit and murderer. Living close to Putin. No surprise.
...Speaking by phone, the interlocutors also discussed amendments to the law on e-declarations and praised the achievement of compromise in the Ukraine-European Commission negotiations on those amendments, the report says....
The corrupt deputies, which is probably 100% of them, will not like this one bit. Declaring how many billion hryvnia they have stolen and placed in the name of their family members.
Russian representation to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of ceasefire in Donbas has failed to provide to the OSCE the response regarding the plan of implementation of agreements reached in Minsk March 2 on demining and a ban on live fire training in the security zone, according to Deputy Chief of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission Alexander Hug who spoke to the reporters via video conference Friday, an UNIAN correspondent reports....
Are we not surprised.
on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:58 amNelson
Interbank dollar closed 25.55
Friday, March 11, 2016, 17:20
March 11 Quotes hryvnia to the dollar on the interbank market at the close of trading established at 25,35-25,55 hryvnia per dollar.
This writes
At 17:00 the average exchange rates in the interbank market were as follows:
US Dollar - 25,35-25,55 UAH;
Euro - 28,2322-28,4499 UAH;
The Russian ruble - 0,3639-0,3671 hryvnia....

Hryvnia really strengthening at the moment. Markets hoping that Jareshko will be made PM.
2 weeks ago rate was 27. Now 25.5 . Euro was 30. Now 28.4
on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:51 amNelson
At the headquarters of the ATO said about the absence of losses for the day
Friday, March 11, 2016, 12:36
Day in the zone of the antiterrorist operation passed without loss.
This at a traditional briefing on Friday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"For the past day, no Ukrainian military killed was not injured," - said the colonel.
February was the worst month in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area since Sept. 2015.
OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) recorded disappearance of 30 percent of withdrawn weapons from holding areas. OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug said at a briefing, Censor.NET informs citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Hug reminded that OSCE observers are monitoring the withdrawal of weapons from the line of contact.

"We see that both sides have withdrawn their weapons and placed them in holding areas. However, we are also observing that the weapons start disappearing from these areas. Weapons from both sides of the conflict. About 30 percent of the weapons have already disappeared. We've noticed those heavy weaponry in places where they were not supposed to be," Hug said.

He also mentioned that Grad multiple rocket launcher strike was recorded in Debaltseve. MLRSes were also noticed in Ivanivka.

The situation in the ATO area has been deteriorating since mid-January. According to OSCE observations, February was the tensest month since last September. The majority of violations are reported near Donetsk.   In Ukrainian
The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has confirmed it received the request from Ukraine regarding handover of four convicted Ukrainian citizens.
Censor.NET reports citing

It is noted that Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov is among them. The request shall be processed within 30 days.

"The request of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine regarding given persons was submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Russia March 10, 2016 by fax. The time period for consideration of a petition is 30 days," the press service of the agency told RIA Novosti.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation noted that Russia and Ukraine were considering the possibility to convey 13 Russian citizens convicted in Ukraine.

"The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and Russian Justice Ministry are currently considering petitions to hand over 13 Russian citizens convicted by courts in Ukraine to serve their prison terms in the territory of the Russian Federation," the press service of the Russian agency told TASS.   In Ukrainian
The authorities of the Canadian Manitoba province proclaimed 2016 the Year of Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Heritage.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Andrii Shevchenko wrote on Twitter, Censor.NET reports.

"Thanks, Manitoba, for proclaiming the Year of Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Heritage," he wrote.

Read more: Canada's Foreign Minister calls for immediate release of Nadiia Savchenko

Manitoba Prime Minister Greg Selinger declared this on March 10. He read out a letter to the Parliament of Manitoba regarding the journey the first Ukrainians made to Canada 125 years ago. Given the tremendous contribution of Ukrainians to the development of Canada and Manitoba in particular, and the fact that there are more Ukrainians in Manitoba than in any other Canadian province or territory, 2016 was declared the Year of Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Heritage.

Manitoba premier noted that Ukrainians live in troubling times, and that Manitoba does its best to support those who are working for restoring peace in Ukraine.  In Ukrainian
March 9-10, the Russian troops lost 11 servicemen killed, 23 wounded in battles near Yasynuvata and Avdijyvka, Ukraine army intelligence report runs.

“We reiterate the losses of the Russian servicemen in Donbas: 11 killed and 7 wounded and delivered to Donetsk hospital No. 18 on March 10,” the army says.

The killed and wounded belong to the 11th Infantry regiment deployed near Makijyvka.
....Ukraine’s debt will rally as much as four cents on the dollar if Jaresko takes over as prime minister, according to Mint Partners Ltd. and Landesbank Berlin Investment GmbH. The Chicago-born former investment banker became the darling of investors when she negotiated a $20 billion debt deal six months ago that spurred the biggest bond rally worldwide, Bloomberg reports....
The financial markets like the look of her.
on Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:51 amNelson
[Quite a long interview with Obama. This bit on Ukraine comes fairly late on ]
...So when I talked with the president in the Oval Office in late January, I again raised this question of deterrent credibility. “The argument is made,” I said, “that Vladimir Putin watched you in Syria and thought, He’s too logical, he’s too rational, he’s too into retrenchment. I’m going to push him a little bit further in Ukraine.”
Obama didn’t much like my line of inquiry. ....

“The fact is that Ukraine, which is a non-nato country, is going to be vulnerable to military domination by Russia no matter what we do,” he said.
I asked Obama whether his position on Ukraine was realistic or fatalistic.
“It’s realistic,” he said. “But this is an example of where we have to be very clear about what our core interests are and what we are willing to go to war for. And at the end of the day, there’s always going to be some ambiguity.”....
A criminal case has been opened by police in Ukraine's Odessa over the disappearance and suspected murder of Yury Grabowsky — a lawyer for a Russian citizen detained in Ukraine, the TASS news agency reported Thursday, citing an Odessa police representative.

The lawyer wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday that he had left the country "against his will" and for "personal security reasons."

Grabowsky's friends, who have asked the police to launch an investigation into his disappearance, claim that he could not have left Ukraine because his international passport is still in Kiev.

The Goloseyevsky District Court in Kiev postponed Wednesday a scheduled hearing in the case of Alexander Alexandrov and Yevgeny Yerofeyev due to the absence of Alexandrov's lawyer.

"Grabowsky has not contact [us] for two days," said Yerofeyev's lawyer Oksana Sokolovskaya, adding that her phone calls remain unanswered.

Sokolovskaya noted that she had been repeatedly threatened and pressured by the authorities, TASS reported. ........
on Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:42 amNelson

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 38.67 +0.83 +2.19% Apr 2016 1:07 AM
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 40.76 +0.71 +1.77% May 2016 1:07 AM
Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 1.81 +0.02 +1.12% Apr 2016 1:07 AM
Not great news for Ukraine. The lower the price, the better, in order to get inflation down.
Still, 40 is better than 120. ))
Fri, 03/11/2016 - 8:27
Avdeevka became the hot spot antiterrorististi operation after terrorists lost control necessary Yasinovatskiy .
According to TSN, the Russians splashed their rage on innocent civilians in Donbass.
Defence under Avdiyivka keep soldiers of the 58th brigade of the Sumy and a separate assault battalion "Aydar".
According to the military, these attacks - a consequence of the fury of the enemy's defeat in the struggle for margins Avdeevka. The military drove militants from the track and took control of Yasinovatskiy . Now Russian separatists and seek revenge.
I simply don't see the deputies agreeing to this. Putting stolen state assets in the names of relatives is how most of them function.
Tymoshenko - she is theoretically penniless, but a billionaire. Everything she has is "a gift" from a relative...
This is just like the immunity from prosecution thing. Nothing every happens on it.
The issue of presence of NATO troops on the eastern flank of the already agreed at political and military level, and currently runs more details. This was reported by "Polish Radio" with reference to the head of the country's foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski.

"The question is, in which we are most interested in, that is, the presence of allies on the eastern flank - not only in Poland but also around us - practically solved politically and militarily. Now we discuss some of the details - the level of presence and the establishment of military units ", - quotes Waszczykowski" Polish Radio ".

According to him, at the NATO summit scheduled to be held in July in Warsaw, will mainly discuss the threat from the southern border of the alliance. NATO summit will be held in Warsaw on July 8-9. In Russian
Despite all the talk about the voluntary resignation of the prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, head of the Cabinet does not intend to leave. Why President Petro Poroshenko is unable to persuade the prime minister to release the chair ...
Talks between President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the resignation of the head of government are deadlocked. Yesterday, March 10, the Prime Minister publicly offered his three ways out of the political crisis:

- Reformat the Cabinet of Ministers (on the condition that he remains prime minister) and resume coalition in parliament;
-BPP Independently form a new coalition and new government (without the party of "People's Front")
- Early parliamentary elections.

Negotiations are getting interesting. Surely it should be decided on policies, and not personalities.
But the Deputies want a scapegoat. And Tymoshenko wants revenge for Yatseniuk leaving Batkivshina.
The former press aide to Russia's President Vladimir Putin, who was found dead in a Washington, DC hotel room last November, died of blunt force trauma to the head, DC's chief medical examiner revealed Thursday.

Mikhail Lesin died from "blunt force injuries to the head," along with injuries to his neck, torso and limbs, according to the medical examiner's report. The injuries seem to indicate Lesin may have been murdered, although the medical examiner did not specify the cause of death and declined to say whether a crime was committed. But the medical examiner added that "We're not willing to close off anything at this point," reported the Washington Post.............
At DNI very heavy losses - the terrorists hysteria (Kriminal.TV)
Girkin supported Khodakovsky against Zakharchenko.
Pay attention to the screens rashistov - 30 "Cargo 200" of militants after several unsuccessful attempts to recapture the industrial zone under Avdeevka. Moreover, "Sergei Kiev" adds another half dozen killed, and formally missing terrorists: "If from the landfill- ...i, then a dozen more will be added....

Logical plan by Putin. Let the mercenaries get themselves killed on suicide missions. And then replace them with the regular Russian army. Saves money.

on Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:50 amNelson
KIEV. March 11th. UNN. Increasingly, the militants are Ukrainian fire on positions of the banned weapons, such as tanks and mortars. During the last day recorded 47 shelling positions forces ATO, reports UNN with reference to the press center ATO headquarters.
The hottest and most dangerous in the Donetsk area is Avdiyivka. During the day Russian terrorists made 6 mortar shelling positions Ukrainian fighters at 19.30 and led three light tank.
For reference points near Zaitsev conducted sniper fire and grenade fire with machine guns and large caliber.
On the outskirts of Donetsk Pisky and Opitnoe, militants with heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms fired on strongholds of forces ATO.
In Mariupol towards strengthening the Armed Forces near Shyrokinoho Russian terrorists fired 120 mm mortars and heavy machine guns, and near Hnutovoho positions with mortars caliber 82 mm.
Near Marinka position enemy sniper fired and conducted fire from grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.
About 23.00 near Trinity observer detected movement in the DRG of 5 people. Ukrainian soldiers opened fire and forced the enemy to withdraw.
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