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News -
Russians hit Ukraine 39 times yesterday.
Sadly 2 soldiers dead, 11 others injured yesterday. Also 3 others injured on a mine.

Weather -
Beautiful morning. Blue sky and sunshine. A little cool. +1 now. High of 5.
Warmer further south and east from the capital. Middle of next week looking much better.

Clocks -
Spring forward one hour tonight. An hour less sleep in Ukraine. Not sure about other countries. Depends where you are.

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Russian-terrorist troops shelled a strong point of the 14th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city of Marinka Donetsk region.

As a result, six of the military were wounded and one was killed, writes TSN .

The projectile hit the ammunition the terrorists who detonated.

"We went to the new units and, shall we say, our position began zeroing One of the shots from the SPG-9 (anti-tank grenade launcher easel -. Ed.). Proved fatal", - he told the press officer of the sector "M" Alexander Kindsfater.

Troubled is the situation in the south sector. There Shirokino enemy uses prohibited weapons, DRGs are active.

"A lot of subversive groups is held in the night from the checkpoint for us to shoot anti-tank mortars 120th a couple of days ago it worked..", - Said the fighter, "Stalker" from the 36th Marine Brigade. In Russian/русский
on Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:00 pmAdmin
In Kramatorsk SBU together with the police detained a militant terrorist organization "DNR". It is reported by the SBU press-center.

The message service noted that the locals joined the terrorists in the spring of 2014, with the weapon on duty at checkpoints near the city, and checked the documents of citizens of the machine, received military training in Russian curator.

"Because of the non-payment of money, and saw numerous civilians looting and appropriation of motor vehicles by the militants, the man left the gun and returned home, where he was hiding from the law enforcement agencies," - said in a statement.

Materials are transferred to the police to bring the detainee to the under part of responsibility. 2, Art. 260 of the Criminal Code (participation in activities not provided for by law paramilitary or armed groups). In Russian/русский
In Moscow on March 26 agreed picket in support of illegal detention in the Russian Federation Nadezhda Savchenko nine people were detained.

It is indicated that near the Sokolniki metro police arrested Michael Krieger, Michael Lashkevich, Oleg Bogdanov, Igor Ivanov, Valery Nadezhdin, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Roman Petrishcheva, Vincent Nilin and Ukrainian ombudsman Vladimir Shreydlera representative.

One of the detainees - Krieger - said that by the protesters approached the police, who are "without explanation shoved the protesters in a paddy wagon."

Soon, all the detainees were released. According to the publication, they were detained for what some posters like "did not correspond to the stated subject of the action". At the same time, as noted by the organizers, all the posters used by participants for two years.

For all participants, except Shreydlera, made reports under article "violation of the established order of organization or holding pickets".

Recall Donetsk City Court of the Rostov region (the Russian Federation) acknowledged the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko guilty of the murder of Russian journalist and sentenced to 22 years in prison. In Russian/русский
...A Poroshenko Bloc extraordinary congress has adopted a resolution calling for the resignation of the Cabinet and the nomination of Volodymyr Hroisman for the post of prime minister. Censor.NET reports citing PPB press service.
"The main criterion in forming a new government should not be party affiliation but professionalism and focus on results. ...

Will they manage to sort things out before Poro flies out to Washington? I doubt it. Too many money-grubbing scumball Ukrainian deputies in the Rada.
Since the beginning of this week in n.p.Sverdlovsk (Lugansk region.) 7 trains arrived with ammunition.

On this March 26 reported in the Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry intelligence.

According to Gur, ammunition and objects came from Russian territory for the needs of 1 (Donetsk) and 2 (Lugansk) AK Russian Armed Forces.

Also for resupply 1 AK intelligence units from the territory of the Russian Federation entered "Tipchak" unmanned aerial reconnaissance complex.

According to Gur, near the settlement Avdeevka, Experienced, Sands, Marinka is a high intensity of the shelling of positions forces ATO, including using a 82-mm and 120-mm mortars.

"The district moved n.p.Oleksandrovka tank and motorized infantry platoon 5 separate motorized rifle brigade (Donetsk) 1 AK Armed Forces, in the direction of Donetsk and Gorlovka sent snipers groups that have been trained on the range" Kadamovsky "Rostov region of the Russian Federation", - reported in the exploration.

In addition, recorded in Donetsk stay mobile groups of electronic warfare units of the RF Armed Forces.

"The Ukrainian side informed the representatives of the OSCE SMM availability artillery systems caliber over 100 mm in areas n.p.Makeevka, Trinity and Donetsk", - the power steering MOU. In Russian/русский
In Moscow, police arrested two people with the flag of Ukraine (Gordon)
Russia - now one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
You simply can't do anything there. Do anything vaguely normal, and you get arrested, and put in jail for years and years.
Russia is a wasteland. You have to be mad to go there now.
The road to North Korea.
In Moscow, 27-year-old police officer attacked the organization for issuing Express loans after losing in gambling their life savings.

This was reported on the website of the Moscow central board of the Investigative Committee, reports the "Left Coast" .

The attack occurred in the morning on Friday, March 25, in the area of ​​one of the houses on Green Avenue.

office employee gave 61 thousand. rubles armed men who then repeatedly punched her in the head. The woman was hospitalized, her life is not in danger. She recognized the man attacked her had repeatedly come to the client's office. Soon, the man was arrested.

The sentry against the police department №4 of Internal Affairs in Moscow metro opened a criminal case under article "Robbery." The Court chose the man the measure of restraint in the form of detention.

The press service of the Russian Interior Ministry, "Interfax" in Moscow reported that the guilty employee will be dismissed from the internal affairs "for negative reasons, and shall bear the punishment prescribed by law, and a number of its leaders will be held to strict disciplinary action."

Earlier on Saturday in Moscow, police detained activists agreed with the authorities of the picket in support Savchenko. In Russian/русский
Not surprising.
Putin targets hospitals and schools in Syria, so no reason why his army - Shaun Walker's "DNR guys" - won't target doctors and medical facilities in Ukraine.
Putin is sick in the head. Lavrov, Peskov, Cherkin, and the rest of the banda.
Mercedes has abandoned its plans to build its car factory in Russia, favoring Poland....
Good decision cheers
Russian President Administration has decided to allocate 25 million rubles, "the Ministry of Communications" DNR "on the purchase of telecommunications equipment to the Donetsk Regional Broadcasting Centre, as well as repeater stations Torez and Gorlovka.

This was reported in the Main Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry intelligence.

"Established another fact subversion military information warfare Center (Novocherkassk, Russia), the Center of the Southern Territorial IN Armed Forces, aimed at the destruction of the Ukrainian telecommunications infrastructure and the dominance of the Russian propaganda in the information space of the territories east of Ukraine", - noted in intelligence.

According to Gur, a decision on the allocation for "DNI" 25 million rubles was made on 23 March.

"Given the corrupt leadership" DNI ", responsible for the proper use of funds entrusted to the Head of the Information Center of the Russian Federation Armed Forces Colonel K.Karpova confrontation," - said in a statement.

Also on March 24 in a joint meeting with the director of the "national" mobile operator "Phoenix" in the "DNR" Reznichenko was decided to targeted disabling of base stations Ukrainian mobile operators located in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass and near the line differentiation, said on Nov. GUR.

"This will force the local population to abandon the services of Ukrainian companies in favor of the" Phoenix "and will allow the Russian commanders to conduct systematic propaganda action, full control of calls and messages to local residents, as well as receive a commission for" to attract new subscribers ", - reported in exploration. In Russian/русский
The Ukrainian Security Service has published a list of former employees of the security services, which have changed the oath and went over to the enemy.

According to the list, which on Saturday published the press center of the SBU, in 1391 a former employee of Security Service of Ukraine, including a lieutenant, major and colonel, changed the oath and went over to the enemy.

"We remember the traitors", - the SBU report. In Russian/русский
Russian athletes are among the world leaders in sports, so they are more likely to check the anti-doping agency, said the Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko.

"We are leaders. Our always take doping tests. Our always fighting for the top three, for prizes, so get into the doping system more often than other athletes, "- Mutko said on Saturday the TV channel" TV match. "

"The Russian system for the last year was 13 thousand samples taken and somewhere around 5000 - the international testing pool, - said Mutko. - 15% - it is the blood passport. Has suspended a total of somewhere 200 athletes of different classes, it's somewhere 1-1.5% of the total. " In Russian/русский
Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev and former "Defense Minister of breakaway DNI" Igor Strelkov become parties to the Moscow Economic Forum, which was held on March 23-24. Information about their participation is available on the Forum website.
Tsarev participated in the discussion on the topic "War and Peace: politics and economics." In his speech he said that the reason for the war in Ukraine has become the association agreement with the EU. ...

The reason for the war in Ukraine had become....
So what?
The reason for the war was something else, and now it has become the AA with the EU??! Sounds like Putin is talking there.
What about the "Russian world", or the "Russian language", or the fascists in Kiev, or... whatever else Shaun Walker writes about - anti-semitism in Ukraine, or burning children, or eating children, ... i can't remember all the garbage that Russiaprofile journalist Walker writes!
But that is a new one - The reason for the war in Ukraine had become... !!! These people are sick in the head. Justifying the death of ten thousand people?

Last edited by Nelson on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:57 pm; edited 1 time in total
.... Before the separatists came to power, the quality of life in Donetsk was higher, Strelkov stated, as reported by Chetvertaya Vlast.....
Everyone says, a pigsty and a mess! That's what we've built in the Donbass, unfortunately," Strelkov said.
He explained that the pro-Russian separatists have built a copy of the Russian oligarchic system, and consequently there is no power for the people, which is what the masses rallied for in the spring of 2014. According to Strelkov, the war in the Donbas has significantly lowered the living conditions of the local population....
Strelkov explained that the people in Donetsk are becoming disillusioned with the politics of the self-proclaimed republic due to the cronyism of the leaders. For example, the post of the Minster of Foreign Affairs of the so-called DPR was given to the mistress of Denis Pushilin....
According to him, the responsibility for the events taking place in the Donbas lies with Vladislav Surkov, an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin. ...

This is stated in the statement of the Delegation of German Economy in Ukraine, reports "Deutsche Welle" .

Businessmen clear that in today's production sites in western Ukraine already has about 25 thousand people.

The delegation also reported a "significant increase" the number of German companies in Ukraine - in March 2013, before the conflict in the Donbass. Since the presence of the German economy in Ukraine increased by 5.1% and the number of entities with German participation - six percent.

According to statistics organizations, export from Germany to Ukraine in 2015 dropped significantly - by 18.4% compared to the year 2014, but in January this year for the first time in 32 months showed growth - by 11.8%.

Ukrainian exports to Germany in January 2016 increased by 7.7%. Overall, the volume of direct investments into Ukraine's economy at the end of last year was about 5.4 billion dollars.

Business between Germany and Ukraine is increasing. Ukraine - a very good source of cheap labor for the western European industries.
on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:07 pmNelson
At the headquarters of the ATO stated 2 dead and 11 wounded soldiers
Saturday, March 26, 2016, 13:54
One day that passed, in the area ATO because of fighting two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 8 injured.
This at a briefing March 26 AP spokesman for the ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
In addition, another 3 soldiers injured as a result of NSU triggered an explosive device.
According to the staff, in the Donetsk direction the enemy across the front line uses heavy weapons - 82-mm and 120-mm mortars....
Russia should return to Ukraine the Crimea and Donbas occupied areas without any conditions.

This was stated by former US Ambassador to Ukraine, now the director of the Eurasian program non-governmental organization from the United States, "Atlantic Sonnet" John Herbst, reports Radio "Liberty" .

"We believe that Ukraine should have the sovereignty and territorial integrity and in the Donbas and in the Crimea", - he said in the program "Black Mirror" on TV channel "Inter".

"Our administration has repeatedly stated that there is no connection between our diplomacy on Syria and our diplomacy on Ukraine", - quotes Herbst agency "Interfax-Ukraine" .

He added that US forces can be considered insufficiently complete, but on sanctions against Russia the role of US President Barack Obama is positive.

The US is one of the main allies of Ukraine in its opposition to Russia's aggression, first in the Crimea, and then in the east of Ukraine. Washington's support for Kiev diplomatically, financially, and also provides it with a non-lethal military assistance, and towards Moscow, in coordination with the European Union has introduced a number of sanctions in response to this aggression. In Russian/русский
The ATO zone militants week allowed by office ATO forces almost 800 shells and mines of heavy weapons.

This was March 26 said representatives of the Ukrainian side STSKK.

"The militants of illegal armed groups continue to systematically flagrantly violate Minsk agreement, applying for the forces ATO weapons, which must be set aside. Starting from 18 March, with the uncontrolled territory of the Ukrainian authorities of certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions fighters used 136 times by the Ukrainian Armed Forces units heavy weapons ", - said in a statement.

According to the Ukrainian side of the observer officers STSKK that are in the vicinity of the contact line, during the week the militants of illegal armed groups fired in the direction of the forces ATO 779 shells and mines, including 24 of the projectile out of the tank, 22 - from artillery systems caliber 152 mm, and 122 mm, 231 mm caliber mine 120 and 502 - the caliber of 82 mm.

"The most difficult situation is in the" industrial zone "ATO zone remained in Avdeevka near in various areas of the occupied territories ORDO militants twice fired Ukrainian soldiers from a tank, firing 24 rounds, 5 times of illegal armed groups fired from a 152 mm and 122 mm artillery systems (11, shells), 19 times fired mortar shells of 120 mm caliber and 25 times (141 pound) - from 82 mm mortar rounds, "- noted in STSKK.

Also prohibited weapon Minsk Agreement militants actively used by departments APU nearby settlement Zaytsevo (144 mines), Lugansk (107 min) Pilot (57 min) and Sands (52 mines). In Russian/русский
Montenegrin police questioned 55 Russians and four Japanese, who suspected that they might be relevant to an international crime.

It is reported by Portal Cafe del Montenegro, reports the "Left Coast" .

According to the newspaper, the police and security forces "have found a group of 55 Russian citizens who were not officially registered in Montenegro." Russians living in Perjanik Hotel in Danilovgrad. In addition, the attention of law enforcement and drawn four of the Japanese staying at the Ramada in Podgorica.

After talking to the Russians and the Japanese police released no charges filed.

At the same time, according to the publication, in hotels were searched, they were seized 205 electronic media, including phones, tablets, laptops, and external drives. All of them are sent for examination.

According to Tass, the Russian Embassy in Montenegro "no Russian citizens, nor the police in this regard is not displayed as".

Recall that in February, Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin was not allowed to Montenegro. In Russian/русский
President Petro Poroshenko's press secretary posted the announcement on Twitter on March 25.

The council posted a statement saying that the list includes "individuals responsible for abductions, illegal detentions, torture, the falsification of evidence, and the organization and pronouncement of legally void sentences."

Savchenko, a military pilot, was sentenced on March 22 to 22 years in a Russian prison after being convicted of involvement in the deaths of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine in 2014. She denies the charges and says she was abducted in Ukraine and illegally brought to Russia..............

Poroshenko Bloc deputy Serhii Leshchenko deems the party congress' decision on unseating Mykola Tomenko and Yehor Firsov to be a derision.

He said it in a comment to Censor.NET.

The MP stressed that this decision can not be based on article 81 of the Constitution, which the closed party congress referred to. "According to this article, the congress can take such a decision based on a law. But such a law does not exist," Leshchenko said.

He also stressed that together with a number of colleagues they will oppose unseating Tomenko and Firsov. However, the deputy could not answer how parliamentarians can challenge such a decision.

In turn, former PPB faction deputy Viktor Chumak confirmed in a comment to Censor.NET that the party leadership considered his expulsion but to no avail as Chumak was elected in a single-mandate constituency, as well as several other former BPP deputies. "There are nine people like me. They'll have to expel all or nobody," he explained, while not ruling out attempts of being pressed in the future.

As previously reported, on March 25, a closed PPB congress took place in Kyiv. It adopted a number of decisions, in particular, supporting the candidacy of Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Hroisman for the post of prime minister and depriving Mykola Tomenko and Yehor Firsov of deputy mandates.   In Ukrainian/український
Yesterday on March 25, law enforcement officers found the body of lawyer Yurii Hrabovskyi 27 kilometers away from Zhashkiv town.

The media published the first photos from the place where the body of missing lawyer was found, Censor.NET reports citing TSN.

The police officers have launched a search operation at 7 p.m. on Thursday and found the body around 4 a.m. on Friday. The bodily damage, that indicates a violent death, was reported. Moreover, Hrabovskyi was shot.   In Ukrainian/український

Killed lawyer Hraboskyi was afraid of assault: on Feb. 14 he informed his weapons and phone went missing, - reporter

Killed lawyer Yurii Hrabovskyi expected that he could be eliminated from the case by various means.
As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Hromadske Radio reporter Iryna Romaliiska on her Facebook page.

"Yurii Hrabovskyi was regularly saying he was afraid of something. He expected that he could be eliminated from the case by prosecutors by means of arrests and detentions. He once wrote that he was afraid of a physical assault. It was before one of the hearings. On Feb. 14 he told me his weapons and a phone he uses for 'unplanned foreign travels' went missing," Romaliiska wrote.   In Ukrainian/український

One of the key suspects in giving "titushky" weapons from the storages of the Interior Ministry during Maidan protests, Roman Zavorotnii, might be released from cutody.

This might be a result of a series of court decisions, Censor.NET reports citing the Legal Advisory Group.

On Jan. 21 2016, the special investigations administration of the main investigation department of the GPU sent an indictment to the Sviatoshynskyi district court of Kyiv in the criminal proceeding according to which the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees, pursuant to the illegal orders of the former Interior Minister of Ukraine Yurii Zakharchenko and others, illegally provided more than 1,500 AK74 rifles and nearly 800,000 cartridges for them to police officers and "titushky". One of the suspects in the case is a "titushka" Roman Zavorotnii.

On Jan. 27, Judge Pochupailo sent the case to the Appeal Court of Kyiv for the determination of jurisdiction. The period of detention of Zavorotnii was extended by two months - until 03.26.2016.   In Ukrainian/український
The scheme by which Rostyslav Zavorotnii, suspected of arming "titushky" during the Maidan protests, is to be released on March 27, can also be applied for the release of the former head of the SBU in Kyiv and Kyiv region Oleksandr Shchoholev, who headed the SBU "anti-terrorist" operation on Feb. 18-20, 2014.

Human rights activist and executive director of the Lawyers Advisory Group Taras Hataliak said, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the Court of Appeal of Kyiv is to determine the jurisdiction of the case in 12:15 a.m. today, i.e. it will assign the district court which will consider the indictment of the prosecutor's office regarding Shchoholev. If the Court of Appeal or the district court delay the decision, the term of Shchoholev's custody may simply end and the law enforcers will be forced to release him, he stressed.

According to him, Shchoholev's lawyers deliberately delay the process to declare the disqualification of judges, prosecutors, etc. "The risk that Shchoholev may eventually be released is quite high," the human rights activist said.

Hataliak stressed that such a scheme has already been used several times, in particular, in the case of Zavorotnii. He does not exclude that there is some "headquarters", where various procedural moves are designed to delay consideration of cases, which leads to the release of the key suspects in crimes against Maidan activists.   In Ukrainian/український
The terrorists struck an artillery attack from 120-mm weapons on a residential district in the government-controlled town of Zaitseve today early in the morning.

Head of the Interior Ministry Department in the Donetsk region Viacheslav Abroskin wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"A 70-year-old woman received shrapnel wounds as a result of shelling. Ukrainian soldiers transported her to the hospital. 15 private houses were ruined as well," he specified.

An investigative team of the Toretsk police station was directed to document criminal actions of the 'DPR' militants against the civilian population in Zaitseve.

Earlier the National Police reported that a man was wounded in the shelling.   In Ukrainian/український
....“It’s just political blackmail and bargaining,” Fesenko said by phone. “Don’t think that there isn’t any progress even if it looks like there isn’t any progress. This is Ukrainian politics.”...
A soldier of the 81st Separate Airmobile Brigade is reported dead as fighting gains momentum in the industrial area on the outskirts of Avdiivka . ..
Tomorrow - new electiion in Kryvi Rog, following the dodgy voting there last time round.
No campaigning allowed today.
Militants fired power ATO banned from mortars - Staff
Saturday, March 26, 2016, 6:37
The situation in the area of ​​ATO remains unchanged - the militants continued provocations against Ukrainian forces, ignoring the Minsk agreements.
The press center ATO headquarters reported on Facebook page
"Over the last 39 times a day gunmen fired on positions of Ukrainian Donbas defenders using 120 mortars and 82-caliber, weapons BMP, manual and automatic grenade launchers, kulemetyvelykoho caliber and small arms," ​​- said in a statement.
The hottest was in the area Avdeevki. Here militants fired eight times in a row positions forces ATO 120 mortar caliber grenade different systems, heavy machine guns, and "worked" sniper....
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