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Ilya Ponomarev: Ukraine could become an example of success for the Russians

on Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:07 am
Ilya Ponomarev - Deputy of the Russian State Duma in exile, living in the summer of 2015 in the United States - has just taken part in the first free Russian forum in Vilnius. The main organizer of the forum, a well-known chess player and an opposition politician Garry Kasparov gathered March 9 and 10 about a hundred Russian-speaking politicians, human rights defenders, journalists and writers from 25 countries. One of the topics of discussion: "Russian society - is there any chance of a cure?".

With the issue of this discus and began an interview with the disgraced MP the DW .

- Discussion about the chances of recovery of Russian society assumes that society is sick. How, in your opinion, the name of this disease and how to treat it?

- The scale of the errors is enormous character. Putin 86 percent support. The situation can be compared with Nazi Germany as the country with the education of the population it was mesmerized for many years and has not happened yet serious military shake-up, do not awake from it. The logic of any dictator - get involved in foreign adventures. In Russia, this phase has already begun. Killed thousands of Russians in Ukraine. I'm afraid that the country will have to pass through the blood to clear this error.

But I would avoid using the word "disease" in relation to society. Perhaps people are simply deceived, they are mistaken, and move in that direction, which will later regret. The task of those who see that the majority goes to the abyss, to keep him from falling, and to find ways to show the depth of the pit. Those who gathered at the Forum of Free Russia, like just that.
At the head of drive transformation is always a minority, but the conversion successful, if the ideas of this minority resonate with the majority. At the head of Russia is now also a tiny handful of former security officials and presumptuous crooks. They know how to skillfully manipulate public opinion in order to keep the power and the opportunity for personal enrichment. To counter this can be nothing but the truth, which would have sobered the people. Therefore it is necessary to discuss the problem, as we have done in Vilnius - not to stay in the snobbish mood, that the "wrong people", and to hell with it.

- What should opponents of the government to wake the Russians?

- My position is simple. Firstly, it is necessary to formulate the idea of ​​transformation - the future picture, which would be attractive to the majority of the population. And each of those same 86 percent would be able to understand and try on what we offer something positive - and no one is calling the Russians in the 90s, but on the contrary, calling them in the future. Secondly, we need an organization in Russia and, above all, its activists in the regions. Create an organization abroad is impossible in principle, but there are our comrades who remain in Russia. But to create an ideological platform easier to work outside the country, without the bustle and routine work.

- What consolidating idea you could offer to society?

- The idea can be only one. It's well-being and a decent life. Not for nothing in the Ukrainian Maidan called dignity revolution. Any authoritarian leader always offers a choice of society on the principle of the lesser evil. Putin greatly help Ukraine with its economic problems as visual propaganda. "Do you want a revolution to the fall of the economy, rising prices and blood? No? Then let's for Putin." That's all built.

So while the opposition did not show a concrete plan, why, when it would be economic progress, no change in society will not arise.

- Help what kind would be needed on the EU's Russia?

- I asked about this at the forum, and I said that the impact on the situation in Rosii consider unpromising. But the act could very well in the EU. We need first of all, not in words, but in fact a real fight with the Russian corrupt officials who take out their capital in Europe. Moreover, the opposition constantly publish this information, but no investigation is not initiated in the EU.

I would also like the Europeans did not leave Putin ace in working with Russian-speaking diaspora in the EU. If the Russian language - the fifth most common, it is a good reason to talk with the Russian in the EU and to turn them into allies. So far, only Putin says Russia Today through its other channels with them.

Last but the most important thing. Need a weighty support from EU Ukraine. Minsk agreement, I think a disservice, because they destroy Ukrainian statehood and written in Putin's interests, not in the interests of peace in Ukraine. If Ukraine via Europe overcome its problems, it would be an example of Russian society that the revolution can be successful, and friendship with the West - a valuable and positive. In Russian
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