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News -
Putin attacks 52 times yesterday.
Leninopad in Zaporozhia live - about 8 posts down.
Rada in session. Live on Rada tv, also 112 kanal. Spetsconfiskatsi. Again.
Update - Lenin is down.
Update - sadly one more soldier died yesterday in fighting; two injured.

Weather -
Cold again this morning. +1 at 0800. Perhaps 4 or 5 again today.
Hopefully it will turn warmer next week.

March 17 - expect the Irish bars in Ukraine to be rocking tonight.

Footie - Anderlecht v Shakhtar 22.00 hrs tonight.

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:31 am; edited 4 times in total
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:16 amNelson
At the checkpoint entry and exit "Zaytsevo" border guards and customs stopped the car, the driver who tried to take the occupied territory of Donbass nearly 5 million Russian rubles hidden in boxes with cheese. It is reported by the press department of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"Large sums of money found today at a checkpoint entry and exit" Zaytsevo "Kramatorsk border guards and customs officers detachment.

Means found when checking the car "Volkswagen", en route to the territory controlled by the rebels. In order to move 4.8 million Russian rubles, a citizen of Ukraine put the money in the double bottom of the cardboard boxes in which there were cheeses ", - said in a statement.

It is noted that the found cash and the car passed the Joint Mobile Group for further investigation and to make the right decisions. In Russian/русский
In Parliament began collecting signatures to demand to law enforcement agencies to punish the politician Viktor Medvedchuk for his criminal activities.

This was on his page in Facebook said the People's Deputy Andrei Levus.

According Levus, more than 30 MPs signed an appeal to the authorities demanding pravoohornnih Medvedchuk punished for treason, separatism and terrorism financing.

"We demand the arrest Medvedchuk and his ban" anti-Ukrainian choice ", - he concluded.

As reported by the "Observer", previously MP Andrew Levus demanded by the Security Service of Ukraine to do the godfather Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. In Russian/русский
Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov sure that soon the inhabitants of the Russian radical change related to annex the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

Such an opinion in the blog site " Snob " stated the Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov.

"When another VTsIOM (.. Russian Public Opinion Research Center - Ed) brings in its beak victorious figures that talk about the Russians patriotism, every time I wonder: where are all these people are, why they can not provide at least the attendance at the Russian patriotic films ?. After they are released, and no one is watching The people who take part in the polls, triggered the most primitive fear - be afraid, just in case anyone including the man with the questionnaire ", - he said.

"But after five minutes of conversation all the" proponents of annexation of Crimea "fear the and begin to sprinkle ashes on his head, knowing what they and their children will manage this peninsula. First, they are trying to be justified, they say, was the referendum. But when you tell them that Crimea residents had no right to dispose of the territory and a referendum was to be held in Ukraine, they have no arguments ", - he added the journalist.

Nevzorov said that the Russians have already seen the effects of the annexation of the Crimea on the economic situation in Russia.

"Of course, they still believe the inertia that is damn Obama violates the stability in Russia, but in their hearts they already know the truth. They see the price tags in stores and have noticed that promotion looked like a plate that got stuck and who has no one not interested in. It's all happening at the presidents and rulers. visions of Emperor Nero ended with fire in Rome. what is happening now with Russia, I can not explain anything but just such visions, including Crimea. and then, I think , the vision will be more fantastic, all frozen in suspense and waiting to see what the governor otmochite on, "- he writes.

"Propaganda -. The machine for installing piles in marshy places it does not know the nuances and does not feel at some point you need to change the tone of the brain -. A gentle thing, it is impossible for two consecutive years to hammer piles Nobody ever knew what happened, but. people already see that the world is running out at them from under his feet "- says Nevzorov.

Publicist admits that the Russians respond to the poll was sincere.

"We just have the majority of people do not know what opinions they hold on one issue or another, until they someone tell you about it. And our government has trained for this rasskazyvalku extraordinary size. But if it suddenly someone will be able to shout all at once will change their minds. and it will happen in the near future. the word "Crimea" become a dirty word, and those who yesterday was shouting that he was ours, will be explained and justified. They did, and today kak-to shouting hoarsely - it is clear that they are fooled, "- he stressed.

"It is true that Russia has a tremendous ability: after any change it back again to the most primitive and wild forms of despotism. So it will be this time, only a spell in the era following despotism will not be the Crimea - on the contrary, it was his appoint guilty of that there was another coup everyone will remember that it was after all beginning to crumble -. this resort was too expensive "for us - concluded Nevzorov. In Russian/русский

A member of the parliamentary faction "Block Petro Poroshenko," Borislav Rosenblatt said that he was in favor of the legalization of amber extraction in Ukraine. He believes that the adoption of the necessary law will bring to the state budget profits $ 1 billion annually, he said this in the talk show "Che" in the "news channel" 24 " .

According to him, it is very important for people to earn money legally. It will also give an opportunity to supplement the state budget of its own mineral resources, which is now destroyed.

"What is now happening with the illegal extraction of amber in the Rivne region is impossible to hide. There are many issues to law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor's office and the SBU ", - said Rosenblatt.

He also stressed that such laws to legalize lie in parliament for years and are not accepted. In Russian/русский
Research Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs Chattam House (UK) James Sherr in an interview with "Commander in Chief," said that if you look at all the decisions taken by NATO, the Russian them defined as such, it constitutes a threat to international security and that the system that has evolved after war.

"But there is another practical question: Are we willing to do whatever it takes to defend these principles? Do not worry that some world leaders behind closed doors with Putin Ukraine will sell or exchange for Syria, for example. This to us is another threat. It is this that we say all that is necessary, but will respond correctly when Russia will create a new system, "- said Sherr.

He added that the issue - a challenge to the West, where lies a very serious threat. "We're talking right. But if we act so as not to allow Russia to walk the path that it has chosen, "- said the expert. In Russian/русский
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine detained the former head of the Vinnitsa region police Anton Shevtsova, who was trying to flee to Russia. This was on his Facebook page said the speaker of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

"Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine detained the former head of the Vinnitsa region police Anton Shevtsova, who was trying to flee to Russia", - said in a statement.

Earlier it was reported that the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov requests the head of the National Police Hatiyu Dekanoidze fire chief Vinnitsa Regional Police Anton Shevtsova.

As you know, in late February, users of social networks tracked down and posted the photo Shevtsova together with the Russian boxer and deputy Nikolai Valuev, the photo on the background of the building with the Russian flag, as well as photos of his son against the backdrop of the Russian occupation technique in Crimea.

Shevtsov himself said that he is ready to pass a polygraph test to withdraw the charges against him and his family of separatism. In Russian/русский
Russia does not officially recognize that the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is on its territory and thus blocks all requests for his extradition. This was announced by Head of the Interpol working staff Ukrainian Bureau Basil captivity live Gromadska TB.

"We have repeatedly called and reported specific addresses, but no reaction from the Russian side was not" - he said.

Commenting on the removal from Interpol investigation Yanukovych for alleged political persecution, Bondage said that now all the requests from the Ukraine and Russia very carefully monitored, since served a lot of complaints.

Bondage is also noted that now the deal Yanukovych is considering a special Interpol Commission on the inspection of his card was removed from the site of the organization.

The question of the wanted former officials may decide at the next meeting of the commission, which will be held in late March. In Russian/русский
Vera Savchenko can "go to jail" after his sister Nadezhda due to open as early as 2015 criminal case. This was stated by counsel Faith and Hope Savchenko, reports "League" .

"Faith has signed a commitment to appear for questioning in the event that it will send an official challenge. Since it is not a citizen of Russia, such a call, the procedure should come to her home address. But home address in Kiev, nothing came to her. So the formal reasons for the activation of this case I do not see. I do not feel that the decision on it was made at the highest level, but rather a reaction to a particular judge that kind of offense. When this became known, the situation is even tried to somehow mitigate, "- said Novikov.

According to Ilya Novikov, if faith really wanted to arrest him, "it would have been arrested ten times - not for one, so for another."

"Apparently, the thought is that now to raise a scandal degree is not necessary and one Savchenko them behind bars more than enough. Will and more - there are no guarantees. But Vera is going to go to the sentencing Hope ", - he added the lawyer. In Russian/русский
US Permanent Representative to the UN Samantha Power urged the countries of the United Nations submitted to the Organization, to put pressure on Russia to force it to comply fully with obligations under the Minsk agreements. She stated this during a "round table" dedicated to the second anniversary of the UN General Assembly resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, reports "Ukrinform" .

"The steps that Russia should implement, simple: Russia must respect the sovereignty of Ukraine. Russia must stop arm, train and separatists to fight with them. Russia also needs to fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements, including the release of illegally detained persons, such as the Hope Savchenko "- said Samantha Power.

Ukraine, for its part, is also responsible, said the representative of the United States. "And we will continue to work with the Ukrainian government in the context of the performance of its part of the Minsk agreements in full," - said the ambassador.

At the same time, he continued Power, "as long as Russia does not start to perform these steps, let's not forget the responsibilities that we have, and by 'we' I mean both individual governments and institutions to which we belong. "

US representative stressed that the international community "is obliged to ensure compliance with the general principles", which are the basis of the overall safety and perceptions of what is right.

"We need to be united on the issue of territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as respect for human rights to all people in Ukraine", - said Power. In Russian/русский
The court has placed the officer of Kyiv patrol police department, suspected of embezzlement of $17,000 under house arrest for two months.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the press service of Kyiv's prosecutors office.

"The Pechersk district court in Kyiv has considered the prosecutor's request and placed suspect under round the clock house arrest for two months a as a pretrial restriction," the statement reads.

The criminal proceedings into the actions of the police officer were initiated under Part 3 of the Article 365 (abuse of office) and Part 5 of the Article 185 (large-scale theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.   In Ukrainian/український

A number of Russian companies have stopped the supply of oil products to Belarus. This is related by assistant Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich Alia Samigullina, reports TASS.

"This issue was discussed at the Commission on Energy headed by Dvorkovich, the Commission decided to give a recommendation. Some companies even before the session suspended deliveries ", - said Dvorkovich assistant.

Which companies have suspended deliveries Samigullina not reported. In Russian/русский
on Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:28 pmNelson
Wizz Air запускает дешевые авиарейсы в Киев
...Wizz Air - transferred flights from Lubeck Airport in Germany to Hamburg airport and launched several new flights, in particular in Kiev.
As stated in a press release the company from Hamburg Airport on April 18, will fly to Kiev and Skopje (From 29.99) twice a week (the price of 59.99 euros) and Gdansk (price of 19.99 euros) four times a week....
on Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:49 pmAdmin
“The Washington, D.C., medical examiner had concluded that a former Russian government minister whose body was found in a hotel room in November had died of blunt force trauma to the head. Mikhail Y. Lesin had for years, in a variety of official capacities, reigned over Russian media, subjugating it to the Putin state and amassing great wealth in the process, but had seemed to fall out of favor with the regime in 2014. His death is probably the strongest evidence to date of the kind of state Russia actually is: a mafia state.”

Is Russia a fascist state? A totalitarian one? A dictatorship? A cult of personality? A system? An autocracy? An ideocracy? A kleptocracy? For two days last week, some of the best Russian minds (and a few non-Russians) met in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to debate the nature of the Putin regime and what it may turn into when Putin is no longer in power, whenever and however that may come to pass. The gathering was convened by chess champion and politician Garry Kasparov, who, like the overwhelming majority of the roughly four hundred participants, is living in exile. People came from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Malta, and the Baltic states, but Vilnius was chosen for its geographic and symbolic proximity to Russia..................

To read further go to this link:
Holding elections in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk will be impossible for the next two years, Andriy Mahera, the deputy head of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine said on March 16, Concorde Capital informed clients in an online advisory today. Speaking to the 5 Kanal television network, Mahera said: “I don’t believe that elections are possible not only in June 2016, but I doubt they can be held in June 2017.”

Elections in Donbas will be possible only in five years, Oleksiy Koshel, the general director of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine said on March 16. Holding them this year is unrealistic, and the pessimistic scenario would make them possible in ten years or later, he said, as reported by the news site.

The EU doesn’t have intentions to drop its sanctions against Russia if Ukraine doesn’t organize elections in the occupied districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said on March 16, as reported by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency. “What I see now is full understanding” of the Ukrainian position by the EU, he told reporters after the weekly Cabinet meeting. “Yes, there are voices in the EU that are calling for compromise and partial removal of sanctions and we’ll see how it works out.”.................

To read further go to this link: 
Older supporters of the USSR decided to celebrate March 17 - the day of the 1991 referendum.
In Kiev, the representatives of the civil corps regiment "Azov" broke up a rally of the Communists in the center of the city on 17 March. This is stated in a message on the official page of "Azov" "Vkontakte."
About 50 supporters of the communist ideology and policy of the socialist wing of Natalia Vitrenko decided to rally noted on March 17 - the day when the referendum the citizens chose to remain in the Soviet Union or not. As is known, the majority - 70% voted in favor of preserving the Union. However, the communist ideology banned in Ukraine and the USSR supporters explicitly associated with it. Therefore, the meeting decided to disperse civil regiment corps "Azov". They doused the elderly participants 'communist' Meeting milk confiscated and destroyed the flags and banners. At the same time lovers of the "Union" actively fought with sticks and flag poles...
It is not clear where was the police at the time of the brawl. ....

Maybe having a hot cup of tea. It has been rather cool today.
As for Vitrenko, she needs putting on a bus to Moscow - a one-way ticket.

Looking at the video, saying there were 50 is being nice... looks like 20 or 30 max to me.
Amazing contrast in age groups. The old pining for their youth in the days of the Soviet empire. And the young, wanting a better life than that under Stalin and Putin.
In the Odessa region killed ex-deputy of the "Fatherland" (Business)
....According to the State Natspolitsii in the Odessa region, a businessman was killed in the courtyard of his hotel complex, situated on the bank of the Dniester.
"It was found that unknown people threw in the courtyard two grenades (explode only one of thrown grenades) and fled in a gray Volkswagen Passat ....
Police later reported that the victim is the owner of the hotel complex. Between him and the two men who rented one of the houses, there was a conflict, ...
... Atamanyuk recently returned from the United States. His business interests include customs, transport and the land sector.

Serious smell of serious money.
All the Batkivshina deputies I know are serious bandits. And very very rich. Corruption - what else? But this looks like a minor quarrel. Cover up?
Headline says it all.
The Ukrainian press had been suggesting some deadline in March, or June. But apparently this is not the case.
This is the third day in a row Russian terrorists have fired on the positions of the 12th Battalion "Kyiv" and the 17th Battalion of the 57th Brigade in the vicinity of Horlivka.

As reported by Censor.NET citing TSN, militants use large-caliber sniper rifles and various types of mortars. At the same time, occupants avoid direct contact with Ukrainian fighters, staying at a distance from their positions.   In Ukrainian/український
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has approved the asset forfeiture bill No. 4047 as a basis.

The decision has been supported by 228 People's Deputies, Censor.NET 's correspondent reports from the Rada.

Speaker of the Rada Volodymyr Hroisman called on MPs to prepare the bill for the second reading in a manner that will make it meet 'interests of the Ukrainian people' and would not be appealed in any international court.

It should be noted that representatives of the Opposition Bloc faction have not given a single vote in support of the bill.

Right after the voting, speaker Hroisman closed the morning session of the parliament. The evening session will start at 4 p.m.   In Ukrainian/український
According to the Russian opposition member and member of the Continental European Union Club (international analytical center to counter Putin’s propaganda) Olga Kurnosova, Ukraine may get back into the limelight of Moscow media after the pull-out from Syria and the approaching parliamentary elections in Russia.

Speaking to Gordon March 16, Kurnosova said she does not rule out that Ukraine will dominate Russia’s media headlines. 

With the parliamentary elections due in September, Putin will use the war with Ukraine as his favorite trick to gain voter support for his party, she said.  

 “Muscle-flexing is Putin’s favorite weapon. Blackmail or the use of force is Putin’s means of conducting his foreign policy. The pull-out from Syria does not make him a dove - not with the present regime,” Olga Kurnosova said.
Tycoons Rinat Akhmetov and Yury Bojko are frequent fliers to Moscow, says independent lawmaker Yehor Firsov, reports March 17.

Two years ago, Akhmetov refused to become Donetsk oblast governor, Firsov reminds.

 “And now, when Donbas is ruined and tens of thousands of its residents dead, Akmetov is, all of a sudden, willing to take the job.

He could have helped Donbas and himself to remain independent and save it from Russia-backed separatists , like tycoon Ihor Kolomojsky did in  Dnipropetrovsk in 2014. 

 “Russia will never recognize the independence of the separatist republics. Nor will it merge with them as it did in the case of Crimea,” the lawmaker said.

 “Russia’s goal is to complete the ruination of Donbas, and hand it back to Ukraine. Moscow wants a Trojan horse that will elect its lawmakers to Rada and spurn the Ukrainian laws. They want a windmill around Ukraine’s neck,” he said.

 “I’m saying this as a person who has lived for 25 years in Donbas. Ukraine must not fall for this Viktor Medvedchuk-lobbied plan,” Firson said.

In five days from occupied Donbas in the Rostov region exported six dozen bodies of dead Russian soldiers.
This was reported by the press service of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR), the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
"From 10 to 15 March this year, through settlement Djakovo (Ukraine) in the locality Kujbyshevo (. Rostov region) removed 60 dead bodies of servicemen of the Armed Forces ", - reported in the WTP....
"It was found the next loss in the Division 1 AA (Donetsk), the Armed Forces, participating in clashes at Volnovakha Donetsk and directions. March 16 this year Six soldiers were killed and 11 omsp seven injured. Eight injured in three separate motorized rifle brigade (Gorlovka), "- noted in the WTP....
In only two days, 14 - 15 March in Donetsk Kalinin hospital received the bodies of eight militants killed five Russian soldiers, and 25 wounded, of whom five died of their wounds in hospital.
Prior to this, on March 11-12, the ATO forces killed in fighting near Avdeevka 40 dead and injured more than 60 occupants.
In order to assist a large number of wounded in the occupied Makeyevka on the basis of "the 11th separate motorized rifle regiment" Territorial Troops deployed to the field medical station.
...[In] Ukraine - it was necessary to free the entire south-eastern Ukraine, following the example of the Crimea. This has not happened - the area will become a Transnistria ", - Zhirinovsky said in an interview...
Zhirinovsky - complete nutcase nationalist Russian Duma Deputy. Really off the wall.
But he is right on this - Donetsk - Lugansk have now become a no-go zone. Just like Transdniestr.
And look at Transdniestr now - nothing. Old babushkas. And old Soviet buildings. The future for the Donbas.
Zhirinovsky clearly wanted a complete occupation of the south east of Ukraine - including Odessa.
....President of the European Council Donald Tusk also supported immediate liberation of Nadiya Savchenko. “We firmly stand for immediate liberation of Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian citizens illegally retained in Russia,” he said.
Donald Tusk reminded that today is the second anniversary of illegal annexation of Crimea. “I express our strong position of non-recognition of legality of these actions and reaffirm that we are ready to insist on full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Our sanctions against Russia will be effective until full implementation of the Minsk agreements,” he noted.
...The President informed on the agreement to conduct the Ukraine-EU Summit on May 19.
In his turn, President of the European Council Donald Tusk emphasized that he understands the difficulties President Poroshenko and Ukraine face at the moment. “We see that Ukraine keeps walking the road of reforms. It has implemented a series of measures that lead to successful completion of reforms,” he said.
Donald Tusk noted that Ukraine made necessary steps towards visa liberalization. “Since December, Ukraine has made important steps to meet the key requirements for receiving the positive result in this process,” he added.
President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker emphasized that the European Commission agrees with the necessity of improving traveling conditions for Ukrainians and is ready to provide proposals on visa liberalization in April.

Photos like this must make Putin puke -

Later photo from meeting with Hollande and Merkel

10 minute video.
Демонтаж памятника Ленину Запорожье 17 марта 2016 декоммунизация снос Ленина Ленинопад #smeszp

The real action starts on about 4 minutes. And I just love the music!
Beethoven 9, last movement. Source of the "European" national anthem. Slava Ukraini!
The authors of bill No. 4057 on sending seized funds of suspected corrupt individuals to the state budget have agreed to resubmit the revised measure, Petro Poroshenko Bloc parliamentary head Yuriy Lutsenko said in Kyiv on Wednesday....
The Rada getting nowhere with this. Stupid deputies.
You would think, more than two years after mad dictator Yanukovich ran away to Russia, that Ukrainian deputies could agree on seizing his assets, but no.
They probably also want their relatives to take the assets over. Such is corruption in Ukraine.
Said at a briefing by Juncker. Also attended by Tusk and Poroshenko. It was live on Euronews. All 3 spoke in English.
When will it come in for normal Ukrainians? Maybe by late summer? We will see.
on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:29 amNelson
Last night killed one soldier, wounded two - Staff
Thursday, March 17, 2016, 12:43
During the last days in the Donbas killed one Ukrainian soldier, wounding two.
This was during the briefing, spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
"For the past day because of the fighting military killed 1, injured two of our fighters," - said Motuzyanyk.
He noted that in Donetsk direction continuing attacks Ukrainian positions near Zaitsev.
The second hot spot in the Donetsk direction - Avdiyivka. "Enemy fire is mostly from the east, is the front line Yasinuvata, Mineralni," - he said.
on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:18 amNelson
Link maybe 7 or 8 posts' up.
Lenin in Zaparozhia is finally flying - swinging from a crane ))
12.15 Ukraine time
Slava Ukraini!
avatar 1 minute ago

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 39.42 +0.96 +2.50% Apr 2016 5:39 AM
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 41.29 +0.96 +2.38% May 2016 5:40 AM

Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 1.89 +0.03 +1.34% Apr 2016 5:39 AM
Not great for Ukraine.
My prediction - it will eventually stabilize around 50 dollars / barrel.
US shale producers are now cutting production because the price is too low for them for extraction to be profitable.
Above 45, and they will start producing more again.
on Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:00 amNelson
"Colleagues, MPs, we are not savages!" - deputies fought over asset forfeiture law. VIDEO

After a debate on special asset forfeiture law started in Ukraine's parliament Thursday morning, a scuffle occurred between people's deputies....
..."It was known that Tomin ordered the armored vehicle's driver hush with the wounded officer to a helicopter that was awaiting the commander's group near the border. He himself with several fighters remained at the road to cut off with fire those who were chasing Yanukovych," the article reads.
Original here
in the section about Yanukovich, below the photo of 2 soldiers.
Note - this link - Russian source. Komsomolskaya Pravda.
At the checkpoints the western border of Ukraine in the morning in the queue there are 625 cars March 17, UNIAN reports.
As at 8:00 on the Ukrainian-Polish border at the checkpoint "Ustilug" queue of 100 vehicles formed in Volyn region.
In the Lviv region line recorded at checkpoints "Rava-Russian" (90 cars), "Uhryniv" (100 cars), "Pears" (20 cars), "Krakovets" (100 cars), "Shegini" (120 cars).
On the Ukrainian-Romanian border, at the checkpoint "Djakovo" Transcarpathian region 15 trucks stand in line.
At the checkpoint "Porubnoe" Chernivtsi region, all trucks 50 units of cars - 30 cars.

Interesting why such large queues. More people doing business now with Ukraine, or stricter immigration controls? Or?
Linas Linkevicius ✔ ‎@LinkeviciusL
#Minsk in 'action'- shellings continued even during my visit to #Shyrokyne yesterday (w forbidden 82 mm mortar), #UA
9:01 AM - 17 Mar 2016
Probably in an Irish pub here!
Also footbal 1 kanal 22.00.
21:55 – "Андредехт" – "Шахтар", телеканали "Футбол 1", "Україна". - also kanal "Ukraina".

Again, click on play or hopefully also below via youtube again !

on Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:06 amNelson

Just click on "play".

Found it here, via youtube - live - but took quite a long time to load for me.


Long process - but big big statue.
On tv last night. Babushkas, of course, throwing flowers, and complaining. "It is part of our history".
The babushkas living in their dream land - their youth - when they were 18 and being chased by men.
And now they have only memories. And the past. They don't have the mentality to think of the future for others. Such human civilised behaviour was not part of the Soviet thinking when they were growing up, nor indeed, was it ever.
No further comment needed.
People's deputies at the plenary session on Thursday, March 17, will consider the controversial bill on spetskonfiskatsiyu cash assets and a number of draft laws on economic and financial issues.
Thus, for inclusion in the agenda and decisions issued draft Law № 4057 "On Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine on features appeal to the state revenue funds, currency values, government bonds Ukraine, Ukraine Treasury bonds, precious metals and / or stones, other valuables and income from them to the adoption of the verdict, "that was the reason for blocking the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada during the session on Tuesday, 15 March....

Rada = Kindergarten. But perhaps that is an insult to the intelligence of young children.
....The agenda of the visit also includes negotiations with President of the European Council Donald Tusk and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, meetings with President of the European People's Party Joseph Dole and leaders of the EU member states.
Probably nobody will be prosecuted, and no money will be returned, but  - at least such cases are coming to the public notice now.
Donetsk - basically Akhmetov, Dobkin, Kernes country. An area ruled by bandits, thieves, other scum.
ATO: 52 attacks per day, militants fired mortar shells and anti-tank systems
Thursday, March 17, 2016, 7:24
During the last day recorded 52 attacks, in Donetsk direction 39, 11 in Mariupol and Lugansk 2.
This is stated in the press center ATO headquarters.
Thus, Armed Forces bases in Zaytsev and Avdiyivka militants fired most, using all kinds of weapons, including weapons banned Minsk II - 120 caliber mortars and 82 mm, thus releasing more than 130 pounds.
With ATRA Russian mercenaries fired on nearby Popasna strong points and the Trinity, and with BMPs near Lugansk and three near Avdeevka.
With grenade launchers and heavy machine guns fired on enemy positions in our Novgorod and Mayorsku.
In Mariupol direction gunmen fired on Shyrokyno defenders of the caliber 82 mm mortars, small arms and anti-tank systems.
Enemy snipers fired position forces ATU near Nevelsko, Marinka and Krasnogorivka.
At 19.15 near positions forces ATO near the enemy Popasna DRG consisting of about 10 people tried to enter the rear of the Armed Forces controlled territory, but was spotted by an observer. Opened fire on defeat, Ukrainian mercenary soldiers forced to withdraw.
Midnight shelling stopped.
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